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Yes,I love history. 41 91.11%
Nah,History is boring. 4 8.89%
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Re: History,Do you like it?

I love Ancient History. I like reading about Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

My favourite ancient people are Alexander the great, Caligula and Nero.

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Re: History,Do you like it?

Yes,I love history and it has been my favorite subject for a long time now. My favorite would have to be WW II history or pretty much World History from WW I to the late 60s.

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Re: History,Do you like it?

Ever since I was young I always was fascinated by history. I am a strong believer in "Those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them". Considering how societies are constructed and in time inevitably fall, its only smart to try and understand why this is a constant. Anyone who isn't interested in history is missing out on a chance to better understand the human condition in my opinion.

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Re: History,Do you like it?

The most interesting thing I've learned while taking History is the Civil War. I don't know why I liked it so much, but I LOVED it. One thing I've noticed is that my History teachers always used to be my funniest teachers.

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Re: History,Do you like it?

I like learning it but don't like writing essasys and research papers about it

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Re: History,Do you like it?

I really love history. Especially the controversial bits of it. Where one personality is a hero to one people, but a villain in anothers' eyes. I like to read both accounts and decipher the truth from somewhere between them. I don't like propaganda or spin in history. They make history interesting, but take away the uniformity. I hate the terms black history and islamic history. There should be one uniform collection of historical facts and events. Now reading that would be boring as hell but it would be the truth(and mostly likely eurocentric since they have preserved and made the most records of history). History should be written without bias and studied without bias. Normal people shouldn't be made into legends or some mythical figures. I see trends that yes history does repeat itself and only when those trends are broken is history truly made. I like reading about conquerors, Changhez Khan being my GOAT conqueror.

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Re: History,Do you like it?

love history favourite subject along with sport

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Re: History,Do you like it?

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
Yeah, History is my favorite subject. Especially 2 years ago.
Although technically in the past, I dunno if that counts as 'history', fella.

I've loved ancient Greek mythology since I was a kid. I agree with the poster who said most European history can be a bit boring before a certain point, but Middle-Eastern and Asian history is incredibly interesting.

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Re: History,Do you like it?

Easily one of my favorite subjects of all time. I even took an evening class in it at college I liked it so much.

The Ancient worlds, particularly the Greeks. The renaissance era as well, although studying this lead to an interest in art. I find the world wars a decent part to study, the Cold war....I can go on all day. XD

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Re: History,Do you like it?

I do like it too. Currently I'm reading the A History of the Modern World, very interesting. It's just amazing how much shit has gone down over the years. Playing Europa Universalis III helped me out a lot, awesome game.

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