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Re: Things that annoy you?

^^^ On that note, people who walk through doorways in big lazy groups and then all stop right inside the door while they decide where to go next. HOW ABOUT GO THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY, FUCKING TOURISTS. OMG, and people who let their kids run back and forth in automatic doors. Just stop.
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Re: Things that annoy you?

Stupid questions
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Re: Things that annoy you?


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Re: Things that annoy you?

Retards really annoy me. Stupid idiotic people who don't know even the most easiest things like where a country is located on a map. People who actually do come off as if they lived in a cave their entire life.

Religious nuts annoy me. God fearing people, who have the most narrow minded views. The worst is the fact that they seem to try to interpret god's will even though nobody has ever met him/her/it. How the hell can anyone believe they know what god likes or doesn't like, e.g homosexuality etc.

Militant atheists annoy me. People who get up in arms over the slightest mention of god and religion, and just come off really arrogant and prententious. As an agnostic, I respect both views points of religious people and atheists. But for some reason neither side can.

The rants section of this forum annoy me. It's made up of idiotic threads bashing other posters on the site. There really is no creativity in the rants section, everyone just hates on each other, and doesn't bring anything constructive to the site.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

People who eat with their mouths open.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

People who type messages only in caps.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

Jews... No offense, you devious bloodsuckers.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

what really annoys me is losing, at whatever it may be. i try to not get as annoyed by what other people do. a lot of people suck, that's just how it is. they blame others for their mistakes, have a sheep mentality, are two faced, etc etc etc etc. u can't control that, but u have a lot more control over whatever you're doing. when i lose i feel like i let myself down, and that's the most annoying feeling.
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Re: Things that annoy you?

Shitty fucking drivers.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

People who are late or who are poor with time management.

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