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  1. Ohno at Takeover?
  2. Aleister Black To Debut at NXT Takeover Orlando
  3. If you could debut any NXT four like The Radicalz, which 4 would it be?
  4. Thoughts on Kassius Ohno's new attire?
  5. NXT Live Event Results from Ocala, FL (3/16/2017): Hideo Itami Saves Dory Funk Jr
  6. This Week's Tryout Camp
  7. Triple H's tweet hints that Nakamura may not be in NXT for much longer
  8. Bobby Roode will be a main eventer almost instantly on the main roster
  9. NXT Live Event Results from Orlando, FL (3/11/2017): Nakamura & Ohno vs. Roode & Clark, Black vs. Almas
  10. Hideo Itami returns at NXT Live event
  11. NXT Live Event Results from Daytona Beach, FL (3/10/2017): Aleister Black & Kassius Ohno Team Up Against Roode & Almas
  12. NXT Live Event Results from Largo, FL (3/9/2017): Bobby Roode vs. Buddy Murphy, Lana vs. Aliyah
  13. Nakamura still being in NXT and not on Wrestlemania is ridiculous
  14. 'NXT: The Future is Now' Book Being Released
  15. Are they turning Billie and Peyton face?
  16. NXT: Fade to Black
  17. It would be a mistake to have Ember beat Asuka
  18. NXT Takeover Orlando
  19. The Payoff vs. Glorious DDT
  20. What is Ember Moon's Character?
  21. Who's the best athlete in NXT?
  22. The booking of the womens division is awful
  23. NXT Live Event Results from Crystal River, FL (3/3/2017): Two Recently Signed Talents Make Their Live Event Debuts
  24. Who Has Been The Best NXT Champion Thus Far?
  25. NXT Live Event Results from Columbus, OH & Lakeland, FL (3/2/2017)
  26. Kassius Ohno's physique.
  27. Why the Revival isn't wrestling?
  28. Heavy Machinery
  29. Demi Bennett Signs With WWE
  30. Why hasn't Aleister Black debuted on TV?
  31. Anyone else miss it when it was actually a developmental brand?
  32. UK tournament wrestlers on NXT
  33. Who will/should defeat Asuka?
  34. Nakamura Birthday Celebrations At Last Night's Taping
  35. I really hate how they've made Ember's character act
  36. Asuka Set to Wrestle Smackdown Live Event at MSG
  37. Mustache Mountain British Strong Style
  38. NXT UCF spoilers - March 8th-March 29th 2017
  39. Tapings tonight?
  40. NXT Live Event Results from Cocoa, FL (2/18/2017): Liv Morgan, Dawkins & Ford vs. SAnitY in the Main Event; Nikki Cross Controversy?
  41. NXT Live Event Results from Tampa, FL (2/17/2017): Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Winner of Battle Royal
  42. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce
  43. NXT Live Event Results from Jacksonville, FL (2/16/2017): AOP & Dar vs. Dillinger, Dawkins & Ford
  44. Rank the women on the NXT division
  45. I might be in the minority, but I think I understand Ember Moon's character
  46. The Author's Of Pain need a new tag finisher
  47. When will an NXT title match take place at Wrestlemania?
  48. Johnny Gargano taking preemptive measures after Raw
  49. Big NXT Title Match, Return Announced For Next Set of Tapings
  50. NXT Albany Notes
  51. NXT Women's Division is slowly but surely recovering
  52. Repackage some NXT talents...
  53. Do you think Triple H will have a rivalry on NXT?
  54. Why does Eric Young want Tye Dillinger in Sanity so badly?
  55. Shawn Michaels with criticism of various NXT wrestlers and not happy with WWE calling people up who are not ready, on Talk is Jericho
  56. NXT Asbury Park report
  57. NXT Live Event Results from Venice, FL (2/10/2017): Cruiserweight 6-Man Tag Main Event
  58. Omega " 0% interest in going to NXT' "
  59. Montez Ford most popular wrestler at tonights NXT Philly show
  60. Which Nakamura Theme song do you enjoy more?
  61. Short clip of Ohno's new theme
  62. Does Killian Dain need a new attire?
  63. Sonjay Dutt at the Performance Center
  64. *Spoilers* Would Ohno vs Roode be underwhelming compared to Ohno vs Shinsuke?
