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  1. The Smallville Thread
  2. 'Mega Man' Live Action Movie In Development
  3. Jared Leto's Joker Will Not Surpass Ledger's
  4. Canadian PSAs [WTF Canada].
  5. Your Favorite Sitcoms of the 90s
  6. The Simpsons general thread
  7. Supernatural (Season 11)
  8. Disney Reportedly Considered Avengers: Age of Ultron a "Failure"
  9. Nickelodeon In 'Serious' Discussion To Revive Several 90's Cartoons/Shows; Series Discussed Include Hey Arnold!, Rugrats
  10. Play the Devil
  11. Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher Sequel Set For October 2016
  12. Mulholland Drive (2001)
  13. Expendables 4' Cast: Dwayne Johnson And Hulk Hogan Are Going To Be Villains?
  14. Official Dragon Ball/DBZ/GT Discussion Thread
  15. what are your favorite songs made for a movie?
  16. Update 2: Marvel's Kevin Feige no longer answers to Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter. Creative Committee done. Feige almost quit Marvel
  17. Actors who were also there...
  18. Wes Craven Died
  19. Scream: The TV Series
  20. Bryan Fuller on Hannibal's legacy!
  21. Mad for tv movies.
  22. The Poltergeist series curse.
  23. Borderlands Movie In Development At Lionsgate
  24. Ridley Scott Confirms ‘Prometheus 2′ Is His Next Movie
  25. The highest paid TV actors of 2015
  26. Rumor: Warner Bros To Announce New DC Universe Flim Slate Soon
  27. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  28. Characters you wish were
