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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with huge pyro all over the stage. First time, the RAW arena has the Wrestlemania sign on the top signalling the beginning of the Road to Wrestlemania. The crowd seems really popped up with a record number of them holding up banners related to Cena or Taker. The titantron showed the recap of what happened at Survivor Series after Team RAW won, John Cena was revealed as the mysterious MITB who had been haunting the World champions since months. Cena ambushed Taker and won the WWE Title within 11 seconds.

Suddenly the music hits and Mr. Mcmahon comes out with a mic. The crowd booed loudly and there were “Undertaker” chants all over. Vince comes to the ring and announces.

Mr. Mcmahon – “Ladies and Gentlemen, last night was a night for which every one of you were waiting for. You wanted to know who the mysterious Mr. Money in the Bank was. You wanted to know when he was going to cash in. Well, the cat is officially out of the bag. So without further ado, let’s welcome the NEW WWE CHAMPION – JOHN CENA”.

The crowd booed loud and the camera caught a kid wearing Cena T-shirt looking with wide eyes towards the stage as Vince announced.

*****MY TIME IS NOW****** (Cena comes out dressed in a suit with the WWE title on his shoulders. Cena comes out with an arrogant aura around him walking uncharacteristically slowly towards the ring, instead of his usual self running towards it)

Cena takes the mic from the ring guy. The audience begin sounding horns, and the whole arena begins booing. “Undertaker” chants soon begin to over-power the arena. The camera catches a Taker fan with the banner “CENA RIP 20-0” who points towards the Wrestlemania sign on the top of the arena.

Cena – “What transpired last night at Survivor Series.....”

The audience begin shouting and Cena stops as the noise is horrendous. Mcmahon looks angrily towards the audience and shouts “SHUT UP”. The crowd becomes relatively quieter in anticipation of Cena’s comments.

Cena – “Well, I was expecting something like this, but man, is this scary? (gesturing towards the crowd). I don’t see what the problem is really. What transpired last night at Survivor Series, The Undertaker totally deserved it (huge boos from the crowd), and all my fans deserved this (pointing towards the WWE Title)”

Cena goes down with the title and stops near a kid in a Cena T-shirt with a fake WWE title standing in the corner. Cena takes the real title and gives it to the kid.

Cena – “Since the past year, I have been getting screwed out of the WWE Title. At first, it was the I’m crappy yet I’m awesome Miz (in a mocking manner), then you had the ever invincible Legacy. And believe me, Cody Rhodes actually had the PWI think about introducing the “Sycophant of the Year” award”.

Cena – “The fact of the matter is, that finally THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!” (Cena takes the title back from the kid and fluffs the kid’s hair with his hands before stepping back into the ring)

Cena – “I’m not here to answer all you blind haters who don’t believe in me being your WWE Champion. I’m not here to answer to Austin who began his investigation while there was no mysterious MITB coz it was only after Summerslam that I approached Vince. I’m here for my Cenation gang who had to wait for over an year to see me as their WWE Champion (the camera pans over the fans in Cena shirts who cheer but then booes begin to overpower them). And there is one more thing I’m here for. One small announcement still needs to be made.”

Cena – “Now Deadman, we all know the dealio!! I would love to say like everyone else that you are gone for good, I will do everything in my capacity to stop you from getting your revenge, and unlike all of them, I CAN do it. But then you will come back with all your lightning and stuff, vowing to make me Rest in Peace. Well, that’s not going to happen this time. You know what, as much as I have no regrets, I still feel this all was a little bit unfair on you. So, here is the deal, Deadman. In the capacity of a WWE Champion, I give you the right to cash in anytime you want on my WWE Title (huge pop from the crowd). This time you are the Money in the Bank. Let me give you a little piece of advice Deadman, which you probably don’t pay much heed to given how you ignored Swagger and chose me for Team RAW at Survivor Series. This time – (repeating what Swagger had said once on RAW to Undertaker) “Think hard and make the correct choice, your one mistake can cost you the WWE Championship.”

Vince looks completely shocked and comes close to Cena and looks like demanding explanation. Cena leaves the ring and goes back with the WWE Title while Vince looks towards him still in shock.

Lawler – “Well JR, I have seen many arrogant people in my life, but this version of Cena tops them all by a long way. Cena gave The Undertaker the golden chance of cashing in the MITB, what is he thinking?”

JR – “What I am concerned about more is how Cena is manipulating his little fans and I fear if they still support Cena thinking he did it for them. We all wanted to see you as a WWE Champion Cena but not this way”

1. Daniel Bryan faces R-Truth:

R-Truth has been in a bad mood in his repeated failures at getting the US Title. Christian comes ringside to watch the match. Truth gets some offense and controls the match. Bryan comes back and kicks down Truth. Bryan looks towards Christian in between the match. Truth tries the What’s Up but Bryan counters it into the Lebell Lock for the win.

Daniel Bryan def. R-Truth via submission at 6:22

After the match, Christian comes into the ring and challenges Bryan for a match at New Year’s Revolution extending his hand towards him. The crowd gives a huge pop as Bryan becomes happy and shakes hands with Christian who suddenly kicks Bryan in the groin and goes for the Killswitch. Bryan comes out and puts Christian down trying the Lebell Lock but Christian begins to struggle rapidly and comes out and leaves the ring. Bryan smiles while Christian looks with disbelief before beginning to smile himself and gesturing that he is impressed.

