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  1. Angelico impressed WWE Officials from PWG: Threemendous IV
  2. Conceptualising gimmicks for gimmickless wrestlers
  3. NXT Lakeland House Show Results, Crowe vs Balor
  4. Enzo and Cass are great characters and talkers but
  5. There is enough teams for a tag team turmoil
  6. Is Scott Dawson finally getting a push?
  7. NXT Reality Show
  8. NXT TakerOver Brooklyn (Please Read if interested in tickets)
  9. Jordan and gable
  10. Eva Marie, heel or face?
  11. Jesse Sorensen
  12. Blue Pants and Eva should team up
  13. Wwe should do a draft each year
  14. Baron Corbins inring style
  15. Uhaa Nation's NXT Theme Song: "Ready"
  16. Enzo Cass Carmella debut on main roster
  17. NXT Behind the Curtain [ESPN Documentary]
  18. Do you like the enhancement matches?
  19. Emma
  20. Tyler Breeze had a bodyguard tonight
  21. Bayley needs a new finisher badly
  22. Why is Cassie Even In Nxt if She's Nothing but a Jobber to Everyone.
  23. NXT rebuilding stage: Who are your new top ten prospects?
  24. WWE Wanted Bully Ray For NXT Event
  25. Baron Corbin can do so much more give him a proper match
  26. Eva Marie debut
  27. Meet Dasha Fuentes, NXT's newest broadcaster
  28. Emma honestly should have been kept on the main roster
  29. Squash matches
  30. Eva was actually pretty good
  31. Baron Corbin anyone?
  32. Full Sail crowd very butthurt of NXT Brooklyn show
  33. NXT doesn't need Samoa Joe...
  34. NXT invades Texas- September 17-19
  35. NXT Takeover Brooklyn Poster
  36. WWE Taping Episode of NXT TV SummerSlam Weekend?, Backstage Reaction to Takeover Ticket Sales
  37. Who Do You The Next Indie Signs To Be?
  38. Finn Balor is the next...
  39. Who's this new girl "Lina" that was with Carmella?
  40. Eva Marie taking the NXT womens title off Sasha at the next PPV?
  41. Reports from NXT in Cocoa, FL on 7/17/15
  42. NXT Cocoa House Show Results: Finn Balor, Eva Marie in action
  43. there's always been something I dont like about Charlotte,but I don't know what it i
