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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 13th October 2008
Live from the University of Dayton Arena
Dayton, Ohio

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Mr. McMahon
and his son, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield enter the arena with faces like thunder, met by a ton of heat from the fans. They look in to the crowd with disgust as they stomp their way down the ramp and in to the ring where Vince wastes no time in demanding a microphone from Lilian Garcia. He stops & stares in to the stands, shaking his head with disgust as his music cuts, still having boos thrown at him, angering Layfield just as much.

Vince McMahon:

*Major Heat*

Vince McMahon: I bet you’re loving this aren’t you? I bet you’re all getting some sick kick out of what happened t’ my son Shane last week, but let me tell you this; myself and John certainly aren’t. You might’ve enjoyed seeing him carried out of the arena on a stretcher last week at the hands of The Big Show but let me assure you that we are going to ensure we get retribution for Shane. What The Big Show did was nothing short of despicable, and thanks to his unprovoked actions, Shane will be lucky if he can walk by the New Year.

“Back in Black”

Eric Bischoff hits the stage for a second time tonight, not looking as relaxed as he was earlier. With a microphone in hand, he looks down at what’s left of The Corporation, and they’re not at all pleased to see Raw’s Head of Authority.

Eric Bischoff:
Vince f’ once I can understand your pain. No one wants to see anyone get injured, least of all me, however as you know injuries, well they’re just a part of this business. What happened t’ Shane was unfortunate but like I said, these things happen.


“Crank It Up”

A huge cheer breaks out as The Big Show and his rookie, Justin Gabriel walk out to join Bischoff on the stage, both dressed casually and with Show in a possession of a microphone. Vince & J.B.L. glare up at him with fury in their eyes, not amusing Show all that much as he stares back at them.

The Big Show:
Hey John, since it looks like you wanna make threats, why don’t you come up here right now? I’ve got no problem doing to you what I did t’ Shane. . . This ain’t got anything t’ do with Eric. This is about you punks an’ me. I said after Unf’given I was gonna get some payback an’ last week was just the start. From where I’m standin’, there’s still two of. . .

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: . . . Congratulations Show, there are two of us standing here, however I regret to inform you that last week wasn’t the start of any retribution you have in mind. It was the first and final act of retribution. I won’t allow you or anyone to inflict any further suffering on my father.

The Big Show: Well John, don’t worry. It’s not Vince I’m after. . . it’s you. See John I know that hurting you an’ Shane will hurt your dad anyway. The thought of watching Vince suffer while I hurt you. . .

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: . . . YOU CAN GET THAT THOUGHT OF YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT’S NOT GOING T’ HAPPEN. . . We told you before Unf’given we’re not threatened by anyone. You might’ve put Shane in the hospital but we’re not intimidated by you Show.

The Big Show: . . . Hold on Eric I’m almost done. . . J-B-L, how about you put your money where your mouth is? You might think you’re untouchable and I’m gonna give you the chance t’ prove it. . . I wanna settle this once an’ f’ all, and there’s only one way or place I know t’ do it. You might know it as hell in a cell.

*Massive Pop*

J.B.L. & Vince are taken aback by that one.

The Big Show:
Oh that’s not all. I won’t be happy just crushing you. I want you gone John, f’ good. I want your career on the line, and when I win we won’t have t’ see you ever again.

J.B.L. turns his head and looks up at Show.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
I’ll agree to your proposal on one condition, if you agree to put your career on the line too, then I’ll more than happily accept and end your miserable career.

The Big Show: Hey that’s fine with me. You’re on!

“Crank It Up” plays with the surprised looking Bischoff turning to Show with Vince doing the same in the ring with his son, but both Show & Layfield only focused on each other.


The WWE Champion, Batista is getting ready in his locker room for his tag team match later on when Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley walks in. She’s looking far more composed than last week, still a little low key as Batista hears the door close and turns round, looking surprised to see her standing there.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:

Batista: Hey Steph, what are you doing here here?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Actually, I’m fine. I feel a lot better now than I have in a long time. It feels like a weight’s been lifted you know and I wanted to thank you for looking out for me like you did last week. It’s nice to know that I have someone I can rely on right now, so I wanted to come by and say thank you in person.

Steph gently strokes his arm, again surprising The Animal.

Hey don’t mention it. Of all people I know what Hun’er can be like, but y’know if he gives you anymore problems all you have t’ do is call me right?

Steph smiles and hugs an awkward looking Batista.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
You’re a big baby really aren’t you?

Steph pulls away just as Randy Orton & Darren Young walk in and they look stunned to see Batista & Steph in a compromising position.

Randy Orton:
Well I hope we’re not interrupting anything.

Batista: Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you Randy so you can go run tell Hun’er?

Randy Orton: Whoa Dave, what makes you say that? Like I said last week my big problem’s Hun’er. After ev’rything we’ve been through I think you can appreciate that. You an’ I may not see eye t’ eye Dave but my only problem with you is that you’ve got the one thing I want, the W-W-E title. My problem like yours with Hun’er runs deeper than that. We’ve both been stabbed in the back by him. We need t’ make sure we’ve got each other’s back, and I know that’s going t’ sound strange but you have to know it makes sense. I know you understand and I know you hate Hun’er as much as I do. . . I’m here telling you to your face that I want nothing more than t’ be the W-W-E Champion but I’m going to do it in the ring at Survivor Series the right way. Can you say that about Hun’er? I know I can’t. You have t’ trust me on this, and later on you’ll have no choice but t’ trust me. . .

Batista: Yeah well we’ll wait an’ see won’t we Randy but the only person I’m looking out for right now is me.

Randy Orton: From where I’m standing it looks like there’s someone else and just ask yourself Dave what Hun’er would think if he was here right now. I don’t think he’d be too happy d’ you? Think about what I’ve said Dave and I’ll see you out there.

Orton calmly turns round and leaves the room, followed by his rookie, Young.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley:
Is it me or has he actually got a point?

Batista: I hate t’ say it but I think you’re right, not that I like it.

Dave & Steph look at each other with Orton’s words remaining firmly with them.


Batista & Randy Orton w/Darren Young vs. Ted DiBiase & Ezekiel Jackson w/Maryse

To the surprise of most, Orton & Batista managed to co-exist comfortably, but The Animal was very wary to say the least. As the match entered its closing stages, Batista & Jackson were the legal men and the rookie was leaving his mark on the WWE Champion. He managed to dodge a spear and within a second he grabbed The Animal and tossed him about like a rag doll with a release belly to belly suplex. DiBiase was looking very proud of his rookie, but The Animal wasn’t done yet. Jackson was on top but after an irish whip, Batista held on to the top rope and drove his boot down the onrushing Jackson’s throat, sending him staggering away from the ropes.

DiBiase panicked and ran across the apron, only to get knocked down by the WWE Champion, and as the dazed rookie turned round, Batista flew at him and took him down with a hellacious spear. With the crowd cheering, Batista went for the cover only for Jackson to get his shoulder up before three. Looking slightly disappointed, Batista took his time in standing back up, watching Jackson squirm. DiBiase was back up and sensed the danger, as did the worried Maryse on the outside too. Ted slipped back in the ring behind The Animal, but fortunately Orton saw him and raced in to the ring himself.

He charged across and took DiBiase down with a clothesline, and as he picked himself back up he found himself on the end of an RKO. The crowd were cheering in a big way as DiBiase rolled out to the floor and Batista stared right at Orton, not sure what to make of his partner. Orton just stared back as Jackson made it back up to his feet, still showing the effects of the spear, and gaining Batista’s attention again. The WWE Champion went to the finish the job, nailing him with a spinebuster as Orton left the ring and went back to his corner. Batista glanced back at his partner before dragging the fallen Jackson back up and setting him up for the Batista Bomb.

The crowd were going nuts and they rose to their feet as The Animal showed off his own strength by lifting the rookie up above his head and sending him crashing down to the mat before covering him to pick up the victory for him & Orton to a huge pop. “In The End” played with the fans still cheering as Orton entered the ring as Batista was passed his WWE title. They looked awkwardly at each other as a frustrated DiBiase sat up on the outside, still a little groggy. Orton nodded his head at Batista in the ring and then left the ring to walk back up the ramp with his own rookie, Young, turning back and looking back in the ring, leaving the puzzled Batista with something to think about.