  65. Asuka is the longest reigning women's champion in NXT history!
  66. Hideo Itami has apparently been cleared
  67. NXT Live Event Results from Largo, FL (2/04/2017): Asuka, Dillinger & Heavy Machinery vs. SAnitY
  68. NXT Live Event Results from St. Augustine, FL (2/03/2017): NXT Ref Gets Called Up; Dillinger, Ford & Dawkins vs. SAnitY
  69. NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3 card predictions
  70. Time for NXT to get an new stage
  71. Corey Graves Tribute
  72. Who Will TakeOver NXT After Triple H
  73. This week's WWE tryouts
  74. NXT Full Sail spoilers - February's 8th-March 1st 2017
  75. Congratulations to Peyton and Billie
  76. Prediction Thread: Nakamura and Roode's Entrances at Takeover Orlando
  77. NXT TakeOver Orlando 2017 Predictions:"A.k.a the BETTER Show WrestleMania Weekend"
  78. So,
  79. Take Alexander Wolfe out of Sanity!
  80. So even the takeovers aren't good now?
  81. Rate Takeover San antonio
  82. Matches taped before Takeover for Feb 1st airing
  83. GLORIOUS!!!!
  84. Corey Graves leaving NXT; Being Replaced By Nigel McGuiness
  85. Joe did a bit of a curtain call at Dallas NXT House Show last night...
  86. A Takeover means new merch...
  87. Interesting note from Wrestling Observer regarding the fatal 4-way women's match
  88. Triple H not happy with NXT at all right now
  89. Do you think Bobby Roode is compensating for something?
  90. Buddy Murphy Claims "The Handcuffs are OFF!"
  91. Tough Enough Mada Leaves WWE
  92. Official NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Discussion Thread
  93. Feels like Roode vs Nakamura has had pretty much 1 week of build
  94. Any chance for Ohno and Cesaro reunion in NXT?
  95. Nikki Cross needs to understand less is more
  96. Nakamura should have remained undefeated
  97. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
  98. Is this the worst Takeover card on paper in a while?
  99. NXT Live Event Results from Orlando, FL (1/19/2017): Nakamura & DIY vs. Blake & AOP; Lana vs. Kimber Lee
  100. Johnny Gargano and Oney Lorcan
  101. Who will have the most successful career on the main roster, Nakamura,Joe,or Roode ?
  102. The new crop of women in NXT just aren't that good
  103. NXT Nashville 1/14/17 Review and Results!
  104. NXT Live Event Results from Cocoa, FL (1/14/2017): Kimber Lee Debuts, The Revival vs. Dawkins & Ford Main Event
  105. Lakeland house show 1/13/16
  106. Is NXT Profitable
  107. NXT Live Event Results from Tampa, FL (1/12/2017): The Revival vs. Sabbatelli & Moss; Lana Wrestles, Kassius Ohno Appears
  108. Asuka had the WORST night of her NXT career
  109. Latest NXT news - injuries, gimmick changes
  110. Who is Ember Moon?
  111. Kassius Ohno, is there a story in the making?
  112. Big Damo Has Been Renamed
  113. NXT Live Event Results from Ocala, FL (1/07/2017): Kassius Ohno vs. Angelo Dawkins; The Revival vs. Dillinger & Strong
  114. Tommy End gets a new ring name...
  115. Glorious DDT
  116. NXT Live Event Results from Largo, FL (1/06/2017): Kassius Ohno vs. Andrade Cien Almas
  117. Athletes Trying Out At the Performance Center This Week
  118. [SPOILERS NXT Tapings] That just happened.