  44. Corey Graves
  45. NXT is really lacking a talented tag team division, who would you bring in?
  46. Eva Marie's NXT Debut Wrestling Attire
  47. Alex Riley on a Twitter rampage
  48. Samoa joe
  49. NJPW vs NXT needs to happen
  50. Corbin Got Me Thinking Was This Always a Thing in Pro Wrestling...
  51. Too Bad The Last NXT Sasha/Charlotte Match Was Just Ok.
  52. Could women's title main event Takeover:Brooklyn? *NXT TAPING SPOILERS*
  53. Spoiler: International Wrestling Legend Booked for NXT Takeover Brooklyn
  54. Charlotte needs to drop the Ric Flair tribute act
  55. Baron Corbin's video
  57. Its time for the remaining NXT divas to step up
  58. Chad Gable is awesome and I've only seen 2 matches of his.
  60. weakening the women's division for Eva Marie
  61. Blue Pants on Her WWE NXT Future, If There's Been Jealousy Over Her NXT Reactions, More
  62. So last night I was rewatching Fatal 4 Way....
  63. NXT TakeOver Ticket Prices
  64. Now That The Horsewomen Are On Raw, The NXT Women's Division Is In Good Hands With Dana Brooke
  65. the new womens division and call ups
  66. "Now What?" With The Womens Title
  67. Let's take a look at all past NXT wrestlers who reached the main roster
  68. Bayley Returns To Action
  69. Wouldn't be nice if the next NXT champion would be performance center pupil?
  70. NXT Orlando House Show results. Balor vs Corbin, Lita, Tough Enough
  71. Nitpick I Know: Sasha Banks Tiny Run as Face is Already Making Her Less Interesting Character-Wise.
  72. NXT Panel at Comic Con(Finn,Owens,Zayn,Charlotte) + Interviews
  73. Why the Dana Brooke hate?
  74. Someone doesn't like Team SAWFT or something?
  75. NXT Takeover: Brooklyn - Main Event announced
  76. It's just me or Alexa Bliss losing a bit of her charm
  77. Defend the booking now
  78. The guy that announces The Vaudevillains on their tron
  79. Besides Hair How Are Ziggler And Breeze Alike?
  80. AJ Styles
  81. Non televised NXT stars, who do you want to see?
  82. What can Finn do to improve?
  83. Coup de grâce must really hurt?
  84. Balór and The Rainmaker!!!!
  85. Question about Sasha Banks
  86. Just saw Finn Balor's entrance. Why is it so cringeworthy? OMG
  87. Who is that nugget on commentary who...
  88. Epic Rumour going round
  89. So Balor totally jumped Itami didn't he? + How long Balor will be in NXT?
  90. Samoa Joe
  91. OMG Finn Balor...
  92. My dream last night...
  93. Should Balor get a new finisher?
  94. Is Baron Corbin ever gonna evolve?
  95. Sasha Banks wants to show up on Raw with the NXT Women's Title
  96. What so special about Finn Balor
  97. WWE Holding Tryouts in Japan - UPDATED 07/08
  98. Alright so long until the 'E pick up Aries?
  99. Top 10 matches in nxt history
  100. The Revolution Of Women
  101. What happens when all these top stars move up from NXT?
  102. They really don't care about Crowe do they?
  103. NXT Diva Call-Ups Expected To Take Place Soon
  104. Nikki Bella Wants to Face Sasha Banks
  105. Where can u see all the nxt roster ending there career at ?
  106. Will Hideo Itami's bad English affect his WWE career?
  107. 6/26 NXT Cocoa Live Event Results
  108. This time next year...
  109. Will the Vaudevillains work on the main roster?
  110. "It's like Disneyland to me:" Nhooph Al-Areebi on her NXT dreams
  111. Kevin Owens Flubs on the Mic and Turns It Into Gold!
  112. Your Thoughts on Dana Brooke Thus Far?
  113. Why aren't these two signed?
  114. Which tag team should get the main roster call up?
  115. WWE signs Brazilian wrestler
  116. Tommy End
  117. NXT to Invade New York City This Summer
  118. Sasha Banks' Sunglasses Are FINALLY on Sale
  119. bull... bull... push him
  120. My biggest complaint about NXT
  121. Could nxt be the mecca of dreammatches?
  122. Tyler Breeze Stuck in a Rut ?
  123. NXT Lakeland House Show Results, Uhaa vs Crowe
  124. A Sheik character for NXT?
  125. Its time to call up Enzo and Big Cass
  126. Who from nxt is not a former Indy wrestler?
  127. Baron Corbin is legit, people who dont' see it are lost...
  128. Observer report on most recent WWE tryout
  130. Enough with the past please...
  131. Bayley Injured: Broken Arm
  132. Judas Devlin....
  133. MOTYC at NXT Cleveland Owens/Joe/Finn/Breeze
  134. NXT Announced for Louder Than Life
  135. Cesaro vs Joe?
  136. Would you watch a Takeover with no indy stars?
  137. Who books the NXT show now?
  138. A dream come true for NXT recruit Cassie McIntosh
  139. WWE NXT 31 Wrestlers - Ranked From Worst To Best
  140. Is Finn Balor finally evolving his gimmick?
  141. Becky Lynch Should Have Steamrolled that Jobber.
  142. Mojo is So Horrible. Why is he in NXT?
  143. NXT working relationship
  144. NXT Pittsburgh
  145. Ready, Willing, and Gayble
  146. NXT Possibly Working with WNN
  147. Is NXT really a good "developmental" brand?
  148. [RUMOR]NXT to form a partnership with EVOLVE?
