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Re: Being The Booker

The Great American Bash Feedback

Jeff Hardy getting a solid win over Daivari on Heat is alright. With that being said, Iíll be happy if Hardy stays on Heat.

Having the event placed on the July 4th weekend, it allows you to really celebrate America (no idea why youíd want to do that but whatever). I thought you incorporated that feel nicely into the opening video whilst not losing the wrestling feel of things.

I personally prefer the idea of the commentators running down all of the big matches at the beginning of a PPV. There was nothing really wrong with what you did, I just think ignoring a WWE Title match and perhaps Edge and Batista in the opening is a little weird.

Maybe itís different in Hardcore matches and whatever, but Iíve always been under the impression that the bell never rings until both men have stepped foot inside the ring. iMac did something similar in his SNME, so just starting to doubt myself now. At this point in time, and well, overall to be honest, MVP was/is not the best in ring worker. Beginning the match with Finlay beating Porter down in the crowd makes sense. Not only is it a hot opening to the first match of the night, but it shows the hatred that these two men have built for each other recently. I donít know why but I just didnít expect this match to be fast paced enough to open up the show, but I feel like the beginning has made it acceptable. Porter gaining the advantage once they get back into the ring is clever, showing that heís more in his element inside the ring. Again, heading back outside the ring was nice, although I felt maybe it was a little unnecessary. This is a Belfast Brawl, if the wrestlers go outside the ring; I expect some brutal action, not just Finlay performing his ring apron spot. Porterís mini dominance was alright, and the match goes outside the ring AGAIN. This is where I think maybe you could have included the apron spot from earlier, and then just went on with what was to come. I hate when wrestlers go out the ring seemingly for barely anything, and thatís basically what I feel happened earlier in the match. The steel steps spot and the exposed turnbuckle spot were both placed well, cleverly contrasting the styles of the two. On one hand you have the brawler in Finlay, on the other youíve got the thinker in MVP. The rise of intensity in MVP was done well, and I really liked the idea of Finlay blocking the 2X4 with the Shillelagh. Porter kicking out of a shot with the shillelagh puts him over as a real tough bastard as well. The ending was alright as well, and I think this match did a really good job of putting over Porter. After the loss to ĎLito he could have went into limbo, but this puts him back on the right path, whilst not making Finlay look to bad in the process. A good job all around with this one.

Just so you know, it would have been way cooler if Summerslam was in Australia.

Carlito promo was kept short because he really didnít have much to say. Kofi Kingston? Certainly didnít expect that, but it makes sense with where Carlito is from and what not.

It was obviously a smart move to have Kingston begin the match on fire. You donít want a guy debuting who youíre actually going to constantly use, and have them get beaten down right off of the bat. Much like with the first match, the contrast in styles is going to be really fun to read here, with ĎLito and Kingston wanting to up the pace, and The Master Craftsmen wanting to just wrestle their opponents to the mat. As usual, I was happy once again to see Haas tag out when ĎLito finally got his chance to shine. No disrespect to Haas, I actually think heís a great wrestler, but after that KOTR match, I really feel Albright/íLito going at each other is where the money is at. The isolation of Kofi was smart, as they were able to take out the more experienced member of the face team. All the offense was pretty much what I expected, and I noticed Albright and Carlito were left to get the hot tags again. Iím really hoping thereís another singles match somewhere between these two. The excitement definitely picked up as these two got into the ring, but damn I was surprised to see Carly nail the Back Cracker so, well quickly. You sold Albrightís resiliency well towards the ending, and a clean win by Albright makes me less sure of another match between these two. A nice win, continuing this Ďpro wrestlingí type push for Haas and Albright (which I love). Iím also not to sure on whether or not ĎLito and Kingston will be teaming together permanently from now, as in the aftermath, you wrote Kingston comforting Carly because theyíll get another shot at the guys. I hope thatís not the case, because after his feud with MVP, Carlito has some serious momentum, and I donít think a tandem with Kingston will continue that.

Iím really excited for the debut of Nick Nemeth. Youíre hyping him a lot, so Iím expecting some good things.

Batista interview did the job, selling his condition by having him admit heís in pain. Nothing special, but certainly did its job.