  119. NXT Full Sail spoilers - January 11th-25th 2017
  120. Billie Kay
  121. New Performance Center Recruits
  122. What is the next memorable feud for Asuka?
  123. Who will not do well on the main roster?
  124. Shinsuke Namakura is a waste and will be a DUD
  125. Tommy End
  126. If you were in charge of developmental...
  127. Why Tye Dillinger isn't long gone or never made it?
  128. NXT's Osaka & Melbourne Shows to Air on the Network
  129. Mandy Rose and Daria Berenato wish you a very "Dandy" holiday season
  130. Favourite NXT in ring segment?
  131. Which current NXT woman do you think will be the most succesful?
  132. 6 foot 5 in World Kickboxing Champion WOMAN possibly joining WWE
  133. NXT Tampa 12-17-16 Recap! Sanity headlines
  134. There is nothing to Roderick Strong.
  135. NXT Citrus Spriings Results: Roddy vs TJP, Sanity Main Events
  136. Samoa Joe possibly injured
  137. So Eric Young doesn't even care that
  138. Is NXT making a profit?
  139. That cage match was basically a squash
  140. Quality of NXT over the years
  141. NXT Live Event Results Sydney, Australia
  142. British Wrestling Icon Johnny Saint to Become a Trainer at the PC
  143. Nigel McGuinness to become Performance Center Trainer?
  144. NXT MVP 2016
  145. NXT announce Takeover night before WM33 (head to head with Broken Hardyz vs The Young Bucks)
  146. Cien Almas
  147. NXT Live Event results from Newcastle, Australia and Gold Coast, Australia
  148. Chris Hero coming back
  149. NXT is a main roster headache...
  150. NXT Live Event Results from Venice, FL (12/10/2016): Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young
  151. NXT Live Event Results from Winter Haven, FL (12/09/2016): Cedric Alexander Possibly Injured, Lana vs. Sarah Bridges II