  29. Best On Screen Comic Book Villain?
  30. Castlevania to receive violent anime adaptation
  31. FX developing a SOA spin off based on The Mayans
  32. Wayward Pines
  33. Next Blade Movie Rumored To Be Based On New Female Blade
  34. What is your longest tv/netflix marathon?
  35. What is your favorite fictional world from any film?
  36. Golden Age of Horror Movies
  37. Nathan Fillion Wants To Play Booster Gold
  38. Blackadder new series on the cards, says Tony Robinson
  39. Why do people watch 'Reality' TV Shows?
  40. Fall Of Gods
  41. Have Nintendo finally reconsidered their stance on movies?
  42. The Elephant in the Mad Max Room: Beyond Thunderdome
  43. Will Stan Lee live to see Infinity War?
  44. Favorite Twist Endings (SPOILERS obviously)
  45. Narcos (new TV series about Pablo Escobar's drug cartel)
  46. Marvel's Most Wanted: S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinoff Gets Pilot Order at ABC
  47. Yvonne Craig, Batgirl from TV's Batman, passed away
  48. Your most anticipated film of 2016?
  49. The Mr Terry Silver Appreciation Thread
  50. Mortal Kombat the Movie: 20th Anniversary
  51. Halloween Returns (2016)
  52. Any Rick And Morty Fans In The House?
  53. Imagine: Who would you hire?
  54. Alice Through The Looking Glass
  55. "Red" Television Series In the Works
  56. What Movie Created the Most Memorable Movie Theater Atmosphere For You?
  57. NBC Developing Workplace Comedy Set in the DC Universe
  58. Top Ten Favorite Disney Animated Films
  59. Kindergarten Cop 2 Is Being Made (No Arnie, Possible Tumor)
  60. Defiance
  61. Will Smith to produce Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reboot.
  62. Sesame Street...........on HBO
  63. HBO confirms Deadwood may live again
  64. Animation vs Live-action
  65. New Chemical Brothers album
  66. Ariel Winter (Modern Family) has breast reduction surgery.
  67. Friday The 13Th TV Series In The Works At The CW
  68. Robin Williams
  69. Ronda Rousey wants to play "Miss Marvel"
  70. Tom Hardy To Star in 100 Bullets
  71. Comics Overloaded
  72. I Am Chris Farley Documentary - Debuts tonight on SPIKE.
  73. Favourite Movie Cameos
  74. Joe Dirt 2
  75. The Gift possible spoilers if you have not seen the movie
  76. Stuff you picked up
  77. Training Day to become a TV show.......
  78. WF Comedian Hall of Fame
  79. James Wan to produce new Mortal Kombat film
  80. Archer Season 7 Discussion Thread
  81. Who Is Your Batman?
  82. And a single manly tear was shed...
  83. Rare Clip - Chris Farley voices Shrek in 1997 Story Reel
  84. Game Of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Which do you prefer?
  85. Favourite Fight Club Scene?
  86. Anybody remember the movie Queer Duck?
  87. Spider-Man 3 The Best Spidey Film?
  88. New Nightmare on Elm Street reboot?
  89. Movies that you left half way
  90. Wet Hot American Summer
  91. Scared you the most
  92. Who Is Your Superman?
  93. Futurama fans?
  94. actors you are sick of seeing in movies
  95. Movies that have inspired you or moved you?
  96. Favourite Screenwriter/s
  97. Favorite Breaking Bad moment?
  98. A Star is born
  99. Famous people who share your birthday?
  100. Is Netflix the future for oscar level films???
  101. Roddy Piper's Top 5 Movies
  102. Your father's favorite movie?
  103. Favourite Jackass stunt(s)?
  104. IGN Ranks the MCU Movies.
  105. Celebrity Big Brother UK
  106. Tom Cruise Says Work Is Already Starting On Mission Impossible 6
  107. Magicians, Mentalists & Illusionists
  108. Beasts of No Nation
  109. "Top Gear" Hosts Moving to Amazon Prime
  110. Questions for those who are fans of the show Game Of Thrones (or the books) and fans of the anime Berserk (or the manga)
  111. The Ghost who walks...
  112. Married... With Children Spin-off ?
  113. Can we show some appreciation for Doug please? ..... thanks!
  114. Marvel considering Thunderbolts for Netflix Phase 2
  115. Epic Rivalry: Time to take sides.
  116. Showcase the actor
  117. Pixels (Adam Sandler) 2015
  118. Best on screen villain: Loki or Magneto?
  119. pick a movie that the majority of people you know hate but you love, and one that the majority love but you hate
  120. QI (TV Show) Appreciation
  121. Men Behaving Badly - Underrated, forgotten about or under appreciated sitcoms and TV shows?
  122. Any TV series to watch that has a dark or grey storyline?
  123. What is your favorite Godfather film?
  124. Jurassic World Sequel Officially Announced For 2018
  125. TV shows better or just as good as Breaking Bad?
  126. Rank the HBO Comedies
  127. Dangermouse returning - 2015
  128. Pixels at a 0% currently on Rotten Tomatoes
  129. Spider-Man getting rebooted again, Marvel picks it up
  130. Most Versatile movie actor
  131. Favorite Christopher Nolan movie?
  132. thoughts on Alias?
  133. Stay away from that Trap Door .... cause there's something down there.
  134. name 3 movies that aged terribly and 3 that aged well
  135. Star Wars Episode VIII (May 26, 2017)
  136. Ex Machina (spoilers)
  137. Lucy Lawless Wants To Return To Xena
  138. MTG
  139. The Best Portrayal of Holmes
  140. Worst film ever
  141. Just watched the Wrestler for the first time
  142. if you were given complete freedom to create a brand new TV show, what would be your concept?
  143. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
  144. Smartest Man in the Room
  145. Villain Bracket- Round 3 (SWEET 16)
  146. Avengers: Age of Ultron Director's Cut unlikely
  147. Funniest Character
  148. why are superhero movies so popular?
  149. Anyone else hate TDKR a little more each time they watch it?
  150. Who would you cast to be in a movie of your life?
  151. American Horror Story: Hotel
  152. Dark Matter & Killjoys.
  153. Fav Actor or Actress at the moment?
  154. rank the HBO dramas
  155. After seeing the new Batman vs. Superman trailer have you changed your mind about Affleck as Batman
  156. Archer Season 7
  157. Kelly Kelly to star in a new TV reality show
  158. Warcraft Movie
  159. Pacific Rim 2 Starts Shooting In November
  160. The Shannara Chronicles
  161. DC Animated doing The Killing Joke in 2016
  162. The Shannara Chronicles
  163. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow to direct Star Wars: Episode 9
