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Re: Things that annoy you?

people who don't wash there hands after going the toilet
pillheads and druggies on a night out
very loud people
people who know the answers to things but ask anyway
gypo's in general apart from a few
spolit brats
quirky indie fuckers
people who don't wash
people who try to claim for anything

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Re: Things that annoy you?

People who take wrestling seriously

You know the kind, their favorite wrestler loses a few matches and suddenly their favorite wrestler is being buried. They talk about how a company like WWE is running itself into the ground and act like they could run the company better than the people who have made more running the company than generations of the poster's family will probably ever have.

People who just randomly hate but never give reasons

I post I'm playing on my 3DS, someone posts that the 3DS sucks, Vita is better and I should buy one. Sales wise, its not better than the 3DS and I own a Vita... Its dusty.

Hybrid College Courses

I have a professor who is going to mark my portfolio at the end of the semester, but I cant ask her for help on creating it because she know nothing about how to create a portfolio. Um, what?

Asshole pervs online

Some guy asked to touch my boob while I was in a Call of duty lobby and talking to my party of friends. If he can explain to me how he can touch my boob through the television, I will let him have a feel.
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Re: Things that annoy you?

People who take the internet so (or too) seriously.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

Swag. Yolo. Pretty much, stupid people. Slow walkers also piss me off big time.

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Re: Things that annoy you?

Incorrect spelling/grammar gets to me way more than it should. I mostly hold my tongue though, because correcting people over what's often minor mistakes, is just a little bit cunty. Just a little.
And the people who wear it like a badge of honour. They're the worst.

Heaven is a place on earth.
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Re: Things that annoy you?

Victimization. AKA "give me an excuse for my stupidity".
Oh, and white knights.
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Re: Things that annoy you?

1) Getting proper comfy in bed then BAM! bladder says hiya and you need a wee.

2) It used to annoy me when people spelled like they talk, but i do it now and can't help it. "yeno especailly when i get alllll excitttedddddd. jbsadjlhsLJHVsdjhcvsJHDCVsjhcv.jhSDVC"

3) Not being able to recycle the same outfit in the same month.

4) girls who can't cope without a boyfriend.

5) pedestrians.

6) not knowing when beyonce is on the superbowl.

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Re: Things that annoy you?


Losing hair? Gain muscles!
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Re: Things that annoy you?

People who eat Chinese takeout with a fork instead of chopsticks. It just seems wrong to me.

That my long-haired cat is a bit of a slob who sits in her litter box, ends up with shit stuck to her butt and then drops those treasures somewhere my bare feet will find them.

That my patio doors are frozen shut and I killed my hairdryer trying to thaw them open while my ex boyfriend is sitting on a beach on California.

That folks drop garbage on the sidewalks that nobody cleans around here except during tourist season. It's fucking disgusting.

Ditto about the people who refuse to sort and recycle when they know it's the local bylaw that garbage won't be picked up if it isn't. Six month old, leaky black garbage bags that the neighbour's dog has dragged used diapers out of are not a political statement. Clean up your trash, loser, and stop tossing it into this yard and pretending it isn't yours...(yeah, I'm kinda pissed about this).

You know, if I just moved, I'd have a whole lot less to complain about.
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Re: Things that annoy you?


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