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Question Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

As I've grown older and more experienced, I've been developing an increased knowledge that how you look, affects how people treat you. Itís been hard for me to come to terms that people treat you by your appearance alone, but Iíve had to accept it repeatedly.

How do your looks affect how people treat you? How does it affect your role in society? And WHY do you think that is?
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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

Of course it does, everyone on the outside will "believe" for equal rights and equal opportunities, but deep-down from centuries of prejudice, everyone still treats others differently based on age/race/religion/appearance or something like that.

The only thing I've ever experienced is that I wore glasses as a kid, since the age of 12 I've worn contact lenses, and whenever I go out of the house with my glasses on, and go somewhere, I feel that people (staff, waitresses, hairdressers, any kind of service) are more patronising towards me, that's just the general feeling I get.

Where as, contacts in, I'm good-looking, and confident and charismatic, and people treat me as more of a contributing member of society.

Maybe that's a load of bs, but that's my personal experience, even though i try to stop it, I judge people based on appearance a lot too, its just the way we are as people.

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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

Yes, it can have a lot to do with how someone looks, but there's a lot more to it than just window dressing. I have what you'd call a very outgoing, silly personality by nature. I tend to get along with a LOT of people and am what you'd call a, "talker". Quite a few people do see what's on the outside and sometimes make pre-conceived notions about who and what you are, but how you act and how you make them feel has a huge impact on how they perceive you as well.

So, while the way you look can determine a lot of that, a LOT of it has to do with how you present yourself as well.

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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

It depends on the location. I have been to Dubai, Australia and India (current location). I found out that Dubai is most conscious and looks pretty much define a person - only the nerd look gets respect there. You MUST wear a tie and look formal (I am talking about ages 25 and up, 'cause I am 26).

In Australia, I found that it didn't matter. Same in India, especially South India.

Personally, I have a very don't-care look and I dress very casually. The rowdy/ruffian look is very popular in India, and that's basically my look because I like it. Its the way I dress as well when I occasionally visit Melbourne due to work commitments.

I do not like having loads of friends, but I have my own select group. The strange thing is, the 'chatty' and 'popular' girls who worked with me in Melbourne seemed to regard me as someone different. They kept saying that while they talk trash about other guys (in the lab where we worked), they all 'respect' me in the sense that I am very nice, decent, blah, blah. I don't get that in India.

Not sure if its a compliment (respect? what am I, Father Christmas?), but I am not one to care. Unless its a relationship I need, I prefer guys as friends to hang out with.

I wear some symbols signifying my tradition and culture as well, but that doesn't get a lot of stares, except maybe the occasional curious question. Its what I subscribe to. Have not encountered any racial/religious obstacles, so can't speak for that.

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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

People often say you cannot shake off the first opinion that somebody has of you and in most cases people will see you before they speak to you so they'll have the opinion formed before you even open your mouth. I was having this conversation the other day with my girlfriend because I'm quite a relaxed kinda guy and will often walk around in tracksuit bottoms. Now to me, I'm wearing them for comfort but to the outside viewer it looks like I'm wearing them as a fashion choice and they just see this...

Especially when I'm on my way to a game I'll wear tracksuit bottoms and a hoody, so I can throw it back over my kit pre-game so I can warm up in them. Does this make me a chav? Maybe to somebody else looking in but I don't see that myself, I just do it for comfort and because it's more practical.

I try not to judge other people but in reality I'm just as guilty as everyone else, especially on a night out I'll judge everyone that I come across but I guess that's all just a part of the game, eh.



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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

Well, for the most part, no not really. Although it might in some cases. For example, I was at work and this old white dude asks me when the football game is (american football). I tell him when it is and he says "How do you know? You don't watch football." I asked him, "How do you know that?" He replies after a few seconds, "Because you watch stuff like cricket and soccer, not football!" I just stopped talking after that because I wasn't annoyed, I was just trying to figure out what he would even say that for.

Of course that's a tame example. Sure I'd get the occassional "TERRORIST" rib from kids when I was in middle school but apart from that I've fared pretty well.
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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

Yes, I think looks matter. At least in the USA. We are very shallow... You get more attention if your "hot" and guys might get praised if they date someone who is hot.
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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

Of course looks matter. Ive worked part time in retail for 7 years now and can tell 1st hand from serving people seeing how managnement, upper manangement, directors look at people who come into stores.

- Attractive women get the best service.
- Come into a store looking scruffy, unshaven, trackies, dirty clothes - you are a thief you are only their to steal.
- Men who come in in a suit - must be rich give them good service focus on secondary sales.
- Not attractive people - you dont care as much about the service you give with them.
- Old ladies - deemed as nice and get the 3rd best level of customer service after the men in suits and the attractive females.

The entire world is split down into 18 different category types of the way they look and how they should be judged by the store who to watch for etc and its all done of the way people look....

People will often lie and say no they treat every the same but i can guarentee i give better customer service to the women who make me think holy shit than the ones i wouldnt f#ck even if i was pissed.
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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

Yes. It helps me being gorgeous. I basically get whatever girl I want.
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Re: Does the way you look, affect how people treat you?

I look Hot and it pisses the haters off.
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