  164. Favourite Star Wars movies? *** No spoilers please ***
  165. Death of superman lives
  166. Back to The Future remake? Over my dead body, says Robert Zemeckis
  167. Fav tv shows you watch currently?
  168. Ben Affleck to direct and co-write solo Batman movie(with Geoff Johns)
  169. Wesley Snipes Has Met With Marvel About Returning As Blade
  170. Goosebumps (Movie Trailer)
  171. Best Villain bracket- round 2 (round of 32)
  172. Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo - directors & writers announced
  173. Yessss! Harry Shearer returning to The Simpsons
  174. R.I.P Amanda Peterson.
  175. Any Kroll Show Fans?
  176. WF 2015 mid year Entertainment Awards
  177. What is your all-time favorite COMEDY MOVIE?
  178. Independence Day-Resurgence.
  179. Fav Music Artists and Song's ATM?
  180. All time Favorite Sitcom Characters?
  181. Rate the Robins in the Batman Universe from Best to Worst
  182. The 100 (Season 3)
  183. Top 10 Favorite Batman: The Animated Series Episodes?
  184. Fav Adult Animated Sitcoms ever?
  185. Greatest Sitcom Ever
  186. Game of Thrones: North rewrite
  187. The Director Filmography Ranking Thread
  188. Doctor Who (Series 9)
  189. Fix-It Shop permanently closed: Maria moves away from Sesame Street after 44 years
  190. Steve Jobs - Official Trailer
  191. Bad guy bracket round 1 (round of 64)
  192. London has Fallen (2016)
  193. Ballers (tv series) 2015
  194. Tomb Raider Reboot in the works.
  195. Director Guillermo del Toro Exits Justice League Dark
  196. Anyone buy shirts online from their fav shows/movies?
  197. Fifa womens world cup
  198. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist follow up set to be a big budget TV show
  199. Rumor: X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover movie in the pipeline
  200. Sir Patrick Macnee of The Avengers tv series and many other roles passes away at 93
  201. Arrow Discussion Thread.
  202. RUMOR: Chris Terrio To Write And Ben Affleck To Direct THE BATMAN For 2018 Release
  203. Rumor: Ben Affleck to direct 'The Batman' for 2018 release
  204. Ranking the Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  205. Green Lantern Corps (June 19, 2020)
  206. The Walking Dead (Season 6)
  207. R.I.P Composer James Horner.
  208. The Rock to star in Rampage adapatation
  209. New Peanuts/Charlie Brown Movie - 3D also.
  210. Favourite cartoons, past or present ... what are yours?
  211. Complications on the USA Network
  212. Troma Films.
  213. Best bad guy/villain tournament
  214. Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) Appreciation
  215. Favorite Spider-Man costumes?
  216. Marvel wants Beyonce for comic movie role
  217. Ballers/The Brink
  218. CW developing Legends of Tommorow Hawkgirl spinoff
  219. Most people lost millions of Facebook likes recently
  220. Best Uses of music in Film?
  221. Rank the Batman movies from best to worst
  222. Matthew Vaughn talks Kick-Ass 3 & Hit Girl prequel
  223. Hellboy 3
  224. Big Brother 17 (U.S.) Spoiler Tags Please
  225. Actor & Comedian Rick Ducommun of 'The 'Burbs' passes away at 62
  226. Best movies by decade
  227. 3 guys have more subs than PewDiePie?