*The Main Event*
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

The Game watched intently as Taker clawed his way back up until he couldn’t wait any longer, snapping and pulling his opponent in to place for the Pedigree. The crowd booed but for no long as the phenom countered with a back body drop. Trips wasn’t down for long and as he got back up to a vertical base, he reversed an irish whip and connected with a high knee strike. The Game then dragged his arm across his neck, signalling the end was near and then did the unthinkable, scooping Taker up in to place for a Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd were in shock, but to their relief & ecstasy, Taker managed to counter, only somewhat though as The King of Kings slipped down to safety behind him and low blowed The Dead-Man, earning himself a disqualification.

It didn’t seem to bother him one bit as he just stared down remorselessly at Taker writhing around on the mat. He then turned to the apron and left the ring, only to collect his trusty sledgehammer to a ton of heat. The crowd booed like mad, looking very worried for their hero who looked to be in impending danger as Triple H menacingly climbed back in the ring with his familiar ally. He slowly walked towards Taker as the phenom clawed himself back up, totally unaware of what was waiting for him with the crowd desperately trying to warn. The Game was gunning for him and lifted the sledgehammer up above his head, and as Taker turned round he brought it down, but Taker stopped him before it could hit his head by grabbing The Game’s throat.

The crowd cheered and Taker responded by planting The Game with a chokeslam to a huge roar. The sledgehammer fell out of Triple H’s hand as he hit the mat, and Taker’s eyes were fixed on it. He stared at it for several seconds before grabbing it to a massive pop. The Undertaker familiarised himself with The Game’s own weapon as Triple H began to sit up, and then we heard a ton of boos break out. We then saw Ted DiBiase & Ezekiel Jackson storm the ring and jump Taker, clubbing him down to his knees. The boos continued to ring round as the intense duo stomped all over him. They then backed away as Taker was squirming around on the mat and Triple H dragged himself back on his ass in to the corner. He watched on as DiBiase instructed Jackson to take action, and the rookie dragged him up like a rag doll as Maryse walked out in to the arena and down the ramp with a big smile on her face.

Jackson looked mean as hell as he then planted Taker with the Book of Ezekiel. More boos rang out as DiBiase then turned his head, looked down and saw the sledgehammer. A light bulb went off above his head and he bent down to pick it up, then shouted more instructions at his rookie. Jackson dragged the lifeless Taker up as DiBiase psyched himself up, getting extremely fired up, and as Jackson pushed Taker forward, DiBiase levelled him with the sledgehammer to a barrage of boos. Sat down in the corner, The Game smirked as DiBiase & Jackson stared down intensely at Taker, who lay flat out on the mat. DiBiase then dropped the sledgehammer as “Priceless” played and threw his arms up in the air standing above his Survivor Series opponent’s body. He then laughed at the crowd’s booing him before the curtain came down on this week’s Raw with The Game still smiling in the corner as DiBiase stood tall with Maryse cuddling up to him looking very proud of her boyfriend.

*Opening Video*
“Wanna Be Loved”

*Cut to the Arena*


Jim Ross:
Good evening ev’ryone an’ welcome to Monday Night Raw, live t’night in Dayton Ohio an’ what a night it’s going t’ be. Not only will we see the second semi final in the tournament t’ crown new World Tag Team Champions, the W-W-E Champion Batista will be in action live right here t’night. Plus The Miz, fresh from his trip t’ Smackdown last Friday night will be going one on one with Kofi Kingston, but that’s not all folks. In our main event we’ve got a mentor an’ rookie combination tag team showdown when The Big Show joins forces with his rookie, the exciting young South African Justin Gabriel t’ take on ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton and his rookie Darren Young.

Jerry Lawler: It’s gonna be quite the night J-R that’s f’ sure, but I also hear that young punk Ted DiBiase is going to come out here at some point t’night to address The Undertaker. That kid’s biting off more than he can chew.

Jim Ross: If that’s true King he’s a braver man than I, and after what he did t’ the dead man last week he may be best having second thoughts ‘cause he’s playing with fire. He better be careful ‘cause he might just get burned.

Jerry Lawler: I sure hope so J-R.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Carlito w/Eddie Colon vs. Orlando Jordan

Carlito was waiting in the ring with his brother, Eddie for his opponent, but as Jordan made his entrance and walked down the ramp, he was jumped by The Celtic Warrior & Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus. The intense Irishman clubbed him across and pummelled him on the ramp before firing him in to the barricade, surprising the hell out of the Puerto Rican siblings in the ring. They looked on as Sheamus glared at them and slowly walked towards the steps and menacingly entered the ring.

Realising he had no choice but to act, Carlito charged at him but ran right in to a big boot from the scary as hell Irishman. Eddie looked scared to say the least as Sheamus walked towards him and then exploded with a fury of right hands before whipping him in to the ropes and connecting with a Brogue Kick. Eddie was all but out for the count while his brother began to stir on the mat. The Celtic Warrior went right after Eddie and dragged him in to position for the High Cross as medics attended to Jordan on the ramp.

Sheamus was focused on one thing and one thing only, but fortunately for Eddie, big brother came to the rescue and dragged him down to safety and pulled him out of the ring while sliding out himself too to escape the frenzied Intercontinental Champion. Sheamus was livid and glared at them, watching them walk round the ring, getting out of harm’s way. He then went looking for a microphone, still fuming as he collected one from Lilian Garcia.

Result: Non-Starter.

Sheamus: You wanna run away again huh fella? Fine, have it your way, but let me make this clear for ya. Y’can’t escape f’ever Carlito. I will get my hands on ya I promise an’ it ain’t gonna be fun let me tell ya, an’ when I’m done it won’t just be your brother who gets hurt. Only this time neither of y’will be comin’ back. I’m gonna make sure of it if it’s the last thing I do.

“Written in Your Face” plays to a chorus of boos as Sheamus drops the microphone and glares up at the not so jovial Puerto Rican siblings on the ramp. Sheamus picks his Intercontinental Championship up off the mat and throws it over his shoulder, still very angry having left a definite impression on Carlito & Eddie Colon.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Opening Contest*
Non-Title Match
Goldust w/Eugene vs. Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior was one angry man from the moment he stepped out to the stage, and that was bad news for Goldust. The Intercontinental Champion was all over him as soon as the bell rung, causing some serious concern for Eugene on the outside in Goldust’s corner. Sheamus meant business in a big way and his aggression brought him a warning from the ref which in turn brought a fightback from Goldust. The Irishman was left stunned to the joy of the crowd who were getting right behind Goldie. The excitable Eugene encouraged him, but as Goldust came back off the ropes looking for a bulldog, Sheamus turned round and nailed him with a ferocious clothesline.

He backed away in to the corner and watched intensely as his opponent made his way back up, and as Goldust made it back up to his feet Sheamus charged at him and levelled him with the Brogue Kick. It knocked Goldust spark out, not that the Intercontinental Champion cared. The sadistic looking Irishman dragged him right back up and pulled him in to place for the High Cross. Goldust was helpless and found himself sent crashing down in to the canvas with Sheamus crawling across on his knees to make the count and pick up the victory. He wasn’t in any mood to celebrate at the bell and pulled his arm away from the referee as he tried to raise it before walking over to the apron and demanding a microphone.

Winner: Sheamus by pinfall.

Sheamus: Carlito, I know you’re back there y’little coward wit’ dat weakling of a brother but how ‘bout y’grow a pair an’ come out here t’ face me like a man f’ a change? If not, you leave me with just one option fella, t’ come back there an’ get ya m’self, an’ trust me I’ve got no problem doin’ that. So what’s it t’ be?

Sheamus steps back and waits for Carlito, and he doesn’t have to wait long as “Cool” plays and Carlito walks out to the stage in his ring gear and one of his T-shirts along with his brother, Eddie Colon. Sheamus cracks a smile, looking very happy to see the Puerto Rican who’s tormented him as of late, and Carlito has a microphone in hand.

Hey, jus’ so ju know Casper, Carlito doesn’t like being called a coward. . .