  149. Alexa Bliss on Being Influenced by Trish Stratus and Rey Mysterio, What She's Learned, More
  150. Good Tag Team Gimmicks?
  151. Bada Boom, Realest Guys In The Room - Enzo Amore & Big Cass Interview
  152. Who is top male heel, once Kevin Owens has gone to Main Roster?
  153. NXT Superstar Names
  154. Evaluating The Evolution of The Four Horsewomen
  155. NXT Largo House Show Results: Breeze, Corbin Main Event
  156. Huge nxt in New York City update
  157. NXT Cleveland 6/12
  158. Wwe nxt in New York City
  159. The Worst Part About NXT is The Non-Existent Tag Team Division
  160. Does NXT need a secondary title?
  161. Regarding Alexa Bliss's current character
  162. With Adam Rose looking disenchanted, and the crowd reacting the way they did, should he..
  163. Wwe/nxt needs to do business with the indys
  164. Crowe had a pretty good promo
  165. Wow that crowd managed to make me feel bad for Eva Marie
  166. Females at upcoming tryouts.
  167. Live From Japan July 4th: Owens vs. Balor for NXT Title
  168. Big Cass
  169. Wheres Marcus Loui?
  170. The IC title needs Finn Balor
  171. Two Talents From India Signed
  172. Next Wave of Indie wrestlers for NXT
  173. Pick the Star who answers NXT open challenge...
  174. Who's going to get the pushes?
  175. Has the nxt title been elevated??
  176. Meltzer's Star Ratings for TakeOver: Unstoppable are out
  177. Venice recap
  178. First Episode of NXT
  179. Ummm where are The Vaudevillians?
  180. NXT Venice
  181. Should NXT do another Behind the Curtain involving the Divas?
  182. NXT Women’s Champion Returns To Action On Friday Night
  183. Nikki Storm NXT.
  184. Owens on main roster, was this intended + who will take the title from him
  185. Joe vs Owens is legit...
  186. Finn Balor Needs More Than The Paint
  187. Am I the only one who DOESN'T like Owens pop up powerbomb?
  188. Cocky or confident? Dana Brooke on what it means to be The Total Diva
  189. Is Crowe getting a push?
  190. "Lass Licker" Becky Lynch
  191. The Continuing Evolution of NXT
  192. Kevin Owens Names the Most Underrated NXT Superstar. And the Winner Is...
  193. What's left for Sami Zayn?
  194. Sasha Banks Wrestles at Live Event; Injury Claims Disproven
  195. Meltzer's star ratings for Unstoppable
  196. NXT Divas Main Event Next Special?
  197. New "Special Edition" Kevin Owens Shirt
  198. Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks on How They're Changing Women's Wrestling
