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  1. What happend to wwe signing Uhaa Nation?
  2. What is Vince going to do when NXT Take over blows away the royal rumble?
  4. Would An Ice Gimmick Work?
  5. Enzo Amore interview
  6. Did Vince Send Axel to Sabotage NXT?
  7. No 1 Contender Tourny
  8. Possible Injury to Top Superstar at Last Night's WWE NXT Live Event
  9. Braun Stowman Injured
  10. Cocoa Houseshow results Sami grabbed a chair!
  11. Who's your favorite act on NXT?
  12. Who,s your favorite act on nxt? Poll.
  13. last weeks tryouts
  14. NXT Live Event in Ohio is already sold out
  15. Looking for 1 extra ga ticket for nxt tapings on the 12th
  16. first thing that came to mind during [Spoilers] promo on NXT this week
  17. Is Bayley about to have her own road to redemption?
  18. Interview with Kevin Owens
  19. Why isn't Hideo using the GTS?
  20. Kevin Owens explains his actions
  21. Is Candice La Rae Too Ugly or What?
  22. This weekend tryouts
  23. I see Hall, and Nash in these two...
  24. Which NXT guy will enter the Rumble this year?
  25. For the people that go to full sail for NXT, I have some questions
  26. Zayn in developmental for 2+ years!
  27. Could this work in today's WWE?
  28. Jacksonville House Show Results/ Drake Wuertz roughs up Aiden English!
  29. pretty dead board
  30. Possible Debut at Takeover
  31. Lucha Dragons
  32. Former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Signing With WWE Soon?
  33. Tampa House Show Results Hideo vs Finn vs Neville!
  34. Ever heard of a guy named Zack Gibson?
  35. Finn Balor - Punisher
  36. Owens vs Zayn - Discussion Thread - A peek into their History for WWE fans
  37. Biff Busick getting a tryout at NXT next week
  38. Which episode you recommend to start seeing?
  39. So Excited!!
  40. NXT tickets for Live Special on sale now!
  41. Original concept of nxt how much was real?
  42. *Spoiler* Baron Corbin!!
  43. nxt tickets
  44. Next NXT special, earlier than expected to avoid competition with Mania/Main Roster?
  45. Are You Upset With Tyler Breeze's Spot?
  46. Imagine for a moment...
  47. This is about the older nxt guys
  48. Who Do You Think Has A Brighter Future In The Main Roster?...
  49. Roderick Strong (WWE)
  50. Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn are awesome!
  51. Next set of tapings
  52. WHY Ohio?
  53. Future star we aren't seeing right now?
  54. How should these two cross paths?
  55. What Did You Think of Chad Gable's Debut?
  56. Next NXT Live Special Format Suggestion
  57. Enzo Amore and Carmella Storyline Suggestion
  58. NXT tag team discussion...
  59. Who was spying on Tyler Breeze?
  60. Wrestling Star Jeff Hardy Knocked Out Cold
  61. My main problem with Curtis Axel
  62. Give balor Conor McGregor personality for a gimmick
  63. NXT at The Royal Rumble?
  64. Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake: Glow in the dark masks
  65. Baron Corbin Alternate Finishers?
  66. Censoring Sami Zayn?
  67. Leva Bates (Blue Pants) now has her own merch
  68. WTF is this??
  69. NXT tapings for January through February.
  70. NXT Call-ups: THE VERDICT(S) [3rd Quarter!!]
  71. You guys think WWE would ever sign ReDragon?
  72. Leva Bates (Blue Pants) is the most over woman in NXT
  73. In What Order Should These Talents Get Called Up
  74. Yet another Issue with Bill DeMott
  75. Tag team now, but future stars later...
  76. Tickets
  78. Zayn in NXT for another year?
  79. WWE needs another NXT developmental.
  80. Tye Dillinger
  81. Five to thrive in 2015
  82. Hit and Miss
  83. Adrian Neville Should Debut On The Main Roster As A Heel
  84. Nxt should do specials every other month instead of quarterly agreed or no?
  85. 3 things you want from NXT in 2015
  86. wwe.com - superstars to watch in 2015
  87. nxt on sky??
