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Do you sleep naked ?

6 reasons to sleep naked :

A recent study showed that less than 10 percent of Americans sleep in the buff. Whaa? Not only is it dead sexy, experts swear naked sleep is actually good for you. We asked them to spill on the top reasons you should ditch those pajamas for good.

By Natasha Burton

1. You'll Air Out Your Hoo-Ha
Jennifer Landa, MD, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, says that sleeping naked can be healthier for your private parts. While it's totally normal to have yeast and bacteria down there, the warm environment can sometimes cause an overgrowth. One way to prevent infections is to "air it out" and go commando.

2. You'll Sleep Better
While you might like being cozy and warm at night, it's actually important to have a cooler environment when you sleep, says Lisa Shives, MD, who sits on the National Sleep Foundation's board of directors. "Your body temp progressively declines as you sleep, which is a natural tendency of the body, so being too warm with heavy PJs and blankets can disrupt that." Sleeping naked, she says, can help your body stay cool.

3. You'll Look Hotter
According to naturopath Natasha Turner, best-selling author of The Hormone Diet, being too warm at night disrupts the release of melatonin and growth hormone-your main anti-aging hormones-into your body. "As your body temperature drops, growth hormone is released and works its regenerative magic," she says. And that keeps your skin and hair looking awesome.

4. You'll Lose Belly Fat
Sleeping naked helps you sleep more soundly, which will allow your levels of the stress hormone cortisol to decrease as you rest, keeping your energy and hunger levels in check, Turner says. When your sleep is disrupted, your cortisol will be too high when your alarm goes off, making you more likely to wake up hungry for comfort foods-and more likely to overeat them.

5. You'll Feel More Confident
Sleeping naked feels great, Landa says. "We can tune in to sensations like the feeling of the sheets and the coolness of the air, which can be very sexy" she says. "And feeling sexy increases confidence."

6. You'll Have Better Sex
Landa says that sleeping naked is great for your relationship because laying skin to skin will increase feel-good chemicals like the cuddle hormone oxytocin. "Sleeping naked encourages sexier relationships," she says. You'll feel more relaxed and be more in the mood for intimacy.

Sometimes when I'm feeling "Earth-Quakey" I'll sleep with something on in the anticipation of having to flee naked. It happened in the 90's and I'm not a fan of it happening again. And you how do you sleep ?
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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

I don't sleep naked unless it's summer and it's really really hot.

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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

I sleep naked once in a while. But those are interesting facts about sleeping naked. Might as well do it all the time! Lol

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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

I fully support any study which encourages women to take their clothes off.
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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

Always. Once I'm done gorilla fucking I have absolutely no energy to go put clothes on.
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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

recently i go to bed in my boxers and wake up naked w/them thrown across the room somewhere. i usually don't remember doing this but i guess it's because i'm too hot. idk.
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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

I tend to sleep in a shirt but the bottom half of me is always naked when I go to sleep.

Though I do sleep completely naked during the summer however.

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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

All the time

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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

I sleep naked.
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Re: Do you sleep naked ?

Always sleep naked. I get far too hot with clothing on, even in winter. My body's core temperature is absolutely fucked.
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