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  1. Pope Francis slams Polish government and demands they admit more refugees who are fleeing the horrors of war
  2. Jailer chokes inmate to death on video, but still hasn't been charged
  3. $3 million lottery winner invested the money in a crystal meth ring
  4. Two Mexican Mayors Assassinated on Same Day
  5. Fireman Sam episode pulled
  6. Washington Post Delivers Painful Picture of Heroin Addiction in America
  7. Terrorist attack near Rouen
  8. Knifemen Storm Normandy, France Church During Morning Mass, Take Hostages and Murder Priest Before Police Shoot Attackers
  9. Vegan wins Miss Galaxy Universe European Championship
  10. Turin will be Italy's first vegetarian city under new mayor's plans
  11. German officials want mandatory Islam classes in school after axe attack
  12. Speechless with Carly Fleischmann interview with Channing Tatum
  13. At Least 19 Killed, 26 Injured in One-Man Knife Rampage at Care Center in Sagamihara, Japan
  14. How much time do you spend on WF weekly?
  15. Woman attacked by Tiger in Beijing's wildlife park
  16. Has the war on Europe started?
  17. Anyone had to deal with pests?
  18. Nightclub Shooting In Fort Myers, FL: Two people confirmed dead & at least 16 others injured
  19. Explosion at Nuremberg, Germany Wine Bar Called a "Bomb Attack"
  20. Germany: Machete attack leaves one pregnant woman dead and two other people injured
  21. Syrian Girl: France Attacking Assad Forces, Not ISIS!
  22. i love black chicks.
  23. The Young Turks Sucks Thread
  24. Islamic State Claims Credit for Twin Suicide Bombings of Kabul, Afghanistan Hazara Protest
  25. Iraqi Migrant in Germany Argues in Court That He "Exercised... Right... to Kill Wife"
  26. Video Emerges of Austin, Texas Cops Body-Slamming Black Lady Teacher During Traffic Stop Last Summer
  27. The Official Halloween 2016 Thread.
  28. The end of the VCR
  29. Have you ever been to Scotland?
  30. Shooting in Munich, at least 10 deaths confirmed
  31. Is Brave New World become reality?
  32. Roger Ailes out at Fox News
  33. would you go treasure hunting for dead drug kingpins money?
  34. Bill O'Reilly vs. Montel Williams
  35. UPDATE: North Miami Police shoot unarmed caretaker of autistic man playing in the street. Cop claims he was aiming for the guy with autism.
  36. manscaping query...