  152. NXT St Pete Results! Roderick Strong vs Tommy End, Lana wrestles
  153. Of course they added Percy Watson to commentary
  154. Nxt Melbourne results - cage becomes unexpected star of show
  155. Heidi Lovelace, Evie, Kimber Lee, Nixon Newell and More Women Signed & Reporting to the PC Soon
  156. Who Do You Think Would Run NXT When Triple H Moves Onto The Main Roster For Good?
  157. Dillinger Set to Feud with The Miz on Main Roster?
  158. Joe vs. Nakamura 3 was TERRIBLE
  159. You can tell they don't care about Roderick Strong
  160. I just can't get excited about Ember
  161. Any ideas or thoughts on the return of Percy Watson?
  162. NXT being live next year?
  163. NXT Perth results
  164. Why aren't Joe/Nakamura matches better?
  165. WWE Signs Julie Real
  166. Is this the worst NXT women's division in history?
  167. NXT Live Event Results from Largo, FL (12/03/2016): AoP vs. Heavy Machinery, TJ Perkins vs. Tommy End
  168. So Joe becoming first ever two time nxt Champion didn't matter?
  169. Racial chants at the NXT tapings!
  170. *Spoiler - Result of NXT Osaka main event
  171. Authors of Pain botch
  172. SANITY needs so much work
  173. NXT Full Sail Tapings - Dec 7 to Dec 21 [SPOILERS]
  174. Aries worked 205 Live on commentary - Is this his call-up?
  175. Bobby Roode has no moveset
  176. Predict the NXT Takeover: San Antonio card
  177. Glad to see Daria getting used but i didn't like what they did
  178. Dave Meltzer's TakeOver Toronto report and star ratings
  179. Steve Corino Leaving ROH To Join Performance Center
  180. Kota Ibushi wants to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura in NXT
  181. NXT Taping Before Smackdown
  182. Nikki Cross is the one who should beat Asuka
  183. Tye Dillinger needs to get called up
  184. Who will be the next blockbuster signing for NXT?
  185. Will the Takeover pre-matches be on NXT?
  186. DIY and The Revival's chemistry
  187. Why aren't TM61 called TMDK?
  188. DIY vs Revival rematch should main event next takeover
  189. Learning from DIY vs. The Revival
  190. So Samoa Joe's never going to the main roster?
  191. FAKE VIOLINISTS During Nakamura's Entrance? - NXT Takeover Toronto
  192. Well done WWE
  193. Which brand would you put The Revival on?
  194. Who will be the next NXT call up?
  195. Rate NXT Takeover Toronto
  196. NXT Tampa Recap w/ Pics
  197. NXT Live Event Results from Tampa, FL (11/18/2016): Tozawa, Gallagher & Bollywood Boyz Make Their NXT Florida Debuts
  198. Is NXT as bad as the NCAA?
  199. NXT Live Event Results from Boston, MA & WrestleMania Presale Party in Orlando, FL (11/17/2016): Nakamura & DIY vs. Samoa Joe & The Revival
  200. Ember Moon's character feels completely unaligned
  201. Low Attendance for Boston Show
  202. Dan Matha
  203. NXT Live Event Results From NYC (11/16/2016): NXT's Madison Square Garden Debut
  204. Girls like Sasha trash Divas, yet NXT now selling Mickie James
  205. NXT Live Event Results From Cocoa, FL (11/12/2016): 8 Person Mixed Tag Main Event
  206. NXT St. Augustine Fla House Show - Tommy End and Big Damo in-ring debuts
  207. Official NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion Thread
  208. Much better handling of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic than last years
  209. NXT needs a new Title
  210. Liv Morgan Set to Work Main Roster Live Events
  211. New Matches Revealed For Takeover, Interesting Stipulation For Dusty Classic Finals
  212. NXT Roster takes on the Mannequin Challenge!
  213. Glasgow Tryouts
  214. NXT tour of NZ cancelled (speculation - due to low ticket sales)
  215. I'm Actually Enjoying The Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe Program.
  216. NXT Live Event Results from Fort Pierce, FL (11/03/2016): Tommy End Makes His First NXT Appearance
  217. Is everyone at NXT jelous of James Ellsworth?
  218. Do you feel AOP deserve the push they are getting?
  219. NXT Live Event Results from Los Angeles, Ca. [CONTAINS SPOILERS]
  220. NXT Live Event Results from Bakersfield, CA & Crystal River, FL (10/29/2016)
  221. NXT Live Event Results From San Jose, CA (10/28/2016) - [CONTAINS SPOILERS]
  222. Dusty tag classic spoilers
  223. NXT Taping in Ottawa, ON - Scheduled for November 22nd
  224. Asuka needs more of a spotlight
  225. How would you book...Ember Moon vs Asuka?
  226. NXT Live Results from Sacramento (Oct 27, 2016): Authors of Pain & Samoa Joe vs TM61 & Shinsuke Nakamura
  227. NXT Live Event Results From Fresno, CA (10/26/2016): No Way Jose & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Austin Aries & Samoa Joe
  228. Austin Aries injured; Out until 2017
  229. So, the loser of the next Joe vs. Nakamura match goes to the main roster?
  230. Peyton Royce & Billie Kay Interview w/ Fox Sports Australia: Their Friendship, How They Got to NXT, Wanting a Women's Tag Division
  231. New Performance Center Class of Recruits
  232. So...I haven't watched NXT in a While..
  233. NXT Live Event Results From Ocala (10/22/2016): Tough Enough Mada Debuts, Sanity vs. Nakamura, Swann & Lorcan
  234. Bad Girl Peyton Royce is Too Sexy
  235. The women of Nxt
  236. NXT Live Event Results From Lakeland (10/20/2016): Women's Battle Royal, Dillinger Keeps On Winning & Asuka vs. Ember Moon in the Main Event
