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  1. Can someone please explain to me what the CDC did wrong here?
  2. Buffalo Shrimp
  3. Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed
  4. Why are Jewish people not considered White?
  5. Trying to find some good online T shirt stores from Australia
  6. Suicide bomber blasts hole in side of commercial airliner, is the only one killed after he caught on fire and was sucked out of plane
  7. The Happy Thread
  8. Brad Hoff on Hillary Clinton's Emails Shedding Light on the "Dirty War" in Libya... And Now the Pentagon Seeks to Fight the Purported Next Battle
  9. Anyone else doing nofap?
  10. Lawsuits Now Creep Into Video Games
  11. Will you be watching the Super Bowl?
  12. U.S. Military to Spend $1 Trillion Modernizing Nuclear Weapons
  13. Black Ops 3 ELENA SIEGMAN's New Song : Dead Again...Epic
  14. Iowa Caucuses
  15. University of Connecticut to build black male only segregated dorm
  16. Scientist in UK receives permission to edit and manipulate genes in Human Embryos
  17. The Fine Brothers
  18. Experimenting with Crescent Rolls
  19. Your drunken stories
  20. Bars or Clubs ?
  21. What body type is most attractive to you?
  22. Bespoke Tranche Opportunity: Another Housing Crisis Looms
  23. Did MMA kill pro wrestling
  24. Republican Debate 1/28/2016
  25. Oregon Militia Standoff: One Dead After Ammon Bundy and Others Arrested
  26. Far-left activists accused by France of ‘exploiting’ Calais migrants
  27. The best attack ad ever (politics )
  28. Extrovert or Introvert. What is more attractive to you?
  29. Why did the sloth cross the road?
  30. Denmark passes controversial bill to take migrants' valuables
  31. Danish teen fights off rapist with pepper spray, now facing fine for possessing and using it.
  32. Favourite pick/favourite strings?
  33. Shooting at NMESD
  34. Dickies Carpenter Jeans
  35. Alberta Government to Schools: Don't Use the Words 'Mother' and 'Father'
  36. MU professor charged with 3rd degree assault after trying to force reporters out of protest space
  37. Drunk girl tries to Hijack Uber driver and destroys his car
  38. Chinese restaurants shut down after seasoning food with opium to hook customers
  39. Roland Martin Puts Stacey Dash on Blast for Ignorant Ass Comments
  40. How fast does your steam download?
  41. Your Biggest Fear in Relation to Other People
  42. Student suspended after carrying classmate having asthma attack to nurse
  43. Idaho GOP: Parents can choose prayer over medicine without consequences
  44. 12 yr old boy handcuffed by police. Calls them ''Redneck Motherfuckers'' ''dumb dogs'' and ''stupid pigs''
  45. Geoduck. Have you ever seen one?
  46. Your Game Of Thrones House
  47. "Strategic Butt Coverings" Anita Sarkeesian's New Episode of Tropes Vs Women in Video Games
  48. KCD: WAR ZONE - my wrestling inspired web series
  49. Parents proud after 15 year old Muslim boy chops his hand to prove his love for Islam
  50. What's your posture like?
  52. What if you found out your father was sleeping with your girlfriend?
  53. Flint, MI water crisis
  54. Add Pictures
  55. Tiger vs Lion - Who Wins?
  56. The Fur/Wool industry
  57. Uber Driver Sued For Filming Himself Being Attacked
  58. Tobacco brands
  59. Released.
  60. Rule 34: ‘Minecraft’ is one of Pornhub’s fastest-growing search terms
  61. Breaking point?
  62. Why the NFL is unable to re-air original broadcast of SuperBowl I
  63. Philosophy Anxiety
  64. how to download video from videomega.tv ?
