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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

im suppose to go upto Whitehaven this one tuesday a few years ago but i have exams the next week so i go monday instead. forget exactly what time I was at the taxi rank walking by but 24 hours later Derrick Bird is there shooting everyone. i avoid him b/c I randomly decide w/my mother to go on a monday rather than tuesday.

a dealer sold me fake pills once so being very drunk i started on him and his whole gang outside some nightclub. they invite me round an alley for a knife-fight but my mate drags me away. not brave just very stupid.

once pushed another dealer onto the road (lol) and he hits his head on the back of a taxi that just pulled up, a few seconds earlier it could have been more serious. guy gets up, someone grabs me from behind to pull me away and instead im a sitting duck as he swings at my jaw. then calls his 'guys' up for some reason but i've been dragged away by all my mates at this point.
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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

Fell into the edge of a river once when I was 8 and I didn't know how to swim, my aunt pulled me out and said I could have just stood up because the water was so shallow, it was still real to me dammit.

Oh and I got hit on the head with a football once

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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

Had a few near misses in cars but i've never really been in a serious accident. Only time i potentially thought my life was in danger was when i was on holiday up the coast. A mate, my brother and I were out on the beach, pretty much the only ones out there and catching a few waves. We were all sitting out the back when we saw 3 fins in the water. I think we all broke world record for quickest time getting to shore. Turned out to be dolphins so we were sweet but it was definitely a heart stopping moment. I know the difference between a shark fin and dolphin fin but when you're out there you don't really think about that, adrenaline hits and you get the fuck out of the water
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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

I had a heart problem when I was born, but the surgery was a success. And I got hit by a van when I was 6 or 7
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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

- Got hit by a Car once when I was dashing out of the school to go play Tekken 3 with my school mates
- Accidentally threw myself on the deepest part of a pool, when I still couldn't swim
- Wanted to go check a fire that was relatively small at the time, but then I crashed into firefighters fighting 20ft flames, and it ended up being the 2nd biggest fire in my country that year. Was scary as fuck when I went there again after the fire took place, and the dirt road and it's surroundings where I walked on 2 days ago was just ashes

Your tears of pain became tears of joy. Thank you for everything, Greatest Of All Time.

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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

I was in boy scouts when i was younger and went to the big camping event. During the event there was a really bad rainstorm and lightning all over the place, from the sound of it (it was LOUD) one bolt seemed to go right over my tent and hit the ground somewhere nearby. The next day I found out it had hit only a few campsites away from where I was.

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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

Car accident last year

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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

nearly drowned when i was 2

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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

Developed complications in my lungs when I was 5 after having croop, which led to my airways closing and being unable to breathe for a minute or 2. Was in hospital for 3 weeks and got in the newspaper, and had an awesome news story for my fellow kindy classmates.
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Re: Any Life Threatening Experiences?

My life from my birth to my second year on earth was filled with daily near death experiences
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