  228. HBO's Oz, is it worth watching? (NO DEATH SPOILERS PLEASE)
  229. Chris Evans (The ginger one) to be the new Top Gear host
  230. A Song of Ice and Fire SPOILER THREAD (srsly spoilers from all the books ITT)
  231. Starz greenlights Neil Gaiman's American Gods with Bryan Fuller as co-showrunner
  232. Did Hollywood movie qualities really go down? (Say compared to 20,30 years ago?)
  233. Teaser for Will Ferrell & Kristin Wiig's Lifetime TV movie "A Deadly Adoption"
  234. Kingsman 2 in development
  235. The Equalizer 2 Release Date Set For September 29, 2017
  236. X-Files is definitely happening, are you excited?
  237. Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93
  238. Bloody battles WWE RAW !!!
  239. San Andreas made me miss older movie theaters
  240. Akira Live-Action Movie To Be Written By Daredevil Season 2 Showrunner
  241. Boondock Saints TV Prequel In Development
  242. Rumor: Incredible Hulk 2?
  243. The Pulp Fiction thread (WF's favorite movie of the nineties!) featuring The Silence of the Lambs and CONSOLATION HUGS
  244. Favourite TV show that got canceled?
  245. Just watched 009-1 The end of the beginning on Netflix
  246. Favourite Simpsons episodes?
  247. Macbeth Starring Michael Fassbender
  248. James Wan to Direct ‘Aquaman’ for Warner Bros.
  249. New Mega Man Animated series in the works
  250. Prison Break coming back in 2016!
  251. Attends Anti Violence Charity Game - Fights Ref
  252. Fox Is Spinning Off '24' With A New Leading Man
  253. Big Trouble in Little China remake
  254. Dwayne Johnson To Produce & Star In A Remake Of 'Big Trouble In Little China'
  255. Legend (Tom Hardy) Sept 2015
  256. WF's favorite movie of the nineties FINAL ROUND (Pulp Fiction v Shawshank Redemption)
  257. R.I.P Betsy Palmer [Jasons mom].
  258. George Miller's canceled film Justice League: Mortal
  259. Britan's Got Talent.
  260. Makeup and visual FX legend Rick Baker retiring
  261. M. Night Shyamalan Wants To Make An 'Unbreakable' TV Show
  262. The Rock's SAN ANDREAS Earns Over $300 Million at Global Box Office
  263. MR ROBOT
  264. Did the pagemaster kill Macaulay Culkin career
  265. Disney Pulls Plug on 'Tron 3'
  266. KUNG FURY Official Movie [HD]
  267. Layer Cake sequel is still in the pipeline, says Jason Statham
  268. Do you consider Fox's X-Men franchise a failure? Would you prefer if Marvel got the rights back?
  269. Fox rebooting The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  270. Knock Knock (I.E. Eli Roth Finally Directs Another Movie...)