Sheamus: . . . Well I’m sorry fella but dat’s exactly what you are. There’s only one way t’ prove you’re not, by comin’ down here right now an’ get the beatin’ you’ve been askin’ for f’weeks.

Carlito: Ju want me t’ come down there right now? Hey, dat’s cool but on one condition. . . ju put that Intercontinental title o’ yours on the line.

*Big Pop*

Sheamus: If that’s what it’s gonna take I ain’t got a problem wit’ dat whatsoever. All that’s left for ya t’ do now tough man is bring y’self down here so I can finally beat the crap out o’ ya.

Carlito takes his shirt off looking well up for it and heads down the ramp with Eddie as Sheamus gives his title back to the referee.

Hold it right there Carlito.

The camera cuts to the top of the stage where Eric Bischoff walks to with a microphone in hand, and he doesn’t look too happy. Neither do Carlito & Sheamus as they look up at him with Carlito at the bottom of the ramp.

Eric Bischoff:
Now I know you guys haven’t exactly been getting along recently but there’s only person around here who decides what matches take place and that’s me, and I say this match is not going t’ happen t’night.

*Major Heat*

Bischoff ignores the boos, and Carlito throws his arms up, frustratedly asking Bischoff why. Sheamus too isn’t happy in the ring as he looks up at Raw’s Head of Authority.

Eric Bischoff:
I can understand all your reactions but the fact is Sheamus, you’ve just had a match and I’m not going to let you put that title at stake just like that. However since I’m out here there is something I’d like you t’ know, especially since it involves the both of you.

Sheamus & Carlito are confused, not sure what’s going on as Bischoff holds their total attention.

Eric Bischoff:
As I’m sure you’re all aware we’re not too far away from the Survivor Series and I’m proud to announce that having spoken with my Smackdown counterpart, there will be an inter-promotional elimination match between Raw and Smackdown that night.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: Now where you guys come in to it is that you two are the first members of Team Raw. In fact, Sheamus you will be leading Team Raw as captain.

*Some Boos*

Sheamus picks up the microphone he dropped before, not all that pleased by the look on his face.

With all due respect Bischoff, it’s an honour t’ be made captain, but there’s no way in hell I’m havin’ him on my team.

Eric Bischoff: Well Sheamus that’s not your decision t’ make. I decide who represents my show and I say both you and Carlito will be on Team Raw and that’s final. Now if you don’t want to be on the team or captain, that’s fine. The reason I chose you f’ the job was you’ve been almost unstoppable, unbeatable if you will since you arrived, and that’s exactly what I want my team t’ be. I want my captain to ensure my team beats Smackdown, which in turn will make you look good, make Raw look good and essentially make me look good. You make that happen Sheamus and that’s only going to be good for you, I promise you that.

Sheamus: Y’know what Bischoff? You’re right. It’ll be an honour t’ lead Raw t’ vict’ry, an’ with me as captain I guarantee we’ll destroy Team Smackdown even wit’ dat useless coward on board.

“Written In Your Face” plays to a mixed reaction with Bischoff looking impressed with his smirking captain while Carlito & Eddie don’t know how to react.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of Mia Rain & Kelly Kelly walking through the back on the way to the ring for when we return after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #2*
Kelly Kelly vs. Mia Rain

Kelly may have received some strong support from the fans and some silent encouragement from the Women’s Champion, Melina as she watched on from the announce table, sharing some awkward glances with her fierce critic, Rain. Kelly never really threatened with the exception of when Rain allowed herself to get distracted by Melina. When she turned round, she received a shock when Kelly sat up and rolled her in to an inside cradle. Rain kicked out and was in for a shock as they raced back up to their feet with Kelly nailing her with a roundhouse kick. The crowd were cheering like mad as she frantically jumped down on top of Mia going for the cover only to see Rain get her shoulder up at the count of two.

Melina was left disappointed at the announce table as she watched closely, seeing Kelly sit up looking devastated. She helped pull a groggy Rain back up before running back in to the ropes, but as she came back Rain grabbed her around the waist and planted her with a backbreaker. Kelly bravely got her shoulder up but she couldn’t hold on moments later when she fell victim to Acid Rain, a bridging strait-jacket electric chair drop. The ref counted to three to give Mia the win, much to her smug satisfaction as she walked over to the apron to look down at the unimpressed Melina. Just as they were staring at each other intently, Kelly was squirming and the camera switched to a shot of a large black woman enter the ring to the surprise of the referee and the fans.

Melina looked past and saw the menacing woman lock her sights on Kelly, and as the beaten diva got to her knees, she was hauled up with total ease and driven in to the mat courtesy of a sit-down powerbomb. Rain & Melina both looked on in shock, and Rain caught the mystery woman’s attention as she stood up. She glared at Mia, leaving her no option but to flee the ring for her own safety. This scarily dangerous woman walked over to the ropes and watched her head round the floor and to the ramp while Melina entered the ring to check on Kelly, and then the behemoth turned her head to see the Women’s Champion there in front of her.

Melina panicked and crawled across the mat dragging Kelly with her by the arms, but the other woman had other ideas and quickly grabbed Kelly by the legs to pull her back in the ring. Melina could only look on, as did Rain on the ramp as Kelly was subjected to a lifting double underhook facebuster to heat from the crowd. The menacing newcomer stood up and stared down at Kelly before turning her head in Melina’s direction, and there was horror on her face and everyone’s round ringside as Kelly lay there helpless with this remorseless, intimidating beast stood over her. JR & King were stunned also, not knowing who she was but talked just how dangerous this woman is.

Winner: Mia Rain by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

There appears to be some awkwardness in the production area where Vince McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield stand, both wearing suits. JBL is looking very serious indeed, as is his father.

Vince McMahon:
I know last week John I wasn’t at all happy with how easily you agreed to put your career on the line against Big Show at Survivor Series. It was a huge decision to put almost everything you have on the line, especially inside hell in a cell but I want you to know that I do believe in you, one hundred percent. I know you can and will beat The Big Show, and the fact you’re doing it for both me an’ Shane too means a lot. I know that the last year or so hasn’t been easy for any of us but I want you to know that I very much consider you a member of my family, just as much as Shane, and I know he’ll respect what you’re doing for the reputation of our family as much as I do. Our family has dominated this industry for decades and will do for many more to come, and t’ know you will be part of that makes me very proud son.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: To be part of this family and its dominance makes me proud too. I am proud to be your son, and at the Survivor Series when I end the career of the largest yet dumbest athlete in the world, I will make you the proudest father in the world, however I’m not just doing this for you an’ Shane. I’m doing this f’ me too. A selfish part of me wants to tear Big Show limb from limb inside that cell and that’s exactly what I’m going to. . .

JBL looks over his father’s shoulder, confusing Vince, who then turns round to see his daughter, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley walk towards them. JBL doesn’t look pleased to see her, and there’s some clear tension between father & daughter.

Vince McMahon:
Stephanie, what on earth are you doing here?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Look dad I know the last year’s been tough for us all but you have t’ know I’m really sorry for what happened t’ Shane. I don’t want to see either of you get hurt and he doesn’t either.

Vince McMahon: How do you know what Shane wants huh?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Well I went to see him after. . .

Vince McMahon: . . . You’ve seen Shane? He hasn’t said anything about that t’ me.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Can you blame him dad? He’s worried just like I am. The last thing we want is for the same thing t’ happen t’ you, and if you keep on winding up The Big Show like you are doing, you might. Despite ev’rything I don’t want that t’ happen to you dad.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: With all due respect Stephanie, I won’t let that happen.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: It happened to Shane, what makes you think it won’t happen t’ him too huh?

JBL steps forward and stares right at her, surprisingly not intimidating her.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
That stopped being your concern when you turned your back on him for the sake of your husband, and look how that turned out sis’.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Don’t ever call me that John.

?: HEY.

‘The Animal’ Batista storms his way in to the shot wearing his gear and gets in between Steph & JBL, pushing him away from her and giving JBL a long, menacing look.

You alright Steph?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Yeah I’m fine.

Batista: You sure about that?

Vince McMahon: Well Steph, thanks for your concern but I assure you I’ll be fine. Come on son.