  37. Cop kills boy's dog at boy's birthday party. Guy he was looking for hasn't lived there in 10 years.
  38. Terrorists kill dozens of civilians in Syria
  39. You Are Sherlock Holmes
  40. KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, BLM get into 3-way piss fight at the RNC
  41. WWE Cartoons channel
  42. London's Hyde Park: Violence Breaks Out at Black Lives Matter Rally, Spontaneous "Water Fight"
  43. Man stabs a mother and her three daughters at French holiday park
  44. Dad sentenced after yelling at/pointing at the face of his daughter's bully after she was attacked
  45. Blessed with another year (27 Years with Liver Transplant)
  46. Man With Axe and Knife Attacks People on Train Near Würzburg, Germany
  47. Danish Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because “It’s Part of their Culture”!
  48. Smokers: how much do you smoke?
  49. Riots in Uppsala, Sweden
  50. 3 police officers dead and 3 wounded in Baton Rouge in possible ambush
  51. Elephant attacks in response to poaching
  52. Yerevan, Armenia Police Station Overtaken, Hostages Held by Gunmen Demanding the Release of Jirair Sefilian
  53. Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in honor killing
  54. Drunk Woman Passes Out On Strangers Couch Then Refuses To Leave!
  55. 28 Classified Pages: 9/11 Attackers May Have Had Help From Saudi Arabia
  56. MyPillow.com - The Key To A Good Night Sleep
  57. Sanders Supporters To Gas Out Hillary at DNC
  58. I was thinking...Why Isn't Stone Cold running for President
  59. Coup In Turkey Fails
  60. What is your favourite parody song?
  61. Report: French Gov Suppressed Evidence of ‘Gruesome Torture’ During Paris Attacks
  62. Theory on why non muslims defend islam
  63. Italian Banks May Loom Large for the International Economic Outlook
  64. Bastille Day Terrorist Attack in Nice, France. At least 84 dead.
  65. Heroic teen killed while shielding three girls from gunfire awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs
  66. 94-year-old Tri-State man earns his sixth degree black belt
  67. TWA 800 - New investigation work by Jack Cashill
  68. Boris Johnson new British Foreign Secretary
  69. Do You Pick Your Nose In Public?
  70. Insects/bugs and other creatures similar to them
  71. Asshole Singer Changes The Words Of The Canadian Anthem At The MLB All Star Game To An "All Lives Matter" Message
  72. Can you pass this Elementary Test?
  73. French Intelligence Chief: Country is "on the Verge of Civil War"
  74. Have You Ever Been Caught Masturbating?
  75. My Very Summarized Story Of Getting Into Wrestling
  76. Ex-Indy Wrestler In Need Of Help
  77. Republican Party to declare internet pornography a public health crisis in their party platform
  78. Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve
  79. Off-Duty St. Louis County Cop Shoots, Kills Acquaintance-Turned-Intruder Following Rounds of Facebook Arguing Over Black Lives Matter
  80. WWE Cartoon: Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels
  81. Do you generally try to buy products from your own country/region?
  82. Osama Bin Laden's son threatening attacks against US to avenge his late father.
  83. Free Slurpee Day @ 7-11 Today
  84. Suicide, the philosophy behind killing oneself
  85. Black On Black Homicides
  86. Are You Getting Used To Mass Shootings?
  87. How many languages do you speak?
  88. Would you go with an alien if asked?
  89. NJ school district calls cops for any incident of student misbehavior including insults, zombie drawing, racist brownie comment