  237. What is it like live at a Takeover?
  238. Tye Dillinger is Finally Getting A Big Oppurtunity
  239. Shinsuke Nakamura(mark my words)
  240. Developmental Talent Arrested & Suspended
  241. Tommy End, Big Damo and Mary Dobson Have Officially Reported to the Performance Center
  242. Would you like to see an Aussie faction in WWE ?
  243. WWE signs Taynara Melo
  244. The next Vader is in NXT...
  245. In your opinion, who has had the biggest impact on NXT since its inception?
  246. NXT, A Tag Team Developmental Success?
  247. Thoughts on FCW
  248. Old Concepts That Don't Make Sense Anymore Cuz It's 2016.
  249. Isn't What Nakamura Did Worse than What Joe Did?
  250. NXT Live Event Results From Fort Pierce (10/14/2016): Elias Samson Loves Asuka, Dillinger vs. Roode
  251. Trish Stratus originally planned for Mickies James place
  252. Meet Mandy Rose, NXT’s “Golden Goddess” - WWE.com Interview
  253. Roderick Strong in NXT - Are You Excited?
  254. Asuka vs. Mickie James: NXT Women's Championship Match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto
  255. Honestly Asuka needs to just vacate the title
  256. [SPOILER] NXT Full Sail Tapings - October 19 to November 9
  257. Hideo Itami Injured At Live Event - Could Be Out Of Action For Months
  258. The Women's division is looking very positive!
  259. NXT Live Event Richmond,VA (10/7/2016)
  260. Two tickets for NXT Baltimore
  261. NXT Live Event Results From Norfolk, VA (10/06/2016): Dillinger & Nakamura vs. Joe & Aries, Roode vs. Alexander
  262. cheap deals for nxt in Australia . are they not selling. offer details briefly there
  263. So yeah about Patrick Clark's new gimmick
  264. ZZ Hasn't Given Up On Wrestling - Enrolls In Wrestling School
  265. Who would have thought that this could ever happen?
  266. Sara Lee Released; Expecting a Baby Girl with Blake
  267. NXT Live Event Results From Largo, FL (10/01/2016): Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli vs. Itami & Nakamura, Nikki Cross Back In Singles Action
  268. Authors of Pain are getting better...
  269. NXT Live Event Results From Orlando, FL (09/30/2016): Dan Matha Wins Battle Royal, Nakamura, No Way Jose & Dillinger Team Up In Main Event
  270. Hugo Knox Released
  271. NXT Live Event Results From Lakeland, FL (09/29/2016): The Drifter Returns, Bianca Blair Debuts, Asuka Teams With Ember Moon
