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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Wade Barrett comes out with the World Title to open the show. Barrett mocks The Undertaker saying that although his team won the Survivor Series match, Taker ended up losing his WWE Title unlike Barrett who is still the World Champion. Barrett continued to talk about Cena.

Barrett – “All around there is one name being discussed – John Cena. Cena cashed in, Cena this, Cena that. As much as I hated The Undertaker, I atleast respected him for being a credible WWE Champion. But John Cena, I don’t consider you a champion. So, it would not be wrong to say that the biggest name in the WWE currently, the only real champion in the whole of WWE is me – Wade Barrett. This World Title is the real deal, and I am the one who holds it.”

****MACMILITANT**** (Teddy Long comes out with a mic)

Teddy Long – “You know something, playa. Last night, no doubt you left the arena as the World Champion but you did no justice to your title. You did not eliminate even a single Team RAW member quite unlike you had promised to lead from the front as a leader. So, if you want to call yourself the only real champion in WWE, you need to defend that belt, playa. Tonight, in a No.1 contender’s match we will have Randy Orton facing off against Chris Jericho and Batista in a triple threat match.” (huge pop from the crowd)

Barrett looks angry and Long does his stupid dance.

1. Edge comes out dressed in jeans and tee. He takes the mic and announces his retirement from pro wrestling due to a bugging physical condition. Edge thanks all his fans and promises to cherish all the memories he had had in the ring. He mentions that he did some weird stuffs in his last reign as the World Champion and wishes luck to Wade Barrett mentioning that although he does not like him, he sees immense potential in the young man.

Edge – “What else? I guess I would have been remembered for providing the most shocking moment in the history of WWE, but damn you John Cena. Hell, I was the pioneer still (the audience give a huge pop). You had Cena, now you have Undertaker. But, I hope that one name that comes to everybody’s mind when you hear Money in the Bank is – the audience shouts “Edge”.

Edge finally does his formal greetings and bids farewell to the crowd.

2. Mark Henry comes out and cribs about losing out on his IC Title and that no one cares if Edge retires, he should be the champion. Suddenly the music hits and the audience is shocked. It’s Bobby Lashley making his comeback to WWE. Lashley wins the match via spear resulting in an unintended tribute towards Edge.

Bobby Lashley def. Mark Henry via pinfall at 5:19

3. Khali backstage meets Ryder and Santino and expresses his desire to have the match with Ryder tonight. Santino replies that they will be taking part in the Tag Team Battleroyal to which Ranjin responds “See you there”. Khali smiles and leaves and Santino looks worried.

4. Dolph Ziggler comes out with Maria holding the IC Title. He has a non-title match with JTG. Ziggler wins the squash match via Zig Zag.

Dolph Ziggler def. JTG via pinfall at 4:28

Ziggler then boasts about how he is undefeated in WWE till now and he has lady luck on his side.

5. Tag Team Invitational Battle Royal:

All the teams start coming out. RVD & MVP join the commentators ringside. The ring keeps getting filled with Haas/Benjamin, Carlito/Masters, London/Kendrick, Santino/Ryder, former champions Chavo/Rey. Suddenly, Kennedy and JBL come out. Then, Ted Dibiase comes out with Brett Dibiase. Khali comes out with Ranjin Singh. Kane comes out with Kofi Kingston. And, Yoshi Tatsu comes out with Viscera as the final team. Santino talks to Ryder plotting to eliminate their enemies first.

The match gets underway. Kennedy gets the first elimination by throwing out Kofi Kingston. Kane looks angry and gets out of the ring throwing Kofi into the barricades and continuing to hit him over the announcer’s table.

Ryder eliminates Tatsu and both he and Santino celebrate. As they turn around, Khali is standing behind them. Khali eliminates both Santino & Ryder at once. Ranjin goes towards Khali but Rey puts him down. Khali himself leaves the ring to beat Santino who flees away and Khali/Ranjin get eliminated inadvertently.

Eliminations: Kane/Kofi, Tatsu/Viscera, Santino/Ryder, Khali/Ranjin.

JBL & Kennedy get the upper had. Carlito tries to throw down Kennedy but due to the momentum he himself falls over the top rope. Masters is shocked and Benjamin hits the superkick on him to put him out also (while it was not needed). London/Kendrick double team to throw out Benjamin who is shocked to be eliminated. Ted & Brett begin to fight London & Kendrick and finally Ted Dibiase eliminates Paul London.

Eliminations: Carlito/Masters, Haas/Benjamin, London/Kendrick

JBL goes for the clothesline from hell over Rey but Rey counters him and throws him out. Kennedy & JBL are eliminated. Now it is down to Chavo/Rey and Ted/Brett. Brett Dibiase scores the win for his team when he eliminates Chavo Guerrero. Ted looks happy and hugs his brother raising his hand.

Winners: Ted Dibiase & Brett Dibiase.

RVD & MVP stand up in the commentator’s seat and begin clapping for their opponents.

6. The titantron shows a recap of last week's RAW where WWE Champion John Cena gave Undertaker a chance of a lifetime by providing him the MITB opportunity to cash in anytime he wants. As RAW ended, all the lights went off but the Wrestlemania sign at the top of the arena was ON with Undertaker sending a message to Cena.

Backstage, as Edge leaves, he meets Jericho who is going for the No.1 contender's match. Edge wishes him luck and Jericho says that it's high time the World Title came to someone who will do justice to it. Jericho also tells Edge that he will give him first row tickets as a gift when he defends the World Title at Wrestlemania as Edge will have a lot of free time to which Edge chuckles and leaves.

7. No.1 contender’s match: (Orton vs Batista vs Jericho)

Wade Barrett joins the commentators ringside. The match goes on for long with Batista being in control in the initial moments of the match. Batista and Orton team up and keep Jericho at bay throwing him out of the ring and colliding in the ring.

In the final moments, Orton misses an RKO and Batista puts him down with a spinebuster. Jericho clotheslines Batista outside the ring. The referee is tending to Orton as Jericho takes Barrett’s belt and hits it on Batista’s head to knock him out. Barrett is shocked and goes behind Jericho as he takes the title to hit on Orton. The referee sees this and asks Jericho to leave the title and Barrett snatches it from him. Jericho comes into the ring and picks up Orton who hits the RKO out of nowhere for the pinfall.

Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho & Batista via pinfall at 11:18 to become the No.1 contender to World Title.

Randy Orton looks towards Wade Barrett with cold eyes while Barrett gives his usual arrogant look while leaving with the title towards the ramp. The screen fades to black.

Matches confirmed for New Year’s Revolution:

WWE Champion John Cena vs Drew McIntyre

World Champion Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

The Big Show vs Ezekiel Jackson

Unified Tag Team Champions RVD & MVP vs Ted Dibiase & Brett Dibiase
P.S. - The Edge retirement was something which I took from WWE and thus did not give a full farewell emotional segment again. I only used Edge because he fitted the role of the World Champion needed at the start of my BTB which paved the way for the mysterious MITB storyline. Now that his work is over, I believe its better he retired here too rather than having a match at Wrestlemania.

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