  90. Tribute to a philanthropist: Abdus Sattar Edhi
  91. 5 reasons why India sucks
  92. How not to get your ass kicked by the police...
  93. Your Favorite National Flags
  94. Mizzou leaders whitewash race protests in skit for freshmen
  95. ANOTHER Cop shot in GA...
  96. Gunman and bomb threats in Miami childrens hospital
  97. How much money do you have
  98. Five Cops Killed By Sniper During Dallas Protest
  99. Seven California Gang Members With Mexican Mafia Ties Charged in Attacks Targeting Blacks
  100. Chilcot report delivers damning verdict on British role in Iraq War
  101. States With Anti-Trans Laws Watch the Most Trans Porn
  102. Alton Sterling police shooting in Baton Rouge, LA and Philandro Castle police shooting in Falcon Heights, MN
  103. Jon Jones vs. Roman Reigns: Battle of the Suspended Athletes
  104. So my dog directed and co-starred in a movie
  105. More than 60 shot in Chicago over July 4th weekend
  106. Its Simple-You Laugh, You Lose
  107. Does jail rehabilitate?
  108. VR porn event forced to shut down after too many came early
  109. Experts reveal how AI could turn "evil"
  110. Are the Olympics going to happen?
  111. Black Lives Matter Members Stop Pride Parade to Protest in Toronto
  112. Question for Windows 10 users.
  113. Saudi Arabia: Explosions near Medina and Qatif mosques
  114. House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.
  115. Humorless celebrities?? (Other than Bret Hart)
  116. Quiz: Can you pass the U.S. citizenship test?
  117. Walmart vs. Target
  118. Disabled cancer patient sues Airport & TSA after bloody checkpoint scuffle
  119. North Georgia newspaper publisher jailed over open records request battle
  120. Moving from the Teens to the 20s, or 20s to the 30's, what changed the most for you?
  121. Aussie elections
  122. Brutal MS-13 Crimes on the Rise in Virginia, According to Officials
  123. ISIS Claims Credit for Dhaka, Bangladesh Attack, Subsequent Hostage Standoff
  125. Charity Marathon Fundraiser
  126. Favorite Flowers
  127. The Love Thread
  128. Apple patents technology to block your phone camera
  129. ​Cat blamed for Florida shelter flood after turning on faucet
  130. Do you want to help these girls promote CFNM?
  131. Former Legendary Tennessee Lady Vols coach Pat Summit passes away at 64
  132. New Law Requires Criminal Convictions To Forfeit Property In New Hampshire
  133. Someone please send this awful bitch to prison for a long time.
  134. UPDATE: Pregnant teen beaten by customers at Wendy's over straws. She jumped through the drive in window at them.
  135. Multiple Explosions at Istanbul Airport
  136. Zuckerberg protects his private property from Hawaians by ... building a wall around it
  137. Gun advocate shoots and kills daughters before being killed by cops
  138. UK study proves Ravens & Crows are as smart as Chimps
  139. Animated WWE Dream Match Contest
  140. Federal judge rules FBI can hack computers without a warrant
  141. Who made the best first villan? WWWF Match: Shang Tsung vs Rita Repulsa
  142. #FatAssesBreakTheInternet is Trending On Twitter
  143. Second Cold War Continues to Escalate: Russia Likely to Deploy Nuclear-Capable Missiles in Kaliningrad Enclaves by 2019
  144. Freddie Gray Prosecutions Now 0 For 3
  145. German Theater Gunman
  146. Democrats Stage Sit-In On House of Representatives Floor
  147. Have any of you ever bought a replica belt?
  148. 31 Oakland cops implicated in having sex with the same underage prostitute. Due to scandal Oakland has went through 3 police chiefs in 9 days
  149. Police can use illegally obtained evidence in court, SCOTUS rules, sabotaging 4th Amendment
  150. Anti-Discrimination ad shows only whites are racist
  151. Senate votes down 4 different gun reform bills
  152. The Michael Jackson Coverup
  153. 2016 Summer Solstice Comes With a Rare "Strawberry Moon"
  154. Justin Timberlake vs Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
  155. Wrestling Discord Server
  156. Divorce
  157. America In A Fucking Nutshell
  158. U.S. Senate Approves Plan for Women to Register for the Draft
  159. Got a pup for my b-day, she's exhausted
  160. RIP to my drinking buddy
  161. Man jailed 71 years later
  162. Canada changes national anthem to be more gender neutral
  163. What happend on this date? When did this other stuff happen?
  164. UK:The Labour MP Jo Cox killed
  165. She wont troll him again
  166. WWE cartoon
  167. I am a wrestling addict (please help)
  168. Taliban Using "Bacha Bazi" to Kill Afghan Police
  169. Where are all the good wrestling youtube people from the early YouTube days
  170. US Court Rules For Open & Free Internet In Net Neutrality Case
  171. Cinnamon Toast Crunch VS Frosted Flakes
  172. May want to change your passwords elsewhere
  173. Old Navy Insults Fathers Day
  174. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed?
  175. Sacramento Baptist Pastor Praises Orlando Night Club Shooter! "Are You Sad That 50 Pedophiles Were Killed Today?"
  176. ISIS claims credit for murders of French police chief and his girlfriend in front of their 3-year old son.
  177. Gamer Doesn't Realise He's Livestreaming, Accidentally Wanks To The World
  178. Anyone with T-Mobile?
  179. WWE Fantasy League?
  180. What should I do about my authority problem?
  181. Anyone else hate their construction/manual labor job with a passion?
  182. University of Refuses to Hire Men to Promote Gender Equality
  183. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?
