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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

I ran into the back on my current partner's car whilst we were queuing to get out of the university car park. Totally my fault for not looking where I was going and texting at the same time....fucking women drivers. >_<

Turned out alright in the end. Point is, op, you can meet someone anywhere but why not get a hobby? It's a lot easier to take to someone when you have something in common already.

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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

work is the best place. girls see u working, it doesn't really matter what you're doing, if you're in action, it heats them up. plus you're pretty much boxed in with them for however long your shift is, eventually you're gonna start talking, and feel comfortable around them. the best girlfriend i had was my boys little sister. i'd go over there to chill, she'd always act slutty around me, and i got the hint.
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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

I've known my boyfriend since kindergarten. We didnt start dating till high school though. He was getting stepped on by girls who didn't appreciate him and I was in a relationship with a guy who was a drug user. (bad time in my life)I think we were both depressed with where our romatic relationships were going. Anyhow, We'd often just hang out and play games. Then one day while goofing around during Halo, he just up and kissed me. We've been going steady ever since.
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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

Watched her through her window for a few years, eventually I couldn't take it so I made her mine.

I think that's what you should do too op.

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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

In my last year at uni I threw a house party just before Christmas, invited everyone I knew from uni...problem was it was on a friday night and most people went home on fridays. Some stayed for the party but it ended up being a major cockfest with about an 3/1 ratio of lads to girls.

Anyways, one of my team mates invited this girl off his course so I got talking to her and the rest (as they say) is history.



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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

I got my last gf by being hilarious on an online forum, which blossomed into being hilarious in private chats, which blossomed into continually disappointing her with my physical repugnance. Steps 1 + 2 are a blast though, give it a go, you never know! (rhyming triplet, awww yeahhh)

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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

Met my girlfriend in high school. Been dating for nearly 3 years now.

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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

I met her in a psychiatry. True story.
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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?

If you are antisocial meaning you dont like bars and clubs you can probably meet someone in Walmart. Always lots of women alone in there and lots of single cashiers too. Try talking to someone about anything, store prices or whatever and it will go from there. It worked for me.
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Re: Members how did you get a gf/bf?


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