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Re: I feel small.

That's the beauty of it, we all are insignificant little tiny meatbags who don't matter the slightest to the universe. Gives me far more pleasure and joy for life knowing that, than assuming we are the pinnacle of everything, the most important thing in the universe and choosen by god/gods/xenu/snakes in spaceships/whatever made up attempt to give "us" the feeling of supremacy over everything.

We are absolutely nothing in the universe, and yet that nothing is so full of beauty, that the thought alone of the rest of the universe and what else is in there is absofuckingmindblowinglyhellyeahwooooooo beautiful!

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Re: I feel small.


I support this. Feeds right into my existential mind of thinking what is beyond the world we know.

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Re: I feel small.

All this stuff wrecks my head. Especially reading about neutron stars, one of them spins 716 times per second
That's just crazy, and if you filled a thimble with some neutron star and dropped it, it would go straight through the entire earth due to the density if I remember it correctly 4

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Re: I feel small.

My mind is offically blown. I've always been fascinated by space, and this just reminds me why it's such an interesting subject. It just shows us all how tiny and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, surely we cannot be the only intelligent life form? Imagine how many planets there are out there that are host to intelligent beings.
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Re: I feel small.

My first thought at least

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Re: I feel small.

Thought this was going to be a thread about penis size tbh

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Re: I feel small.


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Re: I feel small.

If you think about it, our galaxy is just like a cell in this HUGE universe.

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Re: I feel small.

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Let's not to turn this into a religion thing.

Always a fan of astronomy so it's nice to see. There definitely have to be life on another planet in a different galaxy.
There is probably other life in our Milky Way. It's not like the Milky Way is small. I mean it is relative to the universe, but yeah, other life is quite probable.

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Re: I feel small.

I bet on one of those planets that has life on it like we do there is a forum just like this but it's called FW!!!!

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