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Re: Lets talk obesity

Doesn't really bother me if someone is overweight but I don't feel bad for them if they are that way because of laziness. Luckily for me, I've got good genetics so even at my worst, I've just had a bit of a fat belly which I was able to get rid of after a week of exercise.
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Re: Lets talk obesity

There's been a lot of polls of big businesses, etc., that show a real bias against obese people. I suppose it's valid in the sense that many stereotypes are valid-- some truth formed the basis of what became an accepted viewpoint. Still, it's tough to think that just because you're overweight you immediately start with a 'strike against you' in the corporate world.

I guess a lot of people make the same arguments for women, homosexuals, etc.

It's strange how much preconceptions can interfere with even the most honest/accepting people's opinions. I wonder, if we were all being honest, how easily we'd admit that a super-large (or dirty, or ragged, or even uber-ugly) person would immediately start a tick or two below a fit, attractive person in our eyes. It's human nature on a certain level. Though, I respect anyone who, like myself, tries to see beyond any culturally-engrained stereotypes into the person they're really talking to. Because, even if someone isn't what we think/hope/want them to be, all people are people and deserve to be treated as such.

Agree with Headliner-- feel bad about folks who draw that line so early. They don't have pleasant things in store for them.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

Depends...Most people are content with being the way they are, and some really can't do anything about it due to ignorance or health condition. I just have a problem with people saying they want to lose weight CONSTANTLY, but then eat like they want to get high cholesterol. At some point you have to put in the work, but overall if your big I don't care as long as your happy. It does sicken me when you get to a point when you can't go outside, but that's another story
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Red face Re: Lets talk obesity

Originally Posted by TheHype View Post
I wash mahself wit a rag on'a stiiickk

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Re: Lets talk obesity

About 2 -3 years ago I was about 335 pounds and I blame no one but myself for this, whilst I do have a very slight medical issue that makes it harder to lose weight I once again take full blame for it.

Do I feel sorry for other's that are overweight, no, when they get bullied or ostracised then yes I do.

Both my parents tried to motivate me for years and it never worked, I would exercise maybe for a few weeks and then stop.

The individual has to want to lose weight first and then find the drive to do it, the last two and a half years I've worked out almost everyday, even when my sciatica flares up I still work out because I'm motivated to now lose that weight.

Ultimately though if a person is happy with the weight then I say just let them be.

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Personally, I fucking hate to see a fat-ass at haggendazz. Go run bitch.

I don't like to look at fat people at the beach, especially, fat hairy people.

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Re: Lets talk obesity


Ridin durty!
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Re: Lets talk obesity

I'm fat (not super mega fat but you know), but I don't complain about it constantly, or at all like some people I know.

Seriously, fuck those people.

Originally Posted by pagi View Post
Listen son, you need a lesson in quality over quantity. Look at pagi's post count to join date, then look at yours. When pagi makes a post, everyone knows it will be big. It's kind of like a Rock appearance. In a lot of ways, pagi is the Rock of this board. You on the other hand, are more like the Funaki of this board.
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Re: Lets talk obesity

Originally Posted by WrestlinFan View Post
I'm fat (not super mega fat but you know), but I don't complain about it constantly, or at all like some people I know.

Seriously, fuck those people.
Hey, as long as you don't use the motor scooters at Wal Mart, we cool bro.
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