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Re: Being The Booker

First thing's first, I absolutely love your opening video packages. They're always enjoyable and get me kinda pumped to read your shows. Love them.

The Belfast brawl seemed like the likely opener. It was a fun brawl, I enjoyed the competive violent style of the match. Finlay got enough offense in to like beating him was a serious accomplishment which is good for MVP because he needed his momentum back after not going over Carlito. MVP gets the win which needed to happen. Overall a very good opener.

I never thought've Kofi being the partner but I like the choice. I was actually thinking the last Raw I read where Kofi was in this thread. Well here he is I like. The match was very good, fantastic storytelling with Kofi coming in hot but then getting worked over the veterans. Albright got put over big time kicking out of Carlito's finsher. The Master Craftsmen weren't going to lose ever. I'd rather see Carlito and Albright go one-on-one if this continues. Even though I think it could very well end here.

Batista's promo was good. It established the intensity Batista had going into the match that he showed throughout the match. The story telling was very good switching from Batista killing Edge to Edge taking advantage of Batista's emotion. I'm glad Edge got the win he just seems like the bigger star. Hopefully he gets back in the title picture soon

Backstage segment was nothing short of amazing. It was simple and hilarious with the ownage of Deuce and Domino. Please give this man the belt soon, he's earned it.

Kendrick versus London was, awesome. Match of the night so far. The story telling at the beginning (while I feel like it dragged a little while too long) was still great with Kendrick's cockiness and London geting him to take this shit seriously. The action throughout was all good. I'm glad London went over clean because Kendrick's promos on why he lost should be epic come Smackdown. Overall Match of the Night so far

The Tag Ttiles match was a decent match that went to a very very good match at the end with Booker throwing every trick in his book at AMW and it still wasn't enough. I loved Burke trying to pull Harris off Booker at the end. I loved the last few paragraphs, Book getting to say good-bye was all well done.

I was a little suprised not to see the WWE Championship match main event but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. A very good match, Lesnar's dominance versus Orton's sneakiness. The ending was creatively done and better than Trips taking a sledgehammer to Brock after a ref bump or something but I'm just overally not excited about another Triple H-Lesnar match for a few reasons. There are really no more real challenges to Orton at this point unless you turn Edge face or bring someone one back (which you very well could considering Orton has got a laundry list of punt victims right now) and I'm thinking Triple H needs a face turn soon if he's going to stay on Raw after this Brock match. Raw has a ton of main event heels (Kennnedy, Angle, and Umaga) and not enough big time faces at this stage (Christian and Cena) and Cena might even turn heel. Trip's heel gimimick would be stale with no McMahons on Tv. I hope after this Lesnar match he finds a new respect for life or something because he needs to be a face.

The main event was as enetertaining of a match as you're gonna get with JBL and the Undertaker. I was fine with how everything went down here. I'm gonna miss JBL a little, you write him epicly, but theres nothing left for him to.

A great show, everything was enjoyable. Kendrick/London was the match of the night but it was a close contest, everything was a MOTN candidate with maybe the except for the main event and the opener and probably the tag titles match. I loved this show. I can't wait for SummerSlam so please don't disappear.

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