  65. Chess, Yeah! Who doesn't love The Immortal Game?
  66. Tell me your weird animal names....
  67. Bill aiming to ban child marriages shot down in Pakistan as ‘anti-Islamic’ and ‘blasphemous’.
  68. Bugs in WWE.com
  69. All U.S. Episcopal Churches Sanctioned for 3 years by Canterbury & Queen of England.
  70. Wrestling Forums back in the day?
  72. Anyone Else Think Fallout The Game Series Is Kinda Realistic?
  73. Music artist / group that defined every decade
  75. Al Jazeera America, Muslim owned news channel terminates all TV and digital operations in U.S.
  77. Scientists Discover Fossil Of A 6,000 Pound Crocodile
  78. The next president of Murrica
  79. French mother joins ISIS & brings her child with her
  80. The Alt Right (Donald Trump's biggest fans)
  81. Was Floyd right? Is there racism in the fighting industry?
  82. SOTU
  83. USC requires students to give detailed sexual histories before signing up for classes
  84. What Would You do if Your Son Was Gay?
  85. Fundraise A Handicap Van For A Wrestling Fan
  86. Roman Reigns sweatpants save the day!
  87. Fugitive drug lord El Chapo caught after being interviewed by Sean Penn
  88. Motherfuckers act like they forgot about DDP
  89. Accidental "Hoax video" fools mainstream media & social media
  90. The Fishing Thread
  91. NOW defends Jackie from UVA Rolling Stone rape story & she's even crazier than first thought
  92. Anybody here a WATCH guygal?
  93. My sink just farted!
  94. An example of why you should read first, and bitch later.
  95. Moammar Gadhafi: Transcript Shows Late Libyan Leader Warned Former UK Prime Minister of al-Qaida
  96. Muslims ANGRY that many Arabs are liberal/ex muslims
  97. Did Comcast just yank the new POP TV channel from the standard cable package?
  98. Son shoots and kills his father to put him down after his father killed 3 in drunken rage
  99. Woman lay in hospital parking lot for 18 minutes before dying after staff & police force her to leave & arrest her
  100. Turning Babyface
  102. North Korea "tests" a hydrogen bomb.
  103. HELP PLEASE! - Why are tickets on sale if they aren't on Ticketmaster?
  104. Baby cooked in oven by siblings
  105. New Year's Eve at Cologne : dozens of women sexually assaulted and fireworks fired at the crowd
  106. Powerball: The Dream Is Over :(
  107. North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test
  108. Douchebag Teachers/Professors
  109. Public university could punish neck rubs as sexual battery under new policy
  110. Germany shaken after group of 1,000 men accused of assaulting, robbing, groping 90 women and raping 1 during New Year celebration
