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  1. Cast a Street Fighter movie/tv show
  2. Scream Season 2 Trailer Has Arrived, And It Looks Brutal!!!
  3. The Walking Dead: When They Were Young
  4. TV Series '60 Days In'
  5. Pitch An All-Female Version Of A Franschise
  6. The Rock was on Voyager
  7. Thoughts on superhero movies?
  8. Something may be in the works between Marvel and Fox Studios?
  9. Star Wars Celebration.
  10. What movies do you enjoy watching but dislike when analysing their message?
  11. 'The Punisher' Spin-off Ordered by Netflix
  12. Doctor Who (Series 10)
  13. Michelle McNamara, Writer and Wife of Patton Oswalt, Dies at 46
  14. 5 movies in your want to watchlist?
  15. Hasbro Cinematic Universe
  16. Three's Company movie in the works
  17. Greatest Comic Book Villain?
  18. The Room: The Game
  19. Who is your all time favorite superhero?
  20. R.I.P Doris Roberts.
  21. Finish Casting the DCEU
  22. Disney's Jungle Book (April 14, 2016)
  23. Good Omens TV Show being adpated
  24. The Rock & Kevin Hart in talks for Jumanji remake
  25. Pokemon Live Action movie coming?
  26. Well Can't Say We Didn't See It Coming, but Pokemon Company Want A Live Action Pokemon, and Studios Are Killing Each Other Trying to Get the Rights
  27. Get ready for Avatar 2, 3, 4.............and 5!!!!!
  28. Your Favorite Batman Animated Movie
  29. Godzilla: Resurgence TRAILER
  30. Marvel offering free month of Marvel Unlimited, today only
  31. What villains would you like to see in the Batman solo movie?
  32. MADTV returning for another season
  33. Lifetime movies vs Hallmark movies
  34. What are you currently reading, and what was the last book you read?
  35. Anyone know any films similar to "Ordet"?
  36. Marvel's The Defenders Netflix Series
  37. Cast/re-cast favorite comic book characters.
  38. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (November 18th, 2016)
