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Re: Admit that you have a problem

I am so deeply flawed that I often have a hard time accepting that I have any redeeming qualities at all.

I love professional-wrestling.
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The Face Of The Company
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

I'm too easily content. I don't really have the same hunger as other people do to succeed. I often wish I was one of those people who had that real hunger to succeed and become the best they can be but I'm perfectly happy as I am now. I'll hopefully lead an enjoyable life but can't help but think of the stuff I'm bound to miss out on, by not putting full effort into everything that I do.



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All out of bubblegum.
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Not been bought up yet but just an insane level of overconfidence.

It's not a physical thing, I don't think I'm great looking etc.
A few years ago when talking to female friends about guys I mentioned that I'm far better than any of the others we know. They all agreed and started saying it & it sort of spiralled out of control...

WF Dictionary:
#1 - A wrestler I like losing to a wrestler I don't like.
#2 - A wrestler I like being insulted in promos by a wrestler I don't like
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

I'm a terrible procrastinator and really lazy. I also seem to lack motivation/stay motivated. I've had a guitar for three years now and I can't even really play anything beyond a few notes. It just collects dust in my room.

I'm an underachiever. Which is horrible because even when I half ass, I can do something pretty good things. Like cooking. I'm a very lazy cook but I always get compliments on how good it is when I cook for friends or my family. Same with my papers for college. I usually write them a day or two before they are due and usually get no less than a B.

I keep my emotions to myself and I get uncomfortable if I do talk about them.

I let my anxiety get the better of me too many times.

I get annoyed for the smallest things.

I talk to myself when alone.

I'm selfish and I hate sharing.

Aaliyah 1979-2001

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Too Sweet
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

I have an attitude, simple as that. I've lost various jobs because of it. Instead of biting my tongue and going back to work. I'll get back in my bosses face. I'm also a nail-biter.

And I have over 2,500 posts on a Wrestling Forum. Does that count?

public class WrestlingForum
public static void main (String[] args)

System.out.print("Insert Creative Signature Here");

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Re: Admit that you have a problem

The lack of a blue. post in here kills this thread's credibility.

Personally I wouldn't say that I have a problem, everybody else does.

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
I cry at the drop of a hat. Commercials. News articles. Novels. Old songs with stories in them. Wrestling angles. Give me a reason to cry, and I will boo hoo. It feels good, though.
You must have been dehydrated after CP's rant on you if that's the case.
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Getting ignored by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

Lying. I sometimes feel the need to lie over the stupidest things. I hate it.

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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

When i have a problem with someone, i feel like the entire wortld is against me, so i feel depressed

I'm also very lazy like the majority of people here.

And i appreciate more what i have once i lose it (especially girlfriends)

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Confortably Numb
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

Sometimes I trust and hope for the positive on people too much, and it ends up backfiring at me. Eh..

Your tears of pain became tears of joy. Thank you for everything, Greatest Of All Time.

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If someone hates you for no reason give that motherfucker a reason
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Re: Admit that you have a problem

I drink too much.... or not enough.

Are you deranged like me Are you strange like me

I wanna do right
but not right now
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