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  1. HHH needs to release Cameron
  2. Scary moment at this NXT live event
  3. Bayley vs Carmella was awesome
  4. Asuka needs to become an Angel of Death.
  5. Morgan Freeman?
  6. Who's Taking The Title Away From Finn?
  7. Biggest problem with this weeks NXT
  8. Two tickets for NXT: Philly
  9. Alexa Bliss vs Cameron: The worst NXT Women's match ever
  10. Enzo, Cass & Carmella To Main Roster Soon?
  11. What is Emma's gimmick?
  12. WWE Invites Chikara Founder To PC
  13. What's the difference between Finn Balor and Roman Reigns?
  14. Bayley Cheering Up An Injured Finn Bálor And Once Again Killed It
  15. Finn Balor Injured
  16. NXT Nashville Review
  17. Carmella Working with the Main Roster This Weekend
  18. Tough Enough Patrick Makes NXT Debut
  19. My opinion: The magic of NXT is gone
  20. So this is where I question NXT's booking.
  21. Possible Injury to Top NXT Star
  22. How should Bayley debut
  23. Several NXT Superstars released from WWE.
  24. Wtf is up with the crowd lately?
  25. Is Bull Dempsey leaving WWE?
  26. has Finn used the Bloody Sunday before in NXT? (probably means AJ can't use that move
  27. Never Watched A Full NXT Show, What Should I Watch?
  28. Upcoming WWE tryouts
  29. Post-WrestleMania WWE NXT Tapings Announced
  30. Enzo & Cass Are Already Stale
  31. Eve Torres as a trainer?!?
  32. Eva Marie could be used so much better
  33. Report: WWE officials plan on bringing Shinsuke Nakamura to the main roster; Rumors on if they bought his theme song
  34. What's with this Zayn and Joe fuckery bullshit?
  35. Ok something needs to change with Elias Samson
  36. Pair Hugo Knox with Dana Brooke?
  37. Likes, Dislikes and Improvements
  38. Bayley is gonna flop on main roster
  39. Danny birch
  40. Sara Lee wrestling at NXT house show
  41. Triple H & Zack Ryder on Mojo Rawley
  42. NXT Promo Class Videos
  43. Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger Possibly Injured. Video in Link.
