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Re: Any cool Teachers?

None of my cool teachers were easy classes.

Dr. Eberts. Other than being a world class teacher and professor with the awards, diploma and the reputation to prove it bur he is actually passionate about what he teaches. AP World History, AP European History, Holocaust, philosophy, anthropology, Duel Enrollment(College) American History, Duel Enrollment ancient civilizations 1 and 2. That is just his high school courses. He also teaches at a community college because it's close to his home. His class is mostly lectures like college classes. He doesn't care if you do the work/sleep/talk (as long as you're not talking loud enough to disrupt his lecture), it's your grade. If you don't care he doesn't care. If you did care about your grade, particularly in one of his college classes, he gave you props.

Dr. E is the definition of a cool old guy. He sleeps five hours a day. Smokes a cigarette before every class. Drinks insane amounts of coffee. He owns two houses. One is solely for his books. If he likes you, you might even get him to loan you a book. There is a good chance he knows everything. Considering how old he is and his eidetic memory it isn't surprising. I admit that I have a crush on him. I'm not the only one. By the end of this year I will have taken all of his classes except one, Duel Enrollment American History. I was fortunate enough to get a letter of recommendation from him for college.

Another teacher I have a bit of a crush on was Mr. Robinson. He teaches AP American History, sociology and world religions. Other than his amazing beard and long brown hair he was the most politically correct teddy bear hippie. He is also kind of a white guy that pretends to be black but it's okay because he grew up in a black neighborhood and he took African studies in college. During class he likes for classmates to discuss what we just learned. He goes around giving thumbs ups and having people do it back in agreement. We did deep breaths when things became "too heated". He was one of those teachers that didn't particularly care about your grade but cared if you learned something. That being said we had homework or "homefun" every day. It wasn't homework that could normally be finished the class before. At the very least he tried to make American History interesting.

Mr. Peppers is a short bearded angry man. He is also one of my favorite teachers. Very sarcastic and unwavering about the way he wanted things done, not many of my classmates liked him. Once you catch on that he is a deadpan snarker it's easy to get along with him. he He teaches English II, English II Honors and creative writing. Also is known around the school for his hot and twice pregnant wife who is also a teacher.

Mrs. Hamacheck was my freshman year English Honors teacher. She was a sweet old lady and we connected over our love of books. Sadly, she retired after my sophomore year because that year she decided to take on a regular class instead of honors. They pushed her over her limit. Her berserk button was when someone insulted homosexuals. They knew that and her asshole students that year kept pressing it along with being unfocused trolls.

Finally, Mr. Howsare was my Algebra II Honors and AP Economy teacher. We have the same taste in music, eighties music, and love Game of Thrones. He likes to use stories from his personal life as examples which tend to not have a point but are fun to watch because he makes ridiculous gestures and a booming voice. He is a large ham, which I adore. He is the kind of teacher that you either love or hate but that is more about the difficulty of the subjects that he teaches rather than himself.

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Re: Any cool Teachers?

No cool teachers, but my favorite teacher was Ms. Wilson, my 9th grade history teacher. Cute face, huge boobs, best ass I've ever seen. She was smokin' hot and for a kid my age, I looked forward to that hour every day.
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Re: Any cool Teachers?

Had some cool teachers, but the coolest was my biology teacher. Actually she wasn't cool at all, but she was fucking hot. She was around 30' with a beautiful face and a really fit body. I was only in 6th grade, but I dreamed a lot of fucking her. LOL
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Re: Any cool Teachers?

I had 3 off the top of my headMr. Gillibrand, Mr. Stewart & Mr. Patel

Gillibrand was just a sound guy who liked me because I was good at Maths. The problem was he'd always be praising me in class and I got bored of it and started to slack off because of it. He had a system where he sat the kids with the best test scores at the front of the class in order from left to right and I was always on the front row far left, so that was cool to sort of be above everyone else.

Then Stewart and Patel, they were both just proper blokes. They'd be really strict on the kids who were cocky and would just crack jokes that the stupid kids didn't get through lessons.



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Re: Any cool Teachers?

I had some cool teachers back in elementary.

High school not so much.

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Re: Any cool Teachers?

We used to have a History teacher who was quality anyway, but he was a mad Tranmere Rovers fan and as my brother used to play for Tranmere at least 15 minutes of his classes a week were talking about him and them.

I can remember we watched the world cup game where Senegal beat France in his class as well, double-lesson Friday afternoon History became a El-Hadji Djouf fest!

The class had about 15 people in as well and we all got B's or above in our History GCSE's as well,
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Re: Any cool Teachers?

Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post
I am so glad I didn't have any "cool" teachers going by this definition and the utmost respect was given to those who decided to do the right thing and learn. This, in turn, made it easy to pass for all except those who thought it was cool to be there and talk to their friends in the middle of a lecture.
I kind of agree with you about cool teachers. Yeah it was fun in high school if you were in a class that was easy to pass and involved little work but I think I'm well beyond that now. Now my cool teachers are the ones are interesting to listen to, teach me stuff, and make me think.

I really think what I want to get out of a teacher depends on what glass. Like this semester coming up I have a few Criminal Justice classes and I'm hoping to actually get something out of those classes. On the other hand I also have to take Short Stories. Now nothing against short stories but I'm only taking the class to fulfill a graduation requirement. If the class involves no work or effort I probably won't be too unhappy. But I'll just be happy about not having to do work regardless of what the teacher is like.
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Re: Any cool Teachers?

I think had there been some asshole talking to his friends during some of the AWESOME courses I've taken, I might have murdered them. TRYIN' TO LEARN ABOUT STARS, ...... FUCK OFF INTO A BLACK HOLE.

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Re: Any cool Teachers?

Just saying, I learned more from "cool" teachers than those who tried to force respect upon us. A cool teacher is someone you feel comfortable enough with that when they're not being your pal or whatever, you're happy to sit down and listen. I don't think I could ever benefit from being in a classroom and being forced to daily sit and listen. I know for a lot of people that's what school was/is, but I don't think you can teach a lot that way. It has to be something of interest to pique your attention to learning in the first place.

The same has gone for bosses I've had in the past, and the way I try to be with my staff, as long as you're not too over the top you can still be a great teacher with whoever has the willingness to learn from you no matter how you teach.

We also had this one teacher who did scientific experiments in class each lesson. Must have been that bored with teaching the way he was that he taught in his own way, and I can happily say that I learned as much as I could from him and enjoyed his teachings.
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Re: Any cool Teachers?

I submitted my final driving test late and I had a teacher who put down a false date for me just so I could pass. Then when I took the paper to my parents showing I had passed, I noticed he had followed me out to watch me give it to them.

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