  88. Predictions: How much longer will the NXT stars be in WWE?
  89. Uhaa Nation Signs
  90. Finn Balor and Kevin Owens shirts SOLD OUT this week on WWE Shop
  91. NXT talent debuting on the main roster - What's your take on it?
  92. Finn Balor is ready now for the main roster...
  93. Hideo Itami, The Giant Killer?
  94. What's Baron Corbin's future?
  95. Do you think Sasha Banks is pretty and a good wrestler?
  96. NXT in 2014: Moves, bumps & spots
  97. Some Surprises at the Holiday Tour Tonight
  98. Another NXT award thread, some different categories
  99. 2014 End of the Year awards for NXT
  100. Hugo Knox on Soccer AM
  101. NXT Match of the Year?
  102. For those that attended events at full sail
  103. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Steen Storyline Idea
  104. Suggestion for a new/secondary finisher for Finn Balor
  105. Anyone else want a Itami/Bryan tag team when he goes up?
  106. Next NXT live special rumors
  107. Would you bring Paul London back?
  108. NXT Women's Division is Pro Wrestling Storytelling at its finest
  109. NXT pre-Network and Arrival.
  110. Who will be the big players in NXT in 2015??
  111. Oh what a year it was!
  112. NXT needs a butch woman wrestler
  113. How big could Adam Cole become?
  114. Sami Zayn - An opportunity to do Muhammad Hassan once he moves on to main roster
  115. Out Of Curiosity Who Do You Think Would Be Interesting As A Face? Or Heel?
  116. NXT Championship replica title belt!
  117. What do you think about Chad Gable?
  118. The Internal Feeling on Prince Devitt and Big Entrances
  119. Cal Bishop was injured last night by Crowe
  120. NXT Live Show Results
  121. No Way Kevin Owens Doesn't Succeed In WWE
  122. Anyone else think Bull>Baron?
  123. Adrian Nevilles Latest Promo
  124. NXT Royal Rumble concept?
  125. Becky Lynch....Who Knew?
  126. Curtis Axel coming to NXT
  127. How do you feel about Enzo and Cass jobbing?
  128. Mike Rawlis debuted tonight at the Tampa House show
  129. The Big Gold Belt for NXT?
  130. will NXT ever be available on dvd
  131. Sami Zayn is B Rabbit (Calling up Zayn)
  132. Becky Lynch New Theme
  133. Next NXT Special Predictions (Spoilers Included)
  134. Can Sami Zayn pull off a heel role?
  135. Aiden English and Shaul Guerrero get engaged
  136. Finn Balor/Devitt Documentary
  137. Vince Russo Breaks Down NXT Revolution
  138. Who Books NXT?
  139. Top Tag Team Turns Down WWE Offer, More Information on WWE Targeting Top Indy Star
  140. Uhaa Nation offered developmental deal?
  141. The Next Big Three to NXT...
  142. Favorite matches of 2014?
  143. Finn Balor Documentary
  144. Solomon Crowe?
  145. The WWE should hire whoever is behind this...
  146. Let's Just Say Something Were To Happen to Vince.
  147. Adrian Neville to have new gimmick
  148. what is nxt?
  149. Bryan, Wyatt and Owens' bodies were acceptable for the MR, but not Kassius Ohno?!?!
  150. Triple H should just make NXT a separate company
  151. *SPOILERS* WWE NXT Taping Results For 18 Dec. through 8 Jan.