  271. WF's favorite movie of the nineties SEMI FINAL ROUND
  272. What is this movie?
  273. Fukunaga No Longer Helming "It" Films
  274. What's your Top Ten favorite movies of the decade so far?
  275. First Images Of Matt Damon In Ridley Scott's The Martian
  276. KISS
  277. Shows You Wish Had Lasted Longer
  278. Survivor 30: Worlds Apart finale
  279. What Podcasts Do People Listen To?
  280. WF's favorite movie of the nineties SECOND ROUND
  281. Favorite Modern Movie Directors
  282. The When Does it Start to Get Good/Best Seasons TV Show Thread
  283. True Detective Season 2
  284. Johnny Depp's Troubles In Australia Regarding His Dogs
  285. Ratchet & Clank Movie - 2016
  286. Harry Shearer leaving The Simpsons
  287. WF's favorite movie of the nineties FIRST OFFICIAL ROUND
  288. Fox Announces X-Men Spin-Off "The New Mutants"
  289. If you saw your favourite celebrity in the street , how would you react?
  291. Lesser known/underrated movies that are on Netflix?
  292. Fox's Lucifer
  293. Luc Besson's Sci Fi Film - Valerian
  294. Trailer for Seth Macfarlane's new animated comedy BORDER TOWN!
  295. Best tv shows on Netflix?
  296. Movie crushes as a kid?
  297. Wolverine 3 (March 2, 2017) - Hugh Jackman's final appearance
  298. The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - Anyone seen this excellent and funny adventure?
  299. Phantasm
  300. If they made a Black Widow Movie...
  301. Who are your top 10 actors of all time?
  302. WF's favorite movie of the nineties (tournament) Qualifying round.
  303. Movies you loved you never thought you would & great straight to DVD movies?
  304. Your top 5 favorite DC Animated films?
  305. Beavis and Butthead do America .... has anyone seen this awesome film?
  306. Star Wars Anthology: Boba Fett (Rumour!)
  307. A new Justice League animated series will debut online next month
  308. Red band trailer for Gridlocked (Trish Stratus movie)
  309. the blockbuster thing
  310. Fast and Furious 7, the song still gets to me...
  311. David Letterman.... End Of An Era
  312. Best Comic Book Show On TV (Currently)
  313. Official Iron Fist Netflix Series Thread
  314. WB Begins Work On Long Dormant Death Note Project; Director Hired
  315. Favourite Movie Monologues
  316. The Hollywood Reporter on Warner Brother's DC Cinematic Universe development problems
  317. Spoiler for recent Batman/Joker comic events
  318. Official!? The Punisher...
  319. New Dragon Ball Series To Air in July 2015
  320. Saw - Possible 8th movie in 2016 & which has been your favourite so far?
  321. Favorite Movie Trilogies
  322. CM Punk To Write New Marvel Comic Series On Drax The Destroyer
  323. TV shows that more people should know about but don't.
  324. Hot Short Film 2015: Memorabilia Love !
  325. Does Man of Steel need more colour?
  326. Godfather I vs Godfather II
  327. Bruce Jenner on 20/20
  328. Rap is the new wrestling. How hip-hop heavyweights compare with WWE stars
  329. Top 10 Animated shows
  330. Remember how Michael Bay made the most faithful and entertaining Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?
  331. Sony To Create Seperate Live-Action and Animated Spider-Man Film Universe?; New Animated Theatrical Film Announced
  332. Sony Pictures & Marvel Studios Find Their 'Spider-Man' Star & Director
  333. ‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series in the Works
  334. How did you become a fan of Superheroes? Why are you still a fan today?
  335. Debate: Do you think that Heath Ledger's death was what made The Dark Knight so commercially sucessful?
  336. Post some of your favorite movie scenes
  337. Better movie- Raiders of the Lost Ark vs The Empire Strikes Back?
  338. Poltergeist (2015 remake)
  339. Topher Grace was a great cast for Venom in Spider-Man 3
  340. The Simpsons - Are today's episodes unfairly criticised?
  341. Who else feels tropes are so damn cliched?
  342. Marvel teaming with 12 Years a Slave writer John Ridley for mysterious superhero project
  343. Age of Ultron vs. The Force Awakens
  344. Novels vs audiobooks?
  345. Quentin Tarantino's THE HATEFUL EIGHT
  346. Fletch reboot to star Jason Sudeikis
  347. Worst horror movie you've ever seen?
  348. Louie Season 5
  350. Kevin Feige Confirms Spider-Man Reboot Won't Be An Origin; Spidey Will Be More Comedic
  351. There's nothing stopping Marvel from making a solo Hulk movie
  352. What Are Your Favorite TV Show Themes?
  353. Aquaman (July 27, 2018)
  354. First time going San Diego Comic Con
  355. Impractical Jokers?
  356. Orange Is The New Black Season 3
  357. Marvel's Black Panther (July 8, 2018)
  358. Guardians of The Galaxy 2 (April/May, 2017)
  359. The Flash (March, 2018)
  360. When Is David Letterman's Final Episode?
  361. Jim Ross, DDP & Jake Roberts Appear In Movie 'What Now'
  362. System (Child 44) (April 17, 2015)
  363. Red Dwarf Appreciation
  364. Sons of Anarchy: What's your club position?
  365. General Movie Discussion Thread Part V: V For Vertigo
  366. justice league TV show is it possible?
  367. Netflix is bringing back Full House
  368. Netflix brings back Mr. Show with Bob & David
  369. What franchise do you love more, Star Wars or Lord of The Rings?
  370. Liev Schreiber as Chris Beniot in "Crossface" (release date TBD)
  371. Was I the only one who liked the Superior Spiderman?
  372. The Walking Dead (spoiler your face off)
  373. Stephen Amell Cast as Jones Role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
  374. The Magnificent Seven (January 13, 2017)
  375. 5 to 7 Movie
  376. Insurgent
  377. Physical film media going away.
  378. Critically thrashed movies that you love
  379. Home Movie
  380. Insurgent
  381. Get hard movie
  382. Favorite Actors to watch currently
  383. Fear The Walking Dead
  384. Get Hard 2015
  385. Your thoughts on shared movie universes?
  386. Great acting performances in bad/lackluster movies?
  387. Tosh.0 Wrestling fan segment
  388. Entourage: The Movie
  389. Rumor: Green Lantern casted?
  390. Steven Spielberg to direct ‘Ready Player One’ adaptation
  391. Idris Elba Eyed for Villain Role in ‘Star Trek 3′
  392. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zombie Film Maggie
  393. they are going to make super troopers 2, but they need your help!