  111. Thanks to AHS: Hotel...
  112. Kindergarten teacher bans Legos for boys for the sake of gender equity
  113. Injectable foam repairs bones
  114. Anyone recommend a good beginner guitar?
  115. Armed anti-government protesters take over federal wildlife refuge building in Oregon
  116. First try at rapping on video
  117. SO what members on here actually still watch wrestling?
  118. Teen shot after playing ding dong ditch
  119. Straight girls/guys of WF, who do you have a girl/man crush on?
  120. Why is the BBC becoming so Popular?
  122. If you were cryogenically frozen right now when would you want to be woken up?
  123. Make predictions for 2016
  125. Favorite Epic Rap Battles Of History?
  126. Lottery Winner Dies After Gold Plating His Testicles
  127. Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault
  128. GOAT Everything
  129. Cena vs Saitama who would win
  130. Kids getting toys stuck in their hair
  131. Iraqi forces kick ISIS ass and take back Ramadi from the Islamic State
  132. Seth Rollins’ Ex-Fiancee Selling The Couple’s Engagement Ring, Posts Rollins’ Address Online
  133. Man Shoots Fellow McDonald’s Customer for Telling Him His Order Was Ready
  134. Boy Opens PS4 on Christmas, Finds Piece of Wood With Lewd Image on It
  135. Favourite alcoholic 'relaxation' drink?
  136. Woman who failed FDNY physical test 6 times gets another chance
  137. Muslims shield Christians from Kenyan Muslim terrorists
  138. Child porn detective commits suicide after being caught with 13 year old boy
  139. Centralia Pennsylvania [The Real Silent Hill].
  140. TI Gives Back to The Hood on Christmas
  141. Kid Throws Tantrum When He Gets 'WWE 2K15' Instead of 'WWE 2K16' for Christmas
  142. Get Ripped or Die Mirin ! aesthetic brah
  143. What are countries you'd wanna visit that most people you know would never considering visiting?
  144. Not many people on this site tonight why?
  145. User name?
  146. WrestlingForum in 2015 vs. WWE in 2015
  147. Muslim British family denied a vacation at Disneyland USA
  148. ~~~MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~
  149. Don't believe in Evolution brehs...
  150. Fake Bomb Prankster Has Finally Been Shot
  151. What will you remember 2015 for?
  152. America’s Mass-Shooting Capital Is Chicago
  153. Trump Supporter Arrested In Alleged Plot To Bomb Muslims
  154. What did you ask for Christmas this year?
  155. WWE episode series, Action, thriller, romance, and comedy! 5 episodes total right now, check it out
  156. FIR against 3-yr-old boy in Pakistan for land grabbing
  157. What do you eat during RAW?
  158. Post your favorite Christmas food
  159. Statistics show muslim nations agree less with the killing of civilians than some western nations, and more
  160. Stoner Sloth
  161. Steve Harvey Botches The Announcement of Miss Universe
  162. Why humans are so terrible at interpreting news/everything
  163. Student Protesters claim Sorority Fundraiser was microaggression
  164. Radio personality Anthony Cumia, formerly of Opie & Anthony, arrested
  165. Cristiano Ronaldo meets Beirut bombings orphan
  166. Mom who microwaved her infant daughter to death gets 26-years-to-life in prison
  167. Students at Oberlin College angry at cafeteria serving insensitive & culturally inappropriate food
  168. Stories of the Year.
  169. Muslim Teacher Fired After Showing Malala Video
  170. Pope approves Mother Teresa's sainthood.
  171. 30% of Republicans support bombing Agrabah (from Aladdin), says new poll
  172. Share Your Best Recipes Thread.
  173. Public School bans the word Christmas and Santa Claus
  174. Study says muslim terrorists are motivated by politics far more than they are by religion
  175. Everyone...check out this video...
  176. Pharma CEO that raised price on drug 5500% arrested for securities fraud
  177. We all Mark for a wrestler...But what other Characters/People do you Mark for?
  178. Saudi Arabia about to behead a teenage boy for attending a protest when he was 15
  179. Birds form face in sky
  180. Holy Quran experiment (Prank)
  181. MSNBC Host: 'Star Wars' Is Racist Because Darth Vader Is Black
  182. Cookie Dough Can Explodes In Woman’s Vagina During Shoplifting Incident
  183. Saudi millionaire cleared of raping teenager after telling court he may have accidentally penetrated 18-year-old when he tripped and fell on her
  184. Your favourite album of 2015
  185. A song you and your partner cherish the most as "your song"?
  186. What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State In 2015
  187. Father leaves fam to become 6 year old transgender girl
  188. Is it winter or summer still?
  189. Favorite cafeteria/lunchroom monents
  190. Any space marks?
  191. Instant fast food
  192. First Female Politicians Elected In Saudi Arabia
  193. Town rejects solar farm. Feared it would suck up all the sun's energy, inhibit plant growth, cause cancer
  194. Man released after 15 years in prison after being framed by brother, parents, DA, police
  195. Genealogy
  196. Something New You Did Today
  197. Buy One Dozen, Get Another Dozen Free at Krispy Kreme Today Only!!! (Saturday 12/12/15)
  198. Philly school removes Huck Finn due to offensive language
  199. Atheist, Theist or Agnostic?
  200. You're at a Christmas party .... and the Christmas dance comes on ....
  201. I know what Trump is doing
  202. Legendary Art Bell retires again after 4 months due to terroristic threats
  203. What if Wrestling Forums stopped existing?
  204. Roman Reigns
  205. Can I possibly sue this guy who falsely accused me of shoplifting
  206. Favorite Game DAY snacks?
  207. Former Police Officer Sentenced to 263 Years in Prison for The Rape of 13 Black Women
  208. Do Canadians have beedy eyes?
  209. Roast me if you must..I need flowers
  210. Guy asks a WWE Diva to A Military Ball...And diva says yes.
  211. WWE Network In Canada
  212. Toast .... don't you just love it!!! The benefits and versatility of Toast!! Extra rep for those who contribute to this one!!