  184. Anyone here have an iMac?
  185. Child Bride Legally Married Under Sharia Law, German Judge Rules
  186. Suspect with arsenal including multiple guns and explosive powder has been taken into custody at Los Angeles Pride Festival
  187. Powerful explosion heard in Beirut
  188. The Just Shall Live
  189. Orlando Gay Bar Shooting
  190. Club Inferno - GoFundMe
  191. Society is so progressive now, that it's almost counter culture to be conservative.
  192. Share A Coke And A Song...What Lyrics Would You Want On Your Bottle and Can?
  193. Wrestling Toys For Max
  194. Why are celebrities so invincible?
  195. Best shitty light beer?
  196. Gawker Media files for bankruptcy in wake of $140 million Hulk Hogan verdict.
  197. Best place to get a US Passport?
  198. 2016 Deaths Thread: This is Getting Ridiculous
  199. Gordie Howe, "Mr Hockey", dead at 88
  200. Babymetal Fever!!!! Thoughts opinions on the band?
  201. Need help - Planet science
  202. How do you define native English speaker?
  203. San Francisco Is Bracing for Life After This Tech Bubble
  204. Google taking heat for difference in search results for "three black teenagers" & "three white teenagers"
  205. My Big Fat Mental Drug Induced Mental Breakdown
  206. The rate of female obesity growing while male obesity remains the same
  207. Official "Scary Shit" Thread
  208. The Good Old days
  209. Controversial Humor?
  210. War Veteran family members?
  211. I tried the Heath Ice Coffee From Dunkin Donuts Today
  212. What is that Orange Juice/Raw Egg Drink in napoleon dynamite?
  213. Oklahoma Highway Patrol now seizing money from bank accounts and pre-paid debit cards during traffic stops
  214. Going Away to College
  215. Boy Who Identifies as Girl Wins Honors in Girls Alaska's All State Track and Field
  216. How is your financial situation shaping up?!?
  217. NATO begins massive military drill at Russian border
  218. Do You Enjoy Your Work?
  219. RIP Kimbo Slice
  220. Researchers at University of California, Davis, Create Human-Pig Hybrid Embryo, Attempt to Harvest Human Organs
  221. Socialism Vs Capitalism
  222. Israeli court denies extradition request for school principal wanted on 74 child sexual assault charges because she gets panic attacks
  223. Feel Good Story of the Day
  224. 4 Year Old's Headstone Removed Because Someone Was Offended
  225. Any aspiring wrestling writers/bloggers?
  226. Women should wear Skirts or Dresses more
  227. Do you harvest your own food?
  228. So, I finally did it! (Bucketlist)
  229. Teacher arrested after getting pregnant from 13 year old student
  230. So what is the average age at wf
  231. You are the leader of a country, choose an animal to be on your flag
  232. U.S. Efforts to Revive Iraqi Army Faltering as Fighting, Attacks Leave 375 Dead This Week While 50,000 Civilians Remain Captured in ISIS-Held Fallujah
  233. Muhammad Ali, 'The Greatest of All Time', Dead at 74
  234. Yale English students call for end of focus on white male writers
  235. Student Announces "White Privilege" Day In Class
  236. Overpass bridges in the netherlands to help animals cross safely.
  237. At least 33 U.S. cities cheated on tests for lead in their water
  238. If you could permanently eliminate any social media site from existence...
  239. Swedish Government Kicks Family Out Of House To Make Room For Refugees
  240. UCLA shooting: 2 killed in murder-suicide, campus on lockdown
  241. where can I get....
  242. Monster alligator stuns golfers by casually strolling across Florida golf course
  243. Pair Guilty Of Horrific 2 Year Old's Murder!
  244. U.S. State Department Issues Travel Alert Concerning Americans Traveling to Europe This Summer Due to Terror Concerns
