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Strange sounds coming from the sky

I want you guys to see a few videos...

My question... what do you make of it? There's a lot more videos on YouTube of that same sound from different parts of the world. Just type 'strange noises' into YouTube and you'll see a ton.

Any opinions on what that sound is?

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

This is so old that Wayne Rooney will probably try and shag it.

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

Carnies and rubes for the most part

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

There was a thread on this last year.

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

You're way behind. Sky horns used to be cool but then it was all about mass bird deaths, which in turn was replaced by cannibalism.

Actually not sure on what the coolest news bandwagon is right now in 2013.

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky


Everything you do in life echoes throughout eternity. ★

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

Aliens are conducting an experiment to see how fear works in us before invading, obviously.

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

lol. This is old, but the funny thing is I heard a much higher pitched sound when inside my home during lunch time. I completely laughed it off, and turned up my surround sound. I could still hear a high pitch. I turned my entertainment system off, and just assumed it was a horn, or train. However, I realized that wasn't the case at all. The sound literally resonated to the core of the house. It lasted for a very long time, several minutes continuously. I even told my wife about it, and this was before seeing, or knowing of any youtube videos about these "strange sounds". Without sounding foolish, it sounded like the highest note on a trumpet was being blown. I have heard trains, as I have lived by them practically my whole life. This wasn't wheels of a train on a steel track. This wasn't a fire whistle. After seeing, and hearing these videos of other people claiming to hear sounds it really shocked me.

There was a level of confusion at this point, and in all honest I really didn't want to admit that I heard this sound. One can't describe the thoughts that may go through your head when you know you experienced something out of the ordinary, and then you try to play it off as nothing. Then you come to find others have heard strange sounds, with different tones, or pitch. I'm not out to hoax anyone, and could care less to know that you believe what I am saying. I'm not in the game of convincing people of anything I'm just hear to share my experiences. Truth is only defined through experience. I can't expect people to believe things, but I can tell them my truths.

I'm in no way shape, or form anyone special, or very distinct. I don't claim to be anyone of great importance. However, I do know this for certain, and fact. There are things that I have seen with my own two eyes, and experienced with another subject that I know most people walking on the planet have not. The greatest part about this was having someone there to validate what was being witnessed. What I am going to tell you is just something for you to read. We are a species that has advanced with one major question looming over our heads. Are we the only ones? Whether you be religious, or not won't really matter in the long run in comparison to the "revelation" that is going to be experienced by mankind.

Mankind is a story. Yes, we have been observed, or we have been watched. Whether, or not someone, or something is looking over all of us at the same time is foolish. We are simply just being observed. What we do is being compiled. It's like being recorded Universally over some Universal WI-fi. The same way scientists here take data from what they observe, and this is no different. This is an intelligence so beyond what we can even understand that we are in fact the species that they are discovering, it's not the other way around folks. We seem to think that we are big fish in the sea that is space. We are nowhere close to that.

We are the animals that they all thought were extinct by now. Picture it like this. When scientists discover a new plant species, or new form of algae it's a big deal. It's the Eureka of science, and part of why many scientists do their jobs. They are looking for things. In general we are the top of the food chain here on Earth looking for new resources, plant life, insects, mammals etc. When you reverse the roles it's now we are that rare animal that this higher intelligence so wishes to find. There greatest scientists are working to find whatever they have named us. We have been observed, and tampered with for as long as humans have existed.

Millions of people have seen UFO's because physically the distances may be so far that even for them getting a real life form here just isn't a plausible solution. UFO's are basically drones from other Universes of people who literally resemble humans on earth. No they aren't living among us, and they aren't the Illuminati, or reptilian shape shifters. Like I said the distances are still very much to far even for higher intelligences to get here physically. However the do communicate with people here on earth in the highest securities you can possibly imagine. As a matter of fact no you can't even understand what I mean by this type of security. It's so complex, but at the same time it's as real as apple pie.

They live underground folks. There are cities under your feet, not all of you, but depending on where you live could be anywhere from 10-15 % is a massive underground research facility, with labs, electricity, water, heat, microwaves etc. These people work every day building air crafts that we have seen, and have labeled as UFO's. Half of what we see now in the sky is man made from this Earth. It's becoming more rare that we actually see a UFO not from this dimension. However, UFO's aren't the point, and in all honesty these air crafts are old news. If you don't think they exist, you're truly ignorant. Join the military, and move up in the military. Study Engineering. The sounds could actually be coming from underground, and it's proof that they are likely drilling to make room for more people.

Why would they make room for more people? Because we could possibly be under a serious threat from something outside of our control. No, Jesus is not returning, and neither is any other religious deity. Mankind has been warned, and in the most creative way many humans have tried to kindly tell us stories of a very nasty event. When in danger, or in a serious threat humans have always used code to inform those of their same scenario. In this case however we have all come under the impression that there aren't any other life forms, and most people don't believe anything that is remotely associated with this concept. People have evolved to reject higher than their minds can accept. Even when we know most of those people are likely religious people who believe in all sorts fantasy.

Even as an atheist I realize that religion had no real home in my heart. There is one thing that typically stands out in many of those religions that I don't support. It's the idea of a war, or some form of chaos. Either the human species are the most nihilist group mammals, or there is something brewing far deep in space than we can imagine. We are going to witness a UFO as a global society. Meaning if you can read, watch a tv, have a phone, have email, or have internet won't matter. You will see it, and many other much smaller ones with your own eyes. Our satellites may, or may likely not be out. It's hard to say depending on the size. I would imagine that they won't want to crash their air crafts into our satellites while entering out atmosphere. They don't now, so I don't why they would unless they were going to start destroying mankind right off the bat.

