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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

Originally Posted by RevolverSnake View Post
I germany we call that stuff shisha.
Yeah they call it shisha in all of the middle east too.

Originally Posted by Shazayum View Post
I've wondered that, how about the hookah without tobacco, how "healthy" is that?
Fuck it.

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Originally Posted by thelad1985 View Post
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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

my mummy told me to stay away from drugz
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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

Wont lie,thought hookah was a clever way of saying hooker. Even the description kinda made sense. Anyways , I haven't tried it but I don't smoke anything
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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

I own one myself, and I smoke a few times a year but I'm not really into it. Sometimes it makes me feel like shit after smoking it, I'd rather smoke a cigar.

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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

Definitely not expensive guys. And yes I do, it's a recreational activity outside heh dorms hall here. But since it's getting cold as shit not as much anymore.

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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

It's nice when you're having a chill evening with friends (smokers) around, smells far better than 5 people constantly smoking zigs for an evening. Depends on the "tobacco" you use, I love the double apple molasse (dk if that's proper english word ), but there are some chocolate variations f.e. that reaaaaally suck.

And of course there are rumors, that some people might put something called Maria Johanna or something inside, wonder what that is, some kind of ground up french nun I think. Supposedly you need less french nuns/smokers than in other ways

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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

It's all right, but I get tired of it after a few puffs. If you really wanna try it, just go to a hookah bar.

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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

It's nice if your planning to have a chilled out evening. It's not something I could do every day though, as it does fuck up your chest/throat.

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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

I've done it a few times with other friends but no, not on a regular basis or anything.
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Re: Do you guys do hookah?

I've done it a few times. Once inside a hookah bar and one or two times over at a friends house. I enjoy it when I'm with a group of friends, if we just want to chill. But I couldn't do it on a regular basis.

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