  199. Meet your NXT rookie!!!
  200. Alexa's future title run
  201. HHH listens to fans?
  202. If you can bring back one male and female from Demott days
  203. Possibility of a ROH and NXT doing a crossover in the future
  204. 3 hours of takeover
  205. Who the fuck is samoa joe guy
  206. Favorite NXT Divas Match of 2015 so far?
  207. Nxt reallity show
  208. This is what the new tough enough should have been
  209. Which match was better?
  210. Solomon Crowe
  211. Triple H not that high on Uhaa Nation?
  212. Who attacked Itami? Best choice: Balor?
  213. Should NXT have Women's gimmick match?
  214. I'm amazed that NXT is as good as it is
  215. Four Horsewomen
  216. NXT is no longer a 'developmental' brand.
  217. How long until Uhaa has a name
  218. Shaun Ricker takes a shot at Owens
  219. Solomon Crowe debuts new theme and look.
  220. Sasha Banks: Best wrestler in either roster, male or female.
  221. Is Emma a heel now?
  222. Balor's finisher...HURTS like hell?
  223. Kevin Owens Interview [video]
  224. Uhaa Nation will debut on the next NXT PPV I gurantee it
  226. Sasha/Becky II needs to headline the next Takeover
  227. Who Got Itami?
  228. Should We Have Zayn vs. Owens III?
  229. Independent Names Set For Next Month’s WWE NXT Tryouts
  230. I knew this would happen with Corbin
  231. Would Young Bucks ever sign a deal to appear on NXT?
  232. Enzo Amore as opposed to Big Cass?
  233. So Here's a Tough Question...
  234. Owens in too many feuds
  235. Regal vs Owens
  236. NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Match of the Night?
  237. Finally, someone who is familiar with the concept of giving the fans what they want
  238. Whats the deal with Blake and Murphy?
  239. I'm calling it now
  240. How Do You Feel About Alexa Bliss as a Heel?
  241. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. Who's the TV match and who's the PPV match