  272. Meltzer: NXT viewership is reportedly "way down"
  273. 40 Athletes at WWE Tryout Camp This Week
  274. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament Thread
  275. Damn Mandy Rose is pretty good
  276. The GTS is over not Hideo
  277. They need to call up Asuka to main roster
  278. Does Heavy Machinery have a chance?
  279. Elias Samson Returning to Action
  280. NXT Live Event Results From Jacksonville, FL (09/24/2016)
  281. Who's going to NXT Takeover: Toronto!?
  282. Is NXT not developing people and holding the product back?
  283. Dan Matha
  284. NXT Takeover: Toronto presale
  285. Shinsuke Nakamura Megastar in the making, thoughts?
  286. Should Bobby Roode use the Rude Awakening as his finisher
  287. Do you guys see Billie Kay or Peyton Royce winning the Women's Championship?
  288. NXT Live Event Results From Minneapolis, MN (09/18/2016)
  289. NXT Live Event Results From Omaha, NE & Tampa, FL (09/17/2016)
  290. Regal and his "Brass Knuckles"...
  291. NXT Live Event Results From Des Moines, IA & Cocoa Beach, FL (09/16/2016)
  292. NXT Today - an overall bore of a show ?
  293. Ibushi vs. Nakamura at Takeover WM33 Weekend?
  294. NXT Full Sail Tapings Spoilers: September 21 - October 12
  295. Will there be an NXT women's revolutoion 2.0?
  296. Where The Heck Is Peyton Royce?
  297. What NXT wrestlers that'll probably never get called to main roster?
  298. Alberto Del Rio Says Andrade Cien Almas Wants To Go Back To Mexico
  299. Andrade "Cien" Almas is a hidden gem...
  300. Can Nakamura be world champ on Raw/Smackdown?
  301. Do NXT crowds care what kind of match they see or do they just want to chant.
  302. NXT Live Event Results From Largo, FL (09/08/2016): Nakamura Teams With Asuka & Tye Dillinger
  303. WWE Signs Seven New Recruits From China To Developmental
  304. Asuka does ok despite having poor English
  305. WWE Signs Victoria Gonzalez.
  306. Dave Meltzer on the effectiveness of NXT
  307. WWE interested in signing Canadian olympic gold medalist
  308. The Original NXT Roster
  309. Kinda worried about Bobby Roode's character
  310. Relive Shinsuke Nakamura's NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II entrance in 360°!
  311. 2016 Performance Center Combine Results for NXT Superstars
  312. Ember Moon Talks NXT Goals, Originally Being Rejected By WWE
  313. SAnitY
  314. Do you think the NXT woman's division has hit a wall?
  315. Nakamura is a bigger draw than Owens and Ambrose...
  316. Seriously though, who attacked Itami?
  317. Shouldn't NXT be considered a failure?
  318. NXT Live Event Results From Jacksonville, FL (08/27/2016): Itami vs. Aries, Revival vs. Ciampa & Gargano, Moon vs. Cross
