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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with huge pyro and it is announced that there will be the contract signing tonight between WWE Champion John Cena and Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title match at New Year’s Revolution.

1. US Title No.1 contender’s match (Regal vs Miz vs Swagger)

Swagger keeps out of the match trying to play safe. Miz and Regal go at it and Regal takes the control of the match. When Regal nearly makes Miz tap, Swagger breaks the count. Swagger later counters an Skull Crushing Finale into Powerbomb. Regal breaks the count at 2.5. Regal goes for a quick roll up but Swagger counters it into his own roll up and leverages the ropes to get a cheap victory.

Jack Swagger def. William Regal & The Miz via pinfall at 8:33

2. Backstage, Bischoff congratulates Swagger on his victory. Morrison comes with his US Title and tells Swagger that he is not winning the title whatever happens at New Year’s Revolution. Rhodes comes from the back and Bischoff smiles. Morrison leaves in anger.

3. Tag Team non-title match: (RVD/MVP face Haas/Benjamin)

The tag champs had the match in their hands. With Haas and MVP out of the ring, when RVD goes to the top for Frog Splash, the ‘Priceless’ music hits and the No.1 contenders Dibiase brothers come out. RVD gets distracted and Benjamin runs to the top of the turnbuckle and delivers the back suplex from the top followed by a roll up for the pinfall.

Haas/Benjamin def. RVD/MVP via pinfall at 8:20

Ted & Brett enter the ring and attack both RVD & MVP and pose to the audience with the tag titles before leaving the ring and gesturing that they will win the titles at NYR.

4. Backstage, Del Rio is interviewed about McIntyre being the No.1 contender. Del Rio says that McIntyre earned his spot the wrong way into the match and was lucky to win the title. Josh asks that Del Rio has no match at NYR. Del Rio replies that he is taking a break after being part of the victorious Team RAW. And Del Rio also hints that the next event is Royal Rumble and he needs to get ready because he is going to the Wrestlemania main event.

5. Tag Team match: (Sheamus/Big Show face CM Punk/Ezekiel Jackson)

Show dominated Punk in the earlier moments. Sheamus tagged himself in and attacked Punk, who came back with a DDT. Punk delivered the GTS on Sheamus but Show broke the count. Show delivered the chokeslam when Ezekiel clotheslined Show. In the last moments, Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick to Punk and turned around with Zeke delivering the Ura-nage on him for the pinfall.

Ezekiel Jackson & CM Punk def. The Big Show & Sheamus via pinfall at 9:14

6. Tyson Kidd came to the ring and cribbed about not winning a single match since his debut. His opponent comes out, it’s Gregory Helms. Kidd dominates the match but in the end Helms takes a quick roll up to win the match.

Gregory Helms def. Tyson Kidd via pinfall at 4:49

7. Backstage, Mr. Mcmahon comes to the arena and Josh rushes to ask him the deal with Paul Heyman last week. Vince asks Josh to not barge his head into this thing and walks angrily towards his office. Suddenly, he spots John Cena and the crowd gives a huge cheer. Vince asks Cena if he is mad to give the MITB opportunity to The Undertaker, Cena tells him he knows what he is doing. Vince tells Cena that he is in bigger troubles and won't be able to help Cena so Cena is responsible for whatever he is doing. Vince gets a call and he leaves.

8. R-Truth comes out for his match. Christian is his opponent. The match goes on for long. Bryan comes out in between the match and Christian gets a bit distracted. Truth hits What’s up in the disturbance and goes for the cover. Christian kicks out at 2.5-count. Finally, Christian hits the pinfall after delivering Killswitch.

Christian def. R-Truth via pinfall at 10:11

Bryan comes into the ring and claps for Christian. He takes the mic and tells Christian that he admires him very much. He believes that there are a lot of similarities between them both and he considers it as a compliment. Bryan tells him that at NYR, he will bring his best and won’t let this admiration or respect affect him. Christian tells him he expects the best from him and they shake hands with grave expressions on their face.

9. WWE Title match: Contract Signing – John Cena & Drew McIntyre:

McIntyre comes out to some reaction from the audience. Jerry Lawler notes that this is his first big chance match and he will be looking to win it. Cena comes out to huge boos from the crowd. Cena places his cap on a kid while coming to the ring. Jonathan Coachman manages the proceedings and both McIntyre and Cena sign the contract peacefully.

Coach asks them to tell any last words if they want to.

Cena – “Drew, I would just like to wish you luck for the match, It’s the biggest match of your life and you have come a long way but the problem is that you have to beat me to get to this title. I can’t be beaten, Drew, come New Year’s Revolution you will know that”.

Cena puts the mic down and turns back proceeding to leave the ring. Suddenly, Drew takes the mic and says.

McIntyre – “Wait a minute, Cena. You know what, you would have been the last person I would have wanted to face for the WWE Title. The person you were once, you were invincible, Cena. NOT ANY MORE. You might fool all your innocent fans by acting all confident but I know you Cena, I know you don’t believe in yourself any more. You don’t have any confidence whatsoever. You never believed you could become the WWE Champion, that is why you did what you did. You took the easier path. And, even now you don’t believe in yourself that you can beat The Undertaker. That is the reason, you provided him the money in the bank opportunity, Cena. Because when you lose, you have a reason, you have an excuse to tell all your innocent fans. It was not over-confidence, infact It was the lack of it. Today, when I stand with you in the ring, I don’t find you intimidating, and I totally believe in myself, come NYR, when we face off for this belt, I can beat you.”

Cena seething in anger punches McIntyre at this point. Cena begins to attack Drew while Coach gets out of harm’s way. Drew hits back and throws Cena on the ring corner and begins to beat. Cena again overpowers Drew. Cena throws him out of the ring. Cena pushes Drew into the steel steps and into the barricades. Cena takes out the cameras off the announcer’s table and keeps punching Drew in the face.

The crowd keeps booing loud. Cena takes Drew on top of the announcer’s table. JR and Lawler leave their seats. Drew comes back and audience cheers. Drew begins to hit Cena and locks him for the Future Shock DDT. The audience pop was huge. Suddenly, Cena comes out and over-powers Drew again who begins to bleed from his head. Cena hoists him up and looks towards the audience who are booing. Cena delivers the Attitude Adjustment over the announcer’s table.

Referees come to the ringside and they hold Cena. Cena thrusts them away and takes his title and goes to Drew holding his head and says something to him angrily. Cena leaves with the title held high and goes to the ramp and stops and looks back. The screen fades to black.

Matches confirmed for New Year’s Revolution:

WWE Champion John Cena vs Drew McIntyre

World Champion Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

The Big Show vs Ezekiel Jackson

Unified Tag Team Champions RVD & MVP vs Ted Dibiase & Brett Dibiase

US Champion John Morrison vs Jack Swagger

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