Not looking all that sincere, Vince walks past her with JBL shrugging past the ready to snap WWE Champion, who watches them go.

Seriously Steph, is ev’rything okay?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: What do you think? I’ve got the divorce t’ deal with, the kids are playing up, Shane’s in a real bad way and now dad’s getting himself in too deep with The Big Show. . .

Batista: . . . Steph, Vince is more than capable of looking after himself and so should you. Right now you’ve only gotta think about yourself an’ the girls. F’get about ev’rything else, it’s you an’ the girls that matter.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Yeah you’re right, thanks. You’ve been great, again. Hey, what would you say about going getting a drink after the show and catch up? My mum’s got the girls t’night so I’ve got a night off for a change.

Batista: Yeah okay. I’ve got a match any minute but I’ll meet you after?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Okay great. I’ll see you later. Good luck with the match.

Batista: Thanks.

The Animal walks away and Steph watches him go with a smile on her face and then walks the other way. The camera then pans to the right and there stands the angry figure of Triple H, seemingly watching just went on between his rival & wife. The camera zooms in on him as he looks all set to explode with rage.

*Commercial Break*


‘The Long Island Loudmouth’ Zack Ryder
walks out to the stage to heat from the crowd and is stopped by the Raw host, his replacement, Leticia Cline. Ryder’s all smiles this evening as his music grinds to a halt.

Leticia Cline:
Zack, in just a matter of moments you’re going to be taking on the W-W-E Champion Batista. How exactly are you feeling right now going in to this match that most people would say is the biggest of your short career so far?

Zack Ryder: Biggest match of my career? You’re damn right it is. This is huge for the Big Z. I’m taking on Batista, the W-W-E Champion. It doesn’t get any bigger than that baby, except it is t’night ‘cause not only am I gonna get in the ring with Batista, I’m gonna beat Batista. Yeah, you heard me right. I’m gonna do the unthinkable an’ shock the entire world by beatin’ Batista here t’night in Dayton Ohio, then I’m gonna host the biggest party the world’s ever seen. That’s a guarantee baby ‘cause it came from me, the Big Z, Zack Ryder.

“Radio” resumes and the extremely confident Ryder heads down the ramp smiling at the fans, some of which are laughing at him. He heads in the ring and removes his jacket and shades, then gets ready to greet his opponent.

“In The End”

A huge pop greets the WWE Champion, Batista as he races out to the stage, going to each side and posing for his adoring fans. He then walks back to the centre where Leticia is waiting to speak with him. His music cuts as Ryder watches on in anticipation.

Leticia Cline:
Batista, in about a month from now you’ll be defending the W-W-E Championship in a triple threat match at the Survivor Series against Randy Orton an’ Triple H, and last week you teamed up with Randy and you won. Were you surprised about how well you were able to team with him considering ev’rything you’ve been through and with the match coming up at Survivor Series?

Batista: Honestly? Yeah. I’ve known Randy a long time and I know better than anyone he’s as slippery as they come. I don’t know what he’s up to and no matter what he says I’ll never trust Randy Orton, even after last week.

Leticia Cline: Well I don’t think any of your fans here t’night would disagree with you there and I’m sure they’d like to wish you luck in your matches both t’night and at the Survivor Series. Good luck.

Batista: Thanks Leticia.

The WWE Champion makes his way down the ramp as his music resumes to another big cheer, and The Animal is focused tonight and locks his eyes on the now slightly intimidated looking Ryder.

*Match #3*
Non-Title Match
Batista vs. Zack Ryder

The Animal gave Ryder a rough time in the opening minutes, but the former Raw host wasn’t there to bow down to the WWE Champion. Batista wasn’t in full throttle as you’d expect, holding back against a lesser opponent, and Ryder was able to trouble the big man. The Long Island native showed some serious spirit, and after fighting his way down from an attempted running powerslam, he ducked a clothesline from The Animal and caught him with a swinging neckbreaker. Despite seeing Batista kick out, Ryder rushed to his feet with a face full of optimism, urging the WWE Champion to get up. It didn’t take long and Ryder made the mistake of trying for an irish whip.

Batista reversed it and sent his opponent in to the corner before running in at him, but Ryder lifted his boot up in to his face, sending him staggering out of the corner. The opportunistic Ryder climbed to the top rope and then connected with a missile dropkick. He scrambled across to make the cover only to see Batista comfortably kick out at two. This time Ryder felt the frustration but took the fight to The Animal, jumping right on him with a side headlock. The WWE Champion fought his way through it and countered with a side suplex. As both men made it to their feet, Ryder was fired in to the ropes and fell victim to a spinning side slam. He toughed it out and picked himself back up, walking right in to a spear to the delight of the crowd.

Ryder got his shoulder up to the surprise of the crowd but Batista wasn’t done there and sealed the deal with a spinebuster followed by a ferocious Batista Bomb to a massive pop, picking up the victory over the brave Big Z. He lifted his title aloft to an almighty cheer from the crowd while getting his arm raised, but then out of nowhere “The Game” blasted out and Triple H stormed out in to the arena, pacing down the ramp and in to the ring as Ryder rolled out of the ring and out of shot. The stunned WWE Champion watched his rival the whole way, and as The Game entered the ring he wasted no time in getting in Batista’s face, going nose to nose with him with a face like thunder. Eventually he stepped back and went to get a microphone with Batista still watching his every step as the music cut, allowing the intense Triple H the chance to get things off his chest.

Winner: Batista by pinfall.

Triple H: I’m going to ask you this just once Dave and you better tell me the truth. . . what the hell’s going on between you an’ my wife?

The crowd watch on intently as HHH glares right at the un-intimidated Animal.

Triple H:
If there’s something going on Dave, you better tell me right now. It’s bad enough you’ve got your hands on my title, now you want my wife too. . .

Batista snaps and grabs the microphone from him, surprising the intense Triple H.

. . . YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH ME AN’ STEPH?. . . Nothing. That’s what’s going on, not that it’s got anything t’ do with you since you walked out on her an’ your kids, all f’ what? A title? This title means a lot t’ me, a hell of a lot, but not more than my family. You, you’re a selfish son of a bitch and you don’t deserve Stephanie. All I’m doing is looking out for her an’ being a friend because her so called husband’s treated her like crap.

*Big Pop*

Hunter stares right at him, looking like he’s going to unload on him, but he doesn’t and just steals the microphone back.

Triple H:
What goes on with me an’ Steph is none of your business, but I’ll tell you what Dave. . .

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

‘The Viper’ Randy Orton
walks out to the stage calmly along with his rookie, Darren Young by his side. They’re met by a largely negative reception with some cheers mixed in, and they’re both in their ring gear, getting the full attention of Triple H & Batista. They look up at Orton, also wearing one of his trademark T-shirts as his music stops.

Randy Orton:
To be perfectly honest Hun’er, Dave’s right. You walked out on Stephanie. She’s fair game.

Triple H: If I were you Randy I’d shut my mouth. It’s got nothing to do with Batista and it sure as hell has nothing to do with you.

Randy Orton: Actually Hun’er you’re wrong. It became my business when you screwed me out of the W-W-E Championship at Unf’given. I had it in the bag until you came along. You had no right being there, but at Survivor Series you won’t stop me taking back what’s mine, not yours. No one will be able to stop me taking back the W-W-E title.


Randy Orton: The Survivor Series has become my event from the first time I competed there. I’ve been the last man standing on no less than three occasions. Last year I beat The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels all by myself, and this year I will be the last man standing again, this time as the new W-W-E Champion.

*Major Heat*

Randy Orton: You’ve made your bed Hun’er, now you have to lie in it. You have to accept that you’re not getting your wife back, and more importantly you have to accept that at the Survivor Series you won’t be getting the W-W-E title back. Even you Dave have to accept that only one of us will walk out champion and that’s me.

“Voices” plays again to more heat as Orton looks down intently at his former Evolution team mates, who both stare back at him and then each other as Orton & Young turn round and walk to the back.

*Video Promo*

We’re now fortunate enough to be shown a shot of The Miz in confident mood and his rookie, Heath Slater making their way through the back and then cut to a fired up Kofi Kingston as they prepare to go one on one after the break.

