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Re: Kindness and reward

I gave this one kid that was like starving mcdonalds once and I got nothing out of it.

Gave a hobo my sub on the long weekend in September because he was starving and got nothing out of it.

Many other times I've given people that need money/food what I got because they were desperate and never really gotten anything out of it. OH WELL, I actually do like helping strangers that need it so it doesn't really bother me.

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Re: Kindness and reward

american hobos are weird

back home, theyre thankful for anything

in america, theyre up to date with all the deals and want subway footlongs for 5 dollars

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Re: Kindness and reward

One time at the mall, I'm with my 4-year-old daughter at the mall's playground. This other girl is leaving in her stroller with Mommy pushing her and she loses her doll over the side. My daughter picks up the doll and tells me we need to go after her. We chase the woman across the mall and give the daughter back her doll. She's very grateful, said it's her little girls' favorite. Don't think anything of it.

Couple of days later, I'm with my wife and some friends. We go to this one trendy dance club downtown, and I have on an oldschool Ozzie Smith Cardinals jersey. Apparently, the bouncer thinks I'm one of those gang-bangers and won't let me in because of the jersey, even though some are in with sports T-shirts on. Just then, I see the woman from the mall. She apparently is one of the bartenders, and she tells the bouncer to let me in. She says that he was a bit overzealous but since she vouched for me I'll be fine.

Apparently, you can be rewarded for doing good.

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Re: Kindness and reward

I don't help people for the reward I genuinely like making peoples lives easier. One such occasion where I was compensated however this guy was being a right cunt to his girl saying shes only good for being on her knees and sucking him off (complete gent) anyway I walk over tell him to apoligize, he looks me up an down says fuck off and goes to deck me, this guy seeing this exchange grabs the guy and says back off and he calls his girl a slut and he expects a blow job when shes home, she turns around screams no its over and plants one on me. Whoever said chivalry doesnt get you anywhere was wrong.
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Re: Kindness and reward

In my short lifespan (31 years), I have found that there definitely is such a thing called karma. Do good deeds and, eventually, you will be rewarded in kind.

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- JBL commentating on the Undertaker.
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Re: Kindness and reward

People who ask me for money are very shady so I don't give them anything.

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Re: Kindness and reward

All the time, kindness and strenght together are the way to go in life in my opinion.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”
― Lao Tzu

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Re: Kindness and reward

I'd help out the people who are close to me but other than I wouldn't go out of my way to help someone else. I'm selfish like that.
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Re: Kindness and reward

Held the door for a woman she held the elevator for me. fair trade.
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Re: Kindness and reward

I once put a hobo out of his misery
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