The video package for this next match shows me that this Edge/íTista shows that this one has a lot of animosity towards it, and the fact that it has a video package alone, means it should be a good one. I do believe this one probably has legs though, regardless of the result. Obviously after the attack last week, Batista was going to be pissed, and you played on this well. Once again, Edge being a little timid is to be expected, and I liked how he was trying to get ĎTista a little more frustrated. Despite being a little over the edge, no pun intended, Edge has always came across as a smart character, so I was a little shocked to see him fall for Batistaís ploy. Batistaís aggression coming out was to be expected, and I thought it was written pretty well. The way Edge stopped Batistaís momentum was marvelous though. Not only does it focus on the injury from the con-chair-to, but the Dropkick forcing Batistaís face to land onto the steel steps was awesome. at Edge imitating Batista, typical Edge arrogance. Absolutely no complaints about Edgeís period of dominance. It was all focused on the injury of Batista, and I couldnít find anything wrong with it. Batistaís come back and offense was coming along nicely, but I hated Batista attempting to nail a high risk move. In booking terms, it makes sense with the commentators using the lame concussion excuse, but I just hate that excuse when wrestlers do something out of character. It almost makes the sense of failure of the actual move to predictable as well. Luckily, it was followed up with the Spear being missed by Edge, and then landed by Batista. I thought that wouldíve been pretty cool. The reversal from the Spinebuster into the Russian Leg Sweep was pretty nice as well. I love those sort of exchanges with reversals and what not. I find them really fun to read. The ending was done well too, once again using Batistaís injury to save face, and allowing Edge to pick up the victory.

Edge searching for his title shot straight away was fun. at the ownage of Deuce and Domino. I also thought Bischoff laughing was funny, although I expected at least some sort of explanation. The change in Edgeís emotions make him appear damn near psychotic, so Iím very intrigued to see just what direction he goes from here.

Iím not to sure what then deal is with your motivation at the moment, but I hope we donít have to wait long for Summerslam.

The US Title video package inspired me to go back and just see how awesome the heel turn of Brian Kendrick has been. Iím really hoping for some awesome sequences in this one, so hereís hoping it delivers. Just wow. Kendrick really is one of the most entertaining characters in this thread right now. The cockiness of Kendrick early was funny, and at him raising his arms in the air after the Hip Toss. I seem to have said this a lot tonight but it really shows the contrast in attitude between the two competitors. I liked London literally trying to slap Kendrick out of it, as he still believes Kendrick may have some good in him. Kendrick swiping Londonís legs and forcing him crashing him into the barrier was a nice spot, cementing the advantage firmly with TBK. Some very nice sequences followed between the two, with some fast paced, flowing action, before both men ended up on the outside again. Easily thought the writing for that little period was probably the best of the night so far. Some more awesomeness with Kendrick Dropkicking the stairs into London after London dived onto the stairs impressively. Despite Kendrick dominating, it wasnít just the average period of dominance. The ability of these two has allowed you to keep the match entertaining throughout, whilst not making this an all out spot fest. The belt shot was well placed, as was the counter of the Sliced Bread, as youíve put over Londonís resilience really well yet again. The rest of the match flowed really well, and I thought the ending was booked well. London picks up the win, but Kendrick still looks really good, with his newly found attitude JUST costing him the victory. Match of the night for me so far, although that was to be expected.

I think itís cool that your thread is so good that you can use moments from its past as a ĎMania classic moment.

I know you love AMW and dislike Booker, although Iím not sure whether or not you want to get rid of Booker and JBL on the same night. Iím really not sure as to whatís going to go down with this one. I thought it was a nice touch having Burke allow Booker to have his moment, possibly his last, in the spotlight. I thought the smart move was having the faces come out all guns blazing, as they have that extra bit of motivation with Bookerís career on the line. I will admit to being pretty damn excited that they were on the offense for such a long period of time. I liked how AMW finally got a breather, and then the advantage by heading to the outside, luring the faces in. It almost seemed like a set play in sport, which shows just how great of a tag team AMW are. As usual, AMWís dominance was written pretty well, but I liked how you teased a tag several times. Booker, somewhat breaking the rules by grabbing Burke and preventing him from bouncing off the ropes was smart as well. It really shows just how all or nothing this situation is. Booker came in really strong off of the hot tag, although the relatively quick tag back to Elijah I didnít like. I just really donít think Burke would have been recovered well enough to get tagged back in after the beat down he took. Once all hell broke loose in this one, the match picked up a few levels in excitement. Iím surprised to see Booker leave, however Iíll talk a little more about that later. You wrote Bookerís farewell pretty well, with the roster showing him respect and what not.