  394. Captain Marvel rumours
  395. Looking for a good book to read.
  396. Which tv shows did you immediately love?
  397. IZombie.
  398. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  399. Max Landis Superman idea
  400. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (July 31, 2015)
  401. Your top 3 movies for each decade list
  402. Movie villains that scared you/intimidated you as as kid?
  403. If you could bring back a dead TV character....
  404. Mark Millar's 'Chrononauts' Coming to The Big Screen
  406. popular animated movie
  407. Scarface is getting remade, again
  408. Which Terminator film was your favorite?
  409. Brendon Small confirms [adultswim] cancelation of Metalocalypse Season 5
  410. Which Kardashian Sister is YOUR Favourite?
  411. Favorite Stephen King movie adaptations
  412. Ghostbusters: Who Would You Cast?
  413. They should remake Wargames
  414. Halloween Series should've ended at Halloween II
  415. Mad Men: The Final Episodes (Discussion Thread)
  416. What were they thinking with the Ferris Bueller TV show?
  418. Top Fives from the Comic World DC/Marvel, Hero/Villain
  419. Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One
  420. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck - First Trailer
  421. Zoolander 2
  422. The 30 Greatest Superhero Movies Of All Time (voted by Empire readers)
  423. What do you guys think of archer season 6?
  424. Rate The Return Of The Living Dead films.
  425. Rate The Exorcist films.
  426. Requesting a good horror movie that has nothing to do with ghosts, creatures or natural disasters.
  428. Are Limited Release/DTDVD films better than theatrical ones?
  429. Disney's Tomorrowland (May 22, 2015)
  430. 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'
  431. TV Spin Offs That Should Have Happened
  432. Scorpion TV Show
  433. Anyone watch Shameless on Showtime?
  434. Any Kamen Rider Fans?
  435. Chappie
  436. Revenge I tell you, Revenge will be mine.
  437. Harrison Ford crashes plane...
  438. Obscure tv shows.
  439. What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men?
  440. Bootleg movies right or wrong.
  441. Westworld: It's a new HBO show based on the movie.
  442. Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine/Avengers May Be Possible
  443. Chappie & Run All Night 2015
  444. Drew Goddard to Write and Direct New ‘Spider-Man’
  445. My Fan Made Avengers - Infinity War Trailer
  446. Which do you prefer? 2D animation films or 3D animation films?
  447. Any reality game show(like Survivor,Big Brother,etc.)fans out there
  448. Anyone else addicted to The Voice UK?
  449. Who do you want to see as the next James Bond?
  450. Rest In Peace, Spock.
  451. A La Mala Movie
  452. The Odd Couple (Reboot) on CBS
  453. Welcome to Myrlte Manor Season 3
  454. Blade Runner 2/Ryan Gosling Appreciation Thread
  455. Arrow/Flash spin off 'Legends Of Tomorrow' TV series (2016)
  456. What are the biggest Emmy Snubs of all time?
  457. Buffy/Angel discussion thread.
  458. What the fuck happend to Jack Black?
  459. Disney Orders New Ducktales Reboot
  460. Fan Made Power Rangers Film
  461. Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope
  462. The Intruders
  463. Trailer Park Boys Season 9 Premieres on Netflix March 27
  464. Tyrion Lannister is a piece of shit
  466. Home 2
  467. Your Favorite Sport Movies?
  468. Dont trust the b in apt 23
  469. 11 year old girl asks DC for more female superheroes. DC responds in the best way possible
  471. Any Former Cast Members Snubbed 'SNL 40th Anniversary Special'?
  472. "Empire" on FOX - This show is DOPE!