  39. What are some of the worst casting decisions of all time?
  40. Outlander Season 2 Official Thread (will anyone post in this thread besides me and Blackbeard?)
  41. Is Revenge of the Sith worth buying as a stand alone movie?
  42. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger series on Freeform
  43. Question: Who is the absolute worst villain on Game of Thrones?
  44. Anyone ever watched American History X
  45. Your favorite movies that no one else has heard about?
  46. Bautista joins the cast of Blade Runner sequel.
  47. From Horror to Hollywood Stardom
  48. If you could produce a shot 4 shot remake of an older movie
  49. Rumor: Maisie Williams cast in X-Men spin off The New Mutants
  50. Happy Valley
  51. Just finished watching The Sopranos, is The Sopranos the best tv show ever?
  52. Are superhero / comic book movies their own genre
  53. You've seen Batman V Superman, now you want to read some comics (Let's all recommend some!)
  54. When Time Ran Out: A Forgotten Classic
  55. RIP: Garry Shandling dead at 66
  56. Best boxing/mma-movie in the past 10 years?
  57. Aaron Paul's new show "The Path" set to debut on Hulu (March 30th, 2016)
  58. Types of 'Heroes' You Can't Get Behind
  59. Pee-Wee's Big Holiday
  60. Hardcore Henry Movie (Not porn before you ask)
  61. Why do you pirate movies/TV shows?
  62. Favorite Comedy Actors/Movies From 2000-2009?
  63. R.I.P Larry Drake.
  64. Villainy & Its Yellow Jewel
  65. Warner Bros. ‘Lobo’ Lands ‘Wonder Woman’ Writer Jason Fuchs
  66. WB remaking Cannonball Run
  67. Indiana Jones 5 confirmed
  68. Seth Rogan's "Sausage Party" Movie
  69. Best TV show? Best anime? Best movie? You have seen.
  70. Name Good Spin-Off Series
  71. What makes a movie good or bad?
  72. What makes a movie good or bad?
  73. Favorite guilty pleasure flick
  74. Best Martial Arts Scenes
  75. Movies that have gone straight to DVD that you love?
  76. Cate Blanchett is Goddess
  77. Hypothetical Warhammer 40K Movie/Show
  78. Directors with the most impressive streak of great movies
  79. The Short Film Appreciation/Discussion Thread
  80. Brian Hull videos
  81. Pick your top 5 NATURAL funny comedians
  82. David Ayer's Bright (2017)
  83. Any good Movie recommendations? Looking for good movie
  84. Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Characters
  85. What if Nightwing had kids with these different women?
  86. Favourite Simpsons episode
  87. List your favorite movies?
  88. What are some good non- horror horror movies?
  89. Miles Morales(Black SM) first story arc....is about being black
  90. Create a Movie/ Music Video Tribute
  91. If You Were A Movie Director, What Would You Make As Your First Movie?
  92. How many of you like the movie Boruto Naruto?
  93. Your Top 3 90's TV Themes
  94. Delete
  95. Good performances by bad actors
  96. Top 5 movies in your watchlist
  97. MIB 23 (TBA)
  98. If Samuel L Jackson
  99. Good movies by bad directors
  100. The Joker In 'The Dark Knight Rises'
  101. Venom spin-off movie back on the table
  102. Movies that should have gotten a sequel
  103. My best/favourite movie by blank (director) is blank
  104. Bryan Singer developing "R-Rated" Red Sonja series for TV
  105. If you had the opportunity to see a movie in the theater again (or for the first time)......
  106. What UNPOPULAR movie scared you the most when you were little?
  107. You're George Lucas Adventure
  108. Superman Villain Casting Game
  109. Capcom's Street Fighter: Ressurrection web series trailer
  110. List the ratings for the up coming movies!
  111. Am I the only one hyped for Peaky Blinders season 3?
  112. 2016 the year of LEO (Oscars)
  113. RIP: Frank Kelly dead at 77 (Father Jack on Father Ted)
  114. What are the best books about Nordic (mostly Vikings), Celtic & Oriental (mostly Japan) history, culture and mythology that I can find online?
  115. Batman villains casting game
  116. Fuller House
  117. Sam Raimi to direct World War 3
  118. Breaking Bad or The Wire?
  119. Taboo (aka Tom Hardy's new TV show)
  120. Hollywood reaches a new low. The Thomas Crown Affair to be remade once again
  121. The Magicians
  122. David Attenborough to Narrate BBC Documentary Series ‘Planet Earth II’
  123. Did the hardcore Henry movie make anyone else sick. I hope this isn't a new trend in movies
  124. American Crime Story - The People v OJ Simpson
  125. Best Cartoon Of All Time From Cartoon Network?
  126. Cast a video game adaptation - The Witcher 3
  127. Emily Blunt to play Mary Poppins in a brand new sequel
  128. Gravity Falls
  129. Say Something About Spotlight Movie
  130. RIP: George Gaynes dies at 98 (Cmdt. Lassard from Police Academy & Henry from Punky Brewster)
  131. Netflix considering season 3 of Young Justice
  132. Pee Wee's Big Holiday!!!
  133. DC Comics' June 2016 Line-Wide "Rebirth" Relaunch
  134. Disney Couple vs Reality Couple A.K.A. Internet Logic?
  135. Daniel Craig stepping down as Bond?
  136. Your Holy Trinity of stand-up comedy
  137. Name your personal top 5 comedy shows.
  138. Where Do You Get Your Online National/International News From?
  139. Paramount planning to milk the Transformers franchise to death
  140. Berlin International Film Festival
  141. Vinyl Season 1 Discussion Thread
  142. Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie (2018)
  143. Funny or Die releases Donald Trump biopic starring Johnny Depp
  144. Johnny Depp to star in Universal's ‘Invisible Man’ reboot
  145. Sorority Row Screenwriters To Pen Saw 8
  146. Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Are Definitely Doing Bad Boys 3
  147. Between Spectre and Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, which movie did you prefer/enjoy and the reason why?