  213. Most Annoying YouTubers
  214. Prophet Baba Vanga, who predicted 9/11, has predicted that Europe will cease to exist in 2016
  215. Angela Merkel is Time 'Person of the Year'
  216. What is the NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10 start time?
  217. My Homemade Belt Plates! (Update!)
  218. Florida burglar killed by alligator while hiding from police
  219. More pot propaganda
  220. 9-year old threatened by school with sexual harassment charges for sending love note
  221. Fan uses social engineering to sneak backstage at a concert.
  222. Some Things You May Not Have Known about Mark Paul Gosselaar i.e. Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell
  223. Obama addresses ISIS threat
  224. Question for guys
  225. Which is your favorite meat?
  226. To see the mind of an obsession of madness forever living in the past, specifically 11/19/1977.
  227. Where are you from/living?
  228. have you ever?
  229. Trix really are for kids?
  230. Police find 8,300 rounds of ammo, assult rifle, and body armour in home of Long Island man
  231. A win for anti-pc & freedom of speech no matter how vile the topic is online.
  232. If Hollywood were going to make a movie with the protagonist being you, who would you wanna see play you?
  233. Are you looking forward to Christmas? Favourite things about this time of the year?
  234. Hacker dumps/dox hundreds of thousand Arab bank customer's info when ransom wasn't paid
  235. Christmas Trees. Real or fake. What do you get?
  236. Parenting advice
  237. How much importance do you put on popularity and validation of self?
  238. Black suspect gunned down without remorse San Francisco
  239. Why do people always wan't to talk about gun control in America but not US gun crime statistics?
  240. San Bernadino shooting
  241. Los Angeles testing Pre-Crime system "eery shades of 1984 & Minority Report"
  242. Woman duck-tapes a dog's mouth shut and the internet rages
  243. Gun shop in FL can be a "Muslim-free" zone
  245. University of Chicago cancels all classes and activities on Monday due to credible threat of mass shooting
  246. [Updated November 2015] Scorville Scale Explained With DBZ Power Levels
  247. Do Canadians even use their real accents?
  248. Mizzou teaching assistant became violent with relative who didn't wear hijab
  249. Cops Now Take More Than Robbers
  250. What if all your deleted internet history was somehow recovered and found out or worse made public?
  251. Due to bad economy Greek hookers' rates have dropped from an avg. of $53 to $2.12
  252. Active shooter in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood parking lot.
  253. Greeks defeated the Persians once, they still don't play around. (Greece sinking refugee rafts)
  254. Black Friday
  255. Tattoos!
  256. Mafia vs ISIS: Son of Mafia boss John Gambino vows to protect New York from terrorists
  257. Favorite Craft Beer
  258. White genocide! AntiRacist is a code word for AntiWhite! Stop immigration! Be proud of your nationality!
  259. Happy Thanksgiving Wrestling Forums
  260. What would you do in this scenario?
  261. Discount Protein Products-Something to be wary of?
  262. Chicago Police Officer Shooting Of Laquan McDonald
  263. Fantasizing About Professional Wrestlers
  264. Hot teenage Austrian 'poster girl for the Islamic State' killed by group for trying to escape
  265. Is it good idea to take cold showers during fever
  266. ISIS declares war on Morocco !
  267. Best Bromance Pairing
  268. Princeton students fight back against Political Correctness
  270. University cancels yoga class because of oppression & cultural genocide
  271. Clock kid demands $15 million and written apology for arrest.
  272. Uk 02 mobile
  273. You are in a 6 man ladder match for WWE title. You are top of the ladder.
  274. Dad wants daughter back after mother puts child up for adoption
  275. Need to vent
  276. American journalist, Serena Shim, was murdered shortly after exposing Turkish ties to ISIS
  277. Yale students ask university to abolish term “Master” for staff. Princeton did this week.
  278. Logic Puzzles
  279. IB Times: ISIS are planning an assault at several events. Survivor Series included.
  280. im mirin so hard lmao
  281. Women who think they get pregnant too easy... You may have worms
  282. This magic pill will keep you fit without working out
  283. Africans will be taking over Wrestling & MMA in the future.
  284. Is this the new "in" - phrase ??
  285. Georgia Secretary of State's office accidently releases personal information including SS numbers and DOBs for 6.1 million voters
  286. Have you ever met or dated a hot blind girl?
  287. Student Protesters demand media support them/sign loyalty oaths
  288. I Just Spent $10 today.
  289. Racist act at Vanderbilt University turns out to be blind girl's dog's poop
  290. If you could hit people with finishers without getting in trouble what would be your finisher?
  291. Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm Fight Was Fixed, Alleges Former WWE Star Taz
  292. Favorite youtubers
  293. Going to be a Dad
  294. I'm scared of surgery
  295. Vasectomies are fucking awesome.
  296. What Are Your Majors?
  297. Who is your favorite fictional cop?
  298. You know your faux "million student" protest movement is crap when Fox News easily embarrasses you.
  299. Baltimore reaches its highest ever homicide rate
  300. John William Themes
  301. Wanna read another story about the incompetent TSA?
  302. With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations
  303. Severely burned firefight gets a new face.
  304. Does Russia Today news promote "conspiracy theories" about Terrorism & ISIS?
  305. Feminist Article: Why Manspreaders Need to Close Their Legs
  306. Do you think Hitler would have been a good leader if..
  307. Paris Attack, Apathy for WORLD suffering, and Political Propaganda
  308. Are You Scared Of Your Toaster?
  309. Charlie Sheen announces he has HIV
  310. Darthmouth Univesity library Black Lives Matter protest
  311. Have you ever taken laxatives before?
  312. Riots Break Out In Oakland
  313. France airstrikes Syria, war is here.
  314. Man pushes Muslim woman into oncoming underground train in London
  315. Identify this City
  316. Happiest/Saddest/Angriest you have felt so far in life?
  317. Terrorist attacks in Paris
  318. Terrorist attacks in Paris
  319. Have you ever disliked/hated someone?
  320. Claremont McKenna College dean resigns amid racial bias protests
  321. Products you regularly use that now come in smaller packages?
  322. I think I have hemorrhoids
  323. Who is your favorite member of the YWC?
  324. "If you could go back in time and abort/kill baby Hitler, would you do it?"
  325. Colorado Springs female police officers sue claiming physical fitness tests are discrimnatory and win.
  326. How fucked would the world be if men and women switched?
  327. How did you survive college?
  328. First Ever Annual Charity Christmas Give Away Sweepstakes
  329. How do CEO's determine their salary?
  330. The mystery of Scott Steiner's website
  331. Mistakes made and SJW shaming me - story inside
  332. Youtube Wrestling channels
  333. What is sacred?
  334. Update: Yale admin thinks college shouldn't police Halloween costumes due to free expression. Student loses her mind.