  152. Could a women's championship match main-event NXT?
  153. Is current NXT better than old NXT/FCW?
  154. Charlotte's Progression has been Amazing
  155. Balor in the main roster (SPECULATIVE)
  156. Am I the only one who finds it odd that NXT is supposed to be developmental?
  157. Kevin Owens - Kashius Ohno
  158. Zayn after winning the title
  159. Assessing NXT; graduates on the Main Roster, potential of the current talent ETC
  160. Zayn - Most likeable wrestler?
  161. KO could be huge
  162. REvolution: a showcase for Indy & Japanese talent?
  163. How much do you think the NXT championship worth?
  164. NXT needs some older stars.....
  165. Charlotte's best match?
  166. New to NXT and damn I'm hooked
  167. The Ascension getting a Road Warrior gimmick
  168. UK Fans: NXT R Evolution on Sky Sports 3 tonight
  169. Balor needs to stop the posing and acting during the match
  170. If Uhaa Nation sign with the WWE how you booked him??
  171. Best NXT match of the year?
  172. A question for more devoted NXT Fans..
  173. Who's writing for NXT? our favorite internet guy reveals it
  174. Looking forward to NXT more than ever
  175. Baron Corbin + Corey Graves?
  176. Would Hideo Itami be better as a heel?
  177. Does NXT remind anyone of TNA 2004-2008?
  178. What do you think of Kevin Owens' theme?
  179. R Evolution Gifs
  180. Who do you want to see debut now?
  181. What's gonna happen to Adrain Neville Now?
  182. NXT > WWE
  183. Rank your top 5 wrestlers in NXT right now
  184. Kevin Owens' move set
  185. R Evolution, Aftermath, 2014 and the Future
  186. Charlotte's Next Challenger
  187. How would you feel about a "Beautiful People"-like stable in the WWE?
  188. WWE holding Week long tryout this week
  189. Whats next for NXT?
  190. Anyone else not sold at all on Baron Corbin?
  191. Is. Neville moving to the main roster?
  192. Is Itami going back to his roots WWE admitting a mistake?
  193. What's next for the Lucha Dragons?
  194. Those "This Is Wrestling!" chants
  195. so what do think happens next on nxt
  196. Should Hideo get the GTS, and carry it to the main roster?
  197. I like Corey Graves on commentary.
  198. Takeover: Revolution is closing the book on my wrestling viewing.
  199. How Often Should Balor use the Paint?
  200. Triple H owns Vince with tweet about NXT.
  201. Now the dust has settled
  202. Finn Balor's gimmick could be Jekyll and Hyde
  203. JoJo
  204. NXT Takeover: R Evolution commentators how would you rate them
  205. Well I won't bother with TLC
  206. How are they going to top that?
  207. Rate NXT Takeover: R Evolution
  208. Star ratings for tonight?
  209. How backwards is it that...
  210. There's Still Hope For Professional Wrestling
  211. Balor is going to be money
  212. Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn feud has begun.
  213. Sami Zayn Has Finally Won The Big One
  214. Charlotte vs Sasha, proof people will care if you book the women right.
  215. Roman Reigns "I will be the 1st NXT Alumni to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion"
  216. Sweet New Finn Balor Shirt!
  217. Dear god the Ascension are awful
  218. noooooo Corey Graves retired...
