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Re: Lets talk obesity

I wash mahself wit a rag on'a stiiickk

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Re: Lets talk obesity

Originally Posted by VRsick View Post
I want to know when a fat person is on the road to being a total fatass, do they stop and think " I should cut the shit out, i'm borderline fat". Its almost as if its just a conscious decision to become fat. Its like smoking, you know you are going to get addicted if you smoke, why on earth would you do it? I guess some people just don't care, but if you don't care you don't have the right to complain about it. Fat people are gross as shit to look at for the most part. No way they can clean all those folds. Sometimes I want to get fat just to show how easy it would be to lose weight if you actually cared about yourself. Was grabbing some pizza the other week and there was a fat fuck there who ordered 2 large steak and cheese subs and a few slices all for himself, how can you not be ashamed eating that much food?
I believe they're aware of the detrimental impact it can have on their health but they choose to ignore it, I know some obese people who are scared of going to the Doctor because they don't want to hear the bad news. Extreme late-night snacking is another factor that contributes to obesity, snacking applied to an obese person is basically a three-course meal for the average person. We're talking obese here not chubby or morbidly obese, we're talking obese people who need an electronic scooter to get around who can't wash themselves and need a family member or carer to do it for them, I do pity obese people in these regards because of the psychological impact however this is self-inflicted, the writing was on the wall a long time ago but they chose to ignore it.
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Re: Lets talk obesity

It is pretty pointless to condemn people who are obese. We all have poision's we enduglge in that destroy's are body being obese is more obvious because how it effects your outer appearance. If someone is obese and wants to lose weight but has made no effort to do so then yea they can be pretty annoying but for me personally I know if I didn't have a crazy fast metabolism I'd be a little overweight right now since it's been so long I've worked out on a regular basis. (Not obese but overweight)

And metabolism is another thing you have to factor in it's easy to say someone eats terribly because they're overweight but you could have the same eating habits as them and be normal weight because of your metabolism.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

Originally Posted by TheHype View Post
I wash mahself wit a rag on'a stiiickk

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Re: Lets talk obesity


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Re: Lets talk obesity

If they're obese and don't care its whatever but if they complain about it a lot, its hard not to get frustrated with them, because they could be doing something about it.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

I don't care if someone's overweight. It doesn't affect my opinion of them.

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Re: Lets talk obesity

Most fat bastards I know are slobs, as in messy people who leave take away boxes everywhere and stink up every room they enter with their obese greasy body odour.

I hate people who are that messy so ergo, if fat bastard=messy bastard, then yeah, I hate them rotund mayonnaise fiends

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Re: Lets talk obesity

is it a coincidence that we are talking about this on a website that has ads all over it about food that you should never eat?
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Re: Lets talk obesity

I don't have a real problem with it. I view it as unfortunate in a humbling way. I have a cousin that is very bias against bigger women. He tends to make fun of them and say bad things to them on the regular basis. It's quite pathetic. He'll get his one day.

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