  242. Rate NXT Takeover: Unstoppable
  243. Becky and Sasha tore down the house, rebuilt it, then tore it down again
  244. Becky Lynch looks like a superstar
  245. Built to win: Becky Lynch's incredible around-the-world journey to NXT
  246. Triple H gushes over Kevin Owens & Sasha Banks; and buries Total Divas
  247. Push Tye Dillinger
  248. Kevin Owens needs to lose alot more weight
  249. Why is Rhyno in NXT?
  250. New NXT T-Shirts
  251. Zayn on Owen's RAW debut
  252. Kevin Owens' Charisma
  253. WWE Signs Adam Pearce
  254. Tyler Breeze
  255. With all the money Steen is making, he can't lose 20 lbs?
  256. Regarding NXT on the main roster
  257. The Realest Guys in the Room
  258. Will John Cena cost Kevin Owens the NXT title?
  259. The better halves of NXT tag teams...
  260. Kevin Owens call-up to main roster
  261. Official NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Discussion Thread
  262. NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Predictions
  263. Tyler Breeze is just fucking awful. Holy fuck it's gonna suck when this guy comes to the main roster
  264. Commentary affecting nxt (especially graves)
  265. Finn Balor Heel turn in the future
  266. NXT Albany
  267. WWE NXT Finally Going Global!
  268. Alex Riley should NOT be jobbing!
  269. Woman's NXT Stable Better?
  270. I Don't Consider Kevin Owens A Heel
  271. NXT Going Global?
  272. NXT Philly
  273. How many months pregnant is Kevin Owens?
  274. Tommaso Ciampa to NXT?
  275. June WWE Tryouts
  276. Shoot Nation breaks up.
  277. WWE Hires Fiance of Top NXT Diva
  278. Chris Jericho to Face Top NXT Superstar
  279. Owens needs a stable...
  280. What's the deal about Baron Corbin?
  281. How Bout An All Women's Special Episode
  282. Will Dana Brooke Be The One To Exile Charlotte From NXT?
  283. What former stars do you want to see on NXT?
  284. What is it about TYE dillianger that all the wrestlers love?
  285. Would A Red X Type Gimmick Work?
  286. NXT is disappointing
  287. NXT Philly shows
  288. NXT Orlando House Show Resuls: Owens vs Crowe!!!
  289. Bubba Ray Dudley in NXT?
  290. Should Sasha vs Becky Main Event Unstoppable?
  291. NXT Largo House Recap: Uhaa Nation, Kevin Owens, more
  292. All NXT Divas have a feud
  293. Why did WWE pass on Rosita?
  294. NXT Diva makes in ring debut
  295. With Zayn and Itami out. Who challenges for the title over the next year?
  296. Australia’s Jessica McKay ready to make waves in NXT (Q&A)
  297. Are the women about to main event an NXT special?
  298. Shouldn't It Be "NXT 4"?
  299. Owens is so awkward to watch in interviews
  300. Bill DeMott says it wasn't his fault he was left out of the WWE, it was the millennials fault.
  301. Why oh why did they change....
  302. Itami injured, faces 6-8 months on the sidelines
  303. Charlotte Believes That She Can Main Event A WWE PPV
  304. What's the big deal with Baron Corbin? He sucks!
  305. Uhaa Nation: The next face of NXT?
  306. Uhaa Nation
  307. Cedric Rougeau
  308. WWE E:60 Special
  309. Zayns on the main roster.
  310. What Are Some Good Face Gimmicks You'd Like To See In Nxt?
  311. I have a feeling Enzo and Big Cass will be split and Vince will love Big Cass more
  312. NXT divas are overrated
  313. TAMPA RECAP BILLY GUNN need I say more?
  314. Where's Sylvestor Lefort?
  315. Shoot Nation, sucks.
  316. Looks like NXT Live shows have already sold out once again in Columbus, Ohio
  317. NXT Touring Dates and Locations Have Been Released!
  318. NXT Lakeland House Show Results
  319. WWE Recruit Axel Tischer Interview
  320. Finn Bálor vs. Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze--- Who do you think wins? Who do you want to see win?
  321. The Booking Of Baron Corbin
  322. The evolution of the divas in NXT
  323. Carmella/BAW$E/KILLERBARBIE - Swag Off
  324. The evolution of the divas in NXT
  325. Is it just me or are the shackles starting to come off of Hideo Itami/KENTA in NXT?
  326. Major changes coming to the Training staff???
  327. How Can Breeze Beat Balor in a Wrestling Match and Look Believable?
  328. Cody Rhodes
  329. Debut a Developmental talent to NXT...
  330. I'm about to heel turn on this sub-forum
  331. NXT still needs outside talent...
  332. VICE profile on Sara Del Rey.
  333. Spring Cleaning! Several NXT Talents Released
  334. Which NXT Diva Will Have The Best WWE Career?
  335. How would you debut Owens to the main roster?
  336. NXT rules because HHH isn't part of the storylines
  338. Two extra NXT taping tickets for sale
  339. Am I the only one enjoying Alex Riley?
  340. WWE Officials Very High on NXT Superstar Due to His Look
  341. CJ Parker is the bee's knees
  342. Hideo Itami Understands That CM Punk Would Never Steal a Finisher
  343. Why is Leva Bates (Blue Pants) over?
  344. WWE tryouts
  345. Ideal feud for Kevin Owens once drafted to the main roster?
  346. NXT Road Trip Touring
  347. Solomon Crowe is really...
  348. Anyone think this is possible?
  349. If I could draft an entire promotion, NXT's Jason Jordan will be on my roster
  350. Give Baron Corbin a proper feud with someone
  351. Is Enzo Amore modern day version of Road Dogg?
  352. Dana Brooke is awful
  353. If Enzo Amore Had A Dime For Every Time He Looked Impressive In The Ring
  354. Laredo Kid to NXT?
  355. Richie Steamboat's Situation Confirmed
  356. Dates Revealed for Future NXT Takeover Specials and TV Tapings
  357. Why The Briscoes Are Not Signing with WWE
  358. Best Entrances on NXT
  359. Guest Trainers at the WWE Performance Center This Week
  360. Debuting Tonight?
  361. WWE Performance Center Welcomes New Class of Recruits
  362. Kevin Owens is one hell of a salesman [Spoiler]
  363. How long will Owens be champ?
  364. NXT Ft Pierce House Show Results
  365. NXT Largo House Show Results
  366. Why is Tyler Breeze Getting So Much Tv Time? He's Not Going to Succeed on the Main Roster. He's Fandango with a Better Gimmick.
