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Should I drop my arc weilding class?

I'm taking a few different weilding classes ( MIG,TIG and Arc ) and was wondering if I should drop my arc weilding because of the fact that although I have been trying, I still can get the hang of it. I do just fine in the other classes and have almost perfected them. For those who don't know what these types of weilding are I will post a few pictures.

Arc Weilding:

TIG weilding:

MIG weilding:

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Re: Should I drop my arc weilding class?


I don't know how your education works but with me I'm better off dropping a class than failing it or getting a really low passing grade. One bad grade can kill a GPA and I've managed to avoid getting one my 3 years in college. Here was one class where I was doing so bad and would have got a D if I was lucky. I dropped it and it just shows as a withdrawal on my record.

I don't know how important the class is with regards to your career so I can't say for sure dropping it would be the best option. Again I have no idea where you take these classes but if there is some sort of adviser I would talk with them about it.
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Re: Should I drop my arc weilding class?

Depends on where you field is going to be afterwards. Most construction sites use arc welding, but auto body/hot rodding use mig and tig. Heavy machinery is usually arc welded. Now if it's just a general part of you overall plan, ditch it. Otherwise work hard and you'll get the hang of it.

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Re: Should I drop my arc weilding class?

I wouldn't. imagine you do shitty out of college in the job market for something other than wielding. you can fall back on wielding then, BAM!

I change majors from athletic training to Marketing. But I still went to get my ACE personal trainer certification. I have yet to use it in a paid environment, but I know I'll need it some day.

what if you get a business job at a wielding company? It will great to say you know some wielding techniques already. you won't just be a suit, you'll show you actually cared to learn a trade as well as the bullshit you learn in some colleges.
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Re: Should I drop my arc weilding class?

Yes. Mig is a Lot easier to learn for me. Also, Learned to weld Aluminum good and you will have a job anywhere.
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