  473. When David Letterman Retires......
  475. Things we do in the shadows.
  476. Favorite indie films
  477. What happend to the art of PG comedy?
  478. Anyone seen the show Bosch yet?
  479. What movie have you seen more than any other movie?
  480. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer
  481. Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak (Oct. 16, 2015)
  482. Trailer for NWA biopic: Straight Outta Compton
  483. War of the worlds tv series [1988-1990].
  484. Should They Re-Make 'The Greatest American Hero'?
  485. Can anyone recommend a movie where I can't guess the ending?
  486. Bautista lands a major role.
  487. Favorite Friday the 13th Film
  488. Your 5 fav and 5 least fav GoT characters
  489. Neill Blomkamp's Aliens Movie Possible???
  490. Jon Stewart to leave Daily Show at end of year
  491. Saved By The Bell Reunion On Tonight Show
  492. Rumour: Marvel want Angelina Jolie to direct Captain Marvel
  493. What Do You Think Of Sia's Odd Behaviour
  494. Confirmed: Sony/Marvel Reach Spider-Man Deal
  495. Straight Outta Compton (August 14, 2015)
  496. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
  497. Magic: The Gathering
  498. Spongebob?
  499. Netflixs: Legend of Zelda
  500. New WWE YouTube Show?
  501. Does anyone acually like Uncle Grandpa because of how fucking stupid it is.
  502. Favorite John Carpenter film
  503. Magic Mike XXL (July 1, 2015)
  504. George R.R Martin's original Game of Thrones plans (spoilers!!!)
  505. J.K. Simmons Might Play J. Jonah Jameson In Future Spider-Man Movies
  506. Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) on Australian TV 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here'
  507. Jimmy Fallon's Week In LA "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Parody Opening
  508. BLACK SAILS. it's a show about pirates, sinking ships, lesbians, boobies, long john silver and hannew new saying cunt and fuck. oh and PIRATES!
  509. Teen Titans Live Action Character Roster For Pilot Reportedly Released
  510. Warner Bros. developing a Legion Of Super-Heroes movie
  511. Rumour: Bryan Cranston wanted for the Star Trek 3 Villain
  512. Batgirl Will Be A Member Of TNT's Teen Titans Series
  513. Any see The Tall Man?
  514. Ted 2 (June 26, 2015)
  515. THANOS Collectible Figure Officially released by Hot Toys
  516. Eastbound and Down
  517. 15 Thoroughly Depraved And Sleazy Movies Only Sick People Would Watch
  518. Ghostbusters Female Reboot (July 22nd, 2016)
  519. Chris Pratt Sought for Indiana Jones Reboot
  521. cuddling movies
  522. Simon Pegg is Co-Writing Star Trek 3
  523. Justin Bieber getting Roasted
  524. What Currently Running TV Shows Do You Watch?
  525. Have you seen Lucy
  526. Anime Discussion Thread (2015)
  527. FOX is bringing back The X-Files
  528. Would You Watch a Batman Show in Arrow's Story Format?
  529. 'The Matrix' meets 'Star Wars' in 'JUPITER ASCENDING' (Feb. 6)
  530. John doe [The man that knew everything].
  531. Prison Break: Fox says it would bring back series "in a heartbeat"
  532. New Installment Of 24 Without Kiefer Sutherland Might Happen
  533. Syfy's Helix (Season 2)
  534. Syfy's 12 Monkeys
  535. War movies that make you mad or irritate you
  536. Your Favourite Foreign Language Movies?
  537. It Seems The Deal Is Done - SPIDER-MAN Will Be A Part Of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR
  538. What was the last movie you watched?
  539. Daikaiju Fans?
  540. TV show suggestions?
  541. Favorite Kurt Russell movie
  542. Dwayne Johnson Returning For G.I. Joe 3, D.J. Caruso In Talks To Direct
  543. Chappie (New Neill Blomkamp Movie)
  544. Slipcovers on movies when you buy them.
  545. CW Eyeing DC Comics' Atom Series
  546. Werewolf [Anyone remember this show series].
  547. Gracepoint/Broadchurch
  548. Anyone remember this?
  549. Dramatic moments in sitcoms.
  550. Will 2016 be the year the Comic Book Movie bubble bursts?