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Re: I hate alcohol

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
I haven't gotten into world whiskies yet as the selection around here isn't great and my work schedule makes it hard for me to order online. I definitely can get into a few of the Bushmills expressions when I'm craving Irish whisky, much better than any Jameson expressions I've had at the same cost range. As far as Irish whisky, my favorite thus far has to be the cask strength Redbreast 12 year old.
An insiders snobs-choice, from my hometown

if you can track this down your taste buds will thank me, my cousins in NY cant enough of the shit, always looking for more supplies.

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Re: I hate alcohol

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
Same thing here in Australia.

It depends on both the quality of the alcohol and the type of alcohol really. For example if you're drinking a good scotch then having it on the rocks is great. If you've got cheap stuff then cutting it with some coke is better. It masks the imperfections of the brand that you're drinking. Most mixers are made with cheap stuff. If i ever saw someone wasting good alcohol by mixing it with soft drink i'd be disappointed. In terms of type, Vodka lends itself to mixers better than a lot of other drinks.

1) Taste is highly subjective and there are a ton of good tasting alcoholic drinks.
2) Yeah there are negative effects but there are negative effects from drinking soda. Unless you only drink water then the beverage of your choice has negative effects. Soda = ton of sugar, juice = ton of sugar, energy drinks = ton of sugar etc etc
3) Again the a subjective point re mental state changes. It lowers inhibitions which for some people who are naturally anxious, or worried in a social setting allows them to be more comfortable which is a beneficial effect.

Like with pretty much everything in life, when done in moderation there are no adverse effects of alcohol. I'm not saying there is nothing wrong with alcohol. Far from it, it causes a lot of illness and disease, anti-social & immoral behaviour and there are a lot of people with problems associated from excessive consumption.
I figured it was the same thing but I wasn't going to say drinking has the same social significance everywhere.

Originally Posted by Phrederic View Post
I've never drank in my life and don't plan to.

I'm automatically distrustful of anything that alters my perception, cause at the end of the day, your brain is all you really have.

As for the social aspect, I'm a misanthropic bastard who doesn't party or go clubbing, I pick up women cause I'm loaded with self-confidence and I'm hot (seriously, that's all it takes), so I don't need it as a crutch. And as for drinking with friend? I've never felt the need to drink to fit in, cause my friends aren't assholes and have never pushed it on me and at the end of the day it's loads of fun watching drunk people do silly drunk things.

Also it's tremendously unhealthy and expensive, I'm incredibly vain, and really don't feel the need to knock-down straight calories.

Finally, while my mom and dad rarely, if ever drank, several cousins and good friends of mine have alcoholic parents and I feel like I'd be letting them down if I started drinking. It's not necessary to live a happy or fulfilling life.
My best friend doesn't drink. We don't pressure him into doing it all and he hangs out with us all the time when we drink. That doesn't change the fact that there is a social aspect about drinking. It's actually great having a close friend that you hang out with all the time that doesn't drink. We always have a designated driver and he has a mini-van. It's fucking awesome. He took all the seats out one night and made like 8 of us pile into the back while he was driving and took us to a diner at 3am while we were all drunk. Great, ridiculous night.
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Re: I hate alcohol

It's even worse when you suffer from depression. Although it's only happened about two times now, after drinking loads, all those depressive thoughts just want to make your head explode. Don't get me wrong, I like drinking alcohol, but when I get drunk, all those thoughts just enter into my head. In a way, it's frightening. Even in a room full of people, even a few that you know and speak to, you feel like the loneliest guy in the world.
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Re: I hate alcohol

Never drank in my life, not even once.

Weed gives me amazing enjoyment whenever I need it, so If I'm planning to relax, I just pick up some bud and smoke a couple joints and there I go into another world.

What the fuck is alcohol for?

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Re: I hate alcohol

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
What is more fun about waking up and puking your brains out the next day?


If you can't have 'more fun' without having to enhance it, you're boring/the people you are with are boring, imo.
Actually I've never puked from drinking before...
Originally Posted by Redead View Post
also weed is so overrated

smells like shit too

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Getting drunk for the sake of getting drunk is pointless hate people like that.

I do drink quite regularly but can go without it. Can't explain why I do enjoy it, I just do. It's the drunk banter I love, everything becomes 10X funnier despite the fact it isn't funny. The stupid dancing, kissing fat lasses, drunken night out chippies, telling your mates you love them. Just everything.

It's easy for me because I don't really puke ever or get hangovers. A few glasses of water before bed time, sorts me out for the next day.

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Originally Posted by Phrederic View Post
I've never drank in my life and don't plan to.

I'm automatically distrustful of anything that alters my perception, cause at the end of the day, your brain is all you really have.
I agree with you on this, which is why I don't do any drugs or drinking.

I also don't drink and do drugs because I don't need to. I'm a pretty laid back guy, so pretty much doing the stuff I like or just doing nothing is relaxing to me.

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Re: I hate alcohol

Originally Posted by NexSES View Post
Actually I've never puked from drinking before...


I didn't know this conversation and every post I make is personally about you.

~Hey, bub, I'm not finished with you yet.~

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Re: I hate alcohol

did rated r just red rep me for drinking and being muslim?

for your information, im a horrible muslim. but im willing to say right now that im a better person than you, more likeable than you, and more of a believer than you

now go back to beating your gay son

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Re: I hate alcohol

As a college student, heavily drinking a few times a week is the norm. So naturally I love alcohol. I'll probably slow down once I'm out of school.

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