  245. Wrestling Forum Appreciation Thread.
  246. What are your political views and why?
  247. What are your religious views?
  248. Any photo experts here?
  249. Gorilla shot in order to protect boy.
  250. NBA player Bryce Dejean-Jones shot and killed after kicking in front and bedroom doors of wrong apartment
  251. More Young Adults Live With Parents Than Not—for the First Time in 130 Years
  252. Post the saddest 3-word phrase you can think of
  253. Be Honest Do You Believe The Illuminati Exist?
  254. Chinese kids that have to climb 2500 ft. ladder to go to and from school may finally get stairs
  255. Los Angeles vs. Tokyo (as a vacation)?
  256. Summertime!
  257. Saudi Cleric says photos with cats is FORBIDDEN
  258. How Islamophobia Helps ISIS and Breeds Extremism
  259. Peter Thiel Reveals He Bankrolled Hogan's Gawker Lawsuit
  260. Oberlin students want to abolish midterms and any grades below C
  261. Self esteem issues
  262. In Nyc for a week, any advise on local stuff one can do?
  263. Bhutan King photographed cooking for community school children
  264. Elijah Wood: Hollywood Has a Pedophile Ring; Child Actors "Prey"
  265. Acts of Kindness Can Boost Your Mood According To Study
  266. 5-year-old LaPlace girl dies after shooting herself with father's gun
  267. Question about a job I went for...
  268. Suge Knight wants to see his parents before they die
  269. Study Speaks Of Evolutionary Benefits Of Oral Sex
  270. Top Celebrity Masturbation Muses
  271. Will Zoophilia/Beastiality EVER be legal or considered morally acceptable?
  272. Blake Lively deemed racist for quoting Sir Mix-A-Lot
  273. Perfect Foil For Identity Politics... Forget Gender-Fluid, Be "Identity-Fluid"
  274. How many countries have you been to, where do you want to visit, and which was your fav
  275. Study suggests Magic Mushroom ingredient may ease severe depression
  276. Kindergartner supended for bringing clear plastic toy gun that blows bubbles to school
  277. EgyptAir Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo 'disappears from radar'
  278. Weirdest toy from your childhood.
  279. Sex Roulette' Parties Where One Person Secretly Has HIV Are On The Rise
  280. Shit you do others think is weird?
  281. a dog truly is a man's best friend
  282. What kind of phone do you use?
  283. Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in their SUV because they think it's cold. Herd rejects it. Has to be put down.
  284. Target Is Facing A Nationwide Backlash For Its Support Of Transgender Rights
  285. Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents
  286. The Deconstruction of Venezuelan Society Continues as Looters Seek Chicken and Flour as Shortages Worsen
  287. The U.S. Army's War Over Russia
  288. the french palace
  289. CNN's video on MUSLIM FEMINISTS
  290. Budweiser changing its name to 'America'
  291. The possibility of a mass revolution
  293. Can Texas go alone.
  294. Jimmy Kimmel is running for Vice President of the USA
  295. Opinion Piece Denounces Captain America for Being Straight - Should Be Gay Instead They Say
  296. The EU Referendum: Brexit or Remain (Brexit Wins)
  297. Azealia Banks’ Horrifying Slurs Against Zayn Malik Got Her Canned From a U.K. Festival and Suspended from Twitter
  298. Transgender rights bill advances in Massachusetts
  299. Today is...
  300. Why do people care more about LGBT than all other world issues?
  301. who is your favorite YWC channel or channels?
  302. YOUTUBE
  303. Feeding a Racoon
  304. How much of Pop Culture History is a lie?
  305. Mammoth to be brought back to life from cloned bone marrow 'within five years'
  306. I offered Sunny $1500 for sex in 2014
  307. Zimmerman auctioning off Gun from Trayvon death
  308. Isn't it crazy how Deadpool is so great from Beginning to the End?
  309. BBC runs sob story about pre-op transgender who can't get a date
  310. Islamic State bombing in Baghdad kills 63
  311. What is your dream car?
  312. Scottish man arrested for hate crime for prank video of him teaching girlfriend's dog to do Nazi salute and other offensive things
  313. Man screaming 'Allahu Akbar' kills one person and leaves three more fighting for life after random attack on passengers at train station in Germany