  44. Alex Riley looks like a beast
  45. Ty Dillenger Legit Hurt At NXT Detroit
  46. Should WWE Try To Sign Alex Shelley?
  47. Pictures from NXT in Pittsburgh, 1/29/16
  48. Backstage News On NXT Looking To Head Back To The UK / Photo And Results From Tonight’s NXT Live Event
  49. Full Sail need to stop that dumbass Kurt Angle/Gable chant
  50. Is NXT hurting the Main WWE Brand?
  51. WWE NXT Women's Champion Bayley Bringing Hugs, Excitement For Show In Royal Oak
  52. If you could bring back any former WWE wrestler to NXT who would you choose?
  53. News On Austin Aries’ NXT Status, Notable Names In Attendance At NXT TV Taping
  54. Hideo Itami will not be returning anytime soon.
  55. Elias Samson
  56. Nia Jax Vs. Liv Morgan
  57. I like NXT - but man, It's so predictable.
  58. Report: Samoa Joe's Main Roster Call-up is Imminent, plus more on Balor and Zayn
  59. Shinsuke Nakamura Coming To NXT (Contains Takeover: Dallas Spoiler)
  60. Who from NXT should be called up next?
  61. WWE working relationship with EVOLVE, WWN Live Issues Backstage Details on Triple H Appearance, Morale
  62. Apollo Crews powerbomb finisher
  63. Anyone Been to NXT at Arnold Sports Fest Columbus Ohio
  64. Extra Ticket To NXT Pittsburgh
  65. NXT Cleveland March 4th
  66. Samoa Joe must be very pissed
  67. Who should face Finn Balor at Takeover Dallas
  68. Why are there SO many goofs on NXT?
  69. Ricochet
  70. Where is Hideo Itami already?
  71. Triple H Backstage At Evolve; Mentions Gabe
  72. WWE Nurtures Future Royal Rumble Stars At Orlando Performance Center
  73. Rich Swann's TV Debut
  74. At what point does NXT expand?
  75. NXT Tapings February 10 - March 30 [NO SPOILER TALK OUTSIDE THIS THREAD PLEASE]
  76. Austin Aries Debuts at CFE Arena NXT Tapings!
  77. NXT-The land of the Giants
  78. Kayfabe wise, since when Bayley and Carmella are best friends?
  79. Babatunde Aiyegbusi
  80. Tye Dillinger Miami Herald Interview
  81. Why is Tye Dillinger still a heel?
  82. Carmella needs to stay with Enzo and Cass
  83. Is Nattie & Tyson's "Life" as on screen
  84. Who holds the titles at the end of the year?
  85. Eva Marie is delusional....
  86. Austin Aries Reportedly Close To WWE Signing
  87. Big Cass needs long pants, looks awkward
  88. Adam Rose Party (NXT Debut)
  89. Aaliyah
  90. Big Plans for Athena/Adrien Reese?
  91. Jojo
  92. New Ring Names for two developmentals from India...
  93. Chicago Night Show
  94. Carmella Fun Facts
  95. Eva's Bad Acting Backstage w/ Nia Jax
  96. Sara debuts at NXT live Event.
  97. Sami Zayn's promo in Milwake
  98. In defense of Full Sail
  99. Asuka vs Eva lets do this!!!!!
  100. I think Tom Phillips & Corey Graves is the best commentary team in WWE right now
  101. Trish Stratus Talks Triple H's Vision For NXT, WWE NXT Divas Making A Name, Advice For Them
  102. NXT House Show Results: Cocoa Beach, Florida (15-01-2016)
  103. Tough Enough Winner Sara Lee Makes WWE NXT Live Event Debut with a "good promo?"
  104. WWE NXT House Show Results 1.15.16 from Green Bay, Wisconsin
  105. Triple threat in 2 weeks for NXT Championship: New champ? Balor called up?
  106. Milwaukee
  107. Why the fuck is Sami Zayn still in NXT?
  108. Worst Full Sail Crowd Moments
  109. NXT Call up's 2016
  110. Carmella New Number 1 Contender
  111. Video of NXT Year-End Award Winners and Their Comments / Carmella Talks Her Big NXT Win
  112. Full Sail Crowd chants "WE SEE EVA" during No.1 contender battle royal
  113. WWE trademarks "No Way Jose" for NXT character...
  114. Talent at nxt in midwest
  115. #1 Contender Battle Royal For WWE NXT Women’s Championship Tonight
  116. Which Team would you most like to see on the Main Roster
  117. So who is gonna take the title off Bayley when she moves to the main roster?
  118. WWE Sending Regal, Jordan & Gable to EVOLVE
  119. Coach Robbie Brookside On Talk Is Jericho
  120. NXT House Show Results: Citrus Springs, FL
  121. Debut at NXT house show in Tampa
  122. Exclusive Q&A: NXT Champion Finn Bálor on the Shinsuke Nakamura and Bullet Club rumors
  123. Two matches announced for Jan 22nd tapings
  124. NXT Kids in full swing, NXT signs contract with new ring announcer
  125. What women would you liked to see signed to NXT in 2016?
  126. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan Receives New Tag Name
