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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

Originally Posted by asdf0501 View Post
I agree with everything you said to an extent, my problem is that in the context seems more a moral lesson than a pure speech and this problem is what put me off with it. Even if i reckon the intentions of Chaplin are pure, something i will not say for someone like Nolan just to to say the first person that comes to my mind. Specially for the reason i mention before.

I believe that the speech was one of the reasons Chaplin wanted to do the movie, to express his feeling on humans nature and the problems of that time but to me seems more cliche than other thing.

All of this in the context of the movie, i believe the same things.

And on topic

A pedohile/murderer being judge by the mop and the criminals in germany, one of the most amazing secuences ever. This is the most bizarre twist in people discussing about each other morals, Lang was a master and Peter Lorre is certainly underrated.

Fair enough.

I can see why one would think that it was somewhat contrived, or even sanctimonious to a degree. To me it was a natural expression of action-reaction. A man that is morally good amidst the chaos, and has a breakdown as a result. I think we all get that way, sometimes we don't want to fathom the logic behind everything going on around us because there are alternative paths, but greed, power, misunderstandings can inevitably lead to bloodbaths when you're dealing with men that have weapons and strength in numbers on their side.

Good call on M, that is indeed a great speech.

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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator:

This. I actually posted this speech on another forum last year in a similar thread. Great scene.

This speech was his character pretty much expressing what he wanted and wished for, never really thought he expected it to be that way. A utopia of sorts, nothing but a dream really.

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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

This can be seen as an anti-Chaplin speech, but this one is nonetheless notorious. Mike Kaminski's impression of Patton is spot on, and there's no denying that George C. Scott is a brilliant actor that did the Patton role justice.

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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

Phil Brooks FTW!!!
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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

I am biased and would never vote against my precious Sly over the other choices.

Marks for Rowdy Roddy Piper
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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

He's got quite a few in the running to be fair.

Quite a topical one, considering the other thread about the US government mistreating their vets:

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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

Loving this thread, well done Anark

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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

Originally Posted by TheFranticJane View Post
It's this whole ethos of 'international brotherhood'. This idea that nations and borders are a bad thing and that we can simply close the door on all our worse impulses.
Humans are animals, like any other. Do you think the Lion tries to reason with a rival male when it strolls into his Pride? Does the Lion try to talk his enemy out of murdering him and his children?

We are animals, we hate, we kill, we fight and we repeat the same cycle again and again. It keeps the numbers down, it is an endless cycle of death and it is inbuilt to our genes. Humans started families, families started tribes, tribes started nations, nations started Empires.
It is natural.

The truly unnatural thing is what Mr. Chaplain was preaching. Peace and love, hugging rainbows and fucking unicorns. Humans were not born to live peaceful lives, I think we're meant to be miserable and I think as a species we're meant to fight one another - just as one colony of ants will attack another.
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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
well he was shot by a palestinian, so i assume that guy had a good reason to
That man was under the influence of hypnotism.
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Re: Greatest Speech Ever?

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