  314. Favorite Little Debbie Snacks
  315. Cutting a real life promo
  316. Saudi Arabia Releases Video Teaching Husbands How to Beat Their Wives
  317. Artist gets assaulted for drawing Donald Trump with a micro penis
  318. P Nuttles butter toffee sunflower kernels (small review)
  319. Father charged with domestic assault after posting video of himself boxing with son as discipline
  320. Lucid Dreaming
  321. Man Shoots, Kills Brother In Beef Over Cheeseburger
  322. Be honest. Do you really care about your rep?
  323. Veteran Jailed for Asking Officials about Their Ties to Oil Industry
  324. Robot Admits It Wants to Destroy Humans After Glitch During TV Interview
  325. Syrian 'Rebels' admit to targeting Schools and Hospitals
  326. Happy Mother's Day WF!!
  327. Earthlings Have the Chance to See Mercury in Transit Monday
  328. 22 male never been in a relationship
  329. Egyptian Officials: Tom & Jerry/video games to blame for Middle East violence
  330. Trying To Let It Sink In
  331. Girl Troubles
  332. Man With Down Syndrome Opens Cool Snow Cone Shack and Becomes Youngest Business Owner In His Town
  333. Seafood
  334. Man sentenced to 25 years of prison because of prom sex gone wrong
  335. ISIS Captures East Syria Shaer Gas Field
  336. Researchers break record for keeping lab-grown human embryos alive
  337. Are youtube advertisement worth it?
  338. President Reagan
  339. Caitlyn Jenner to feature on Sports Illustrated cover wearing only US flag and Olympic gold medal
  340. Be honest. A starving kid gets fed for life.... OR you get a sandwich of your choosing
  341. Italy LEGALIZES Stealing for Hungry Poor People
  342. Woman in Wal Mart berates man in front of his family for using food stamps
  343. Green Beret who beat Afghan official over raping a boy has been reinstated to the army
  344. School officials call police after student tries to buy lunch with $2 bill
  345. 50 Cent Faces Backlash After Making Fun Of Teen With Disorder
  346. Depression: Loss of appetite
  347. Meet Australia's first openly gay Imam
  348. What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State
  349. Do i have one of the oldest Join dates ??
  350. [GIVEAWAY] HUGE WrestleCrate April & March Unboxing
  351. Have you ever met girls online in person before?
  352. The 3 new M&M flavor review
  353. 12-year-old girl accidentally runs a half marathon after signing up for 5K
  354. Man punched in face by stranger for 'looking like Shia Labeouf'
  355. Villagers stunned to discover 'angel from heaven' on beach. Turns out to be a sex doll
  356. Ex-Missouri State University Student Says School Discriminated Against Him for Anti-Gay Views
  357. Malawi's albinos at risk of 'total extinction,' due to demand for their body parts
  358. How would you define an addiction? Do you have an addiction?
  359. Homework assignment
  360. Check your privilege! (lmao)
  361. Denmark Is Eyeing a Tax on Red Meat to Fight Climate Change
  362. Mayor of London Boris Johnson spotted wearing ladies underwear in 1896
  363. Moment of Human Conception Between Egg and Sperm Marked by "Bright Flash of Light," Scientists Discover
  364. Are you FOR or AGAINST the idea of humanity all uniting as one nation?
  365. USC cancels 'Legends of the Games Industry' event four hours before start because of all-male panel
  366. Roman Reigns sweatpants strike again!
  367. Anyone else fed up with this healthy/fit lifestyle trend?
  368. any motorbike fans here?
  369. Should I pursue a CPA designation or jump into industry?
  370. Worst or most cringeworthy fans or followers
  371. Former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison after molestation scandal
  372. EB 1 Visa as proof of inteligence
  373. What type of cologne y'all use?
  374. wwe functioning
  375. Are you a breast man or Ass man? Poll included
  376. Documents show racism in Asian police officer from San Francisco
  377. Post/Talk about your precious collectibles!
  378. The Future Technology Thread
  379. Christians....do you think the bible should be followed word for word.
  380. Pornography: why I stopped watching
  381. Do you like the human race?
  382. 89.9 WKCR Radio Hijacking (Old News, But Interesting)
  383. Tricky situation with the in-laws
  384. Witch or Vampire
  385. 8 Family members in 4 different locations in Ohio shot execution style
  386. Does anyone use the ignore button on here
  387. Bill Maher takes a huge dump on white guilt liberals, SJWs
  388. Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare Tied Together Forever by the Shared Date of Their Deaths, and Their Fastened Legacies Viewed in Retrospect
