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High Voltage Results

Full Throttle Taped Results from Sunday Night.

Konnan defeats Test via countout
Rey Mysterio & Paul London defeats Blitzkrieg & Shark Boy
Scott Norton defeats Rikishi when Norton bodyslammed him!
Ron Waterman and Savio Vega defeats DOA, Hardy Boyz, Dudleyz in the main event.


JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the sold out Ocean Center here in Daytona, Florida and we are just 2 weeks away from Wrestlemania!

King: This crowd is electric JR, and why wouldnt they be, its High Voltage!

JR: Thats right and this came as a shock to everyone just before we came on air, the Hardcore championship gauntlet match was cancelled due to saturn threatening to take the title, leave the WIWA and take it to another wrestling company, thats bad sportsmanship, just because the bastard knew he would lose it.

King: Smart decision by Paul Heyman, I wonder what will happen to Saturn now.

JR: We dont have to wait much longer because tonight, Saturn vs Raven vs Cactus Jack in what will be a bizzare triple match for the Hardcore title.

King: Thats not all, after the events of last week, the Outsiders team with the New Age Outlaws to face Mark Jindrak, Reno, Shawn Stasiak and Mike Sanders of the NBT in a huge 4 on 4 tag match.

JR: Also a fatal-4-way to determine who faces CM Punk at Wrestlemania between AJ Styles, Chavo Guerrero, Psicosis and Billy Kidman.

King: Plus the MITB tourny continues as Eddie Guerrero takes on Kurt Angle and Edge takes on Jericho with Rhyno as the guest referee!

JR: What a night we have install for you and.......

*BURN IN MY LIGHT* hits and the crowd boos as out comes Orton with 2 security guards and Paul Heyman. He gets in the ring and Heyman goes to say something but the crowd keep chanting *ASSHOLE!* loudly.

Heyman- If you would just.....give me a second......to explain........ I am out here to say that Randy Orton has a challenge for Steve Austin before I make their Wrestlemania match official, yes Randy why dont you explain it to us.

Orton- Thank you Paul. Now Steve I know you want me at Wrestlemania but after what you did to me on Friday I seriously rethought my options.

JR: What bloody options you never had any to start with!

King: Shutup Ross, Orton is speaking

Orton- And I thought why should I just whip out the pen and sign that contract without seeing just how "TOUGH" Steve is. SO Austin if you are watching backstage and I know you are, if you can make it down that ramp, around the ring and then climb those steps into the ring, I will accept your match. But dont come out just now, no no, heres who you are going to have to get past to get to me.......

JR: O my god! Thats half the damn locker room!

All the heels of the locker room start pouring out and taking up positions around the ring and on the ramp. I mean ALL the heels, the CC, Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas, Dudleyz, NBT's, Credible, Raven and so many more.

The crowd await in suspense for Austins arrival.

*GLASS SHATTERS* blasts and the crowd go abosolutley nuts! What an ovation!

JR: O boy, this may not be the smartest thing Austin has done.

King: The man is a lunatic, hes hell bent on getting to Orton.

Austin then shows up, but in his 4x4! The crowd errupt again. Austin hops out armed with a crowbar and starts wailing on everyone. Austin hits anything that comes his way, knocking them down, into the crowd or just anywhere he can. He hits Stunners on whoever he can. Austin makes it all the way around and gets up the steps but Orton sends the 2 security guards at Austin. 1 has a tazer and 1 has a nightstick. The guy with the tazer leaps at Austin but Austin dodges and the tazer zaps the 400 pound Rikishi! Austin sends the guard off the steps into the barricade, then blocks the shot with the stick and whacks the guard in the gut with the crowbar then throws him onto some wrestlers getting to their feet. Austin hops in the ring and dares Orton to come at him. Orton panics and shoves Heyman at Austin, who gives Heyman a Stunner!

Austin then pursues Orton through the crowd. Orton gets away. He dashes through the backstage area and gets to the parking lot. He finds his limo, but there are huge *WHAT?* signs spraypainted all over his black limo.

Orton- What the........

Then we hear screeches and there is Austin in another 4x4! Austin hops out and chases Orton away again. Austin eventually gives up and lets Randy go, but then turns around and sees a buggy. Austin hops in and hunts Orton down.