2. Backstage, Bischoff, Swagger and Rhodes stand in his office. Tonight John Cena faces Cody Rhodes and Mr. Mcmahon has made this match. Rhodes begins to hint that it is implicit that Swagger will help him but Swagger informs that any interferer will be fired from WWE by Mr. Mcmahon. Rhodes begins to contemplate if joining forces with Bischoff and Swagger was his worst decision ever.

Josh Matthews interviews Big Show backstage and asks him if the giant within him is no longer there. Show becomes angry and tells him that he will soon get his answer.

3. Ezekiel Jackson faces Tyson Kidd:

Tyson Kidd has not been quite lucky since his recent debut. This time his opponent is the guy who is yet to be pinned and has only lost once in a controversial submission to The Undertaker. Big Zeke comes out, now all alone as the manager Dr.X is no longer associated with him. Zeke wins the squash match with the Torture Rack.

Ezekiel Jackson def. Tyson Kidd via submission at 2:11

Zeke continues to keep the hold even after Tyson Kidd keeps tapping. Meanwhile, Show comes running down the stage and as Zeke puts Kidd down and raises his hand and turns around, Show delivers the chokeslam. Zeke begins coming up using the ropes and Show hits the KO Punch. Zeke lies down while Show raises his hand in anger.

4. Drew Mac comes to Mr. Mcmahon and tells that he should be a part of the WWE Title No.1 contender’s match as unlike Del Rio and Sheamus who just got pinned last night, he actually won his match against Miz. Vince tells him he has a long way to go before getting this opportunity and Drew should leave as he is very busy to which Drew responds that if he does not win tonight, he will never ask for another World Title opportunity. Vince partly confused and partly in haste agrees to it and asks Drew to get the hell out of his office.

5. The Miz faces Gregory Helms:

Before the match begins, The Miz grabs the mic and begins to mock Stone Cold as how Austin suspected The Miz to be the MITB and Stunned him once. Miz hits the mic into the face of Helms before the referee could ring the bell. The referee waits for Helms to okay for the beginning of the match and then rings the bell. Miz completely dominates and wins via the Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz def. Gregory Helms via pinfall at 3:19

6. Backstage, Morrison comes with his US Title smiling when suddenly William Regal appears. The crowd gives a pop. Regal tells him that last night Morrison was the badder man and he had a great match. Morrison acknowledges when suddenly Bischoff comes and announces that next week there will be a No.1 contender’s match for the US Title: Swagger vs Regal vs The Miz.

The camera cuts to Vince’s office as he looks worried over Cena’s decision when suddenly Paul Heyman appears and the audience pop was huge. Vince asks him to reconsider his decision to which Heyman replies that it is a consensus between all his board members and they will sue WWE for Vince’s illegal territorial expansions and breaking contract clauses. Heyman also tells him that Stone Cold barging into GWF show and pointing fingers at GWF champion Brock Lesnar being the MITB also didn’t help Vince’s case.

Vince in a laughing manner tells that alright you got the money you greedy son of a bitch and tries to shake Heyman’s hand. Heyman suddenly smiles and tells that he is not as foolish as Vince considers him. Heyman tells Vince that money is never the aim for him and he knows that he can exploit this opportunity in a much better way. Vince’s face suddenly turns pale and he hints that he has a new deal for Heyman. The camera turns back to the arena and the No.1 contender match is next.

7. No.1 contender match to WWE Title: (Sheamus vs CM Punk vs Del Rio vs Drew Mac)

The match goes on for long. In the last moments, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick over Punk. Del Rio kicks Sheamus and locks the cross armbreaker but Sheamus just reaches the ropes after struggling for long. As Del Rio gets up, Drew hits the Future Shock DDT for the pinfall.

Drew McIntyre def. Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk & Sheamus at 10:13 to become the No.1 contender to WWE Title.

Punk was just getting in the ring to break the pinfall and puts his hands over his head expressing despair. McIntyre celebrates in the ring and gestures by moving his arms around his waist that he will be the next WWE Champion.

8. John Cena faces Cody Rhodes:

Cena again gets a lot of boos. Cena controls the match and continues the offense on Rhodes. Rhodes tries to get back in the match after a DDT. As he tries the Cross Rhodes, Cena puts him down. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment over Rhodes. Cena does not take the cover and locks in the STF. Rhodes taps out and the referee asks Cena to leave but Cena keeps on the STF and smiles towards the audience.

John Cena def. Cody Rhodes via submission at 7:17

Suddenly, the lights begin to go off one by one. The audience begin to cheer loudly. Cena breaks the hold and gets up in the ring. The whole arena turns black as finally the light over the ring gets off. The crowd begin to cheer “Undertaker” chants as nothing can be seen.

Suddenly, the Wrestlemania sign begins to flicker making buzzing sounds. The audience give a horrendous pop as Cena turns back and looks towards the sign. The Wrestlemania sign turns ON while all the remaining lights are off as Cena continues to see. The camera catches a glimpse of Cena’s face as he smiles. The crowd keep continuing the “Undertaker” chants and the screen fades to black.

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