  219. Dam I missed Kevin Owens debut...
  220. CJ Parker to be imminently released?
  221. Alexa Bliss Face or Heel?
  222. Any chance this guy gets signed?
  223. Former TNA Star Working WWE Tryout
  224. Nxt tapings 12/12/14
  225. Countdown to NXT R Evolution
  226. How do I watch NXT (R) Evolution in the UK?
  227. NXT replica belts for sale on WWEshop
  228. HHH speaks on the upcoming NXT (R)evolution PPV and future of WWE
  229. Kalisto is better than Rey Mysterio...
  230. Official NXT Takeover: R Evolution Discussion Thread
  231. Sasha Banks Gets Promoted by Funimation
  232. What Role Should Byron Saxton Commit To?
  233. Jojo
  234. Which live special has been the best, so far?
  235. NXT Takeover R Evolution Predictions!
  236. WWE is making a mistake with Kenta & Devitt
  237. Charlotte: Heel or Face?
  238. Sami Zayn's physique?
  239. Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville have the best feud in wrestling right now
  240. Top 10 NXT Prospects Of All Time So Far...
  241. NXT Female Superstar of The Year
  242. NXT Superstar of The Year
  243. Talk is Jericho: Sami Zayn Wrestled a Blowup Doll
  244. Finn Balors entrance music...
  245. WWE's developmental roster on this date 4 years ago
  246. What Would Be A Good First Main Roster Feud Following Talents?
  247. Wonder what Balor has in store for the Ascension?
  248. Paige & Emma at NXT ArRival will go down as a classic.
  249. I really hope Sami Zayn loses...
  250. Vaudevillains are awesome
  251. WWE Dec tryouts
  252. Dempsey And Corbin Engaged In A Squash-Off
  253. MoJo is Back! Orlando House Show Recap
  254. Graves to make announcement about his future on Takeover pre-show
  255. Corey Graves To Make Announcement On His Future?
  256. Exclusive interview with Charlotte & Tyler Breeze
  257. Tyler Breeze is awful...
  258. NXT Diva Appearing on The Bachelor
  259. When will Sasha Banks be called up?
  260. The last of the British masters: The Robbie Brookside story
  261. What Indy Wrestler Has The "IT" Factor
  262. Heel Princess gimmick?
  263. Zayn & Neville on Talk is Jericho This Friday!
  264. Rumors that Uhaa Nation has indeed Signed
  265. If You Could Choose A Former Developmental Talent To Return to NXT Who Would It Be?
  266. Carmella Is Throwing Off 'Zo and Cass' Vibe
  267. Itami and the GTS
  268. Uhaa Nation signed with NXT. Hope for black wrestlers
  269. What Charlotte/Sasha Feud?
  270. "Beyley's Gonna huuug you"
  271. Would Mojo Rawley Fit The Mold as NXT's "New Face"?
  272. Time to start calling these guys up...
  273. Excluding Adam Cole who do you want WWE to sign?
  274. Who do you want to be called up from NXT next?
  275. Fans care more about NXT Divas?
  276. What do you want Kevin Owens to do
  277. Alex Riley Commentating
  278. when was this picture taken?
