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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
yeah, why would anyone believe in helping others, being good to your fellow man, turning the other cheek, a code of ethics and the existence of metaphysical forces beyond on our own
Yeah,Why would anybody NOT want to stone innocents to death,Believe in desert myths thanks to faith and ignoring that there's no evidence to the myths,Cut the hands of thieves,Stop free speech,Treat women as if they're lesser beings,or worship a psychopathic sadistic malevolent hateful bully who created a vile concept such as hell.

I just don't understand why people hate islam! Maybe they're just jealous or something!

Originally Posted by Trifektah View Post
Religion is stupid and Islam is the dumbest of them all.

It's basis is nothing more than a crazy, murderous pedophile stealing ideas from local tribal religions and fastening them to Judaism and Christianity. Read 'Why I am Not a Muslim', it lays out it intricate detail where Mohamet pilfered all of the ideas for his joke of a religion.

If somebody pulled the shit that Jesus and Mohamet did in this day and age we would lock them up for being crazy and rightfully so. So why do so many people decide to believe those two?
People were more gullible back in the old days.There are still religions being made today though,In Puerto Rica a guy named Josť Luis claims to be Jesus and many people follow him today.Not to mention Mormonism and with Joseph Smith,Making up a religion is easy because most people are idiots that will blindly follow.

Originally Posted by #Mark View Post
Looks like you've read a couple of Gandhi's shitty posts and decided to weigh in. Get educated son.
Ex muslim = Instantly disliked

Fucking rofl,As if your posts are any good.How about you reply to my "shit posts" and show me how shit they are? Back up your claims because you look like a tool when you just say my posts are shit and we both know why you're saying so ex muslims just make you muslims to get really irritated.You pissed because I'm telling people the truth about your and my "former" shit cult? D'aww.
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