Yes, I said destroy mankind. I know most of you are probably laughing, and that is fine. I don't expect anything less. I in fact I would laugh to. For those who are still reading please pay attention to what I am telling you, and don't start telling everyone you know, it won't help. You will only get ridiculed, and many people have asked me if it's such a secret, then how did it get out? It's not a secret for starters because most people know about UFO's, and it's whether, or not they choose to know that they exist. Also, really nothing has gotten out, we don't even know the tiniest clue as to not being the only civilization around, and weapon technology, and air craft technology. Humans are clueless. What we know about UFO's is just enough for Spielberg to do a movie.

As religions have said we are going to be under this judgement. This higher ranking human species will have the right to completely destroy much of the world's population. Why? Resources, or perhaps they react out of self defense. Who is to say we don't attack them first as a global force? Many people often think that we will be the victims. Others think that we will react diplomatically, and will be able to communicate with such an intelligence. In either case imagine what many space crafts hovering over the parts of the world. What would that do to the economy? How long before we would react? What happens I think is that you have a serious problem just between this nation's vast armies. How long before Americans start asking for an attack?

People will be asking for war, and that in fact could start a war of epic proportions. Would people still go to work knowing what's going on? Would people begin to riot? Most of us have no clue as to how we would react, and that is why many governments not just ours are stocking up on ammunition. There is a foreign threat, but that foreign threat will cause wide spread panic by merely just making itself known to humans. Humans will panic, and martial law will be enforced in communities in most trouble with looting, or shootings. Mobs of people will start to form, and religious nut jobs will be out in full torque. At this point people will demand that something be done aggressively after simple things like power outages, and then we have a problem. The first attack is made by humans which is followed by a horrendous attack by our foreign invaders.

The sounds these people are hearing aren't warning signs, but in essence they are. Safe havens are being drilled underground in preparation for what is about to go down. Those sounds are warning signs in that they are signalling that something is coming, but it's not God making those sounds, it's humans getting ready for a very nasty event. Most if not all of these people are men, and women who work for various nation's governments. Much of our money goes in to the military for a reason, and it's so those people who aren't shooting M-16's can hide while everyone else fights for their right to live. In the most awkward of ways man has been trying to inform those of a time in which we will witness something more powerful than any story ever told.

What is interesting isn't the war, but what impact these foreign air crafts will have by just merely being on the planet for us to see. How will people will react? That is the main point here, and I think it is very likely we eventually panic. Power outages happen due to the amount of air crafts in the atmosphere, causing disturbances in our communications. Airports will be shut down, Cell phone towers won't work. All these things will be happening, and thus leading people to think that this is some sort of hostile attack. When in reality it's just a result of the space crafts being here. Not so much that it is intentional on their behalf. Fat people don't mean to break chairs, it just happens.

This is the same scenario. No cell phones, no internet, no cable, and perhaps no electricity. This is all means for an attack especially if it's a global problem. Get ready people you have no clue as to what is about to go down. What I have told you is hardly enough, and I know most will troll, and say things that's fine. I will have clearance hopefully, and will likely be underground due to my relations with certain people in my family. Save your ass, and get a government job, lol. Matter of fact join the Army Reserve. It will save your life. This isn't some religious nonsense, because this has nothing to do with any God. There is no God, and this will be proof. Judgement in a weird way will be passed, but that will be due to our very own ignorance of the situation by likely attacking out of despair.

The one thing man is getting right is that something is returning. However, it's not Jesus, or some other religious King. It's merely what has been observing for a very long time. It never created us, nor does it care what our values are. These will be highly intelligent species that will send air crafts that are likely to be artificial intelligence. They may already be programmed to react with hostility the moment they are threatened. Many of us are probably wondering why they are "returning". It's not so much a return as it is an uninvited event. Traveling through space isn't very common for man on Earth, but for other beings it is. They send their "UFO Drones" through out space possibly to communicate, or merely discovery. Others may be out to conquer.

From what I have been told we have made contact, but not in the way you are thinking. It's not a hello, but we have been communicated with. What I should say is that we have been discovered. For the longest time our nation, and others thought it would be a cool idea to send signals in to space. They never expected to really make contact, but it was the idea that what they were doing was real, and there was a chance if there was life we may let them we are here. That's what we did exactly. We were communicated with, but we didn't know exactly how to translate it. It wasn't until the late 80's that we made progress. I have been told that communication has been made hundreds of times. Our technology over the years has been improving with communications for a reason folks. What we are using is old technology. Our government knows there is something out there. They even fear that with the technology that they are using now is implicating that these things are tracking the Earth's orbit.

Meaning they are locking in on our position. How do they know this? Simple, we here on earth do the same thing to Asteroids we track their orbit so as to know if we are in danger. This higher intelligence is doing the same to us right now, or at least that is what's expected. However, they can't validate this. In any case I find it ironic that as of right now this is the assumption. Imagine space is an ocean, and we are decent sized fish. We are living the good life because we really don't have any real predators like Sharks to worry about. We are in to vast of an ocean to worry about that. However we are making as much noise as we can, and are doing as much as we can to let everyone know we are here. This was our wrong doing folks. This isn't the end of the world, but it will be the end of the world as you knew it. Don't pray to Jesus because he won't save you, and don't become a Doomsday Prepper. Just know that you likely won't have a chance to survive, and that will likely come at the hands of another human who has panicked like the rest of them, and begins to riot just because their are UFO's hovering over the great plains of the United States, and stretching over to the Ivory Coasts of Africa, and looming over Paris. I have warned you, but even then I have told you very little. There is plenty more than you even think.
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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

No ones going to read all that

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Re: Strange sounds coming from the sky

It's copied.

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