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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

lol have you seen the divorce rate, OP?

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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

No. Passion fades. I believe in love but I'm very skeptical. Most people are selfish and are out for just them. Romantic love needs to be unconditional and you have to sacrifice and compromise. Not everyone is willing to do that.

Consistency, honesty and loyalty is more important to me than love when it comes to a romantic situation.

Love without sexual attraction is non existent but at the same time HUGE difference between the two. Lots of girls I'd wanna bang that I would neeeeeever want to meet my daughter or family or call my girlfriend or even let meet my close friends. I'm just very cognizant of who I let in my life.

Originally Posted by TheGoat View Post
TSE loved brandie and got banned, so no

Originally Posted by HoHoHit-Girl View Post
lol have you seen the divorce rate, OP?

It would have to be a perfect storm for me to get married again. I think a lot of people get married because they're afraid to be alone and they're insecure and just need the comfort and warm body of another person. But when it comes at the expense of sacrificing and compromising who you are as an individual it's not worth it. It's incredibly sad when someone gets married (it's usually the guy but I've seen it in women too) and they become a totally different person and not for the better and they are a shell of their former self.

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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

Marriage. Is. Stupid.
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Re: Does Love Conquer All?


Originally Posted by HoHoHit-Girl View Post
lol have you seen the divorce rate, OP?
It was their fault, not mine. All ten of them.
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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

Love of money, sex, power? Love of another person? I'm the kind of guy who believes that in its true form, it can move mountains but it mostly doesn't trump love of GOD for most people. For me its country first (representing more than just my birth place ofc).

Also, the divorce rate is totally irrelevant because most marriages are not built on the basis of real love.

Also passion has nothing to do with love. Or commitment. Or trust. Or honesty. Those are just elements of a healthy relationship. Love is it's own element, we need to start looking at it that way agin, if we ever did.

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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

Fuck that, Befriend someone named Carl and noone can stop you
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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

there is no such thing as love,only a moment of "that person looks fuckable" and later "I could do this for a bit longer" turning into "God why did I do this" and then leading into "I cant leave her,I will suffer like a man" or "Fuck this,im out"


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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

Love is a battlefield.
We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong.

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Re: Does Love Conquer All?


I accept rep.

Headbanging is crucial.
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Re: Does Love Conquer All?

Like Boxes-With-Gods, I fail to see how the divorce rate is relevant OP? Like he said, majority of marriage's aren't built on the foundations of real love.

It's a very philosophical question and people are looking at it one dimensionally. Surely if the marriage has failed then it's not true love?

On this subject, which emotion is more powerful, love or fear?

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