  148. Comic Based Deadpool Movie
  149. CBS orders MacGyver reboot
  150. RIP Joe Alasky
  151. Your new Top Gear line up
  152. Full Metal Alchemist (2003) vs Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)
  153. Fast & The Furious 9 and 10 already have release dates
  154. Cabin Fever (2016 Remake)
  155. Your favorite tv characters of all time
  156. White People who love the TV show Friends, you never seen this other show before?
  157. Favorite TV Comedy Scenes
  158. The Magicians
  159. Just watched Interstellar
  160. Torrie Wilson -- I'll Never Do Porn
  161. Sir Terry Wogan, dies aged 77
  162. Top 5 favorite anime
  163. The Chickening
  164. xXx 3 Starts Production
  165. Your 5 favorite shows of all time
  166. CN announces new show 'Justice League Action'. Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill returning to voice Batman & Joker
  167. Beloved movies that absolutely everyone you know has seen except you.
  168. Conan the Conqueror
  169. R.I.P Abe Vigoda.
  170. RIP: Abe Vigoda dead at 94
  171. Justice League vs. Teen Titans (March 29, 2016)
  172. The X-Files (2016)
  173. Labyrinth Reboot in Development
  174. The Academy succumbs to #OscarsSoWhite, plans to implement changes to increase diversity among its members
  175. Star Wars Expanded Universe Book Recommendations
  176. Favorite Comedy Movies?
  177. Movie idea: Justice League Z!
  178. Game of Thrones Season 6 rumor: terrible implication from last year changes
  179. Sherlock Season 4 Planned For 2017 Premiere At PBS
  180. Popcorn Time, yes or nah ?
  181. Top 10 favorite movies of this decade so far
  182. Fargo (Season 3)
  183. Dwayne Johnson film grosses
  184. Netflix's "Punisher"
  185. Fast 8 (2017)
  186. It's official, FOX are rebooting 24 without Jack Bauer
  187. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  188. DC To Plant Seeds For Live-Action Legion Of Superheroes Series