  279. Combined 64 years experience
  280. NXT Cocoa 11-21 house show recap
  281. What do you think about Adrian Neville's recent out-of-ring performance?
  282. Charlotte Booked for Tapings
  283. So Titus experiment is over?
  284. Scouting the india talents
  285. NXT Takeover: R Evolution
  286. Any one notice Kevin Steen on NXT tonight?
  287. Tampa Houseshow Recap Shoot Nation is growing
  288. Updated Nxt Takeover Card
  289. It's such a shame about the divas in NXT
  290. Dempsy/Corbin feud?
  291. loltami Has Been a MAJOR Flop
  292. What about Colin?
  293. Why is NXT so much better than the main shows?
  294. [SPOILER] NXT Star Debut Date Revealed
  295. Official Name for New Divas Tag Team
  296. Best entrances?
  297. Shoot Nation
  298. How dope is Finn Balor's theme
  299. Will we get Neville vs Balor?
  300. Finn Balor needs to be repacked as Balor
  301. When Should Big Cass & 'Zo Become NXT Tag Team Champions?
  302. NXT Ft Pierce house show 11/15/2014
  303. Scouting prospects w/ Peter_Sellers
  304. Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake
  305. Old FCW Matches
  306. Zayn should have this as his theme song...
  307. Becky Lynch?
  308. Would prefer Balor with Sheamus...
  309. Which of The Big Three Will Be NXT Champion First?
  310. No Bloody Sunday for Balor?
  311. New Blog Post Orlando Finn & knox
  312. What can Devitt/Balor learn in NXT?
  313. Missed opportunity?
  314. Will WWE let Balor his bloody sunday finisher?
  315. If Tim Wiese Doesn't keep his real name
  316. Itami should be built as baby face for NXT
  317. On The Line With Baron Corbin
  318. Crowe vs Corbin?
  319. Dark Horse picks for main roster success
  320. Why WWE why
  321. Pictures from Lakelands House show
  322. Can't take this midget shit seriously!
  323. Is Sasha Banks the best heel on NXT right now?
  324. Lalenad NXT blog post Crowe promo
  325. Solomon Crowe Return: New Look?
  326. William Regal hypes Finn Bálor and explains his name
  327. NXT moving to Wednesday nights.
  328. WWE Tryouts
  329. WWE’s Gerald Brisco Trying To Recruit MMA Fighters & Pro Hockey Players
  330. Big Update on Kevin Steen's debut
  331. Sami Zayn's character
  332. All Canadian Stable for NXT?
  333. Is Triple H favouring the wrong talent?
  334. Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens - The Shield 2.0/New Faction?