  127. WWE Reportedly Signs Tommaso Ciampa To Full WWE Contract
  128. Potential "Debuts" at the NXT Tapings tonight
  129. Balor won't be in Bullet Club...
  130. Do you think they have any long term plans for Asuka?
  131. Status Update of Ex-NXT Member
  132. If AJ Styles debuts on the main roster, it'd be an insult to Samoa Joe
  133. NXT Tapings January 13 - February 3
  134. James Storm/NXT and what happened...no its not Billy Gunn
  135. Apollo Crews in no rush to get to the Main roster
  136. They should try and sign Amazing Red
  137. Cameron Talks Fitness, Her WWE Status & Training At The WWE Performance Center
  138. Could a Strong Style group work?
  139. Enzo and Cass are the only team that can get over New Day
  140. Hideo Is Fucked
  141. Rumors on WWE Possibly Hiring a New Japan Pro Wrestling Star to Work as a Trainer
  142. Jordan & Gable Going to India!
  143. AJ Styles
  144. Influx
  145. More NXT Touring Dates Announced
  146. Why isn't Carmella over?
  147. Hideo Itami's attacker?
  148. Realistically who do you see taking the title off Finn?
  149. 2016 Predictions
  150. A look back at all the "Rookies" from NXT's first season
  151. Triple H/NXT lose two MAJOR independent names with money-drawing potential to TNA!!
  152. The Rock and Bull exchange
  153. Rolling Stone: NXT Made the Leap in 2015 – Now, the Sky's the Limit
  154. Bayley's New Year's Eve letter
  155. NXT Year-End Awards
  156. WWE Concerned Over Finn Balor & Bayley’s Main Roster Prospects
  157. ​The Official Date & Location For The Next WWE NXT Live Network Special Revealed
