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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

I read the Pay-Per-View might as well follow up with reviewing Raw.

King as GM isn't something I've ever personally enjoyed (even though it's starting to become a trend in BTB) I just have trouble taking him seriously as an authority figure. I have mixed feelings about the Supershows, or at least the timing of them. Using the going home shows to finish every other storyline just seems like it would hurt the pay-per-view build as that is your last chance to build the pay-per-view. I think just holding off until after SummerSlam and starting up with single-branded Pay-Per-views wouldve been the better route.

Punk coming out and wanting his title shot is all fine and dandy as it appears that SES is going to be the dominant heel group on Raw which should be good though I'm not really a fan of that actual stable members besides Punk. Punk versus Rey no doubt Punk will be getting his title shot come Money in the Bank.

Kofi was obviously going to Money in the Bank, wish we would've gotten more than a setence here though. Little after promo seemed fine, made the Supershow look good.

Miz and Ryder feuding...this probably the biggest Ryder push I've seen ever (minus maybe him eliminating Cena in the Rumble, looking you at you Melvs) But I'll be interested to see how you continue to push him. Screwy finish likely next week.

Women's Title, Diva's Title its all the same to me.

Is McIntrye a face? As someone newer to thread I don't know and this where the two sentence matches hurt you because I should be able to read the match and know who's face and heel and see at least a little of the story. Either way Ziggler is a nice addition to the Ladder Match

Truth's promo did it's job. The match was two setences so I won't comment on it. Truth was always going to win from the get-go.

The segment in the ring seemed very good but I'm going to question the matching a little bit, Morrison seems like he's being pushed to be the bigger star over Swagger, but he's never in matches with Del Rio. Maybe you're saving for SummerSlam? But it's really just an upper midcard match that could be on any Pay-Per-View. The tag match at the super show seems fine. Except I'd rather see both Del Rio and Swagger in MITB they both look like they could be potentially stars and would get a rub. I'm just not into this feud.

The main event was another two setence match with Punk obviously getting the win. I liked the post match beatdown on Rey-Rey, the faces making the save was a nice touch. Punk versus Cena should be good but I caution you not to go down the work shoot road WWE went, be different. Don't copy of real life ya know?

Ok overall, this show felt really really short. 4 matches isn't realistic most Raw's have 5 or 6. There weren't that many promos. I feel like this Raw would've clocked in being done about 10:15 in the East. I don't you told me sometimes you write shorter to stay motivated but this time it hurt the overall quality of the show.

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