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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Destination X 2011

Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian - ***1/4
They did a good thing in starting off the match (and the ppv) at a crazy high pace. The bell rang and they just went at it 110 miles an hour for most of the match. I loved Joe, he looked like '05 I'm gonna fuck you up Joe. This was a really good opener but as soon as Joe locked in the submissions near the end of the match, it sloooowed down. Kazarian should've tapped and that would've been better, but of course Joe has to lose again in a shitty way. Damn it TNA.

Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins - **1/4
A fine match, quite solid actually, but Haskins botched a couple things and the finish was questionable again. What's the problem with having Williams win clean with a chaos theory? EVERYONE loves that move.

Generation Me vs. Eric Young & Shark Boy - **

#1 Contender's Ultimate X Match
Alex Shelley vs. Robbie E vs. Shannon Moore vs. Amazing Red - ***
This was another match wrestled a ridiculously fast pace, and it was going along wonderfully but unfortunately was cut way too short. The finish was fairly anticlimatic, and with another 5-7 minutes this could've been something really good. Red looked like a million bucks here.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn - ***1/2
First off, anyone who was saying this match wouldn't be good because these guys are too old, needs to be slapped in the face. If you're a member of this forum, you should know age means nothing in this sport. But now that I got that out of the way, really enjoyed this. Seeing some of the spots and counters brought back memories of their ECW classics, some were pretty identical btw. Everything Lynn did with the chair I thought was really cool and innovative. The spot that busted open Van Dam (literally busted him open) was pretty awesome. Finish was a bit generic but I'm not compaining too much. It won't go down as one of their best matches together or anything, but it's a fine addition to the series.

Winner Receives a TNA Contract
Austin Aries vs. Low Ki vs. Jack Evans vs. Zema Ion - ***3/4
Definitely match of the night. Awesome spots, all four guys looked great. Liked the "Sign them all!" chant from the crowd. I was really surprised they had Low Ki take they loss, but if he were to kick out at the end and we got a few more minutes it could've been a definite MOTYC. Looking past that, awesome match that's a lot of fun to watch.

X Division Championship
Abyss(c) vs. Brian Kendrick - *3/4
Yeah, I really didn't like any of this. You have a card thus far with a bunch of great athletes and great wrestlers, then you get Abyss. Kinda killed the flow imo. And you had to know you couldn't get through an entire ppv without a Bischoff run in. Ridiculous.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels - ***3/4
I have some mixed feelings on this. Obviously these two have great chemistry and they could sleepwalk and have a good match, but this one wasn't one of their best. The counters in the beginning were good but I felt like they did way too much in the first half of the match. The apron spots and leaps to the outside seemed like it took a lot out of them. The last several minute stretch saw some slips and a lot of moves didn't look very good. You could tell they were fatigued and you never say that with these two. Overall it was good match but I'm gonna put it at a low end ***3/4 for now, wouldn't have a problem saying ***1/2 though. Seemed like they were going for this long epic, but it didn't come off that way.

Overall: 7.75/10
A fine wrestling show but TNA's booking is still there. Give more time to the 4 way and the ultimate x and shave a couple minutes off of AJ/Daniels and it would've been a bit better. But definitely TNA's best PPV this year.

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