  158. Why is Mojo Rawley still employed?
  159. Chicago day show
  160. TMDK Headed to NXT Soon?
  161. If Low Ki (Kaval) was signed to modern NXT could of he worked?
  162. NXT referees telling talent to kick out.
  163. I'm going to Orlando next Summer, how Can I go to a NXT taping?
  164. Would rockstar Spud be a good fit for WWE?
  165. Gable & Jordan Might Be WWE's Most Unruinable Act In A Long Ass Time
  166. NXT should be for real a parallel promotion, I don't like the ''graduations'' to the main roster...
  167. Upcoming Feuds planned for 2016
  168. Call up Enzo&Cass to the mainroster already
  169. Meltzer Ratings for Takeove for London
  170. AJ Styles is great, but he doesn't fit with NXT/WWE tbh
  171. Hes so god damn back!
  172. Who Would You Want To See Get Signed In 2016?
  173. Tye Dillinger "The Perfect 10" opinions?
  174. Karl Anderson Speaks on The Possibility of Joining The Balor Club and NXT
  175. Tye Dillenger
  176. Jason Jordan's Hot Tag Discussion Thread
  177. Elias Samson
  178. The Biggest Disappointments of the 2015 in NXT?
  179. Why was there no women's match tonight? Next week's match?
  180. Which PC talent do you hope to make their NXT debut in 2016
  181. Balor V The Demon (and I don't mean Kane)
  182. If HHH were to grant you ONE wish.. what would you ask for to happen next year in NXT?
  183. Baron Corbin discussing various songs with Kerrang!
  184. Jim Ross criticizes NXT crowd again
  185. Kurt Angle shoots down a NXT spot
  186. Can Sami Zayn fill in the Daniel Bryan roll on the main roster?
  187. Developmental, or Indie talent?
  188. If "Balor Club" Happens Who Should Be In It?
  189. WWE/NXT negociating with venues for exclusivity to stop ROH from running them?
  190. NXT Running Two Touring Crews
  191. NXT tickets selling like hot cakes
  192. Dave Meltzer's NXT London ratings
  193. WF NXT 2015 Awards
  194. Finn Balor needs to turn heel
  195. So this is PPW's Champion...name may seem familiar
  196. Asuka's mask now on sale.
  197. NXT London Chants Finally Explained..Poor Corbin and Mechanics lol
  198. NXT Meet and Greets
  199. The Mechanics are very underrated.
  200. NXT is just good... that's the problem.
  201. Asuka's Impersonation of Emma and Dana is Priceless...Loool
  202. Favourite match from old NXT/FCW
  203. Emma should be the one to take the title off Bayley
  204. Why didn't they have Sami Zayn return on the Special?
  205. Match of the night?
  206. Make Sami Zayn the first ever two time nxt champion
  207. Amore and Cass
  208. Post WWE NXT Takeover London backstage (youtube)
  209. Sami Zayn is back: WWE.com Exclusive, December 16, 2015
  210. The Finn Bálor Situation
  211. How great was Corbin at Takeover?
  212. Finish of Bayley/Nia Jax + Potential feud: Nia Jax/Asuka
  213. Nxt chicago presale
  214. I LOVE ASUKA . What's you guys thoughts on her in NXT so Far?
  215. Rate Takeover London
  216. How is NXT TakeOver: London? (NO SPOILERS)
  217. Do you think Bayley will get over and break the MOLD for a Diva?
  218. NXT Taping Pre-Takeover
  219. Another New Asuka Shirt
  220. Triple H is feeling better - London Tweet
  221. NXT Cardiff - Immense!!
  222. AJ Styles on NXT and WWE Being a Priority
  223. More NXT Dates Announced For January 2016
  224. Enzo and Cass, or Jordan and Gable?
  225. NXT Blackpool
  226. Finn Balor Documentary on BBC iPlayer
  227. Samoa Joe's Future?
  228. Bayley's new song ;-) ( I think shes definitely 'over' )
  229. NXT Sheffield Show
  230. This is why Asuka/Kana is WWE's best wrestler
  231. AJ Lee vs. Bayley for the WWE Divas Championship (not the NXT Women's Title)
  232. NXT Takeover: Dallas Announced for April 1st 2016
  233. NXT leaving Hulu?
  234. NXT Glasglow Had a Packed Arena!
  235. Jason Jordan will he succeed on the main roster?
  236. Is NXT Really the future?
  237. Bayley – “Rock Music And Wrestling Have A Lot In Common"
  238. NXT Newcastle: Pictures
  239. Is this the most underwhelming nxt takeover ever?
  240. NXT Newcastle
  241. Sami Zayn Return tonight on the NXT Tour
  242. Cal Bishop's Post-NXT Plans Revealed
  243. Nothing about Nia Jax goes with her size
  244. NXT Star Buddy Murphy Talks Making WWE History, NXT’s Growth As A Brand, Which WWE HOFer Paired Him With Wesley Blake
  245. Triple H Discusses Next Week’s Takeover Event, NXT vs. Main Roster, Future Announcements, The Importance of The Independents And More