  335. Stupidest things you have done while drunk?
  336. Trump asking tough question about why the US didn't go into Saudi Arabia not Iraq after 9/11
  337. Looking for somebody who speaks German
  338. Images that make your eyes go nuts and completely blag your head.
  339. University of Missouri: protests, resignations, and censorship over racism claims
  340. Unusual, yet simple foods you recommend everyone to try?
  341. Is Obamacare really just an insurance scam?
  342. Regional language differences that proper wind you up
  343. Playstation pervert caught pleasuring himself over games console in front of stunned shoppers
  344. New app that will make this forum more interactive for handling forum feuds.
  345. Do you think people change?
  346. Weird Shit People Have Said To You
  347. Donald Trump can't say CHINA funny moment
  348. my scott hall moment
  349. New fails, pranks falls and accidents compilation 2015
  352. Funny video collection part 2 funny falls, fails, pranks and accidents
  353. Naughiest thing you did when you were a child?
  354. Game Developer and Professional Victim Zoe Quinn getting movie
  355. Which one is worse, Afrocentrists claiming Ancient Egypt or Nordicists claiming Greek/Roman civilizations?
  356. Edinburgh Marathon 2016
  357. State trooper delays telling children of parents’ death, takes care of them on Halloween
  358. Daniel Fleetwood, First ‘Star Wars’ Fan to See ‘The Force Awakens,’ Dead at 32
  359. What are you looking forward to and wanting to happen in 2016
  360. College student posts video online of himself beating pet cat with a belt.
  361. Do you have an Askfm ID?
  362. 1st grader suspended for pretending to shoot imaginary bow & arrow at another student
  363. Thanks for inspiring me to lose more weight, CM Chump. Jokes on you.
  364. High School(Secondary School)memories
  365. College VS Highschool?
  366. 3rd Disease outbreak at Chipotle after going "organic"
