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Re: WF through Gizoogle

GOAT thread = "Straight-Up Legit GOAT 'Top Billin Of All Time' Rap Thread"
FAQ thread = "*Forum FAQUIZZY* Yo Crazy-Ass answer may be up in dis thread dawwwg!" Read the opening post:

"Frequently Axed Thangs & Issues" had me going.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: WF through Gizoogle

Originally Posted by Foreshadowed View Post
Yes muthafucka! 3 points!

That was a straight-up nervy endin but our crazy asses looked solid all up in tha back all game. Evans afta havin a straight-up trippin start was a cold-ass lil complete rock n' Ferdinand was pimped out throughout. Rafael had another phat dame both defensively n' up in attack, Evra was once again phat goin forward but skanky all up in tha back. De Gea gets his fuckin long awaited cleanshizzle yo. Dude deserved it afta em two magnificent saves he made.

Valencia was wack again, which be a real shame ta see. Nani had a phat first half but was dreadful second half. Carrick n' Cleverley continue ta blossom together up in midfield n' Rooney was Man of tha Match fo' mah dirty ass. Worked hard tha entire game, looked creatizzle up in attack, linked up well, tracked back ta help up his fuckin lil' defence n' banged up a straight-up supab goal. Definitely tha dopest attackin playa on tha pitch. RVP had a gangbangin' few decent moments but was surprisingly on tha down-low fo' majoritizzle of tha game.

Our thugged-out asses was terrific first half but second half, besides scorin tha goal, our crazy asses looked devoid of any ideas. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Still, 3 points is 3 points n' tha added bonus up in tha cleansheet.
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Re: WF through Gizoogle

So they translate it to R Truth's voice (out of character).

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Originally Posted by Aid180 View Post
Headliner needs to make that the official site description.
It's because he's black, isn't it...

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Re: WF through Gizoogle

Da WWE just don't understand gay gangstas.
I aint a homosapien male, mah dirty ass yo, but I be straight-up actizzle up in tha LGBT n' Out communities. I never felt like there was much need fo' a openly gay wrestler, afta all, what tha fuck difference would it make if a wrestla was gay and not?

Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised ta hear tha WWE was not only bookin a openly gay wrestla yo, but a openly gay black wrestler. I felt tha character would be a positizzle role model fo' gay youths n' maybe help break down a shitload of tha hood taboos.

But fuck dat shizzle yo, tha word on tha street is dat I soon found up what tha fuck a gangbangin' fool I was fo' expectin tha WWE ta sheezy any class and taste biaaatch! As soon as he comes down tha ramp, he be straight puttin on a gangbangin' flamboyant minstrel show. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Shoutin catch phrase n' spewin "don't go there ho"-esque passive aggressive comments tha likez of which even tha contestnts on RuPaulz Drag Race would scoff at.

I watched up in horror as every last muthafuckin gay stereotype manifested itself. Constant, flirtatious innuendos bout other wrestlaz genitals flooded his thugged-out lil' promos, ceasin only fo' prissy vanitizzles bout appearizzle, weight, n' threadz ta flow from his crazy-ass grill, further rollin home tha notion dat gay pimps is all campy, self-conscious, "beef cake" gangbangin perverts.

Things gots worse when he gots up his stupid-ass guitar. I was hopin fo' a funky-ass brief moment dat they would present his ass as a sensitizzle artist, n' would sheezy off tha talent up in tha LGBT hood. I was again proved wrong as a vaudeville-esque barrage of sexuizzle innuendo n' camp was pounded tha fuck into mah tympanic cavities.

Look, I have not a god damn thang wrong wit campynizz n' some phat natured ribbin yo, but I feel tha WWE has turned Dwayne tha Rock Johnstonz lifestyle n' underground sexuizzle preference tha fuck into a nasty, crude, bolt of negatizzle stereotypes bein drilled tha fuck into our domes. I hope dat up in tha comin weeks, tha WWE will take on a mo' enlightened, intelligent approach ta dis character, n' I hope dat dis characterz portrayal of same-sex romizzle aint muthafuckin soured yo' underground views bout homosapiens n' homosapienity.

Thread is even more gold with this

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Re: WF through Gizoogle

Originally Posted by TehJerichoFan View Post
Dwayne gave Cena a blowjob.

Cena is the company's top man.

So your prayers have been answered.
Originally Posted by TehJerichoFan
Dwayne gave Cena a funky-ass blowthang.

Cena is tha companyz top man.

So yo' lyrics done been answered.

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Re: WF through Gizoogle

Upgrading yo the fuck am I reading? And why does it sound better that way?
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Re: WF through Gizoogle

This is fucking awesome.

"Who stands out the most on WF?"
"Who standz up da most thugged-out on WF?"

Yellin', "One, two, three, four, five
I am the greatest rapper alive!"
So damn great, motherfucker, I've died
What you hearin' now is a paranormal vibe

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Re: WF through Gizoogle

Kooky shit
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Re: WF through Gizoogle

Fucking brilliant


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