  189. #OscarsSoWhite
  190. R.I.P Alan Rickman.
  191. Happy Days
  192. The Big Lebowski
  193. 2016 Razzie Nominations :banderas
  194. David Margulies aka the Mayor from Ghostbusters died
  195. WTF Jaime Foxx to play Little John in Robin Hood: Origins
  196. Dark Angel
  197. Recommended MUST-SEE Foreign Films
  198. 2nd Marvel comedy series in development at ABC
  199. How far Dwayne Johnson can go in Hollywood?
  200. Character actor Richard Libertini dead at 82; played Fletch's boss and many other roles
  201. R.I.P. Angus Scrimm, the “Tall Man”, Dies at 89
  202. New Stephen King mini series 11.22.63 looks awesome!!!!
  203. Are Animated Films Really the Last Bastion for Original Ideas in Hollywood?
  204. General Movie Discussion Thread Part VI: Civil War
  205. BBC America gives series order to ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’
  206. Game of Thrones likely to run for eight seasons
  207. Your Favorite Star Wars character and Why?
  208. Charmed
  209. R.I.P Pat Harrington Jr. [Shnieder from One Day at a Time]
  210. Which Ginyu Force member are you?
  211. Can BvS top Star Wars' hype and gross?
  212. The Conjuring 2
  213. Teen Titans Cancelled; No Longer In Development For TNT
  214. Guillermo del Toro in talks to direct 'Fantastic Voyage' remake
  215. M Night Shyamalan Re-Booting ‘Tales From The Crypt’ As Part of Horror Block For TNT
  216. Killing Fields on Discovery Channel
  217. Emma Stone is in talks to play Cruella de Vil
  218. Fox developing Mark Millar's Superior for feature film
  219. Letterboxd - Best site to list the movies you watched
  220. FILM OF THE YEAR 2016
  221. Say Something about The Forest Movie
  222. Cheers vs Frasier: Which Show was better and why?
  223. Netflix picks up Guillermo Del Toro's Trollhunters & Voltron reboot
  224. Sylvester Stallone has retired..........from Rambo
  225. Your favorite "B" actors
  226. Freddys Nightmares coming to the El ray network this year.
  227. Greatest FACE TURN in the history of Movies
  228. I don't Read, Help me
  229. Question about Crime Shows and your preference?
  230. If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't win Best Leading Actor at the Oscars this year he may never get it
  231. Movies you felt deserved the Best Picture Oscar?
  232. Movies that are so bad they're actually good
  233. 'Making A Murderer' NetFlix Series Discussion
  234. Does anyone here remember this?
  235. Punk writing Marvel Comics
  236. SPAWN
  237. Ranking the Movies in a Franchise Best to Worst
  238. Billions (Showtime)
  239. Zombie Movies
  240. RIP Lemmy
  241. Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk (2017)
  242. Soaked in Bleach (Movie about the Death of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain)
  243. Could Spielberg arguably be considered the best director of all time?
  244. Home Alone 25th anniversary - Macaulay Culkin & Daniel Stern bring back Kevin & Marv
  245. If we go by critiques ratings on Rotten Tomatoes then The Rock is a very mediocre actor.
  246. Which superhero do you want to see get a stand-alone film?
  247. Current Films That Are Based On True Events
  248. Gargoyles Movie
  249. Can anyone help me with The Batman movies?
  250. Wonder if Netflix is kicking themselves in the head for that Adam Sandler 4 movie deal
  251. Rocky and Weezy working on a project together
  252. Cracked.com explain why the Jedi are the biggest idiots.
  253. Nicki Minaj Announces Cast for New Television Series "Nicki"
  254. Marvel vs DC
  255. Goku vs Vegeta! Who is the superior character?
  256. If you could make/remake your own show what would it be? called? about?
  257. Transparent TV Series
  258. i love you guys
  259. kodi program
  260. Physical or Digital Purchases?
  261. Animated Series'
  262. TMNT 2003 is probably the most underrated cartoon series
  263. Which superhero film are you looking forward to most?
  264. Undateable
  265. Bill Burr makes home made pie crust
  266. Justice League 6: Who will make the main Cast for future movie?
  267. The Legend of Tarzan - coming Summer 2016
  268. TMNT: Out of the Shadows (June 3, 2016)
  269. Ang Lee's Thrilla in Manila
  270. Foreign film appreciation thread
  271. Anything Similar Too 'The Green Room With Paul Provenza'?
  272. What order to watch the Star Wars movies
  273. Rolling Stone's Top 25 TV shows of 2015
  274. Hidden adult and dirty jokes in cartoons, things that you never really realised.
  275. A true story how I stumbled upon a very disturbing subculture online. (Warning: Not for the squeamish or sensitive)
  276. R.I.P Robert Loggia.
  277. Favourite Christmas movies or shows to watch at this time of the year?
  278. Adult Swim announces new season of SAMURAI JACK!!!
  279. Samurai Jack Season 5 Announced; Will Air On Adult Swim's Toonami Block
  280. A Rambo TV series is actually happening........
  281. NBC Superstore - Made by makers of The Office
  282. Trailer for the Kickboxer remake (Starring Dave Bautista, Van Damme)
  283. Predator 4
  284. Greatest Movie Ever.
  285. Best Film In A Horror Series
  286. Movie classics you feel have aged well, and others that haven't.
  287. 90's Nickelodeon .... simply was the best .... right?
  288. Recommend a box set?
  289. Dave Bautista and Brooke Hogan starring in a new film together
  290. Prometheus sequel - Alien: Covenant
  291. The Apprentice (UK Version) 2015
  292. Amazon sending emails about articles from The Washington Post
  293. The Masked Saint - A Lucha Libre film
  294. Tom Cruise to star in The Mummy reboot
  295. Kevin Bacon To Star/Executive Produce Tremors TV Reboot
  296. How many of you have seen this ... might get you into the up and coming season ...
  297. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Begins Production After 10 Years