  367. CrowdHaiku
  368. Funny video just the funniest of all
  369. Who misses the WWE Universe forums?
  370. New Chinese drug caught being smuggled into South Korea
  371. Is my brother always going to be a disrespectful asswipe or is this just a hormone thing?
  372. Serious question. Do I look fat? (picture)
  373. Sustainable consumption
  374. WWE Barcelona Show on Nov. 6th
  375. Boy writes letter asking judge to keep mom in prison
  376. 224 dead after Russian passenger plane crashes in Egypt
  377. At least 27 dead, many more injured in club fire during a Metal concert in Romania
  378. Are people who encourage suicide morons?
  379. UK Police To Be Given Power To See Everything You've Ever Done Online
  380. Itchy ear
  381. What is something you find yourself ALWAYS doing during your birthday?
  382. How Would YOU Handle A Zombie Apocalypse?
  383. The Meat of the Future: How Lab-Grown Meat Is Made
  384. SJW harass fan-artist in attempting suicide
  385. What's The Fascination With Selfies?
  386. Steve Austin & El Segundo Brewing Present Broken Skull IPA
  387. Do You Believe in Free Will?
  388. What is the worst nightmare you have ever had?
  389. Growing up really sucks.
  390. Why do so many poor and middle class people love Trump?
  391. The Greatest Story Ever Told.
  392. Walking Dead fan kills friend because he was "turning into a walker"
  393. What are you enjoying at the moment?
  394. Is it just me or is normal coffee in the pot better than keurig k cup coffee?
  395. My iPhone won't backup - help
  396. Why is America still dumb when we have all this technology?
  397. Hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer, World Health Organization declares
  398. Trump Supporters Assault and Drag Latino Man Out Of Rally, Cheered
  399. Political correctness gone wrong
  400. Fast Food Secret Menu Items
  401. Stupidest thing you ever did
  402. It seems like life isn't for everyone.
  403. What foods is Sriracha sauce good on?
  404. Your Pet Hates
  405. Goodbye Threads
  406. Any vaporizer enthusiasts?
  407. Your most terrifying paranormal related experience?
  408. What's your favorite candy?
  409. Who is Shelley Lubben?
  410. Re: The Devil And Shelley Lubben = Episode 1
  411. Russian woman beats her bf
  412. Biggest Storm ever recorded in the West heading towards Mexico
  414. Your unpopular opinion on anything
  415. Teen beaten to death in cult church by parents, sister, and other members
  416. susan g komen sues other charities
  417. Throw a punch
  418. Who are the nicest people on here and who are the assholes?
  419. Attack on the homeless
  420. Do you guys think I have paranoia?
  421. Can ghosts post on message boards or psuedo dead things which are not scientifcally proven?
  422. Friends and family members weird reactions to wrestling
  423. Re: The Devil And Shelley Lubben = Update video from Michael Whiteacre about Eps 5 and 6
  424. What is the point of "Open Carry"?
  425. Florida City Cop murders dog NSFW
  426. Where is Sasha Fierce aka Empress?
  427. Sylvester Stallone Wants Dwayne Johnson As the Bad Guy in Expendables 4!
  428. Pastor shoots/kills man in church after man threatens him with brick. Also, knocked up dead man's wife.
  429. The Star Wars trailer looks (End the sentence)
  430. Favorite/ Least favorite Simpson's characters
  431. Canada Federal Election: Liberals Win Majority
  432. Man accused of attacking fellow drinkers after they told him he looks like Joey Essex
  433. Innovators of the last century
  434. The best piece of porn you have seen/heard
  435. How does theme music surface on the internet?
  436. NYPD uses secret X-ray vans. Police Commissioner refuses to talk about it.
  437. Police Brutality again
  438. The police are at it again....
  439. City or Suburbia?
  440. Is this forum the only forum you are a member off
