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House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.

House staffers could’ve been drinking lead-tainted water for months

The Cannon Office Building, which reported elevated lead levels in drinking water this week, hadn't been tested since September.

House staffers who work in Cannon House Office Building may have been exposed to lead-contaminated water for as long as nine months, according to a notice sent to chiefs of staff late Wednesday and obtained by POLITICO.

The notice stated that before recent lead tests, the last previous tests were conducted in September and turned up clean — meaning the water could have become tainted anytime after that. It said that while Environmental Protection Agency safety standards stipulate that water should contain less than 15 parts per billion of lead, the Architect of the Capitol found that 5 out of 26 drinking water areas that were sampled recently had 17, 18, 20, 25 and 56 parts per billion. That’s a 20 percent contamination rate, and the latter number — 56 parts per billion — is more than three times the safety limit.

The memo arrived almost a full day after the Architect of the Capitol first told congressional staffers that lead levels in the Cannon building’s drinking water were “slightly above” EPA safety standards.

The more detailed information that was divulged Wednesday came after staffers in the building spent much of the day demanding more details from the federal agency that operates and maintains the Capitol — to little avail. Among the panicked staffers was Anthony Foti, chief of staff to Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.). Foti’s wife works in Cannon for Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), and she had just given birth to a boy last week.

She had been drinking the now-contaminated fountain water throughout her pregnancy — and for years before that, Anthony Foti said. Children, and babies in particular, are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning: It can stunt their brain growth and do permanent damage.

“We are concerned our newborn is at risk yet we receive no updates or guidance from the AOC,” Foti wrote in an email Wednesday afternoon to the Architect of the Capitol’s office. It was one of many missives he and Ross sent Wednesday demanding more information: How long had the water been contaminated? How high were the lead levels? Did they need to get tested?...
More of the story at the link above.

3 days later

Lawmakers urge the EPA to reduce its standard for lead in drinking water

A letter signed by 61 members of Congress urges the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to lower the federal standard for lead in drinking water so that it better reflects the latest science on the brain-damaging toxin. The aim is to better protect the public, members of Congress said.

"There is lead in the water supply...The threshold needs to be lowered so we don't put children at risk like we're now putting children at risk," said U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., D-N.J., a lead signer along with Reps. Frank Pallone Jr., D-NJ; Elise Stefanik, R-NY; and Dan Kildee, D-MI. "This is a health issue in the United States."

A water system now exceeds the lead standard – or “action level” -- when more than 10% of water samples collected show lead levels above 15 parts per billion. Water systems must then take action to reduce contamination.

Thursday's letter – signed by 59 Democrats and two Republicans -- calls for reducing that number to 10 parts per billion, in line with World Health Organization guidelines for lead contamination.

“The current lead action level was developed in 1991 based on the practical feasibility at that time of reducing lead through controlling corrosion,” says the letter, which was sent to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Corrosion control technologies and our understanding of the negative impacts of lead at low doses have advanced significantly since that time.”

Doctors and federal health officials agree there's no safe level of lead, which can cause all sorts of health problems. Babies and children are at greatest risk, and can suffer lowered IQ, behavior problems and developmental delays.

EPA officials say plumbing materials that contain the toxin make the agency’s goal of zero lead unreachable. Regulations are meant to help water systems reduce the likelihood of lead contamination by requiring those with problems to control corrosion and reduce lead in tap water “to the extent feasible."

Thursday’s letter acknowledged this, saying, “While we understand the action level does not represent a health based standard, it is an important tool for triggering public notification and other actions to reduce the public’s exposure to lead drinking water contamination.”

A USA TODAY Network investigation in March focused on lead contamination in public water systems and found nearly 2,000 systems across the nation with excessive lead levels from 2012 through 2015. The systems reporting lead levels above EPA standards supply water to about 6 million people, and about 350 of those systems serve schools and day cares.

The EPA is currently revising the federal Lead and Copper Rule. EPA spokeswoman Monica Lee said the agency has received Thursday's letter and is reviewing it.

“Leadership by the EPA is essential to improving the effectiveness of corrosion control treatments and other actions needed to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water,” the letter says. “While we understand this cannot be achieved by EPA regulation alone, we must put strong regulations in place to protect the public’s health and ensure that our drinking water is safe.”
Oh, so now you give a fuck. Now when it's you and yours drinking poison it's time to tell the EPA to act. Lead levels found to be too high all across the country, but now it hits the Beltway so it's time to do something.

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Re: House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.

I hope animals pissed in the water, too.

Still, at least they're finally acting. Very hypocritical that they're only doing so once they're effected, but...its US politics, finding out where the hypocrisy and corruption doesn't exist is the real rarity.
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Re: House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.

Too bad there isn't lead contaminated water in the main Capitol Building and the White House as well. That could solve a lot of problems in this country, since the voters at large can't seem to do anything about it themselves.
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Re: House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.

Now I don't have any basis for saying this but I just can't believe that it really makes any difference if your water has 15 parts per billion or 10 parts per billion.

I would drink a nice cold glass of the 56 parts per billion water too.

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Re: House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.

Of course, Politicians only care if it's going to get them elected or money or if it's a danger to themselves. In fact most people who are in no danger or live in an area without problems love to tell others it's okay.

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Re: House of Reps. staff building has lead tainted water. Three days after finding out House reps. call on EPA to lower allowable lead limits.

Going by the thread title House of Reps, and the extensive research that he has conducted on the history of this mark forum-uhh, The Haitch thought this thread was meant to be one of those rep whoring/rep rant threads-uhh.


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