*Commercial Break*

JTG & Homicide are in the hallway chatting amongst themselves as Cody Rhodes and his rookie, Joe Hennig walk towards them from behind. The young duo are looking very relaxed this evening as they stroll their way through the back, and Cody catches a glimpse of the Brooklyn mentor & rookie duo. He nudges Hennig and makes a joke as they approach them.

Cody Rhodes:
Well look who we have here. . . do they look like the guys who lost last week and missed out on a shot at the tag team titles? I’m sure it’s them but what do you think Joe?

JTG & Homicide turn round to see the smirking duo.

Joe Hennig:
Yeah it sure looks like them.

Cody Rhodes: I thought so. I’m surprised they even made it far. They wouldn’t have done if they’d met us.

JTG: What y’say?

Cody Rhodes: I was j. . .

JTG: . . . I heard what y’said punk, an’ f’ the reco’d we beat you smart asses a couple o’ weeks ago. What y’gotta say ‘bout that kid huh?

Cody Rhodes: Well that’s what we call a fluke. It wouldn’t happen again. In fact I guarantee it wouldn’t.

JTG: Huh, well I guess there’s only one way t’ find out right? Since you’re so confident how ‘bout next week we find out f’ sure? That’s if you ain’t full of it punk?

Cody Rhodes: Full of it? Really I don’t think so. You’ll find out next week I’m right and you’re looking at the tag team that’s going to dominate Raw for years to come.

Homicide sn-iggers, not amusing Cody.

Yeah either that or we’ll beat your asses again.

JTG smirks and walks off laughing with his rookie while an un-amused Cody & Hennig watch them walk away with anger.

Cody Rhodes:
Well we’ll see about that.

*Video Recap*
From Smackdown
(Last Friday Night)

No Mercy Rematch
Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger urged Michaels up, watching his every move, and as Shawn managed to get to his feet, he went right for him. He looked to grab Shawn, but The Showstopper ducked underneath and reacted in a flash, exploding with a super kick to a massive roar from the Hartford crowd. The momentum took him down too and he couldn’t take advantage for almost five seconds before crawling over and stretching his arm out across Swagger’s body for the cover. Swagger showed some fight too and only just got his shoulder up at two.

The fans were left disappointed, but as the weary Michaels clawed his way back up with The All-American American sitting up, he headed to the corner to tune up for the band. The crowd were banging their hands together and stomping their feet in synch as the unwitting Swagger tried to pick himself back up, not looking to have a clue where he was. We then heard a sudden burst of boos and saw The Miz & Heath Slater slide in the ring. Michaels saw them and aimed his finisher at The Miz, but Mr. Hollywood ducked and clubbed him down to his knees, getting Swagger disqualified.

Slater & Swagger then joined The Miz in pummelling Michaels to a barrage of heat. The Miz then ordered them back and watched sadistically as the battered Michaels attempted & struggled to claw his way back up, and the moment The Heartbreak Kid made it up to his feet, The Miz jumped on him and drilled him with the Skull Crushing Finale. The fans were booing like nuts as the remorseless Miz just glared on his knees at the out-cold Michaels before taking his time in getting back up and going to collect a microphone.

Winner: Shawn Michaels by DQ.

The Miz: I told you I’d be here Shawn. I told you I’d have something t’ say, and here it is Heartbreak Kid. . . Like I said on Raw, I didn’t back away from a fight with you at No Mercy. You don’t scare me Shawn, not one bit. I came here with a challenge, a challenge to a match at Survivor Series, but it’s no ordinary match I want Shawn. What I’m proposing is a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Your team versus mine, and right now I’d like you all to say hello to the first two members of my team. . . I give you Heath Slater and Jack Swagger, and alongside their captain they will be victorious at the Survivor Series because WE’RE TEAM MIZ, AND WE’RE AWE-SOME!

“I Came to Play” plays to a ton of heat as Team Miz leave the ring laughing, watching the pissed off Michaels stirring in the ring.

*Cut to the Arena*

“AWE-SOME. . . I came to, I came t’ play. . .”

Looking very confident in his ring gear, The Miz makes his way down the ramp shrugging off the vast array of boos coming from the crowd. Heath Slater follows behind him, and he too is in a good mood tonight, ignoring the heat inside the University of Dayton Arena. As Mr. Hollywood gets in the ring, he borrows the microphone from Lilian Garcia.

The Miz:
Good evening Dayton Ohio.

*Major Heat*

The Miz smirks through the barrage of heat.

The Miz:
You people can boo me all you want, by now I know you’re all jealous of me and you have ev’ry right t’ be. Not only am I on my way to greatness, an’ yeah I might be from the great state of Ohio, but I’m certainly not from this dump you people have the misfortune of calling home.

*More Heat*

The Miz: Y’know I might not be back home in Cleveland right now but nothing is going to put me in a bad mood t’night. See last Friday night I went to Smackdown as I said I would and left Shawn Michaels flat on his back.

*Ton of Boos*

The Miz: If I were you Shawn I’d get used to it, because now you’ve accepted my challenge to an elimination match at the Survivor Series, my team is going to dominate you and whoever you choose to help you. If you people don’t believe me, I’m going to show you right now what Michaels is up against, and like Survivor Series your winner will hail from the only state in Ohio that isn’t a run down piece of crap. Your winner will be THE MIZ.

The Miz hands the microphone back to Lilian and Slater leaves the ring as Mr. Hollywood gets ready for his opponent.

“S-O-S, I hear ‘em callin’. . .”

Kofi Kingston
hits the stage to a big pop, looking more serious than usual. He heads down the ramp staring right at his opponent and slides in the ring, not stopping to pose for the crowd for a change.

*Match #4*
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz w/Heath Slater

It didn’t take long for the incredibly focused Jamaican to take the match to The Miz, putting him firmly on the back foot. He was well on top until he went looking for a suicide dive as the groggy Miz struggled to his feet on the floor, and as Kofi threw himself the ropes, Slater dragged his mentor to safety and Kofi crashed in to the floor and the security wall. The Miz took advantage when he recovered and tossed the battered Jamaican’s body back in to the ring. He beat down Kofi and gained a couple of close calls, getting more frustrated each time, and when Kofi kicked out after a shoulder jawbreaker, Mr. Hollywood lost it. He dragged him up and sent him in to the corner, but as he ran in, Kofi lifted his boot up in to his face to send The Miz staggering away.

Kofi climbed up to the second rope and then dived on top of The Miz as he turned round for a cross body, only The Miz kicked out at two. As they both made their way up in a hurry, Kofi ducked a clothesline and connected with a russian legsweep. Kofi was back in charge and came close with the Boom Drop only to see The Miz get his shoulder up at the count of two, much to the relief of Slater on the outside. He was looking on nervously as Kofi was gearing himself up to finish the job, and just as it looked like he was getting ready to nail The Miz with the Trouble in Paradise, Slater hopped up on to the apron. Kofi saw him and went right after Miz’s rookie, running right at him to send him down, but Slater jumped down of his own accord.

He smirked right at the angry Kofi and the Jamaican Sensation just stared at him to make sure he stayed on the outside, giving The Miz time to make his way back up and sneak up behind him and roll him up for a cover, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage. Kofi kicked out though and as they made it back up, Kofi ducked a wild right and connected with the Trouble in Paradise to a huge pop. He scurried across to cover The Miz but just as the ref was about to count to three, Slater placed his mentor’s foot on the rope and the ref stopped the count, not seeing Slater put the foot there though. Kofi sat up and knew it straight away. He raced to his feet and went right after Slater, chasing him round the ring, surprising the hell out of the worried rookie. He ran around and then dived in the ring before racing across it with Kingston in pursuit.

Kofi grabbed him with both hands and got right in his face while the ref tried to get him to back off and let Slater leave the ring. The Miz was sitting up, and as Kofi then let go of Slater, the ref made sure he left the ring. At the same time Kofi walked over to The Miz and was on the receiving end of a low blow to a ton of heat. The ref turned round to see Kofi rolling around in agony as The Miz sat up on his knees with a smug smile on his face. He then picked himself up to more boos before dragging the helpless Kofi up to nail the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win to a barrage of heat from the Dayton crowd. He was revelling in it, as was Slater as he joined his victorious mentor in the ring. They looked down and laughed at Kofi as he was squirming around on the mat. The Miz wasn’t done and urged him to get up, eventually losing patience and went to drag him up.

