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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Didn't forget...

619s Feedback for iMac's SNME

Kicking off the show with the old school aimed video opener, as well as the classic main event opener, were definite plusses right off the bat. Not surprised the main events all get their builds in the opening package. Kennedy’s almost had me believing there was a shot that he’d possibly be making it to the big show for the title…but I still highly doubt it.

As already mentioned, the hot open is a fantastic way to go, especially being traditional SNME style. I figured it was either this or the tourney leading it off, and I should’ve guessed this one. The start of the match seemed very real, with the egos of Kennedy and Edge clashing before either of them stepped in the ring. The reasoning behind Edge wanting to help Kennedy seems a tad week to me, but that may just be me nitpicking. A Batista knife edge chop sounds like something that can make a guy’s chest cave in. If Edge did anything other than walking out, I would say I’m surprised, but seeing as how he did what his character rightfully does, it’s no surprise but still has the impact. Batista has the champion’s momentum he needs going into ‘Mania and Hardy has the momentum he might need to take on Finlay in a month. Kennedy’s mean streak is getting there. I hope this attack on the ref, the conflict with Flair, and the bludgeoning of Teddy gives a sort of angry or psychotic twist to his character. Nothing’s better to read. But that’s just my view on that. Moving on…

I’m curious what you’ll do with the Hart Dynasty. Debuting anyone, much less a tag team, during the RTWM is a bit risky seeing as how they might get lost in the buzz of the big show, but with your tag division a little weak beyond the two in action tonight (and I guess Orton/Dykstra), they might be in line for a title shot already. Maybe.

Knox/Punk seemed to flow nice enough and given enough time allotted to the story. Kelly being involved in the finish summed up the whole psychology of the match, so props on the right storytelling here. Didn’t last too long and the right man won without Monster Mike Knox seeming too weak. The kiss was…unexpected. CM Punk the ladies man? I’ll play along. As long as he gets mike time on something.

Can’t stress enough how much I love your HBK. The dark aura he sports with just his attire is enough to make me squirm. He really came across as full of himself in this segment, working off the HBK of old…? The last line left me with a bit of a character cliffhanger. Is he (or has he already, and I missed it) starting to employ some dark religious piousness? I would very much like that. Very, very much like that.

The Cruiserweight match now, which saddened me with its lack of length, made up with the fact that the right person won. Danielson with a LeBell at the start is big, and Moore going first is no surprise at all, but via Death Valley Driver is making a statement. Mercury going out with the Cattle Mutilation is just as big a statement, glad to see someone else with the idea to use both (was that a spoiler…). The expected two make it to the end, and the Mutilation is put over very well. I think this is the debut for the move, and again if I’ve missed something, it is still more than made up for with its build tonight. Looking forward to Helms and Danielson at the big show…and it looks like Greg can’t either. That’s three straight post-match exclamation points. What else is gonna happen…?

at the start w/the apple spit. Classic Carly. Nice technical matchup at the beginning, seems to set the tone for all these men after the super-hot open. Benjamin seems to beat the holy hell out of Carlito. Turnbuckle powerbomb? Sounds like death. Needless to say, Benji comes across really strong here. As soon as the referee went down, I knew Kennedy would come through and cost Naitch. Solid match here, and I’m sure you’ll do well with Kennedy/Flair come ‘mania time.

Seeds planted for a champions v. champions match? I believe so…

This has been built as potentially brutal, and boy howdy was it. I cringe whenever I read deceased wrestler stuff, but it’s getting easier to read Benoit…except when he diving headbutts someone through an effing table. Totally sick awesome ‘holy shit’ worthy spot, super cringeworthy in the real world. The pick-apart is classic Finlay strategy, and played to near perfection here. More brutal spots followed, with the staff shots with the garbage can, the headbutt onto the damn thing…just sick. I loved every minute of this one, even in recap. Undisputedly MOTN for me and I doubt it’ll be topped. I really wanted Benoit to win here, but you have your own plans.

One match I was looking forward too followed by another. I can’t complain. This was short, yet savage as expected, with Umaga coming out of this looking like a million bucks and a true legitimate threat for ‘Taker’s streak. Kane didn’t look too weak here, but I wills say his credibility did take a hit, but that may just be Umaga looking so much better. I half expected Umaga to Spike Kane out of mid-air during the flying lariat, but I’m glad you went with the finish you did. Paul Bearer coming back is indeed a surprise for the time period, and even though he got double teamed, Umaga still looked great. I’m really looking forward to how he responds to this, though. I’m fully expecting another Umaga demolition streak heading into ‘Mania. Book it.

A well aware Cena should be interesting to see as a part of this feud. Wonder who’ll show up for this one…

Owen in the Hall = a whole slew of ratings. Props on that one. And continued props on doing this with video packages.

Trips/RVD should be nothing short of a competitive showcase, which the beginning of the match really displays with the trading of blows. I’ve never really liked the spots that occurred during the commercial breaks, especially when it turns the tide of the match. The whole match was very much intense, even for recap, and once both men kicked out of their respective finishers, I wasn’t sure how it would go and that’s a good thing. It reached that whole new level, showing both men pulling out so much from within themselves just to make it to Wrestlemania. The finish was dusty as expected, although Van Dam’s reaction is something to take great note of. A heel turn possibly? Or just the disappearance of the chill RVD we all love? Either way, I’m paying more attention to Van Dam after this one, a little moreso than Trips/Michaels. Maybe he’ll get the psycho edge…? Either way, Trips/Michaels has been done to death, but I’m hoping you can do something with it that makes it your own and fresh.

Here’s what my initial, non-processed thoughts are on this segment – Flair isn’t letting go, Kenny is a prick, Carlito has no stereotypically Hispanic anger, and Torrie has his balls. Not gonna lie, this made Torrie look badass. Not sure of its overall effect of Carlito, but I’m sure he won’t let Torrie call the shots for too long.

So we’ve come full circle from explosive moments post-match to huge moments beforehand. Nice touch having Cena try to get the first strike and the upper hand, which is different seeing as how he’s all about not doing that. Cena is fuckin’ focused here, jeez. Once the two were alone, I was almost sure something would happen, and I’m stoked how you set up the Lashley situation. I shared Cena’s sentiment on the seemingly weak and unimportant Coach interjection , but goodness, Lashley looked like an effing brute here. Lashley should be a heel, and with someone backing him as powerful as McMahon, this whole feud just got taken up several notches. The McMahons are still a psychological threat, Cena now has a legitimate physical threat in Lashley, and Lashley’s stock just shot up tenfold and multi-dimensional. Bravo.

Overall, can’t complain about any of it. The matches were solid and easy to read, although I stand on my own ground that Finlay/Benoit was MOTN. I doubt that was intended, but as for everything else, this gave me several folks to keep note of – notably more development on Michaels, Van Dam/Kennedy’s mental states, and Umaga’s build from here to Wrestlemania. Everything looks to be in awesome working order, fella. That ‘Mania card is looking more impressive by the post. Kirby still very much approves. And he can’t wait


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