  246. When was the last time someone won a match by KO
  247. FREE NXT London ticket
  248. Nia Jax Mic skills [Promo Video to Bayley]
  249. Do you think either "Hype" Guy will pan out?!
  250. New NXT t-shirts
  251. What do you think of Deonna Purrazzo?
  252. It's Going To Be Sad When Colin Eventually Turns On Enzo
  253. NXT's Grim Future
  254. Go-Home WWE NXT Tonight, Emma Bakes A Star Wars Cake (Video), Sami Zayn Vs. Finn Balor Set
  255. Second NXT Taping added to Royal Rumble weekend in Orlando
  256. Did Tyson Kidd stint in NXT help him at all?
  257. The proof is now out there Eva did hurt Carmella
  258. Why is NXT considered a success when there's no elite mic workers on the show?
  259. Nia Jax's finisher
  260. Lost NXT Wrestlers?
  261. Is Austin Aries what Balor needs?
  262. Carmella on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast
  263. Best matches from "the 3 Horsedivas"
  264. NXT feuds that will carry over
  265. Whats James Storm's deal exactly?
  266. Rocky Romero - Latest Guest Trainer at Performance Center
  267. Name 3 Things You Would Love To See At NXT TakeOver: London
  268. Tough Enough Josh's ring name is...
  269. Jordan & Gable are something else
  270. WWE interested in bringing Jay Lethal to NXT
  271. Interview with WWE’s newest signee La Sombra
  272. Care more about NXT than either of main shows?
  273. Sign Mike Elgin, please!
  274. Watching NXT Bayley is incredible
  275. Best Dusty Rhodes' Student Promos
  276. Best epsiode of NXT in a while
  277. Nia Jax just Eva's Bodyguard?
  278. About Blue Pants
  279. NXT Performance Center FAN ACCESS
  280. Backstage News on Why Sami Callihan Asked for His NXT Release
  281. The Rock Praises Nia Jax
  282. Kay Lee Ray joining NXT in January?
  283. Honestly NXT Needs Some New Talent That Can Cut A Good Promo
  284. When you decide a PC talent CAN'T wrestle what are you basing it on?
  285. Bayley on Eva Marie, NXT Women's Division, Main Roster Future, etc.
  286. If you could bring back one wrestler from old NXT (Season 1 - Redemption)...
  287. Tommaso Ciampa retires?
  288. Solomon Crow returns to AAW, Released from NXT
  289. Favorite NXT episode of all-time?
  290. An ongoing discussion regarding developmental status
  291. Is NXT slowly becoming Raw 2.0? (Booking)
  292. Put the tag belts on Enzo and Cass come on do it
  293. Biff Busick, any potential?
  294. Nia Jax is a god awful version of Kharma and tamina hybrid
  295. NXT tickets for WrestleMania 32 weekend on sale on December 19
  296. Did Eva take a couple weeks off for botox treatment?
  297. Original Plans for NXT wrestlers (Past & Present)
  298. Where does the NXT Women's division go after Bayley?
  299. Sawyer fulton
  300. Triple H on NXT and why the brand is not its own promotion
  301. Emma in NXT?
  302. Eva's Face Lookingly Manlier Every Week. That Attractive to Her Fans?
  303. I think I understand Foley when he bashes the Full Sail crowd after this picture...
  304. Bayley on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast
  305. Bayley carried Eva to have a good match
  306. That Eva promo was actually pretty good
  307. Elias "Drifter" Sampson
  308. NXT star arrested for DUI, footage released showing him refusing to take a breathlyzer
  309. WWE Talents attempting to recruit reDRagon
  310. Backstage Talk on a New NXT Talent Having Potential to Make It as a Top Superstar
  311. Eva vs Bayley tonight discussion thread
  313. The Top 10 reasons why Magno is the best wrestler in NXT
  314. Foley No Longer Watching NXT
  315. ZZ Injured
  316. Soloman Crowe released?
  317. Austin Aries in nxt
  318. Curious case of hideo itami
  319. Alexa's new theme
  320. I want Bobby Roode in NXT
  321. Nxt Aliyah turns 21
  322. Simon Gotch
  323. Sylvester Lefort
  324. Samoa Joe, follow the same path as Kevin Owens...
  325. Triple H admits NXT catering to a niche, Vince's thoughts
  326. Do Blake and Murphy and Alexa Bliss secretly have threesomes?
  327. Sort of marking for a TNA stable in NXT...
  328. Royal Rumble Weekend NXT Tickets Selling Well
  329. If Eva Marie wins the NXT womens title then there may as well not be a womens division in NXT