  319. The Revival is the best tag team in the entirety of WWE
  320. Jim Cornette calls Revival vs. Ciampa & Gargano 'a tag-team masterpiece'
  321. NXT Live Event Results From Citrus Springs, FL (8/26/2016): New Tag Team Forms, Nakamura vs. Blake
  322. WWE released the Takeover Brooklyn version of Nakamura's theme
  323. Question about NXT Live
  324. NXT Full Sail Tapings August 31st - ??? *SPOILERS* [USE ONLY THIS THREAD UNTIL AIRED]
  325. AoP have individual ring names now -
  326. Rumor - NXT Takeover: Sydney?
  327. Which title run did you enjoy more?
  328. How many of you watch only NXT and not main roster?
  329. Eric Young Has Reportedly Signed With WWE.
  330. What happened to Elias Samson?
  331. Should NXT call ups go straight into the main event?
  332. Somebody besides Ember Moon should be the first to beat Asuka
  333. Eric Young WWE Update
  334. Am I the only one that thought the storytelling was glorious in Bayley vs Asuka 2?
  335. Call up Bobby roode asap
  336. NXT tours Australia and New Zealand in December
  337. Nakamura slayed Joe now can we have that Nakamura vs Itami feud
  338. Tye Dillinger ?
  339. Ember Moon will be the next NXT women's champ.
  340. WWE Signs Mary Dobson To Developmental Deal
  341. Bobby Roode's Entrance at TakeOver
  342. The Revival Appreciation thread.
  343. Would you sleep with your title?!?
  344. What Happens When They Run out of TNA/Japan guys?
  345. Best match of Takeover Brooklyn II
  346. With his title win, has nakamura bucked the Japanese WWE trend
  347. Thoughts on No Way Jose?
  348. Bobby Roode's finisher
  349. Which NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn did you like better?
  350. Sanity
  351. Ember Moon shouldn't be undefeated
  352. Hopefully Joe is ok, the ref flashed the X signal
  353. Rate NXT Takeover Brooklyn II
  354. How would you book NXT Brooklyn II ?
  355. NXT Takeover Betting Odds
  356. NXT Brooklyn TV Tapings Thread
  357. Official NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Discussion Thread
  358. NXT Takeover - Brooklyn II Card and Predictions
  359. New NXT Shirts: Nakamura, Bobby Roode, No Way Jose & Cien Almas
  360. Mandy Rose Will Be The Future Face Of The Women Div.
  361. Scotty 2 Hotty Hired As New WWE Performance Center Coach
  362. Will we see a heel Asuka in NXT?
  363. Who do you think gets a special entrance at Takeover: Brooklyn II?
  364. Opinions on AOP so far?
  365. The Next Level
  366. Heavy Machinery have potential...
  367. Bring in Mike Elgin
  368. Tommaso Ciampa is going to be HUGE once he gets to the main roster!
  369. HBK Joins Performance Center Training Staff; Pearce & Del Rey To Main Roster
  370. NXT Olympics
  371. Kevin Owens: "Without Finn, NXT Wouldn't Reach The Level It Has Today"
  372. What do you think about Austin Aries and Bobby Roode teaming up/feuding?
  373. NXT Live Event Results From Fort Pierce, FL (8/13/2016): Daria and Nakamura Team Up
  374. NXT Live Event Results From Venice, FL (8/12/2016): Ember Moon vs. Asuka in the Main Event
  375. This new Ember Moon girl is going to put all the WWE divas to shame
  376. Who should coming up next from NXT?
  377. NXT Live Event Results From Tampa, FL (8/11/2016)
  378. If Roode Loses...
  379. Tough Enough winners status?
  380. NXT coming to Australia/New Zealand. Possible Takeover: Down Under?
  381. Austin Aries lack of momentum in NXT.
  382. What are live NXT events like?
  383. NXT Live Event Results From New Orleans, LA & Largo, FL (8/06/2016)
  384. #GLORIOUSBOMB is the funniest thing happening right now in the whole WWE!
  385. Asuka using the Crossface Chickenwing
  386. NXT Live Event Results From Pensacola, FL & Gainesville, FL (8/05/2016)
  387. Eric Young ..... ?
  388. NXT Live Event Results From Birmingham, AL & Winter Haven, FL (8/04/2016)
  389. Bobby Roode - Glorious Domination
  390. If Itami Didn't Get Injured...
  391. NXT Coming to Canada and the Midwest in September
  392. Interesting question which NXT woman will make it big?
  393. WWE signs Former NFL Player Brennan Williams
  394. Finn took a shot at Bill Demott lol
  395. Who goes from CWC to NXT?
  396. NXT results from Houston..Finn Balor 'farewell party'
  397. Patrick Clark Shoot
  398. Finn Balor on Future Stars of NXT
  399. NXT Live Event Results From Orlando (7/29/2016): Authors of Pain vs. TM-61
  400. NXT Live Event Results From Corpus Christi, TX (7/29/2016): Nakamura & Almas vs. Joe & Roode
  401. NXT Live Event Results From San Antonio, TX (7/28/2016): Balor & Nakamura Team Up
  402. nxt taken off the tv air as of today in australia
  403. ZZ + 2 other NXT wrestlers fired
  404. So Regal will ask Asuka but not Joe?
  405. Three Developmental Releases Today
  406. Bayley should beat Asuka at Brooklyn.
  407. NXT Live Event Results From Cocoa Beach (7/23/2016): Farewell to Carmella & Mojo Rawley
  408. Asuka vs. Nikki Storm is the only feud that could work next
  409. NXT Live Event Results From Ocala (7/22/2016): A Wild Dory Funk Appears
  410. The Women of NXT React to the Post-Draft Women's Division Landscape
  411. NXT Live Event Results From Lakeland (7/21/2016): Mojo Rawley's Farewell Tour Begins
  412. NXT seriously needs to start pushing some new women fast
  413. Johnny Gargano Announces Final Independent Booking
  414. Do you think there will be anymore NXT call ups or is that it til after WrestleMania time?
  415. I want to show you what kind of corner they've booked themselves in with Bayley now...
  416. Should Samoa Joe be drafted out of NXT?
  417. An all Japan stable in NXT?
  418. NXT live event results from Louisville, Largo
  419. Where does Alexa go from here?
  420. Why doesn't Nakamura sell the leg?
  421. NXT Live Event Results From Highland Heights, Kentucky (7/15/2016): Big Win for Angelo Dawkins
  422. WWE.com Interview with PC Trainer Sarah Stock
  423. Surely Bayley is getting called up soon
  424. NXT Live Event Results From Indianapolis (7/14/2016): On The Road Again
  425. Will Austin Aries win the NXT Title?
  426. Ciampa Signing Full-time?
  427. Rumors on a Potential NXT Call-Up
  428. Will Nakamura and Asuka's lack of English language skill derate their push in the main roster?
  429. *SPOILERS* Takeover: Back II Brooklyn card revealed
  430. What NXT stars will make it on the Summerslam card and who will they face?
  431. NXT Full Sail Tapings July 27th - August 17th *SPOILERS* [USE ONLY THIS THREAD UNTIL AIRED]
  432. NXT Live Event Results From Tampa (7/09/2016): No Way Jose vs. Samoa Joe in the Main Event
  433. Alexa should take the title off Asuka and then Carmella take it off Alexa
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  465. In your opinion...
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