  335. This should be Solomon Crowe
  336. Steve Austin Wants to Visit The Performance Center
  337. Can we get some vignettes please?
  338. Ricardo Rodriguez shoots on Bill DeMott & NXT, "A Nazi camp where everyone's tired"
  339. Russian Wrestler Steals The Show At WWE Tryouts
  340. Tyler Breeze's promo at the end of the show
  341. Largo House Show recap
  342. Alexa Bliss
  343. Kevin Steen ring name revealed....
  344. Itami Trying Too Hard
  345. An NXT Survivor Series match
  346. Backstage News On Which NXT Diva Is Impressing The Most, Sasha's Style, Charlotte
  347. Three Days At A WWE Tryout
  348. Can Finn Bálor be the top guy in the WWE?
  349. Is NXT really indictive of WWE's future?
  350. Steen is the only one of the NXT 5 to be a potential main event star
  351. NXT Updated Prospect Rankings and Analysis for Oct. 24
  352. The Undertaker To Begin Advisory Role In NXT / Performance Center
  353. There is potential in Simon Gotch
  354. Will Richie Steamboat ever return to WWE?
  355. Is the Performance Center developing anyone?
  356. Buddy Murphy
  357. Devitt and Steen (spoilers?)
  358. Matches for NXT Takeover: Our Evolution (spoilers)
  359. New NXT signings.
  360. NXT Standout Gets Big WWE Live Event Push, Which WWE Hall of Famer Supports Him?,
  361. Time for Sami debut on Main Roster, and this is how
  362. Nxt tapings
  363. Will Sasha Convert Becky to The Dark Side?
  364. Mike Bennett to NXT?
  365. Possible Replacement For Nick Dinsmore In NXT
  366. Top 5 weakest finishers in NXT currently?
  367. I'll be in attendance at NXT on Thursday. I'll record if Steen debuts.
  368. Breeze' Booking
  369. What's up with all the Neville hate?
  370. Corey Graves
  371. Creating the Perfect WWE NXT Prospect
  372. Dusty teaching Finn Balor on how to drive
  373. Dillinger has another new gimmick
  374. Underwhelmed by Hideo Itami
  375. When should each NXT diva debut?
  376. Triple H shouldn't get as much Credit.
  377. Charlotte needs a new finisher!
  378. WWE NXT Prospect Rankings and Analysis
  379. Honestly...
  380. Mojo won't be staying hyped: Shoulder Surgery
  381. NXT Special During WM 31 Week?
  382. How About Breeze vs. Steen?
  383. Cody Hall and Uhaa Nation giving a WWE tryout
  384. Did Kidd get called up?
  385. Neville Getting Backstage Praise
  386. The next NXT special will be on 12/11
  387. New Finn Balor Paint Photo
  388. Willie Mack Released
  389. NXT Career Rehabilitation
  390. Tony Briggs "next big thing" says NXT trainer
  391. Alex Riley had a match in Lakeland recap
  392. Bull Dempsey whats so great about him anyway
  393. They should bring in Tommaso Ciampa to be Enzo Amore's psycho older brother
  394. Braun Stowman cut a Promo Tonight in ORLANDO
  395. So Titus Oneil beats Sami Zayn clean
  396. Did Sami just lose clean to Titus after a Sky High?
  397. That Hideo Itami/Funaki segment was cringeworthy
  398. Rate Every NXT Wrestler From 0-5
  399. Future WWE Champions in NXT?
  400. Kevin Steen Interview
  401. Corbin & Bliss a lot alike? Interview
  402. Charlotte Flair Gets Her Own Merchandise Line
  403. Not liking Hideo/Finn pairing...
  404. "Welcome to the big leagues kid"
