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Re: Cop Punches Victim (US Soldier) for Complaining

couple of douches.

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Re: Cop Punches Victim (US Soldier) for Complaining

Cops usually have chips on their shoulders, or have deal with bitches like that guy all the time. I have had to call the cops 4 times and one of the times I waited 30 minutes, I was still grateful because they have to deal with bullshit situations hundreds of times a year and then have to spend hours filling out tedious paperwork.

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Re: Cop Punches Victim (US Soldier) for Complaining

Originally Posted by kregnaz View Post
So wait a minute, to get this straight:
Guy complains to cop that they took forever to get here. While talking he takes a casual step in the direction of the cop (not even half a fucking step). The cop also goes a step towards him, and punches him in the face. After humiliating the guy with fuckwhat he insists that the guy stepped up and got in the face of a police officer. Several times. After two minutes and several forced apologies the guy asks why THE COP stepped up to HIM. And instead to sticking with his bullshit excuse the cop says "cause I wanted to talk to you and not have to yell", contradicting his own fucking story and lying. BUT he says that the guys story about the cop on the phone telling him to fuck off or something HAS GOT to be a lie, because they are all police officers and therefore PROFESSIONALS?

Fuck this cop, he should lose his fucking job asap, he obviously is NOT behaving professional, he is too fucking STUPID to stick with his own flimsy view of events while this is all videotaped by himself, wrong career choice fuckhead.

As to the guy being a "douche", well, so what? I'd be pissed if the police took 45 minutes to get to me, I'd pussy out too if a cop just fucking knocked my head off without any reason whatsoever and put me in cuffs. That changes nothing about the abusive dick in uniform

This. While I wouldn't have been that disrespectful to the cops like the guy was in the beginning, he didn't deserve that at all. The guy made no physical threats to the cop whatsoever. He stepped forward, that's it. It's not like he raised his hands to the guy or something that could even remotely signify that he intended violence. This to me just seems like an old school guy not taking any shit off some young guy. And while that young guy was a giant douche about it, he didn't deserve that.
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