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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

Not many people seem to care about severe school bullying. They just think it's a part of growing up. If this happen at a workplace though there would more likely be consequences.

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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

Originally Posted by Mozza View Post
Didn't she sleep with some guy who had a girlfriend which she knew about, she found out and beat her up?

Kind of stupid of her if she expected the girl to not intend to get revenge on her.

EDIT: I should point out that's the only thing I know of her story. I'm not up to date with it all.

The news story said the boyfriend talked her into coming over when his gf went out of town. He pretended to like Amanda and told her he like her more etc etc. The gf found out and beat her up.
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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

Originally Posted by Walls View Post
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I think it's terrible she felt so bad that she killed herself. But on the other hand, kids need to man the fuck up. People are too sensitive. There was absolutely no reason for her to kill herself. It was selfish of her to do it and now her family is fucked for life. She should have manned up and realized there was life after school.
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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

'Back in my day' people didn't contemplate suicide or shoot up schools if they got bullied. Granted in my day, everyone didn't have a cell phone with the ability to take pictures/video of everything either. Also I'm a terrible example as I was the biggest guy in school, but the kids that did get bullied, they were bullies to other kids themselves from what I saw. I'm not sure who the guy on the bottom of the totem pole was, but there weren't any shootings or suicides at any of my schools that I heard about, so, yeah. Most of the stuff that happened in my school was racially motivated. A lot of rednecks from the auto/tech part of school getting into fights arguments with the black guys from the basketball team, almost on a daily basis. The chicks were a lot meaner than the dudes though, so maybe I just didn't hear about any of the nastier stuff.

This girl seems to have had some mental problems, or at the very least, was emotionally unstable. Not just from falling to peer pressure in the first place but then to kill herself over it all? Sounds like she definitely could have used a good friend or two. Or a parental figure that wasn't messed-up, that could instill some sense into her.
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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

Heard about this from TYT,Sad.Bullying isn't supposed to be taken lightly,It really effects people and as you can see even gets some to take their own lives.I myself used to get horribly bullied as a kid and would get beat allot,It has changed me and made me into the somewhat bitter man I am today.Sad though,For me the years of me getting bullied only made me stronger,Bullying never gave me thoughts of suicide they only gave me thoughts of becoming stronger to the point where nobody ever bullies me ever again and I did achieve this in my early teenage years.Its a shame this girl didn't have that thought,Would have saved her.

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Serious lack of understanding mental health in this thread.

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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

I find it hilarious that JoseDRiveraTCR7 red rep me from voicing my opinion. She had it good bro. She didn't need to do a selfish act by killing herself. Kids are starving and poor in this world and they wish they had it good like her. Sge gets no sympathy from me.

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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

nvm didn't read the article close enough apparently

Poor girl. Kids are dicks. Hope they find out whoever the facebook stalker was.

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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

stupid bitch was to sensitive and probably mentally fucked in the head. no loss
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Re: Amanda Todd bullied into killng herself

well i got my fair share of tough shit in school, and im better for it. made me stronger, stick up for myself, dont take crap from anyone

but still, it was never this bad. i mean i didnt go around making trouble on purpose, but shes just a kid

no person should end like this

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