  367. Samoa Joe
  368. Dates Revealed for Future WWE NXT Takeover Live Specials and TV Tapings
  369. Why doesn't WWE sign Rey Misterio Jr. II?
  370. Andre the Giant Battle Royal qualification airs AFTER WrestleMania
  371. NXT Debut predicitions
  372. That Hideo Itami VT
  373. Ross and Marshall Von Erich to NXT?
  374. CJ Parker interview: Talks about leaving, HHH and whats next
  375. Is NXT More Popular Than We Thought?
  376. How Fast Would Kevin Owens Drop the Title and Get Buried If Vince Ran NXT?
  377. Who would you like NXT to bring in as a trainer/veteran talent
  378. Finn Balor's Main Roster Debut: Paint or No Paint?
  379. NXT as a 2 hour show or 2 shows a week?
  380. Palatka house show results Samson is BACK!
  381. Bayley and AJ Lee: HugsBite
  382. Where is Soloman Crowe?
  383. What do you think of this?
  384. Kayfabewise what makes Kevin Owens so dominant?
  385. Where is Baron Corbin?
  386. Boycott nxt
  387. "Don't let the NXT Universe Fool You"
  388. Boycott nxt
  389. Why was Emma still doing the goofy dancing?
  390. Nxt ranting please read
  391. Which of the NXT roster do you think are ready for the main WWE roster
  392. Tampa House show results Corbin vs Sami
  393. This is why there's NXT!
  394. Nxt ranting
  395. Should Sara Del Rey Amato be brought in as the monster heel for the NXT ladies?
  396. Please stop the side head locks!
  397. NXT, one last shot for Ryder...
  398. Finn Balor needs to change his name
  399. Dana Brooke to debut in two weeks
  400. Welcome to NBecksT
  401. Is it me or does Itami have no charisma?
  402. Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan
  403. Vince McMahon Very High on Two Divas After WWE NXT Live Event, News on Hideo Itami at WrestleMania, + More NXT News
  404. How come Kalisto & Solomon Crowe...
  405. NXT Facebook Group! No Hate Please!
  406. Who is your favourite in NXT?
  407. HHH's WM31's (NXT) Terminator Army
  408. CJ Parker released
  409. Want to become wrestler.
  410. I really fear for Sami Zayn.
  411. Some of the best F/A announcers for the WWE to sign
  412. Neville and Lucha Dragons Graduate: Push two new stars
  413. Neville avoids Mighty Mouse Gimmick!
  414. Dylan Mile debuts at Axxess
  415. Finn Balor
  417. Hideo got the biggest reaction of the battle royale!
  418. Finn Balor on WrestleMania 31, Itching for More Opportunity and Acclamating to America
  419. Alex Riley should be pushed as the Top Babyface in NXT
  420. Videos from NXT San Jose
  421. Vince was at NXT
  422. Huge crowd at NXT San Jose live event! Itami hits GTS! Full results!
  423. If Itami hits a GTS at mania would you mark out
  424. Why is Carmella Hated?
  425. New Paul Heyman Guy
  426. Neville vs Riccochet or Neville vs Zayn ?
  427. Ironwoman match
  428. Can the "indy darlings" get real heat?
  429. How Far Would Enzo Go If He Could Wrestle?
  430. Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on NXT Season 3
  431. What is the difference between Demon Balor and Normal Balor?
  432. New Finn Balor shirt!
  433. The Non-Indy Talent...
  434. Backstage Talk on Finn Balor's WWE Call-Up
  435. Whatever happened to Richie Steamboat?!
  436. Want to start getting into NXT.
  437. ESPN WWE (NXT) documentary: Behind The Curtain,
  438. name NXT-WWE match-up you most looking forward to
  439. Introduce NXT
  440. Alexa Bliss should win the NXT womens title from Sasha in a shock win
  441. United States title belongs in NXT...
  442. NXT is WCW prior to Nitro...
  443. is nxt becoming a brand and not developmental a good thing for it's current roster?