He set him up for the Skull Crushing Finale again when “Sexy Boy” hit to a huge roar inside the sold out arena. Shawn Michaels charged down the ramp to the surprise of Miz & Slater. Miz let go of Kofi as Slater ran at Michaels for a clothesline, but Michaels ducked and nailed him with some Sweet Chin Music, getting another massive cheer from the crowd. Miz stood there panicking and was quickly knocked to the floor by Michaels with a clothesline. As he got back up Michaels fired him in to the ropes but The Miz held on to them and pulled himself under the bottom rope to safety and then dragged Slater out of there. “Sexy Boy” played again as the intense Heartbreak Kid stared right at the furious Miz with the fans going nuts. Kofi sat up and Michaels turned round to check he was okay as The Miz shook his head, irate at Michaels who turned back to let him know he’s in for a war.

Winner: The Miz by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

Ted DiBiase is walking through the back, seemingly approaching the ring with his rookie, Ezekiel Jackson and girlfriend, Maryse; all of whom are in casual clothing.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

The Big Show & Justin Gabriel are shown getting ready in their locker room for their match later on against Randy Orton & Darren Young.

*Cut Backstage*

Shawn Michaels & Kofi Kingston are walking through the back, and Kofi is still in a bad mood.

Shawn Michaels:
Look I know you’re going through a rough patch but it happens. I’ve gotta tell y’Kofi, you caught my eye a while ago an’ you’ve got all the talent in the world. You’ll get over this. We’ve all been through spells like that. As long as you show the spirit you are to turn it round, you’ll be fine. I can see you wanna prove a point, that’s why I want you t’ be part of my team t’ take on The Miz at Survivor Series.

They stop and look at each other.

Shawn Michaels:
I don’t need an answer right now. You think about it, but trust me, you’ll be fine.

Michaels taps Kofi on the back and walks off down the hall leaving Kofi with something to think about.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Priceless, baby I’m priceless. . .”

Out to the stage walks Ted DiBiase to a lot of heat from the Dayton crowd. He has Ezekiel Jackson & Maryse at either side of him, and not even the crowd are getting to DiBiase tonight as he walks down to the ring. He holds the rope down for Maryse and then follows her & Jackson in to the ring, then goes to get a microphone. He walks in to the centre of the ring and his music stops, bringing out the boos, and they still don’t bother him one bit as he stands there smirking in to the stands.

Ted DiBiase:
Let me stop you right there. After what I. . . we did to The Undertaker last week, you better get used to me coming out here and saying I told you so.

Ted DiBiase: I told Eric Bischoff and all of you last week that I wasn’t in the least bit intimidated by facing The Undertaker at the Survivor Series. I’m sure you all thought I was bluffing but look what happened. Seriously, look what happened.

DiBiase points to the tron and a recap from the end of last week’s main event between The Undertaker & Triple H is shown where DiBiase & Jackson jumped The Undertaker, ending with DiBiase nailing him with The Game’s sledgehammer.

We go back to the ring where DiBiase & Co are enjoying the footage.

Ted DiBiase:
Just in case any of you missed the show last week or didn’t believe what you were seeing, I knocked The Undertaker clean out.


Ted DiBiase: That’s right. I knocked him out and stood over him just as I will a month from now when I step in this ring with him at the Survivor Series. You may have laughed at my confidence last week but not now. I showed you that I had the courage to get in the ring with the dead man and take the fight to him. Not just that, I left him lying there for all of you, his adoring fans t’ see.

*More Boos*

Ted DiBiase: I just hope you get used to it. I’ve said ever since I came here that I would rise to the top and beat ev’ryone put in my way, and as much as you and ev’ryone back there doubted me, I’ve proved you wrong. I went to SummerSlam and became the Intercontinental Champion like I said I would, and if it wasn’t for Eric Bischoff I’d still be the Intercontinental Champion right now. However that’s not important. Bischoff thinks he’s getting back at me by putting me in a match with The Undertaker, but I promise you Bischoff you’re just doing me a favour. You’ve given me the chance to prove my point that I can beat anybody put before me. At the Survivor Series I promise you I will defeat The Undertaker whether you like it or not, and then there’ll be no holding me back.


Ted DiBiase: Y’know Bischoff, the Royal Rumble’s not that far away, and do you know what event takes place not longer after that? WrestleMania. You know what else? I can see my journey unfolding before my very eyes. I made my debut here the night after WrestleMania this year, and how ironic would it be that I mark my one year anniversary by leaving WrestleMania twenty-five as the new W-W-E Champion?


Ted DiBiase: Doubt me all you want, but look at what I’ve accomplished. Ev’rything I’ve said I was going to do, I’ve done. You need to realise that you have no choice to accept that I will headline this company for years t’ come, and that’s going to happen sooner rather than later. The Survivor Series gives me just the opportunity to make those who doubt me see it for themselves. However I have found a way for you to accept that I am what I say I am, that I am the real deal. I’ve come out here t’night to prove those final doubters wrong, by doing something no one ever does. I came out here to do something beyond the realms of bravery, something that will show you I have the courage to take on any challenge. . . I came here t’night to call out The Undertaker.

*Big Pop*

Ted DiBiase: I’m not playing around. I mean it. I came here to call out the dead man and I’m calling him out right now.

*More Cheers*

DiBiase looks like he means it and turns to face the stage, as do Jackson & Maryse.

Ted DiBiase:
What d’ you say ‘taker? Are you coming out or not? I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got all night dead man.

DiBiase stands & waits, psyching himself up for Taker’s arrival, if he decides to answer the challenge.


Out go the lights to a huge roar inside the arena.

“Rest in Peace”

The Undertaker steps out in to the arena through the blistering smoke to an enormous pop as DiBiase & Jackson prepare for his arrival, getting ready for battle, stepping back and DiBiase rolls up his sleeves. Taker slowly walks down the ramp menacingly, glaring coldly at DiBiase & Jackson as they psyche themselves up in the ring. The Dead-Man climbs up the steps and the lights come back on to a deafening cheer as the phenom removes his hat from his head, rolling his eyes in to the back of his head. Maryse is almost sickened by it, and Taker locks his eyes on DiBiase and his rookie as he takes off his jacket, placing it on the ropes before stepping through them. The mentor & rookie waste no time and go right after him, charging at him and clubbing him across the upper body.

DiBiase instructs Jackson to fire him in to the opposite corner and he does so, then follows in for a clothesline, but Taker steps out and lifts his elbow up in to the side of his head. The crowd cheer as Taker grabs him by the head and rams it right in to the turnbuckle pad. DiBiase then walks up behind him and Taker turns his head in a flash to another big pop as DiBiase puts on the brakes, knowing he’s in trouble. Taker coolly turns round, staring menacingly at the petrified DiBiase. Jackson comes to his rookie’s rescue though and clubs The Dead-Man across the back savagely, put Taker on his knees. As Taker picks himself back up, Jackson runs the ropes and comes racing back to take him down with a running shoulder block. The fans boo as DiBiase smirks at his rookie as he stands back up. Taker too makes his way back up with the cocky DiBiase watching him all the way.

He runs past him in to the ropes and comes back from behind to connect with a clothesline, putting Taker on his knees again, but not for long. DiBiase’s feeling it now and Maryse is liking what she sees as her boyfriend shifts behind his Survivor Series opponent with the fans showing some concern as Taker unwittingly stands back up to get taken to Dream Street. The fans boo as DiBiase stands up with a huge grin on his face, laughing at the crowd, but all of a sudden another huge roar breaks out as The Undertaker sits up with a face of pure fury. DiBiase & Jackson can’t believe it, DiBiase especially. Jackson’s ordered to go after him and he does. He pulls Taker up from his knees and sets him up for the Book of Ezekiel, but no, Taker escapes with an elbow strike to the head.