  330. Honestly, Eva Marie is the only reason I still watch NXT
  331. JJ/Gable should challenge The New Day next
  332. Emma, face or heel?
  333. Will James Storm still sign for NXT...
  334. Should HHH ever wrestle on NXT?
  335. AJ Styles Is Reportedly a Free Agent; Discusses Willingness to Sign with NXT
  336. WWE Hall of Famer, Legend, and All Around Good Guy Mick Foley Figuratively Dumps on Full Sail
  337. Anyone ever attend NXT Tapings???
  338. Asuka with the bitch hunter gimmick.
  339. good read on nxt fans by work of wrestling
  340. La Sombra joins WWE
  341. I want see Bayley vs Eva Marie
  342. Jordan and Gable
  343. Triple H Gives Away Multiple $10,000 Scholarships to Full Sail
  344. BREAKING: Another Former Impact Wrestling Star Spotted At NXT Taping Site
  345. Adult Film Company Makes Offer To Eva Marie
  346. WWE announces the signing of La Sombra
  347. Bayley might never make it to the main roster
  349. Anybody else think Eva is going to be a big star?
  350. Worst Superstar/Women/Stable in NXT right now
  351. The fat neckbearded smark crowd is ruining this show.
  352. This is Unreal.Bayley has to wrestle Eva Marie..I feel so Bad for Bayley
  353. Why is The Ascention so over on NXT?
  354. Who runs "promo classes"?
  355. Create a random NXT tag team...
  356. Non-Full Sail Orlando Taping Announced For Jan 2016
  357. Gionna Daddio outshined Eva Marie in that debut match
  358. NXT - The Begining
  359. Alexa Bliss shoots down online rumors allgedly from a WWE talent
  360. So with the Bayley/Alexa Championship Match next week, what kind of fuckery we can expect?
  361. Completely random thought
  362. Another "NXT"
  363. Eva Marie's new finisher
  364. Eva Marie has "One of the worst NXT womens matches ever" during house show in Winter Haven
  365. That Joe Promo Tho.
  366. Modern Family clowned on Eva marie
  367. Anonymous Performance Center worker accuses Alexa Bliss of being a "ring rat"
  368. The Curious Case of Cameron Lynn.
  369. NXT/WWE interested in The Kingdom
  370. need 2cent Josh Guy?
  371. NXT Takeover: London Thread
  372. Are We in Agreement That a Fatal 4 Way is The Only Way to Save The Main Event Scene?
  373. Rich Swann on His WWE NXT Goals
  374. Where is Dylan Mile?
  375. Recent UK Tryouts
  376. NXT is actually good.
  377. WWE NXT: Greatest Matches Vol. 1 DVD
  378. Backstage News on Who Is Usually Running WWE NXT Promo Classes, Sara Del Rey's WWE Role
  379. Taste of Tenille (Emma's cooking show)
  380. Completely hypothetical NXT/EVOLVE scenario...
  381. New Look for Billie Kay on Most Recent House Show
  382. Enzo funny, but kinda sad, entrance in Jacksonville house show
  383. NXT needs Castle!
  384. NXT Lakeland House Show Results (Link provided contains Spoilers)
  385. CM Punk shares good advice to Samoa Joe on twitter
  386. Marley (Gionna Daddio)
  387. NXT should have a fatal four way
  388. Evie and Kay Lee Ray
  389. So Who Gets the Call Up?
  390. Is Finn Balor a good talker ?
  391. Eva Marie As A Heel
  392. The No Selling In The Title Match Tonight..
  393. Triple H Reveals Takeover: London Theme
  394. F**king Ad's
  395. Baron Corbin should be the next NXT champion
  396. These are the "Real 4" NXT Divas
  397. Asuka reveals her weakness in series of posts on twitter :-P
  398. Another Championship?
  399. Is it Me or is Dana Brooke Vastly Underrated?
  400. ZZ is such a joke
  401. Devin Taylor
  402. Heel Turn?
  403. X-Pac Praises NXT, Gable and Jordan, and Says Jason Jordan Has The Potential to Be The Next "Golden Goose in the Making"
  404. Thoughts on Nia Jax so far?
  405. Enzo Amore old MySpace photo section
  406. So the worst thing going in NXT right now is...
  407. NXT Gainesville House Show Results: Rich Swann, Biff Busick debut
  408. Emma back to main roster?
  409. Biff Busick Interview on WWE.com
  410. NXT time length
  411. NXT Matches Announced for WrestleMania 32 Ticket Party
  412. Triple H working on bringing Motörhead to WWE NXT
  413. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa might be the greatest Tag Team match on NXT ever. (Must Watch)
