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Lets talk obesity

How do you feel about overweight people in general?
Do you have compassion for them or do you feel they just need to get a grip and lose weight even if it means very tough love?

Its funny cause what they say is true,you can preach to a smoker how smoking will kill him and no one will care but as soon as you say to an obese person that they will die if they dont get their shit together people jump on you saying there is nothing wrong with being overweight.Telling them they are still beatiful and they dont need to change for anyone.Well its true that they dont need to change for others but they do need to change Its crazy how instead of trying to motivate someone into losing weight others just give them more food to make them feel better.

Are any of you overweight and if so how do you feel when someone tells you that you need to get in shape?
Do you immideatly wish hell upon them or do you actually see their point?


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Feel bad for them in a way, but at the end of the day it's up to them to make a change.

I for one was obesse during my high school years and hated myself. I'm now 24, I used to weight 265 pounds I'm now down to 180 and feel great about myself.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

I wouldn't tell anyone to loose Wight,esp If I don't know them well enough because I think it would be a more subtle way of calling someone a fatty.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

depends on overweight/unhealthy they are. if you're obese, which is really really overweight, then yeah, you probably should get on that.

either way, I don't give a fuck about how well people take care of themselves.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

I hate how some play the victim and cry about how massive they are while blaming other factors for their sorry predicament and then ten minutes later stuff themselves with anything in sight, I also hate how their greedy exterior matches their personality. I despise how they want to change but they don't want to apply the effort and they expect instant results. The worst was the "fat gene" or "fat is the new black" smdh.
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Re: Lets talk obesity

Obesity really only bothers me when I'm about to eat something.

Sitting on the bus wondering if she's eyeing you up on your footlong subway.

Tough times.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

Depending on proximity, how I feel about obesity, would be: squished.
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Re: Lets talk obesity

As a former fatty who went from 315 to 190 (albeit skinny fat) thanks to simply watching my diet and hitting the gym, they don't get my sympy at all unless it's caused by medical problems (not including genetics).
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Re: Lets talk obesity

I say who gives a fuck, people can choose what to do with their bodies & nobody should have an issue with it or care. People pay the price for whatever they choose to do but it's stupid as shit to actually think we should have the right to tell people what to do or judge others for what they are. It shouldn't matter what race, size, condition a person has, nobodies perfect.

I've bounced around my whole life from fit to unfit, fat to skinny, healthy to unhealthy - what I always find funny is how morons act like when you do start to shed the pounds or something - it was for their approval. "You look better now" - the fuck do I care what you think? It's that retarded how you look thing that causes me to hate most of society, but I digress.

If people want to be fat, eat a lot & go out with heart attack - let them. If people want to be healthy, hit the gym 5 times a day - let them. In the end it doesn't matter.
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Re: Lets talk obesity

I will say that if you're obese or overweight, you're probably spending way more on food. Not even sure how can student that isn't rich can be overweight when I'm starving 24/7.

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