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Re: I was just threatened in public...

Originally Posted by brandiexoxo View Post
What city? Parts of Ohio are shit holes. When I moved to Minnesota it was like culture shock having lived in Columbus for 21 years.

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Greater Cleveland area. I went to Columbus for a few concerts and a Smackdown taping and the people are noticeably nicer and more laid back. Clevelanders are stereotypically miserable, ghetto minded, or both. The suburbs improve things a bit, and the outskirt suburbs improve things more but that makes sense.

I've driven through the shitty areas of Columbus too (not on purpose, damn GPS ) but overall it's just a far nicer experience once you're around the arena district and even down High St. (at least from my few visits). I've considered moving there but my job is situated in one of those outskirt suburbs (and I mean really outskirt like 30+ miles). I'm in a middle ground area about 15 miles from downtown and 10 from my job.

I'm sandwiched between a really upscale posh city and a total shithole city where I went shopping tonight.




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If it got ugly, you could have jammed that tire gauge into his eye.

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Re: I was just threatened in public...

I watched these teenagers threatening anyone that was around their age for a little while a couple of months ago. They would shove people, try to make them give over their hats, money etc..

I had stuff to deal with iirc, so decided it was best I stayed away from the situation. Funnily enough though, I was good friends with someone who worked at a police beat at that shopping centre. The morons weren't so tough when police got involved.

I know it's ridiculous in grown men (or women) and sounds typical and stupid, but half these people are genuinely insecure and if you actually look like you're going to do something about it, they'll cower off.

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Re: I was just threatened in public...

You should get a concealed carry permit for sure. Can't be too careful these days.
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Re: I was just threatened in public...

I was going to post a story but then I read Redead's and realised I've never been LITERALLY STABBED so I've decided to shut up.
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I've never been threatened by anyone in public in my life besides way back in middle and elementary school, and I've lived in some of the worst neighborhoods in my city. Probably because I keep to myself in public and maintain a low profile.

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We don't have every tom dick and Harry and his cat owning a gat in this country so i wouldn't no

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Re: I was just threatened in public...

Stuff like this has happened to me too, unfortunately I did end up getting twatted (3 punches to the face and it actually didn't hurt. Couldn't do a damn thing about it either otherwise I'd have been chucked off the policing course I was on) so I can sympathise. At least nothing came of it.
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Re: I was just threatened in public...

The solution is simple.

Move out of Ohio.

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Re: I was just threatened in public...

Move to Canada so A$AP can threaten you.

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