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Re: I hate alcohol

Just to clarify, I don't think it is a bad thing to have a few drinks when out with buddies. It's when people DEPEND on drinks/weed to have fun. People who go out to watch a game and swing back a few are most likely going to have fun, regardless. People who need to drink or smoke to have a good time are the ones I am talking about. Hope people know what I mean.

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Re: I hate alcohol

I've never drank in my life and don't plan to.

I'm automatically distrustful of anything that alters my perception, cause at the end of the day, your brain is all you really have.

As for the social aspect, I'm a misanthropic bastard who doesn't party or go clubbing, I pick up women cause I'm loaded with self-confidence and I'm hot (seriously, that's all it takes), so I don't need it as a crutch. And as for drinking with friend? I've never felt the need to drink to fit in, cause my friends aren't assholes and have never pushed it on me and at the end of the day it's loads of fun watching drunk people do silly drunk things.

Also it's tremendously unhealthy and expensive, I'm incredibly vain, and really don't feel the need to knock-down straight calories.

Finally, while my mom and dad rarely, if ever drank, several cousins and good friends of mine have alcoholic parents and I feel like I'd be letting them down if I started drinking. It's not necessary to live a happy or fulfilling life.

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Re: I hate alcohol

nothing is better than a night out with the lads, watching a champions league game, and having a few beers


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Re: I hate alcohol

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
Then there's also the social factor that drinking has (I can only speak for American culture here). It's hard to really explain it but it's just what you do. Sharing a beer with my dad once I was old enough to was a pretty cool experience as was doing the same thing with grandpa. Then there's the whole idea of having some beers with friends. It holds a significance in American culture. It's what people do. Probably a terrible way of describing it but there is something there that's engrained into our culture.
Same thing here in Australia.

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
On the subject of mixed drinks, since many are mentioning them, the idea doesn't appeal to me. A lot of my enjoyment while drinking comes from noting the differences between different brands and styles. I can't imagine that rum and coke would taste any better than just normal coke, but I guess it helps you get drunk if you don't like the taste of alcohol.
It depends on both the quality of the alcohol and the type of alcohol really. For example if you're drinking a good scotch then having it on the rocks is great. If you've got cheap stuff then cutting it with some coke is better. It masks the imperfections of the brand that you're drinking. Most mixers are made with cheap stuff. If i ever saw someone wasting good alcohol by mixing it with soft drink i'd be disappointed. In terms of type, Vodka lends itself to mixers better than a lot of other drinks.

Originally Posted by Zankman Jack View Post
Tastes bad and has negative effects on your body.
Changes your mental state (temporarily), as if it will somehow help you, while it actually harms you in so many ways.

So yeah, of course I was overdoing it, you can debate, but those 3 things are just enough for me to be convinced that it is bad.
1) Taste is highly subjective and there are a ton of good tasting alcoholic drinks.
2) Yeah there are negative effects but there are negative effects from drinking soda. Unless you only drink water then the beverage of your choice has negative effects. Soda = ton of sugar, juice = ton of sugar, energy drinks = ton of sugar etc etc
3) Again the a subjective point re mental state changes. It lowers inhibitions which for some people who are naturally anxious, or worried in a social setting allows them to be more comfortable which is a beneficial effect.

Like with pretty much everything in life, when done in moderation there are no adverse effects of alcohol. I'm not saying there is nothing wrong with alcohol. Far from it, it causes a lot of illness and disease, anti-social & immoral behaviour and there are a lot of people with problems associated from excessive consumption.
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Re: I hate alcohol

hey rush, do you drink at 7am for champions league games?

o wait, you support liverpool

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Re: I hate alcohol

hey redead, do they even allow alcohol in your part of the middle east?
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Re: I hate alcohol

kuwait, no

but down here in lebanon we brew some damn fine beer

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Re: I hate alcohol

Drink is good m'kay. Dependency is bad m'kay. Have fun when you drink, don't drink to have fun. Don't drink if you don't need to, don't ever end up needing to drink. You DON'T need to drink. Don't drink kids.

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Re: I hate alcohol

Thinking I'm going to go pick up some bourbon this weekend. I haven't dabbed into it nearly enough. My favorite so far is Old Grand-Dad 114 proof, it really has a lot of bite to it and makes me feel like I'm a gunslinger in a saloon

The current release of George T. Stagg is what I'm after, but I'll settle for some Fighting Cock or Jim Beam Devil's Cut if they don't have it.

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Re: I hate alcohol

I only drink once a year, in the 31st of December, at midnight, a small glass of champaign. That is honestly the only Alchool I drink in my life.

After a New Year's eve party a few years ago (I was..15 I think), and having to deal with a bunch of drunk, flirty, puking teenagers and having to separate some of them that wanted forcefully some 'fun' with others who were sober, and, most of them older then me I told myself "Shit, I'm never ever going to be like this."

I enjoy my fresh water, Pepsi's, natural juices, and chocolate milk. It's all I need.

Your tears of pain became tears of joy. Thank you for everything, Greatest Of All Time.

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