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Pizza Hut wings are the nastiest fucking things I've ever eaten. I bought a lot of food from there for my family and I one Saturday night, including wings.

Took 1 bite, spit it out. Same for my dad. Whole box of wings in the trash.

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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

Yeah I'm Buffalo Wild Wings by default. I go there for the WWE PPVs with my brother.

But that isn't my favorite place to go for wings. I'll take a non-corporations wing's any day. I was in Buffalo this weekend for Battle Ground and went to a local place that the receptionist at he hotel told me about and the wings there blew away anything I've ever had at Buffalo Wild Wings or any other place that has numerous locations.

Brick House Brewery on Long Island has some pretty great wings, well I went there on $0.25 Wing night so that made it a great meal. On top of not eating anything all day and having a few highly alcoholic, delicious, craft beers before the wings arrived it was one of the best meals I've ever had.

There's also a place up in the Adirondacks that I love to go to when I'm up there with my family.
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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
Habanero mango etc pls
Mmm... Mango habanero ...



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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

The Teriyaki wings at B Dubs are really good.


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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

I love wings too (they're a staple of my cheat days ), and I've had all three of these places.

I've definitely been to B Dubs the most out of those three so it's probably my favorite (DAT UNLIMITED WINGS LUNCH DURING THE SUMMER), but I really like Wingstop too. Hooter's was expensive to me, but was decent too. So I guess it goes B Dubs > Wingstop > Hooter's.

There's a B Dubs and a Wingstop where I now live (and an In-N-Out ), so I'll be visiting those frequently

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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

Buffalo Wild Wings is about that life son!!! The ones here in South Carolina got amazing looking girls, I used to work at one for a bit but I guess I didn't show enough leg to get good tips, but hooters has to be the worst on this list...

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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

Buffalo Wild Wings.

That's the place to be.

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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

Buffalo Wild Wings, 100%

best in the world

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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

people who order non-spicy wings aren't living their lives correctly

There was a place in SoCal called WINGS N' THINGS which had the spiciest wings ever that shit was like rape in my mouth, awesome stuff

I approve of BWW and Wingstop as well. Hooters is shit.

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Re: Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Wingstop?

Bdubs, hands down. Big fan of the Parm. Garlic and Asian Zing.

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