  298. Justice League: Part One (November 17, 2017)
  299. Seinfeld
  300. Game of Thrones season 6 discussion and lulz thread SPOILERS
  301. Vin Diesel announces next Riddick sequel and a TV spin-off
  302. Netflix & Legendary remaking Lost in Space
  303. Don Vito Died.
  304. Hated movies or TV shows you enjoyed and other unpopular opinions
  305. Prison Break
  306. Robert Rodriguez, 100 Years. (November 18, 2115)
  307. Midnight Special
  308. A Monster Calls
  309. Amazing Stories remake coming to NBC.
  310. Gods of Egypt
  311. Chicago Med vs. Chicago Hope
  312. Master of None (#SEABSAPPROVED)
  313. Stephen King's The Dark Tower (February 17, 2017)
  314. Memento remake announced
  315. Who Else Is Watching 'Detectorists'?
  316. Beavis & Butthead's 2011 Comeback Season.
  317. Peep Show - Series 9 Discussion Thread (Finally..)
  318. Your favourite and funniest Simpsons episodes clips?
  319. ITV's Jekyll and Hyde - Controversy in the UK (Also coming to the U.S.)
  320. Suggestions for some smart and modern science fiction movies
  321. Snowpiercer being adapted for TV
  322. Need help with 2 movies
  323. TV Series Finales
  324. Hanna Barbera Cartoons - Underrated, yet adult related as well as family viewing.
  325. Leatherface from TCM, Gunnar Hansen dead at 68
  326. Watching Movies A Second Time...
  327. Activision Blizzard studio!
  328. Workaholics Season Sex is filming!
  329. CW's Riverdale Archie Comics adapation
  330. The Witcher
  331. Sony going ahead with sequel/reboot of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  332. Fox remaking Greatest American Hero
  333. For Halloween, Rick Baker shows why he's a legend
  334. New Star Trek Series
  336. Dragonball GT never happened.
  337. Do you think Preacher will be the next big tv series?
  338. Collection of funny pics
  339. The most painful looking death in the Walking Dead comics? (enormous SPOILERS obv)
  340. What wrestler could you see being in Walking Dead?
  341. The Exorcist is overrated
  342. Buy, Rent, Kill game
  343. Sandra Bullock to star in all female reboot of Ocean’s Eleven
  344. Scariest horror movie of all time?
  345. Favourite Horror Themes
  346. Best DC Comics Monster?
  347. Are Horror Movies Scary Anymore?
  348. Let's Talk About The Last Witch Hunter Movie
  349. What are some lesser known good animes to check out?
  350. Best Christmas movie ever?
  351. Really cool/creative photographs
  352. Best anime english dubs? (Other than Funimation)
  353. Favorite Movie Quote?
  354. (Walking Dead discussion) (Spoiler alert)