He whips Jackson in to the ropes and levels him with a big boot. DiBiase goes to work and clubs Taker across the back but it doesn’t do any damage, only for the youngster as the phenom turns round slowly and drags his arm across his neck to signal the end for him. Ted looks on in horror as Taker grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam to a huge pop from the Ohio crowd. DiBiase thinks fast though and kicks him in the groin to a barrage of heat, sending Taker to the mat and this time he can’t sit up. He writhes around in agony as an intense DiBiase walks over to the ropes and leaves the ring to collect a steel chair. He wastes no time in sliding back in, looking incredibly focused as Jackson picks himself back up with Maryse watching on nervously.

Ted orders his rookie to help Taker up, and he does. Jackson drags Taker up as the intense DiBiase gets ready with the chair, bursting to strike. He then nods his head at Jackson who shoves Taker forward in to an almighty shot to the skull. He falls to the mat and DiBiase just tosses the chair down alongside him to a whole host of boos inside the arena. He looks on looking very proud of himself with Jackson also satisfied at the sight of Taker squirming around on the floor. “Priceless” plays and DiBiase takes off with Jackson & Maryse following him up the ramp. They turn back and see an angry Dead-Man sitting up glaring right back at them, not intimidating DiBiase at all as he simply smirks back at the livid phenom.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms with Shannon Moore on one side and the team of Rey Mysterio & Mystico on other as both teams make their way towards the ring for the second semi final in the World Tag Team Championship tournament.

*Commercial Break*

Shantelle Taylor, Gail Kim’s rookie is in the backstage area in her street clothes standing & waiting around it would seem when Brie & Nikki, the Bella twins walk up behind her. They see her standing there somewhat awkwardly and laugh at her, making the young Canadian even more uneasy.

Brie Bella:
Look at her hair.

Brie touches her hair and gets a little squeamish.

Brie Bella:
Oh my god that’s disgusting. What conditioner do you use on that?

Nikki Bella: None by the look of it.

Brie Bella: I think you’re right.

Shantelle Taylor: Get your hands off me.

Taylor flicks away at her arm. Brie lets go and backs away.

Brie Bella:
The tramp speaks.

Brie & Nikki laugh and walk away, then Gail Kim walks past them to her rookie, looking slightly upset by the insults and Gail sees that.

Gail Kim:
What was all that about?

Shantelle Taylor: I don’t know. They just came up to me, grabbed my hair and called me a tramp an. . .

Gail Kim: . . . Oh just ignore them. They’re not worth worrying about, trust me.

The Canadian mentor & rookie look down the hallway, not best pleased with the twins.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Mystico w/Rey Mysterio vs. Shannon Moore w/Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms

With a lot of watching eyes around the ring, Mystico & Moore put on an exciting fast paced contest for the Huntsville audience. It was Mystico that impressed from the get go, and despite repeated encouragement from Matt & Helms, Moore couldn’t handle the talented Mexican. To the relief of his buddies on the outside, Moore kicked out at two after a springboard moonsault but the onslaught didn’t end there as Mystico urged him and caught him with a drop toe hold, sending Moore on to the second rope. Like his mentor, Mystico went for the 619, or as what he calls the El Pendulo, a tiger feint kick. He nailed it to a huge cheer with Rey loving every second on the outside.

Matt & Helms tried to encourage Moore, but as he staggered back up, Mystico composed himself on the apron and watched on as Moore struggled back up in a daze to turn round to see his opponent springboard off the top and drill him with a single arm DDT to a massive pop. The Mexican wasted no time in hooking the leg for the cover to pick up a big win heading in to next week’s semi final clash with a tag team title match waiting in the wings at the Survivor Series for the winners. Rey joined his rookie in the ring and congratulated him with a handshake and a brief guy hug. Matt & Helms then joined them as Moore came round, and the opponents next week all shook hands before Rey & Mystico left the ring to a big pop, slapping hands with the fans in the front row as they headed back up the ramp.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
World Tag Team Championship Tournament – Second Semi Final Match
Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms w/Shannon Moore

The crowd were pumped for this one, almost as much as the two teams involved. Mysterio & Mystico entered first and walked with purpose down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans in the front row before Hardy & Helms made their entrance along with Shannon Moore, all three wearing Team Omega T-shirts. They too were met by a big pop and were ready for business, and before the contest started all four men shook hands just as Christopher Daniels & Kaval casually walked out to the stage with fold up chairs. They took their seats and watched the match unfold with both teams giving it everything to book their place in the final against them at the Survivor Series for a shot at the vacant World Tag Team titles.

Mystico did his mentor proud, almost picking up the win for him & Rey. Even after missing a springboard moonsault, he then managed to duck Helms’ attempt for a Shining Wizard to race up to his feet and level Helms with a super kick only for Helms to just and only just get his shoulder up at the count of two. Matt was a relieved man on the apron while Moore breathed a huge sigh of relief on the outside. Rey thought his partner had it and called out for the tag as Daniels & Kaval continued to watch closely, discussing the contest between themselves. Rey looked to carry on where his fellow Mexican left off, urging Helms up to his feet, and as Helms did manage to get up in a daze, he walked right in to a drop toe hold on to the middle rope.

The fans were going nuts as Rey dialled up for the 619. They watched as Rey hit the ropes at speed and charged across the ring, swung through the ropes and nailed Helms to a huge roar, sending him back across the mat. Matt was worried and shouted words of encouragement for his partner, and as Helms again picked himself up looking like he didn’t know where he was, Rey steadied himself on the apron. Mysterio was chomping at the bit, and as Helms got up he hit the springboard for the West Coast Pop, jumping on to Helms’ shoulders but Helms held on and out of nowhere countered with a thunderous sit-out powerbomb to the shock of almost everyone in the arena. Matt punched the air on the apron as his still groggy partner held on for the count with Rey just managing to get his shoulder up before the ref could count to three.

The majority of the fans were relieved but Matt couldn’t believe it. He thought Helms had it won, and as Helms again dragged himself back up, Matt called for the tag and got it. He didn’t waste a second, going right after Rey, pulling him up to his feet and firing him hard in to the corner. Matt followed in a flash with a hard clothesline, holding on to the head before turning round and running out to plant Mysterio with a bulldog. Rey kicked out at two but Matt wasn’t done there. He rushed back up and in to the corner, pulling himself up to the second rope to come down on the Mexican for a leg drop, and again Rey kicked out. Daniels & Kaval were still talking between themselves as Matt hopped up and urged Rey to do the same, and as soon as Rey was on one knee, Matt went after him, dragging him up for the Side Effect.

Rey countered though, swinging his elbow back in to the side of Matt’s head to escape his grasp. With Matt rattled, Rey turned back in to the ropes and came running back in to the kitchen sink from Hardy. Matt didn’t fail this time as he instantly dragged Rey back up and planted him with the Side Effect, but again Rey got his shoulder up in time to break the count. Matt was feeling the frustration now and started to stalk the squirming Mysterio for the Twist of Fate. There were no boos but there was some anxiousness in the crowd for Mysterio as he unwittingly clawed his way back up with Matt ready to snap behind him, and as Rey turned round, Matt stomped him in the gut, but Rey held on and then spun him round. Matt was in a spin and couldn’t do anything as Rey jumped up in to the air for a hurricanrana. The crowd were on the edge of their seats as Matt just kicked out at two to the relief of Helms.

Both men raced back up to their feet with Rey ducking a clothesline and sending Matt on to the second rope after a drop toe hold. The fans were going nuts again as this time Rey didn’t dial up, deciding to strike while the iron was hot and connected with the 619. Matt fell to the mat and stayed there with Rey going for the springboard and dropping the dime. The fans thought it was all over and so did Mystico as Rey hooked the leg in a flash but Helms saved the day, racing in to the ring and pulling Rey off of Matt. That didn’t go down well with some of the crowd who let out some boos. Rey wasn’t happy either as he stood up and looked at Helms before shoving him. Helms shoved back and Rey then levelled him with a forearm to the face. He then went for an irish whip which Helms reversed with ease. Mysterio held on to the ropes, not to the pleasure of Helms at all who charged right at him.

