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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Smackdown Feedback

As I mentioned in my post regarding the preview, thereís probably going to be certain things where I donít know what Iím talking about. If I fuck up on anything to bad, just let me know. I like when the show doesnít always open up with the champion or the challenger, it feels fresh to see other people get the opportunity to open the show. Sheamus was alright, basically talking about how heís not happy because heís not the number one contender. With recaps it shouldnít be to hard to think of a few witty lines to add in, so I was disappointed by the lame muscle mass comment by Sheamus. The return of Jericho was pretty shocking, but I really like it. Youíre adding a credible guy who I mark for to your roster, so itís a win win situation. I thought Jericho promising to stick around this time was pretty smart, allowing the fans who may be a little apprehensive to trust him. The crack at the paleness of Sheamus was alright as well. at the Spice Girls line, typical smart ass Jericho. I didnít like that he admitted he was nervous to come out to the ring to face Sheamus. It really doesnít seem like something Jericho would admit, no matter what. The rest of the promo went along solidly enough, although I donít like the idea of a match being made for the next PPV between the two already. They have had one confrontation that wasnít really that heated so I donít think that warrants a PPV match. Not only that, but youíve fallen into the trap of allowing wrestlers to book matches, rather than the authority figure. Anyway, a decent enough start to the show.

Obviously judging by your match writing style, or well, lack thereof, thereís not much to say. Out of these two guys, I believe Kidd has the talent so Iím happy to see him qualify for the MITB spot. These guys have got a win each now though, so Iím guessing they will wrestle again sometime soon. No idea why Michael Hayes is Kiddís manager.

To be completely honest, I really didnít like this segment at all. The whole Long congratulating Jackson thing was alright, but from there, it just went down hill. I understand as a booker you want to keep Barrett away from the IC Title, but that has to be established over time, not just by one little segment, Even though he wants the World Title, by just brushing off the loss of a title that Barrett cherished for so long, it devalues the IC Title, and Iím highly against that. On a positive, there was nothing wrong with the actual writing of the segment.

Heath Slater against Justin Gabriel is a typical face GM move, so no complaints there. I recommend you change up Teddyís character though. Heís terribly boring to read, as heís been stale since about 2007 now.

A nice win for Shelton over Mahal, but once again, itís all I can say, as I donít really know much else.

Mahal and Khali being together makes sense, and the turn of Khali was executed well enough. I pray you use Benjamin in some sort of entertaining way though.

These whole ďIíll be your partnerĒ segments are usually pretty lame, so I wonít say much about this. I will say that itís okay booking, as theyíve both come through the ranks basically the same way, so they can be a cool tandem.

No idea if this is the first Mark Henry video package or not. Either way, I hope this is going to lead to Henry actually doing something.

Nothing wrong with Teddy Long announcing whatís going to happen with the Divas. I hope youíre actually going to do something with your divas, because despite some bookers beliefs, when booked in a good way, the divas can be entertaining. You want proof? See Macís Mickie/Victoria, and Wolfyís recent James/Melina feuds. Roxxi owns too, so I hope, and it seems like sheís going to be a big part of your division.

Arguably your four top Divas are all going to be competing for the championship, so obviously thatís smart booking.

Is Ted DiBiase Rhodesí lackey? Thatís what it seemed like by this little interview.

It seemed like it was a nice main event between Gabriel and Slater. Gabriel/Jackson feud should be interesting.

Gabriel getting on the microphone makes sense, as we get to hear exactly what he thinks. Well, I was hoping his promo would be more directed towards Jackson to build some sort of heat for their feud, so I think you dropped the ball a bit there. With that said, I think a mention of The Corre was also needed, so I guess this was sort of hit and miss.

Chavo and Clay beating down the two jobbers (I donít like them) is all good enough. The faces, Bryan and Cara separating the brawl makes sense, although I think Barretta and Bateman would be more entitled to a match against the heels, than Bryan and Cara. With that being said, the match should be alright, although once again, youíve had the wrestlers book themselves in a match to qualify for the MITB match at the PPV. This would simply never happen.

Teddy Long beginning the segment was alright, although I wish he would have announced the Divas Battle Royal in a different way earlier. I donít mind backstage segments, and audience addresses from his office, but I donít like an authority figure getting too much in ring time with a microphone. Anyway, Long was on song here, not saying anything wrong. Christianís promo was all pretty good, quickly summarizing Orton, before comparing his early journey with Rhodes. I actually thought that was very clever, seemingly almost setting up Rhodes for a big future with this one promo. The whole the fans are the most important thing seems a little to cheesy though, as surely the title heís worked his whole career for would be the most important thing. Cody Rhodes promo was pretty good, insulting Christian and his father, just building on the heat. This is pretty much what I expected from this promo. The ending with Orton making an appearance was pretty entertaining, as I honestly thought maybe Orton was just being given the night off after the tough bout at the PPV. With the contract not being made official, Iíve a feeling we could be looking at a triple threat for the PPV. If I wanted to be really nit picky, I could say I wasnít a huge fan of Orton using the Powerbomb, because Iím not sure Iíve ever seen him use it before. Anyway, probably the best segment of the night to end the show.

Honestly, I havenít read any of your stuff for awhile, and itís fair to say youíve improved. Your booking is pretty solid, with the only exception really being you constantly letting the wrestlerís book themselves in matches. I also think the show could have had another match or something, and after a quick skim, Raw probably could have as well. I think you may need to work on utilizing your mid card a little better to fill more time, or to bring some guys in to help you fill time. I donít mind the short, recap style, although I do feel like your matches need to be given a little more information. A match can sometimes tell a better story than a promo, and youíre giving your matches absolutely no chance to do that. A quick example is the Gabriel/Slater match. Friends against each other, the match with more detail could have really told a dramatic story, but instead it was just glossed over. Your promos are solid enough for recap, but there were still little things throughout the promos that I didnít think felt right at times. Youíre definitely improving, but thereís still a way to go. Youíve got a firm grasp on what youíre doing though, so Iíll be keeping an eye on this one.

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