  355. Sopranos vs Breaking Bad: which is the better show.
  356. The Man in the High Castle
  357. Best slasher ever?
  358. Best TV shows currently?
  359. Jumanji reboot/remake in the works
  361. I've finally watched Lost.
  362. When TV Shows Jumped The Shark
  363. First Action Hero
  364. Top 3 movie heels
  365. Happy Back to the Future Day
  366. Blu Ray Discs
  367. If the new Star Wars had John Cena in it, would it make more money?
  368. Your favorite SNL cast members
  369. Gilmore Girls to be Revived for Netflix Mini-Series
  370. Best of B - A B-film Appreciation Thread
  371. Jackie Chan Films
  372. So guys did you saw the Bridge of Spices Movie?
  373. Email/Letter read out on this weeks Lapsed Fanpodcast
  374. Spoof
  375. How many of IMDb's Top 250 have you seen? Favourite/s?
  376. Marvel's Moon Knight being developed for Netflix?
  377. Fantastic Four back with Marvel
  378. X-Men Marvel TV Dramas Set: FX Orders ‘Legion’ Pilot, Fox Developing ‘Hellfire’
  379. Die Hard 6 rumored to be mostly prequel with young John McClane
  380. The Shield
  381. Robert Rodriguez in talks to direct "Battle Angel" with James Cameron producing
  382. Better show: Breaking Bad vs. The Walking Dead?
  383. Y:The Last Man Heading to FX
  384. Rank the Bond Films
  385. Rogen & Goldberg developing Garth Ennis' "The Boys" for tv
  386. Horror Movies: Original or Remake
  387. Workaholics Discussion Thread
  388. Movies you are waiting for...
  389. Has there ever been a fan cast that actually went through?
  390. Playboy to No Longer Feature Naked Women
  391. Wow, some of these 90's Nickelodeon stars aged pretty well.
  392. Death Note Anime
  393. Beauty And The Beast [Ron perlman & Linda hamilton].
  394. Cameos...
  395. Metalocalypse Now! Campaign to finish Metalocalypse begins
  396. Best comedy movies / actors from 1980's?
  397. New Gamera Trailer
  398. 3 Untitled MCU films (2020)
  399. Ant-Man and The Wasp (July 8, 2018)
  400. 25 Photos Which Prove You Have Dirty Mind
  401. Jaws 19
  402. Scooby Doo, what have they done to you?
  403. Any Are You Afraid of the Dark fans here?
  404. Transformers 5, 6, 7, & 8 confirmed.
  405. John Hillcoat's TRIPLE NINE
  406. King/Queen of Comedy
  407. Favourite Fight/Battles scenes
  408. The Twilight Zone: The Original Series
  409. Horror Movie Genre
  410. Breaking Bad vs Narcos vs Fargo vs Sons of Anarchy
  411. Superman: The Movie
  412. MST3K/Riffrax discussion thread.
  413. Any newer, actually good animes?
  414. Where should I start with Game of Thrones?
  415. ABC developing Marvel's Damage Control into a half hour comedy
  416. Oh FFS, Lethal Weapon might become a TV series
  417. Is anybody going to see this in a few weeks ... think November 6th is the release date?
  418. HBO in talks with Zack Snyder to develop a Watchmen series
  419. Black Sails Season 3 ***SPOILERS INSIDE***
  420. Recommendations for exceptional thriller movies
  421. Who else enjoys both The Walking Dead comic and tv series?
  422. a story in popular fiction that should be adapted into a television show
  423. Who would have made a good captain in Star Trek: Original Series?(Besides Kirk)
  424. Nat Wolfe Cast As Lead In Death Note Live Action Film
  425. Overacting
  426. Show Runner Says The Simpsons Is Likely Ending After Season 28 or 30
  427. A Nightmare On Elm Street - Dream Warriors remake/reboot?
  428. Quantico
  429. Top 5 live action supervillain portrayals?
  430. Mariah Carey new "Game of War" Girl
  431. Official Batman Thread
  432. Very Best In Edu-tainment
  433. We got another one: A-Team TV remake in development
  434. A new Men In Black trilogy is in the works (sans The Fresh Prince)
  435. Kenan & Kel Reunite After 10+ Years On Jimmy Fallon
  436. Old Shows You'd Like Revived
  437. What do you think about slasher movies?
  438. Open Endings
  439. Limitless: The Series (September 22, 2015)
  440. Kingdom (season 2)
  441. Jackie Collins dies from breast cancer.
  442. who is yout favorite dr who actor?
  443. Taken Prequel Ordered Straight to Series at NBC
  444. Oz. No, not that Oz.
  445. Worst movie with the best cast
  446. Warner Bros. developing Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie
  447. Greatest Movie Theme Songs
  448. Bryan Singer Announces 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea As His Next Project
  449. Michael Bay Expected To Direct Transformers 5
  450. The League actor Steve Rannazzisi - I Lied About Escaping Twin Towers During 9/11
  451. Stephen King’s 'The Mist' Inspires a New TV Series
  452. 'Behind Enemy Lines' TV Series Adaptation
  453. War of the Planet of the Apes (July 14, 2017)
  454. Report: Warner planning Akira trilogy, Christopher Nolan involved?
  455. Nickelodeon Officially Announces The Splat; An Network Completely Dedicated To it's 90s Library
  456. Victor Salva returns to direct Jeepers Creepers 3
  457. Rumor: Rebecca Ferguson Up For Captain Marvel Role
  458. Kevin Smith Reveals The Mall Where Mallrats 2 Will Be Filmed
  459. Bat Blood - Song by Batman
  460. Road House reboot to star Ronda Rousey
  461. What Did You Think Of 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert'?
  462. The 32 Greatest Talk-Show Hosts Ever... Ranked
  463. Films which raised the bar
  464. what are some good television shows about drug trafficking?