  441. A Teacher Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but McDonald’s
  442. Fine Dining
  443. Big Boris hits big tackle
  444. Should I start smoking to handle my stress?
  445. Target playing a porno over intercom
  446. Total biscuit has liver cancer
  447. The Myspace and Bebo appreciation thread
  448. Oscar Pistorius to be released from jail next week
  449. Atheism and dealing with loss
  450. NBA and Reality TV star Lamar Odom found unresponsive
  451. Florida woman live streams herself while driving drunk, police say
  452. Here's Johnny!!!
  453. Pick your poison
  454. Why is punk so different now than from the 80's?
  455. Am I trying too hard to please everyone?
  456. Nighttime instead of daytime
  457. Glasgow Red Road Flats
  458. Homeless Guy Using Skull as Puppet
  459. Size of your penis
  460. Books or E-books
  461. Hottest dance of Pamela Anderson
  462. Casuals
  463. They look like condoms, no?
  464. Why do People say that Putin Outsmarted Obama?
  465. Deal or no deal has to be a work right?
  466. What is the oldest photo/video on your phone/computer?
  467. Tune in app won't stop bufferring!!!!!!
  468. Where does friendship end for you?
  469. IU's ATO Fraternity in the news over hazing
  470. Getting old is one of the scariest thoughts.
  471. The US and 11 pacific nations reached agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership pact
  472. Who are your current crushe(s) on?
  473. Armed Man at Philadelphia Community College
  474. Which useless power would you rather have
  475. Amazing survival
  476. Guess im not trying the halloween whopper.
  477. #PissForEquality- Feminists fall for 4chan troll campaign by peeing themselves
  478. Question for spider experts
  479. Ghosts and Paranormal Experiences
  480. What were the silliest things you thought of as a child?
  481. Man beaten to death for eating Beef followed by Family members beating
  482. Pranks
  483. Depression and anxiety.
  484. Active UK and Ireland Users On Here?
  485. Are you a Closet Wrestling Fan? (CWF)
  486. delete
  487. United States bombs Afghan Hospital for nearly an hour, killing at least 19 including doctors and children
  488. IT worker shot by 15 yr old
  489. Gofundme page for a personal friend of mine
  490. Comedian Doug Stanhope talked a suicidal man out of jumping off a bridge in Edinburgh
  491. What is the longest time you have waited for someone/something
  492. "Hailing from..."
  493. Tired of being me.
  494. Phoenix Jones Stops Attempted Murder
  495. schools officials seemdumber all the time.
  496. Troll Gives HLN Interview on Edward Snowden, Defends Edward Scissorhands instead. Anchor doesn't seem to realize.
  497. Woman fulfills lifelong wish to be blind
  498. Oregon shootings
  499. Does My Best Friend*Female* Want The D? Or Genuine Feelings?
  500. The Rock Becomes The Spokesman Of Service For Ford
  501. The Best and Worst Year of your Life So Far?
  502. Pizza or Burgers
  503. What was your last thought before you went to sleep last night?
  504. Russian Air Force Begins Operations - Sukhoi Fighters Blast ISIS Targets
  505. 9-year-old girl denied inhaler during coughing fit at school
  506. Spiders
  507. Trump Backs Putin in Fight Against ISIS
  508. A man saved me from drowning, but now I am suing him for rape because he touched me
  509. What do you think about autonomous driving?
  510. To Beard or not to Beard
  512. Ronda Rousey challenged by Tank Abott
  513. NASA FINDS WATER ON MARS (but not aliens)
  514. Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating At Burger King
  515. Insomnia
  516. Game Changers Stage Fatalities = (Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble, Sega Genesis [1996]): Duck!, Rabbit!, Duck!
  517. mods please delete
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