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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

My room consisted of mainly Lego, Toy Story and Lion King stuff, until Pokemon came around later on.

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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

Its hard to say which one is my all time favorite, I guess ill explain how I differ from one toy to another cause they are 2.

A stuffed Gizmo from the gremlins, and a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gizmo was my fave but we moved to a different house and got lost while moving.

2 years later I got the sonic. Something about those two just made them really special and I have that sonic still.

I had shit loads of toys in fact all mentioned on this thread and more, way way more, but those two were just priceless.
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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

TMNT & Ghostbusters action figures
Legos for sure
I even remember Lincoln Logs & Lite Brite
Teddy Rukspen (sp?)
Other Ghostbusters-related toys like the Proton Pack you could actually wear, and the trap too
I remember having several Hardy Boys books too

Ahhh fuck. Gotta love nostalgia.
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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

Originally Posted by erik027 View Post
That's awesome. I think I had the figure you are talking about also, the removable cowl, gloves and i think boots also. I also remember the Batman Returns cereal. I mean the things I remembered as a 5 year old is just ridiculous. I still managed to keep some of these toys until my teenage years. So yea. They were awesome no doubt.
Dude I totally forgot about that cereal! It wasnt even really that good. Kinda like generic tasting Cap N' Crunch but i still made my mom buy it all the time cause it was just cool to have Batman cereal. Bein a kid was awesome lol. The 80's thru the mid 90's had the best fuckin toys ever. It was like the Attidue Era of toys. So much good shit!
GI Joe
Go Bots
Real Ghostbusters
Super Powers
Star Wars
Marvel Secret Wars
Just so much good stuff all around at the same time. Gotta be the best "era" of toys ever.

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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

The old The Rock, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Triple H action figures and the Beast Wars toys!!!
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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

For me my favorite childhood toy would have to be Power Ranger Zords.

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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy


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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

My favorite were some DBZ action figures I played with in the dirt, and used rocks from the driveway as the energy blasts. They got pretty banged up lol...

And G.I. Joe small action figures that comes with a lot of different guns I played with in the shower.
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Re: Favorite Childhood Toy

Wrestling figures kept me busy for hours every day. I had everything from tables to trash cans, even chewed stone colds fingers off and made some crazy new guys because I got another stone cold and the other looked nothing like him.

Got offered 60 for them like 2 years ago but thought I could get more, I never did and sold them for 20 a few months ago, regretting it now though as they were a special from when I was like 6-11
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