  405. NXT title sucks...
  406. New female superstar coming to NXT
  407. Sami Zayn
  408. NXT(formerly known as FCW) sucks! And here's why!
  409. Baron Corbin left Steve Cutler Bloody Fort Pierce
  410. Persona-wise, what should be done with Adrian Neville?
  411. Nxt live
  412. Rumored Matches For NXT Next Live Special
  413. NXT Feel More Authentic Than WWE
  414. Funaki as Itami's partner? huh?
  415. Dylan Mile...
  416. Your thoughts on DeMott as head trainer of NXT
  417. NXT Trainer Released
  418. possible new divas
  419. Enzo is a funny dude
  420. NXT / TNA Comparison
  421. Will "How You Doin" be the new "What"?
  422. NXT overated or underated?
  423. Is HHH building NXT to take on WWE?
  424. NXT diva possibly injured
  425. Guess what Kevin Steen's NXT name will be
  426. What Now for Bull Dempsey?
  427. Should NXT be a separate TV brand instead of developmental?
  428. NXT Needs To Cut The Dead Weight
  429. Too much Indy dick sucking going on in NXT?
  430. Devitt/Balor's career reminds me of the Radicalz
  431. Sign 5.
  432. Digg Rawlis
  433. If Titus Has To Be Demoted To NXT, Please Take Heath Slater With Him
  434. Should Steen and Zayn form a tag team?
  435. Why do people think WWE "Style" Is so difficult?
  436. Enzo, Big Cass, and Carmella
  437. Corey Graves Talks The Vaudevillains, Character Development in NXT, Twitter, Music..
  438. Will Itami,Balor and Steen REALLY get called up in 6 months?
  439. So Mojo is officially done right?
  440. Booking the unbooked of NXT
  441. Bald Marcus Louis
  442. *Major Spoiler* Prince Devitt
  443. WWE Interested in ROH Star
  444. NXT Full Sail Taping Thread (9.25.2014)
  445. NXT internet /Network theory
  446. PwInsider Announces Prince Devitt's Supposed Name
  447. Richie Steamboat
  448. Arda Ocal (now Kyle Edwards) hired as Broadcaster
  449. Will we ever see Alex Riley back in the ring?
  450. Does NXT deserve the pre-show match at Wrestlemania 31?
  451. Hideo Itami`s gimmick
  452. Negative Reaction To Top NXT Star Backstage?
  453. Idea for Main Roster guys on NXT?
  454. CJ Parker.
  455. Which New Superstar Should Debut On NXT Next?
  456. Steen taking shots at CJ Parker on twitter
  457. Is Hideo the 1st person to use the same attire that he used pre-WWE?
  458. If Tyson and Titus can have career resurgence in NXT, then so can ZACK RYDER!!!
  459. The lovable tension between Zayn and Neville.
  460. Charlotte's chin
  461. What should Hideo Itami use as a ground finisher?
  462. Favorite NXT themes
  463. Sasha Lighting Up Charlotte on Twitter
  464. Does NXT need a BIG angle?
  465. Troy McClain and Kendall Skye released
  466. Contracted talent yet to appear on NXT
  467. Dana Brooke Debuted tonight
  468. Which NXT Special Carrd would you like to see?
  469. Where can I watch old NXT episodes?
  470. Tyson Kidd is ready to return to the main roster
  471. Who won't be called up?
  472. Leaders of the new school: NXT Stars talk to WWE.com about their generation
  473. tim wiese
  474. WWE Signed Bu Ku Dao
  475. What other wrestlers should WWE pick up next?
  476. Next NXT Special Predictions??
  477. So who's going to be the next Women's Champion?
  478. (Spoiler) The Return of one of the most loyal WWE figures
  479. The Apron at TakeOver
  480. Am I The Only One......
  481. Was Adrian Neville undergoing a heel turn in the NXT takeover fatal four way match?
  482. Kenta/Steen/Devitt
  483. Brand New Interviews with Sami Zayn and Corey Graves
  484. Dillinger Effect
  485. Prince Devitt
  486. Charlotte/Bayley booking was awesome
  487. UK Fans: NXT Takeover on Sky Sports 3 tonight
  488. Best divas match from live specials?
  489. Debut Names
  490. Denial of Catharsis
  491. The next generation of NXT?
  492. Should Kalisto be brought to the main roster by himself or with Sin Cara?
  493. NEXUS vs NXT feud
  494. NXT characters
  495. Best NXT Theme..
  496. nxt tapings tonight
  497. Best NXT live special, so far?
  498. Paige had the dark match nxttakeover
  499. Renee botches commentary all night on Takeover
  500. That Divas Fallout Segment Gave Me Them Feels
  501. Rate NXT Takeover Fatal Four Way
  502. They changed KENTA's name -_-
  503. Will there be a Take Over?
  504. Bullet Time video starring NXT Superstars.
  505. Bayley totally winning the Women's title tonight.
  506. WWE Developmental Contracts Worth
  507. Official NXT Takeover: Fatal Four Way Discussion Thread
  508. Charlotte and Ric Flair
  509. New NXT shirts for Vaudevillains, Charlotte and Kalisto/Sin Cara
  510. Baron Corbin
  511. Triple H talks NXT Takeover 2 in a media conference call
  512. How would you book Kevin Steen?
  513. Anyone else loving Tyson Kidd's work as a heel?
  514. I'm hype for NXT Takeover 2!
  515. kenta did a promo tonight in Citrus Springs
  516. I think the the ascension are criminally underrated in the ring
  517. Is Sasha Banks a Baby Face???
  518. Why keep the Sin Cara character around?
  519. Is it a good time to start watching NXT now or before (read OP) ?
  520. Paige's title reign vs. Charlotte's title reign
  521. KENTA making his debut at Takeover 2
  522. How Should Devitt Incorporate The Paint?
  523. Best move sets in NXT?
  524. If I was an NXT Diva
  525. NXT Diva leaves the company *dun tun tuuuuun*
  526. Enzo Amore and Big Cass GOAT video
  527. Bull Dempsey - WTF
  528. Solomon Crowe was injured in Palatka for REAL
  529. Is Bull Dempsey the worst thing going in NXT?
  530. Konnor got hurt again but not bad Tampa Recap
  531. Talents, Superstars And Trainers At The WWE Performance Center!
  532. Bull Dempsey bringing them brutality back to wrasslin!
  533. NFL players mimicking Tyler breeze?
  534. Thoughts on Slate Randall/Shaun Ricker
  535. Who do you hope wins the fatal 4-way match @ Takeover II?
  536. Tyler Breeze Pop last night
  537. Most Improved/Least improved NXT Talent?
  538. Charlotte confirmed to be the next main roster call up!!
  539. What do you like about NXT?
  540. Are you excited for Takeover 2?
  541. Next 5 NXT Champions (Contains Spoilers)
  542. Charlotte used to have a good theme
  543. Why is Sami Zayn's theme song so terrible?
  544. Konnor should take it alone...
  545. The Filth Parade is thing?
  546. OMG. Kevin Steen vs. Sami Zayn is going to be crazy
  547. Becky Lynch's new ring attire
  548. Tyson Kidd being heelish to a kid
  549. NXT Name Changes
  550. Create a NXT debut...