Rey countered though to lift Helms over his shoulder and down to the floor in front of the announce table. Matt was getting back up, and as Rey turned round he ran at him, but Mysterio reacted quickly again to hold down the rope to send Matt flying down to the floor too alongside Helms. Rey took the chance to get some breath back, and as Moore went over to check on his buddies, Rey then turned round and a light bulb went off above his head. He gestured something to Mystico and his rookie entered the ring. Rey walked over to him and they looked over at the opponents struggling back up on the floor, gaining the full attention of Daniels & Kaval at the top of the stage. The Mexican duo then nodded at each other and ran across the ring and dived through the ropes together for a double suicide with Moore getting caught in the crossfire as all five men crashed in to the announce table.

It was carnage and they were barely moving as the ref started to count them out. As the count got to six there was still little movement and Daniels & Kaval stood up from their seats. Rey, Hardy & Mystico then crawled towards the apron, dragging themselves up it followed by Helms, but as they pulled themselves back in the ring the ref counted to ten. Daniels & Kaval walked down the ramp looking completely confused at what it meant as Lilian Garcia announced the result as a double count out to a ton of heat. Daniels & Kaval just looked at each other in total bewilderment as all four men in the ring picked themselves up trying to find out what was going on. The ref tried to explain it to them as Moore also joined them, still looking for worse for wear when Eric Bischoff walked out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Result: Double Count Out.

Eric Bischoff: Well it seems like we’ve found ourselves in quite the predicament here. It sure is an interesting one and I think we need an interesting way of dealing with it. . . Now I suppose I could have this match restarted, I could order a rematch for next week, or I could end this tournament with a bang.

Everyone in the ring looks confused as do Daniels & Kaval.

Eric Bischoff:
You guys really did a great job t’night an’ put on quite the show, and the way I see it we’ve been given a chance to really spice this tournament up. We already know that Daniels an’ Kaval there will be in the final at the Survivor Series, but personally, right now I love the idea of making it a triple threat match.

*Big Pop*

Daniels & Kaval aren’t happy, flipping out at the bottom of the ramp, but the idea goes down well with both teams in the ring.

Eric Bischoff:
Y’know what? That’s exactly what we’re going t’ do. Now we can have not just six great wrestlers but three great teams battling it out to become the new World Tag Team Champions. I’m liking that and I’m sure you people will too.


“Back in Black” plays and Bischoff turns round to walk to the back, leaving Rey, Mystico, Hardy & Helms smiling in the ring, but Daniels & Kaval still aren’t happy with the Head of Authority’s announcement.

*Video Promo*

Here come Randy Orton & Darren Young walking through the back for the upcoming main event, and we cut to a shot of The Big Show & Justin Gabriel doing the same, both teams looking focused for the match we’ll see after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>Coming Soon!<

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
The Big Show & Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton & Darren Young

Similar to the previous tag match, both teams were up for this one. Show’s not been this focused since he’s come back and the rookies were both keen to impress. The Viper was ice cool as he went about his business, doing a serious number on Gabriel as the match went on, giving the talented young South African a lesson in punishment Orton style. Gabriel was in deep trouble, fighting for his life in the Viper’s Vice, the Camel Clutch. Orton wrenched away at him, putting him through hell, but the rookie dug deep and somehow managed to get to the ropes to the anger of Orton but the joy of the crowd. They got right behind him, so much so The Legend Killer was getting agitated as Gabriel dragged himself up by the ropes.

He stormed over to him and levelled him with a couple of vicious forearm shots before whipping him in to the ropes. Orton walked out to meet him and tried to lock in a sleeper, but Gabriel slipped behind him to safety in a flash, surprising Orton. The Viper reacted quickly though and swung his elbow back, catching Gabriel in the side of the head. He turned round and fired him in to the ropes, then levelled him as he ran back in to a standing dropkick. Orton looked surprised to see Gabriel claw his way back up on to his knees. He wasn’t happy at all and pulled him back up before firing him in to the ropes again, ducking his head as Gabriel came back with a corkscrew flip over him. The shocked Orton snapped up instantly and turned round in to a jumping heel kick.

A huge cheer broke out and Big Show encouraged his rookie to keep on going. He did just that and whipped Orton in to the corner, running in straight away and diving on him for a cross body against the pads. The South African then stepped through the ropes as Orton staggered out clutching his chest, and as he then turned round, Gabriel shot back in to action with a springboard cross body. The crowd cheered like mad as he fell down on top of Orton for a cover, but Orton kicked out at two. He wasn’t done there and both men made their way back up, both looking worse for wear. Gabriel looked to keep the momentum going and connected with a spin kick, sending Orton slumping forward and Gabriel followed it up with an STO.

He threw himself on top of Orton to make the cover full of hope, but again Orton denied him and the fans. Even Show thought his rookie had it won there. Gabriel turned to his partner and brought him in to the mix. Orton was in a bad place and had to fight off the giant, and he did just that when he looked up against it. After being tossed in to the pads courtesy of a reverse thrown powerbomb, Show was getting ready to tear him in half with a spear, only Orton sidestepped it. Show put the brakes on and turned round in to a desperate leaping RKO from The Viper. Boos rang out, and as Orton slowly got to his knees, Show started to stir, lifting his head up off the mat, pissing Orton off big time. The Legend Killer was livid and stared right at Show, watching him all the way up and then looking to pounce with another RKO, but Show countered and shoved Orton in to the ropes.

Orton hit them and held on to them, shaking his head at his opponent. Show didn’t look happy at all and ran at him, but Orton raised his boot up in to Show’s upper torso, sending him back pedalling. Show turned round and saw Orton run at him, but The World’s Largest Athlete countered again with a sidewalk slam. The fans were cheering and Gabriel was leaning over the ropes as the ref counted the fall, but Orton just about got his shoulder up before the ref’s hand came down for the third time. Show took it on the chin but was focused on finishing the job, standing up and stalking Orton, sizing him up for the deadly knockout punch. Just as Orton made it up to his knees, a ton of heat broke out as we cut to Vince McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield walking down the ramp with their eyes locked firmly on The Big Show. The big man turned round and so did Gabriel.

The rookie was brave and ran right at them, giving them no chance but to fight back at him. They overpowered him and eventually tossed him in to the security wall, giving the ref no chance but to disqualify Orton & Young. Show was furious and was about to leave the ring when Orton crept up behind him and turned him round to plant him with another RKO. It didn’t matter though, although it did to Orton as he shot up and glared down coldly at the fallen giant with Young joining him in the ring as the boos rang out. Orton then turned his head and left the ring, followed by his rookie to walk past Vince & JBL who both coolly entered the ring by the steps. They removed their jackets and walked towards the squirming seven-footer.

Vince ordered his son to grab him, and he did. He held Show on his knees as Vince got right in his face and then slapped him across the chops, getting more boos from the Dayton crowd. He then backed away and gestured at JBL to move. His son followed his orders and rolled up his sleeves, urging Show to get up, and as the big man managed to make it back up, JBL hit the ropes and came back to nail him with the Clothesline From Hell to a deafening amount of heat inside the arena. Gabriel was coming round up on the outside as a scarily intense Vincent Kennedy McMahon walked over to Show’s body and spat down on him with Layfield watching on, showing no remorse at all for his and his father’s actions. “No Chance in Hell” hit to more heat as Vince looked up remorselessly in to the stands, as did JBL as the curtain came down on this week’s Raw.

Result: The Big Show & Justin Gabriel by DQ.


>Quick Results<

df. Goldust
Mia Rain
df. Kelly Kelly
df. Zack Ryder
The Miz
df. Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms
DCO. Rey Mysterio & Mystico
The Big Show & Justin Gabriel
df. Randy Orton & Darren Young

>Superstars Tapings<
Gail Kim
df. Nikki Bella
John Morrison
df. Orlando Jordan

>Confirmed for Next Week<

JTG & Homicide vs. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig

>Confirmed for Survivor Series<

Sunday 9th November 2008
Venue: Air Canada Center
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championship – Tournament Final
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match
The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Traditional Elimination Match
If Team Cena wins, Cena will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions

Team Cena (John Cena, Christian & Matt Sydal)
vs. Team Punk (CM Punk, Edge & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez)
*More names to be added*

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels)
vs. Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater)
*More names to be added*

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Raw (Sheamus (cpt) & Carlito)
vs. Team Smackdown
*More names to be added*


The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

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