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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

SNME Feedback

Kicking things off with the tag match slightly surprised me, although a big match was probably needed to get things going. The match itself was well written, liked the early arguments between Kennedy and Edge as to who starts particularly. Also thought you did the right thing in making Edge try to avoid Batista throughout the match, hiding behind the referee when he could and then walking out on Kennedy at the end of things. Good job here and the outcome was always gonna be this. Looking forward now to the build up to Mania with these two and Kennedy/Flair. Kennedy DDTíing Nick Patrick afterwards was a good move, keeping up his dick heel antics.

Punk/Knox, as the match before there was only one possible outcome and that was a Punk win. Nothing too wrong here although you could maybe have done with Punk not needing Kellyís help to win this. Hopefully he heads towards MITB looking strong now.

Good promo from HBK here. I liked the part about the past with Trips and the way Michaels downgraded ECW to a third rate show was typical heel HBK. Sure heíll play a part later on.

Cruiserweight match was match of the night so far and to no surprise. You seem to enjoy writing cruiserweight matches, your No Way Out one was very impressive as was this. Moore being he first to go was no shock, the weakest link in the match.

Mercury next, again no real surprise and the way you had Danielson deal with the double team was well done, looking like the underdog before coming out on top. Down to Chavo and Danielson as it should be to close things. Vickieís interference here was smart, made it look like Danielson was still right up against it in a 2 on 1. To overcome someone like Chavo and the pestering of Vickie makes Danielson look very good heading into Mania and it should be a great match between him and Helms.

The aftermath with Helms attacking Danielson was a nice move. Gives Helms more heat and adds more fuel to the fire in this feud. Good stuff here.

Tag team title match was one that I enjoyed. I thought you executed it well, everything from Carlito spitting apple in the face of Haas to begin things, to Kennedy costing Flair and Carlito the gold was excellent. I think itís the right move putting the titles on TWGTT as Flair/Kennedy can now hot up and potentially Carlito/Dykstra as well as TWGTT getting into a good feud I hope. I thought this delivered exactly how it should have done, good job.

Tag champions confrontation backstage was nice and wouldnít mind these teams going at it come Wrestlemania.

Finlay/Benoit was as expected, a straight up fight between these two veterans. Some really good spots in here, the first being the suplex counter from Finlay, ending up hitting his own on Benoit to the concrete. The diving head butt through the announce table was just brutal from Benoit.

Little Bastard turning the tide wasnít a bad move, gets the champion back into this. Finlay completely in control now and the way you mentioned the weakening of the arm was very impressive as were the commentary touches. Crossface with the shillelagh was something Iíve not seen before so that was something I enjoyed and at that point I thought Benoit was gonna get the win but yet again Little Bastard plays his part and Finlay finishes Benoit off in a great match again here.

Umaga/Kane, wow I didnít expect quite such a comfortable win for the Samoan Bulldozer. I guess the aftermath is more important and you certainly didnít disappoint. Having a Bearer/Estrada showdown would be something Iíd love to have seen back in the day and it was fun to read here. As Stojy said though I canít imagine Bearer getting into the ring with Estrada and Umaga in there.

Taker needing Kane to help him choke slam Umaga surprised me though it just furthers how much of a threat Mags is come Mania. Streak vs. Streak at Mania should be a real good one.

The McMahons/Coach segment wasnít that great I didnít think. Not too sure why but I thought Coach was a bit off and that you just did it because you had to get the McMahons on the show before the cage match. So I understand it from that point of view.

Trips and Van Dam was as expected a very good match here with some good back and forth action throughout. The ending of the match was the highlight with the two false finishes. Triple H kicking out the five star frog splash was surprising but then when he hit the pedigree you knew RVD would kick out. Exciting stuff and Michaels coming down just added to that. I fully expected him to maybe take out both men but with the Sweet Chin Music to Van Dam, Trips is heading to Mania. I think you have to and I expect will insert RVD into the match as thereís a lot more excitement around a triple threat than HBK/HHH in my opinion.

Good little stuff between Carlito and Dykstra here. Wonder where Torrie does fit in here and if the switch to Dykstra is possible, wouldnít mind seeing it to be fair and these two in an IC Title feud would be good to see.

Main event time now and Cena wasting no time taking it to the McMahons was a good decision, adds to the excitement for this one. Cena absolutely dominating the early stages, I suppose thatís expected though. Suplex off the top rope was surprising but good to see something like that. Coach coming down was a nice distraction as I just couldnít see any other way of Vince and Shane getting back into it. Coach climbing the cage was fantastic, Iíd love to see that.

McMahonís now get the upper hand and the Coast to Coast is always good to see from Shane. Shane manages to get out the cage, albeit inadvertently, so now down to Vince and Cena. Cena looks to have this in the bag but Bobby Lashley, wow, dominant from Lashley here.

Absolutely loved just how dominant Lashley was to close things here and hand the McMahonís the victory. Lashley/Cena at Mania is gonna be a massive confrontation and itís a smart choice by Vince to side with this monster. Great way to end things here.

Overall, as usual a very impressive showing from you. Loved the Cruiserweight match, the Flair/Carlito tag match, Trips/Van Dam and the Lashley dominance as well as the return of Paul Bearer. Things are really heating up heading into Wrestlemania and I canít wait to see what you have in store next. Keep it up.
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