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Re: What have you got a huge collction of

Platform heels that are 4in+. I love being over 6ft with them on and they just look the best. I even got a chance to custom make a pair of them.
All leather with a 6 inch heel.

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Re: What have you got a huge collction of

Ticket stubs from most of the gigs I've been too. Got around 250, although there have been lots of shows I haven't gotten my stubs back or I was put on the guestlist.
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Re: What have you got a huge collction of


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Re: What have you got a huge collction of

Can't really say I have a huge collection of anything. Lack of funds prevent me to do so. But I think I made a nice little personal nest.

Enough manga for it to be hard to get around my bedroom, have the entire Marchen Awakens Romance manga series (no, I am not counting its sequels) GetBackers 1-12, both FLCL and Q-Ko Chan (for Mangas with only two volumes, they weren't easy to find) a stack of first year Shonen Jumps, list goes on.

Also have a bunch of comics from Alternative Press Expo and WonderCon's small press section, (Burn, Alcatraz High, Hansel and Gretel: Agents of the Coven) a good set of OniPress books (Sharknife series, Peng!, Wonton Soup series, Multiple Warheads 1 to name a few) and started an attempt to get back into Marvel, have a few Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, first two issues of Avenger Arena, collection books of the Marvel Mangaverse (Mangaverse 1 and 2, as well as New Mangaverse)

... I have enough "How To Draw" books to make the wheels of a plastic Clothes chest to explode off...

I have a collection of DVDs, most, obviously, Anime. Half of the Air Gear Series, first Volume of Gurren Lagann, "complete" Rurouni Kenshin series (not counting season 3.... Nobody counts season 3) two of the three Samurai X movies, the entire Dirty Pair Flash series, Dokuro Chan, etc. A few Miyazaki DVDs (Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.) two Satoshi Kon films (Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers) Tekken on VHS. Also have several Asian live action films mainly from Korea and Japan, Guns and Talks, Attack the Gas Station, Azumi to name a few.

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Re: What have you got a huge collction of

I have a huge collection of fungi in my toenails.
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Re: What have you got a huge collction of

Used to be CDs. Had around 500 or so at one stage but haven't bought one for about three and a half years now. Collection has dwindled also because I've sold a few. Pretty sad.

For now, it didn't intend to start out as a collection, but I have a nice array of art books on my shelf now. I'd REALLY love to start a vinyl toy collection but those things costs money, something that alludes me right now.

EDIT: Yes, books about art, not wanking collections.

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Re: What have you got a huge collction of

Originally Posted by randyorton24 View Post
I also have tons of TV Shows Boxsets. Including entire Buffy The Vampire Slayer, entire Charmed, entire Prison Break, entire 24, entire True Blood(1 to 4), The Walking Dead 1 and 2, and many more.
Outside of comics... TV boxsets are pretty much the only other thing I collect, off the top of my head I've got entire series of shows like Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Charmed, Heroes and non complete series (mostly because the latest seasons haven't been released on DVD yet) like Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Fringe and Supernatural.

Yeah so I might be a nerd.

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Re: What have you got a huge collection of

Randy Orton posters, I have 4, One on each wall of my room...

I'm a Lady BTW!

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Re: What have you got a huge collection of

i have a huge collection of stuff that i have given to charity

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Re: What have you got a huge collection of

Got a shoebox full of away Stubs for Everton games and matchday program's from all the stadiums I've been to.

Used to have shelf fulls of video games, sold them all and just kept stuff I will play. I also only buy limited edition version of games if they sell them so I tend to have got a collectible from each title.

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