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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
stop telling people what to do with their lives, Asenath, god damn

there are no girls online lol what a rube the OP is
I should hope people take my suggestions with the intended casual tone and not as if I think I'm handing out commandments.

Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne.

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

I have twice. Similarily to McQueen it was back when Myspace was all the rage. I met one girl who was in T.O. to stay with her dad for the summer, twas a cool meet I guess! We hung out a few times, and she showed me her place, but nothing more than making out and some other stuff transpired, because, it was the backend of the summer and she was leaving in a couple weeks back to the States and as I found out the day she was leaving, she had a boyfriend . Oh well shit happens I guess. The second time wasn't really memorable or anything so no real need to elaborate on that.

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

I think I've done it about four times. 3 of those times were epic. 1 time fell flat because we couldn't go inside her house and I didn't think to just suggest fucking inside her car.

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

I met a few from facebook, but they are all sluts and im still in good terms with most of them.

There was one I met that actually wasnt a slut and liked me a lot, but she lived out of state and I wasnt bothered. And it wasnt like she was ugly, she was pretty. Now that I think about it, shes probably crazy and probably has been broken in to be a slut now lol
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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

whats a girl?

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

Yeah, once.
Didn't go nowhere though.

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

Yup I've got the severed head of a girl I met a few weeks ago in my freezer right now :bateman

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

Yep, done it a few times.

When I was younger and was on Myspace, I'd say possibly about 10 girls. This sounds odd, but it was more they were going out the same night I was, and in Liverpool everyone practically goes to the same places, and it was more of a text me when you're there type thing. All of them were great though, nothing weird. Still friends with a couple of them, most are on my facebook/twitter.

In terms of meeting someone one on one in a date sort of situation, 2 or 3 but never anyone who wasn't a good friend of a friend, and always through Myspace/Facebook/MSN/Texting, never from a chatroom or anything like that.

It sounds weird to think meeting someone off the internet, but back when it was Myspace you'd chat on there, they'd say they were going to the Krazy House, you'd say you were going there to and they'd text you when they were there. Never seemed strange to me. I wouldn't have been chatting to them if I didn't think they were cool.

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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

have met both guys and girls. we were all part of some online group and hosted a meet up one day, still friends with some of them to this day.
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Re: Have you ever met a girl online before?

It happened indeed.

It was interesting to say the least.

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