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Share your nightmares here.

Since I recently had a nightmare I thought about making this thread.

So my nightmare was this,I was sleeping on my bed looking upwards at the wall and I notice the wall started to turn dark red "its originally white".I then got off bed and realized it was nothing,I then went outside to the living room and as I was about to look through the window I see people burning and screaming,there was mountains of more people burning,I instantly thought of hell as it looked like darkness but at the same time with fire and people.Anyway I stopped looking at the window and closed my eyes and opened them again just to see there was nothing,I looked again and there was nothing but the street.I then looked downwards from the window and I saw a kid playing with some toys in his balconey and I somehow saw inside his room too where a woman sitting on a computer looking at an eye on the screen and I soon realized that was my eye,It then turned red as if it burst and was filled with blood and I kept hearing voices of people but I couldn't figure out what they were saying,The voices kept getting louder and louder and louder.Then I woke up.
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Re: Share your nightmares here.

I think my last nightmare was when I was kid after watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries at my grandmother's house. Some guy in all black (ski mask way) quietly gained entry into the house at night, slowly walked up the stairs and stood above me with a knife. That's when I woke up.

Pretty sure I didn't watch Unsolved Mysteries for years until I became a teen and my balls dropped.:steebiej (SIGNAL OF MANNING UP)

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Re: Share your nightmares here.

I used to have recurring nightmares about being chased by Velociraptors through the London underground when I was much younger thanks to Jurassic Park and Dino Crisis.

I don't really have them now, in fact it's rare that I have dreams at all.
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Re: Share your nightmares here.

I've always had an odd fear of being in large bodies of water with no sight of land. I've had several nightmares about it since a young age.

Most people are scared of tarantulas or some shit, I'm scared of being stuck in the middle of the ocean lol. It really fucks up flying for me.

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Re: Share your nightmares here.

stone cold chasing me on a tractor, i said it on another thread and i will say it again because i shit myself

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Re: Share your nightmares here.

Every now and again I have nightmares, but strangely, I never remember what happens in them. The only way I know if I've even had a nightmare is if I gasp and sit up in my bed Undertaker-style. Then I lay down and go back to sleep like it never happened.

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Re: Share your nightmares here.

I wake up to some sounds, so I get up and sneak out as quietly as possible. I sneak up to the kitchen and there's this blond chick tied to a chair, bloodied. I grab a knife, and continue towards the living room. A man walks in and I stab him in the neck. With the knife stuck in his neck, he turns to me, laughs, pries it out and throws it at me, but misses. He then whips out a sword and swings wildly at me. I dodge the hell out of the way, looking for whatever I can use as a weapon. He then begins to throw stuff at me, but misses. Realizing he has a shitty aim, I egg him on to throw his sword at me. Once he does, I grab for it, then he pulls out some ninja stars and I laugh because I knew he'd miss. He throws, but instead hits me, fucking me up badly. He approaches me, then with everything I had left, I stab him in the stomach. He laughs, then I force him over a balcony, but he hangs on, laughing. I stab and stab and at the last minute before falling, he turns into my dad.

One of those recurring dreams...
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Re: Share your nightmares here.

After some pre ppv marathon a long time ago (2weeks of raw/smackdown and then ppv) I dreamt I was suddenly in WWE, and Vince pushed me out of the stage for a match against idk, and I was fully aware, that I had ansolutely no clue how to wrestle (in my dream as well as reality) and the walk to the ring felt longer than Shamoose' title reign, thankfully my alarmclock saved my ass

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Re: Share your nightmares here.

When I was a little kid, like 6 years old I'd have recurring nightmares about this monster with a milk crate for a head, that was attacking me. Then one night in the dream my dad kicked the monster in the head and I never had those dreams again.
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Re: Share your nightmares here.

Had a nightmare a while back where my cousin shot up his school and then slit my neck. Strange.

I had a recurring one when I was younger where another cousin and I were at my house and looking outside when we saw a mysterious stranger staring at us in the backyard.

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