  444. Who do you want to enter at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale at WM from nxt
  445. Vince wont like Kevin Owens I can see it right now
  446. Sami Zayn to miss NXT San Jose show
  447. Kevin Owens on his rise, NXT in Mania, Cena, HHH, Dirtsheets, etc.
  448. NXT Tournament on Thursday; Winner joins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale at WM
  449. WWE.COM: 22 Fantastic Superstar face GIFs
  450. Zo and Big Cass
  451. Everything Finn Balor is, Hideo Itami is not.
  452. Triple H: "That's Not a Developmental Brand Anymore. That's a BRAND!"
  453. NXT Ohio thread, it's finally starting!
  454. Tag Teams
  455. An unorthodox proposal for an Emma heel turn.
  456. Alex Riley is criminally underrated.
  457. NXT event in WM weekend: 4100 tickets sold and counting!
  458. Your NXT top 5/bottom 5
  459. Kevin Owens gets KO'd - WWE Confirms He Has Undergone Knee Surgery
  460. Jimmy Jacobs for WWE Creative
  461. Who's going to NXT in San Jose?
  462. What do WWE want from NXT?
  463. The problem (and possible solution) for Hideo Itami
  464. KC Cassidy signs a developmental contract
  465. WWE trying to kill the Indies?
  466. Devin Taylor wrestling
  467. The next 'class' or 'generation' of NXT?
  468. NXT if Vince and Kevin Dunn were in charge.
  469. Zayn and Owens mediocre
  470. Has NXT Found A Balance?
  471. Finn Balor reportedly impressing with Merchandise sales
  472. Do You Want Guys to be Called up to the Main Roster?
  473. Bartow Show results Mick Foley was in the crowd!
  474. Better in the ring: Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch?
  475. Hypotehtical NXT vs WWE PPV
  476. Rhyno not on the main roster so he doesn't show up Reigns?
  477. They need to either put the nxt tagbelts on enzo&cass or call them up
  478. The Itami problem
  479. Apparently Devin Taylor wrestled at a show
  480. Alexa Bliss - Rusty or Does She Normally Mess Up That Much?
  481. Second Chance For Riley. Your thoughts
  482. I know what Breeze should change his finisher to
  483. i wish theyd get rid of nxt
  485. Will Indies have to suffer?
  486. Riley is really good on the mic not so much in the ring
  487. Do you think ROH can survive competing against NXT?
  488. Bayley with NXT Title?
  489. NXT Preparing for Debut at the Former ECW Arena?
  490. NXT Event in California During Mania Weekend
  492. Backstage Jealousy Between Triple H and Bill Demott, Which NXT Superstar is in the Middle of This?
  493. Report: The Reason the format for NXT has become more "indy focused"
  494. Report: WWE interested in signing "several" ROH talents
  495. Report: Expected NXT call-ups Post-WrestleMania
  496. Alexa Bliss
  497. Hideo is going to kill Tyler Breeze
  498. Alex Riley vs. CJ Parker tonight!!!!
  499. Tyler Breeze should have a cameo in Zoolander 2!!
  500. How good can Sasha Banks be?
  501. Is it safe to say this is when the next special will be
  502. All My Friends Are Talking About NxT!
  503. Latest WWE Survey on NXT ask fans what indy promotions they watch?
  504. There is a rumor going on that Briscoes are heading to Orlando
  505. Great Sasha Banks interview
  506. Are they scouting this guy?
  507. Could there be a feud between Itami and Owens
  508. What is going to happen to Finn Balor??
  509. Coup de Grâce not Coup de Gras
  510. Maria Kanellis wants a NXT run!
  511. Best Themes on NXT
  512. The elephant in the room - Neville is a walking wellness violation
  513. Should NXT Move Out of Full Sail and into Arenas?
  514. Whiplash Made me think Maybe Bill DeMott was on to something...
  515. Ric Flair at NXT Columbus Ohio (video) + other pics
  516. Footage of Cesaro/Balor, Divas F4W, etc. NXT Cleveland
  517. Which NXT star, in your opinion is most overrated by the community?
  518. NXT/PC trainers
  519. WrestleMania 32: Which Current NXT Star Faces John Cena?
  520. Make Your Bet Who's Debuting The Night After Mania?
  521. Choose a group of wrestlers to do an NXT invasion angle
  522. NXT Has Become ROH
  523. When did NXT really get good?
  524. NXT takes over Columbus, Ohio!
  525. WWE Should sign Brian Cage
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