  389. Foods you cannot stand
  390. Your Most Recent Purchase?
  391. What would be a typical dish of your hometown/area of residence?
  392. Wow...
  393. Girl Gave Me Her Number But Won't Text Back?
  394. University kicks out male student for rape even though woman says it was consensual
  395. Vendor in Detroit Public Schools Corruption Case Lived Like a King
  396. 60 or More Afghan Schoolgirls Hit by Poisoning Attack in Taluqan
  397. Belgian Muslims danced after Brussels terror attack
  398. What type of drunk are you?
  399. wrestling-edge
  400. Headaches/migraines
  401. Why does the State with the weakest gun laws have the lowest murder rate in America?
  402. NC proposes rule requiring prosecutors to come forward if they know that an innocent person is serving time
  403. Do you read/regularly buy any magazines?
  404. Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill
  405. How much money is there in the world?
  406. 7.1-magnitude earthquake hits southern Japan
  407. Interesting (To me anyway)
  408. Ohio State Shuts Down Student Occupation after Arrests, Expulsion Threatened
  409. Scott Steiner Witnesses Attempted Murder Outside Atlanta Restaurant.
  410. Female only parking spots? The fuck?
  411. Changing event from private to public on facebook whilst not losing amount of people going?
  412. Have you ever tried beef Jerky before?
  413. A good daily vegan diet? (3-3+ meals? + snacks)
  414. Burger King Employees Smash Windows Due to Prank Call
  415. How do you pay your cellphone bills?
  416. Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human
  417. Active Duty Soldier Says Military Suicides Are "All About The Money" &
  418. My Absence
  419. Princess Diana - Questions for you Brits
  420. Malls
  421. Australian 60 Minutes crew and mother detained in Lebanon
  422. Saudi Arabia and Egypt announce Red Sea bridge
  423. Would you let intelligent aliens discover humanity?
  424. Bold Career Decisions
  425. California City Gives Young Gang Members Money And All-Expense-Paid Trips In Exchange For Not Shooting Their Rivals
  426. Atheist Mohammad Nazim Uddin, Hacked To Death By Machete Wielding Muslims
  427. Have you ever been to Dave and busters before?
  428. A holocaust survivor's view on Veganism
  429. When You Lose A Friend To Drugs...
  430. Parents angry after middle school Spanish teacher had students fill out "How privileged are you?" form
  431. Police station in Paris attaked
  432. Ray Lewis Blasts Black Lives Matter Movement For Ignoring Black-on-Black Crime
  433. Why Sandy Hook parents are suing a gunmaker
  434. Looking for a song name!
  435. Wow......
  436. How Do Syrian Women Feel about the Men Leaving for Europe as Refugees?
  437. If you were a celeb , what would be your diva demands
  438. Be Honest What Are Some Of Your Theories About The Universe And Life In General?
  439. Police Officers Shut Down YG And Nipsey Hussle's "F*ck Donald Trump" Video Shoot In Los Angeles!
  440. 20th Anniversary of Unabomber's Arrest
  441. 2.6 terabyte leak of Panamanian shell company data reveals corruption, tax evasion etc.