  465. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror to become a Netflix show
  466. Danny Boyle Planning ‘Trainspotting’ Sequel as His Next Film
  467. Law & Order SVU Season 17
  468. The Bastard Executioner
  469. The Smallville Thread
  470. 'Mega Man' Live Action Movie In Development
  471. Jared Leto's Joker Will Not Surpass Ledger's
  472. Canadian PSAs [WTF Canada].
  473. Your Favorite Sitcoms of the 90s
  474. The Simpsons general thread
  475. Supernatural (Season 11)
  476. Disney Reportedly Considered Avengers: Age of Ultron a "Failure"
  477. Nickelodeon In 'Serious' Discussion To Revive Several 90's Cartoons/Shows; Series Discussed Include Hey Arnold!, Rugrats
  478. Play the Devil
  479. Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher Sequel Set For October 2016
  480. Mulholland Drive (2001)
  481. Expendables 4' Cast: Dwayne Johnson And Hulk Hogan Are Going To Be Villains?
  482. Official Dragon Ball/DBZ/GT Discussion Thread
  483. what are your favorite songs made for a movie?
  484. Update 2: Marvel's Kevin Feige no longer answers to Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter. Creative Committee done. Feige almost quit Marvel
  485. Actors who were also there...
  486. Wes Craven Died
  487. Scream: The TV Series
  488. Bryan Fuller on Hannibal's legacy!
  489. Mad for tv movies.
  490. The Poltergeist series curse.
  491. Borderlands Movie In Development At Lionsgate
  492. Ridley Scott Confirms "Alien: Covenant" Is His Next Movie
  493. The highest paid TV actors of 2015
  494. Rumor: Warner Bros To Announce New DC Universe Flim Slate Soon
  495. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  496. Characters you wish were
  497. Best On Screen Comic Book Villain?
  498. Castlevania to receive violent anime adaptation
  499. FX developing a SOA spin off based on The Mayans
  500. Wayward Pines
  501. Next Blade Movie Rumored To Be Based On New Female Blade
  502. What is your longest tv/netflix marathon?
  503. What is your favorite fictional world from any film?
  504. Golden Age of Horror Movies
  505. Nathan Fillion Wants To Play Booster Gold
  506. Blackadder new series on the cards, says Tony Robinson
  507. Why do people watch 'Reality' TV Shows?
  508. Fall Of Gods
  509. Have Nintendo finally reconsidered their stance on movies?
  510. The Elephant in the Mad Max Room: Beyond Thunderdome
  511. Will Stan Lee live to see Infinity War?
  512. Favorite Twist Endings (SPOILERS obviously)
  513. Narcos (TV series about Pablo Escobar's drug cartel)
  514. Marvel's Most Wanted: S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinoff Gets Pilot Order at ABC
  515. Yvonne Craig, Batgirl from TV's Batman, passed away
  516. Your most anticipated film of 2016?
  517. The Mr Terry Silver Appreciation Thread
  518. Mortal Kombat the Movie: 20th Anniversary
  519. Halloween Returns (2016)
  520. Any Rick And Morty Fans In The House?
  521. Imagine: Who would you hire?
  522. Alice Through The Looking Glass
  523. "Red" Television Series In the Works
  524. What Movie Created the Most Memorable Movie Theater Atmosphere For You?
  525. NBC Developing Workplace Comedy Set in the DC Universe
  526. Top Ten Favorite Disney Animated Films
  527. Kindergarten Cop 2 Is Being Made (No Arnie, Possible Tumor)
  528. Defiance
  529. Will Smith to produce Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reboot.
  530. Sesame Street...........on HBO
  531. HBO confirms Deadwood may live again
  532. Animation vs Live-action
  533. New Chemical Brothers album
  534. Ariel Winter (Modern Family) has breast reduction surgery.
  535. Friday The 13Th TV Series In The Works At The CW
  536. Robin Williams
  537. Ronda Rousey wants to play "Miss Marvel"
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