  414. Dash & Dawson are the best heel team in WWE.
  415. New NXT Recruits Officially Announced
  416. NXT Aftershock Music Festival Interviews
  417. Jacques Rougeau's boy belongs in NXT
  418. Anyone watch Breaking Ground?
  419. Backstage News on Eva Marie vs. Bayley
  420. Video Packages are great but...
  421. Baron Corbin gets involved with Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour at NXT Aftershock
  422. Big Cass Out with Leg Injury
  423. Eva Marie should be nowhere near a title
  424. [SPOILERS ALERT] Opinion about last tapings
  425. James Storm Interview on WWE.com
  426. Rugby League Player Daniel Vidot Receives 3 Year WWE Contract
  427. Fuck Sail
  428. Is there still a chance for Solomon Crowe?
  429. I have a wildly mixed complicated opinion about Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady
  430. When will Sarah Lee make her NXT debut?
  431. That Corbin v Rhyno Main Event...
  432. NXT Kids, the pilot episode (the show coming to wwe network)
  433. NXT spoilerss Are you fucking kiding me.
  434. Apollo Crews is really shooting up the roster isn't he?
  435. Nxt roster who will Soar & who will Job
  436. What's so great about Alexa Bliss??
  437. The most manly thread ever a.k.a. Simon Gotch Appreciation Thread
  438. WWE signs UFC vet Seth Petruzelli as new striking coach at performance center
  439. James Storm needs a new finisher
  440. Your favorite NXT Talent and why?
  441. NXT recording programs
  442. I've said it from the start
  443. Daniel Vidot signs with WWE?
  444. Tickets around Christmas
  445. WWE signs Daria
  446. NXT head to head with Raw on Monday Nights?
  447. Bayley is annoying as fuck
  448. Corey Graves heeling it up against Slipknot frontman to promote NXT/Slipknot crossover at AFTERSHOCK Festival
  449. NXT Star Responds to WWE Tweet About EVOLVE Talents
  450. Should NXT bring back the 15 championship?
  451. Tyler Breeze To Be Called Up Soon?
  452. Ciampa
  453. Bailey drops Tye Dillinger
  454. NXT Tampa House Show Results 10/16/15
  455. Why is Rhyno on NXT?
  456. Fuck that full sail crowd
  457. Alexa Bliss' first major singles feud.
  458. NXT Cocoa House Show Results: Finn vs Ty, One too many Total Divas
  459. Draw for next Takeover in London?
  460. The Crowd Chanting.."Thank You Tyler"..After Joe's Elimination..
  461. NXT's next breakout stars?: Meet the 5 EVOLVE wrestlers you need to know
  462. Zack Sabre Jr signed
  463. Eva Marie "needing me time" after 2 months.
  464. WWE interested in three Lucha Underground stars
  465. NXT TakeOver Respect ratings by Dave Meltzer
  466. Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins On The Rocks?
  467. Nya jax Ring gear...
  468. I think Asuka could be great as a monster heel.
  469. Crews theme available
  470. WWE planning "NXT Kids"
  471. Are the writers in 'developmental' too?
  472. Thoughts on Apollo Crews
  473. Pruett's Pause: NXT Takeover: Respect
  474. NXT Womens Title Prestige
  475. When did HHH take over the running of NXT?
  476. Will they mention TNA?!
  477. Expect a HUGE WWE/NXT - EVOLVE announcement in the next few hours
  478. There's still hope for Cesaro... In NXT
  479. Best NXT champion?
  480. Best womens match in nxt history?
  481. Which of the following scenarios would make Izzy aka. Bayley girl cry harder in a title change?
  482. So I can't be the only one that's hyped for Nia Jax debut?
  483. Anyone Else Annoyed at Steph's Presence and Expression During Sasha/Bailey?
  484. Breeze an intercontinental superstar
  485. Tyler Breeze working wwe live event
  486. New Diva Debut at NXT Winterhaven
  487. Isn't it time Breeze gets called up?
  488. Rate The NXT Tag Teams
  489. Blue Pants done with NXT
  490. The Dreaded Call Up
  491. Does Anyone Object to Apollo Crews Getting a Super Push?
  492. Who Else Misses Cliffhangers After Live Specials?
  493. Sasha Banks' Resiliency
  494. Rate NXT Takeover: Respect
  495. Bo Dallas
  496. Asuka/Kana facepaint
  497. Sasha & Bayley & Izzy after Takeover [video]
  498. Bayley interview post her iron man match [video]
  499. Bayley needs to keep that submission finisher
  500. They shouldn't have released Cal Bishop, they should have repackaged him as Cal King instead.
  501. Chad freakin' Gable
  502. Jim Ross Comments WWE Bringing In James Storm, Says Bobby Roode Should Be Next
  503. NXT Releases
  504. Triple H open to working with NJPW
  505. Now if no one is going to say it I will
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