  442. Sick and can't sleep
  443. If you could go back to any year of your life, which would you choose?
  444. France: Exodus of 10,000 millionaires amid rising Muslim tensions
  445. The CIA Left Explosive Material on Loudon, Virginia School Bus After "Training Exercise"
  446. Man gets shot while live streaming on facebook.
  447. NYPD arrested mailman for DC after he complained when they almost ran over him
  448. I Designed a T-Shirt For My YouTube Channel, Looking For Feedback
  449. Do you wanna build a Snowman? I came Home crying today.
  450. Jamar Clark Shooting Ruled Justified
  451. Have you ever been told you look like a wrestler/celebrity?
  452. What is your biggest walk of shame?
  453. Hillary's "Super Predators" have a chopper in the trunk for Donald Trump
  454. Taiwan toddler beheaded in random killing
  455. 1 year old shot and killed in drive-by over rap music beef in Florida
  456. Tangle Deepens in Syrian War as U.S.-Backed Factions Clash With Each Other
  457. Car Thieves Steal 8 Cars From A Tampa Dealership caught on video.
  458. Lost all memory of the other night
  459. Suicide Bomber Kills 63 People, Mostly Women and Children Celebrating Easter in Pakistani Park, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar Takes Credit
  460. Strangest reason you have heard someone complain
  461. Man arrested after making parody facebook page of his local police dept.
  462. Easter egg hunt turns into Black Friday after parents rush the field
  464. Raids uncover evidence of Europe-wide jihadist cell (CBS News)
  465. Trump supporter gets 90-day jail term and probation for plot to bomb Muslims
  466. Are you for or against abortions?
  467. Do you recognize this celebrity?
  468. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Study Finds That Heavy Social Media Users Are "Trapped in Endless Cycle of Depression"
  469. Microsoft's "Teen Girl" AI bot on twitter became a neo nazi sex bot all on it's own in 24 hours
  470. 9 people charged with murder in fatal Georgia teen street brawl (Video)
  471. North Carolina Fucks Up
  472. Talent agency boss who 'confronted a Muslim woman in London and asked her to explain Brussels' is ARRESTED for 'inciting racial hatred'
  473. Wrestling gif thread
  474. N.J. actor on trial for prop bb gun on movie set; rejects plea offer
  475. Katt Williams fights a 15 year old kid.
  476. Do you agree? Novak Djokovic: Male tennis players deserve more prize money than women
  478. you are not gonna believe this....
  480. Your last google search?
  481. Who is awesome enough to help me on this
  482. How accurate is your Chinese New Year animal thingy?
  483. Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dead at age 46
  484. Explosion at Belgium airport
  485. 6-year old allowed to be taken from long term foster family because she's 1/64 Native American
  486. What have colleges become?
  487. NJ mall Easter Bunny brawls with customers
  488. Im drunk, so i thought i would ask what your favorite drink is?
  489. February shatters HEAT Records, Hottest Winter ever recorded in history! Global Warming, Climate Change VERY REAL.
  490. Does this baseball player's body look like a woman's?
  491. Earth Hour 2016
  492. Do You Read Books?
  493. Who is the worst of the YWC? (YouTube Wrestling Community)
  494. Weirdest crush you have ever had?
  495. What's the documentary I'm thinking of?
  496. I'm looking for a video editor ($$$)
  497. Veganism.
  498. Do you know who you were named after?
  499. Lockheed Martin Hails Progress on Hypersonic Military Aircraft
  500. Apple vs. FBI & DOJ
  501. Finding The Right Person
  502. Smokers - your favorite brand?
  503. What do you look for??
  504. ICE: 124 Illegal Immigrants Released From Jail Laterr Charged in 138 Murders
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  507. Funko Pops
  508. Lost my sister today
  509. Windows 10 photo touchups makes pictures look 10x better than original.
  510. What is your catchphrase?
  511. Corona Extra beer, DiGiorno Pizza, Stouffer's & Lean Cuisine frozen meals recalled due to glass in them.
  512. Hencheman_21 Is 1 Of the many jewel's of this forum.
  513. Gun Control Advocate 4 year old shoots Gun Nut Mother
  514. So the big fat oaf from Pawn Stars likes sex crimes and meth
  515. Saw this lawyer on Tosh.0, Men's rights attorney Marilyn York
  516. Any artist? Or people with special talent? If so share
  517. Longest time you have been away from home
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  523. nucklehead88's Insomnia Ramblings.
  524. Your DNA Results
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  526. Man killed over Messi v Ronaldo row
  527. Christian Wrestling Entrainment Promotion.
  528. So I got cheated on
  529. According to feminists men proposing to women is part of rape culture
  530. ask me questions for a Q&A
  531. Former first lady Nancy Reagan dead at 94
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  534. David Alan Grier To Play the Next Col. Sanders in New KFC Ad Campaign.
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  536. Oh here we go.....
  537. A life changing quote that my Theology professor taught me today and I thought I would share with all of you
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  546. Election
  547. After 18 years man still in prison even after DNA proves he's innocent
  548. What do you guys do for a living?
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