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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

TNA Destination X 2011

-Abyss opening the ppv package was not what needed to be see. It sends the wrong message.

1. Kazarian def Samoa Joe in 11:20 via Rollup

Very good opener. Joe looked like a badass,i wish the match went a few more minutes so Kaz could get in some more offense as the ending was kinda lame but a strong match overall.


-The Eric Young segment was fine for what it was especially since Curry man was there.

2.Douglas Williams def Mark Hashkins via rollup in 7:42

Match was pretty decent.Too bad no one knew or cared about Haskins. They should have had a bigger name come back. Decent though.


-The Aries promo was sick! I love how he inteded to be real in his words. He has a strong personality.

3. Eric Young and Shark Boy def Generation Me in 7:22 via Neckbreaker from EY on Max

Good comedy match with a few nice nearfalls at the end.


-Shima Xion can talk but he didnt seem like a star at all here.

4. Alex Shelly def Shannon Moore and Robbie E and Amazing Red in an Ultimate X Match to become the Number 1 Contender for the X title in 10:40

Match was good,but probably the weakest Ultimate X match i have ever seen. In fact the structure was barely used at all.A 4 way would have made more sense,still some nice action and Red is just awesome.


-Low Ki really does have a nice serious presence about him.

5.Rob Van Dam def Jerry Lynn in 17 via 5 Star Frog Splash

Very Good match. Meets expectations.they hit all the right spots and the last few minutes i was very much into the match. These guys always work hard together.Would have liked maybe 3 more minutes.


-Jack Evans,like Xion doesnt have a look to him.

6.Austin Aries def Low Ki and Shima Xion and Jack Evans in 13:30 via Brain Buster

Amazing Match! Fast paced and athleticsm off the charts! 5 more minutes would have rocked even harder. But otherwise a great rapid fire match.


7. Kendrick def (c)Abyss via Rollup in 10:15 to become X champ.

Ehh Decent enough. Actually was picking up until the crazy interference.Heres hoping the X title is taken seriosuly again.


8. AJ Styles def Christopher Daniels via Spiral Tap in 28:28

Great Match. They had an even back and forth match. Only it felt like a lot was filler and 5 minutes could have been cut off easily if not more. Maybe the expectations were too high but this was a great match

and refreshing to see a main event without ref bumps and interference.


OVERALL-Id rank this in just behing last months Slammiversary for TNAs ppv of the year so far. For an all X show id say go halfs with a buddy for the replay. Nothing bad whatsoever.
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