Despite thinking that the WWE Championship match is going to be a lot better than the Buried Alive one, it makes a whole heap of sense for this match to go before it. The Buried Alive match is going to have a big event at the end of it, in the shape of one wrestler being buried, obviously. Wow, at the beginning bit of offense from Brock Lesnar. I honestly just didnít think it was going to end; it was going for that long. Well, obviously I knew it was going to end, but you know what I mean. I didnít like Lesnar toying with Orton though. A man who was just robbed of the title at Judgment Day should know how fickle the sport can be, and would probably just want to get the win. Maybe heíd punish Orton more, but I personally didnít dig Lesnar being a little cocky. The crash through the barrier is not only a good spot, but it finally allows for Orton to get the advantage, without really doing much. A comparison just came to my head, and whilst Orton is nowhere near as good, itís of heel Shawn Michaels. Heíd constantly get his ass kicked for long periods at the beginning of matches when he was a heel champion. Ortonís offense really isnít that great, although it was decent enough, until he locked in the Sleeper and Chin lock. I honestly just thought it was way too early. Heíd barely done anything so to lock it in is just really boring. Lesnar coming back so early was a shock, so I was glad to see Orton nail the Scoop Slam on the outside. Heís playing the job as the weasel champion well, however I thought he needed more time to beat Brock around. at Orton trying to get the count out victory, such a pussy move. Once again, Iím a little surprised to see Lesnar recover so easily from the Hangmanís DDT. Maybe heís seeming a little to invincible. Anyway, Lesnarís offense was alright, but the finish was really good. The Triple H interference was predictable, but it was done in a different way which really pleased me.

Once again, the video package for this main event inspired me to go back and read those epic JBL promos again.

Triple H was very intense, and obviously still pissed off. I canít wait to see just how Triple H and Lesnar develop heading towards Summerslam.

I think it was smart that you sold the consequences of this match, with JBL not playing to the fans as he usually would. The match began as a straight out brawl, which is pretty much what I expected, although I was surprised to see it be so fast paced. A pleasant surprise, but just a surprise nonetheless, as both menís ring style is usually pretty methodical. A nice tease of the grave site was planted in, which lead to something of a comedic spot, with JBL just trying to run away. A predictable tide changer, with JBL using the steel chair, but it still does the job, and creates a buzz for the audience. By the way, saying itís predictable, doesnít necessarily mean itís bad; Iím just throwing the fact out there that itís a little predictable. After JBL was just so scared a moment ago, despite his arrogance, I donít like the fact that he played to the fans. He should just be wanting to get this thing over as soon as possible. I like how you added some realism with JBL not just being able to carry ĎTaker the whole way, instead he had to stop at the bottom of the ramp. The Flying Clothesline was pretty good, but the Last Ride on the steps was insane! Definitely an epic spot. Another nice tease for the grave, with JBL actually getting thrown inside of it this time. JBLís offense was pretty good to, before spotting the JCB. Now this bothers me, why would it take so long for the wrestlers to realize this? Why would they begin with the shovel? I get the whole drama thing for entertainment purposes, but it just makes the wrestlers seem stupid. Itís one of the main reasons why I hate these types of matches. Anyway, the teasing of the grave continues, and the ending was done well, with the druids coming out. If Iím totally honest, due to the dislike of the stipulation, I couldnít really like this match. Before I give the quick, somewhat pointless, overall summary, I just wanted to voice my dislike for Booker and JBL both leaving on the same night. Whilst they are completely different circumstances, I hate the idea, that two big name wrestlers could possibly over shadow each other by leaving on the same night. Booking wise, you obviously wanted to do it, but in an emotion type way, I donít like it.

Overall, this is why youíre still the man. The writing was great as usual, and the PPV was just a booking master class. I canít really complain about anything, just a terrific PPV, as we now get onto the road to, judging by this (and pretty much all your other work), is going to be amazing.

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