Orton- S**T! Stop Austin stop!

Orton falls down exhausted and Austin isnt slowing down.

JR: Good god Austin gonna mow him down if he dosent move!

King: Move Randy move!

Orton rolls away just in time. Austins buggy just clips Ortons leg. Ortons holds it in pain as Austin reverses the buggy up to Orton. He leans out the cart. Orton is propped up against a table with food on it.

Austin- You and me, 1 on 1, Wrestlemania, and if you dont accept I run you down and KILL YOU! (crowd pops)

Orton- Huh.......huh.......huh........Your On! (crowd roars)

Orton then grabs a plate of food and smashes it in Austins face then starts mugging him. He then gets up favouring his right leg.

Orton- Austin, at WM, I will add you to the long list of those fallen before me, I promise you that.

Orton walks off and we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break
WIWA Wrestlemania
UWEF Horizon
JLA LiveWire
WWE One of a Kind RAW
WWE 2005: After Wrestlemania 21 SmackDown!

JR: Folks it was completley off the hook before the break, Austin beat up 20 guys to get to Orton, then chased him through the building!

King: The drunken moron almost ran him over, Stunnered GM Paul Heyman, and used a tazer on Rikishi! This guy has lost it!

JR: Well he got his wish, him and Orton, 1 on 1, Wrestlemania, but then Orton got the last laugh, assaulting Austin.

King: What about what Austin did to Ortons limo!

JR: This is one feud that is really heating up! Now its time for some Lightweight action!

Match 1: Fatal-4-Way Number 1 Contenders Match for the Lightweight Championship
Participants: AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero vs Billy Kidman vs Psicosis

Psicosis, Chavo and Kidman all start brawling with each other s the crowd chants *AJ* loudly. *PHENOMENAL* hits and the crowd errupts, what an ovation. Styles cant believe how big the ovation was. He darts towards the ring. He slides in and takes down Psicosis with an awesome dropkick. He ducks a Kidman clothesline and plants him with a bulldog. He and Chavo have a brief stare down to the delight of the crowd but Kidman and Psicosis intervene. Kidman whips Styles off the ropes and goes for the BK Bomb early but Styles counters with a headscissors sending Kidman out through the ropes! Chavo chops away at Psicosis in the corner, then Styles joins in and they hack away at Psicosis' chest. They then high five each other, then Chavo boots Styles in the gut. He slams him and covers 1-------------------------------------------------------------------2-------------- broken up by Psicosis. Psicosis throws Chavo out of the ring. Kidman clubs Chavo from behind and slams him face first into the steel steps. Psicosis picks up Styles and whips him off the ropes and meets him with a elbow.

Styles and Psicosis trade rights, then Chavo comes in and clotheslines them both down. Chavo locks a gut lock on Psicosis and fades him out. Styles drops a leg to Chavo then rolls him over and covers 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Kidman breaks it up. Kidman stomps away at Chavo, then slaps his chest and says hes da man. He turns around and gets suplxed twice by Styles. Cover 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Kidman just kicks out. Styles drops an elbow on Kidman then chops Psicosis and whips him off the ropes. He swings at him but misses and Psicosis takes him down with some arm drags. Psicosis then nails a hurricanrana 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Chavo breaks it up. Chavo whips Psicosis to the buckle and follows up with a clothesline, then turns it into a bulldog. Cover 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Kidman dives across the ring and breaks it up.

Chavo boots Kidman then lifts him up and hits him with a gutbuster. Chavo then climbs up top and is knocked onto the turnbuckle by Styles.Styles climbs up and hooks Chavo up for a superplex, but before he can do it Psicosis joins in and holds Styles in a powerbomb position. The crowd are looking on intently as Psicosis powerbombs Styles from the top, also meaning that Chavo got a super superplex! Crowd chants *HOLY S**T* loudly. Psicosis covers Chavo 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Chavo kicks out. He crawls over and covers Styles 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Kidman breaks it up. Kidman throws Chavo out of the ring and then plants Psicosis with the BK Bomb. Kidman then taunts instead of covering Psicosis. Stylesgets up and Kidman whips him off the ropes.

Kidman goes to elevate Styles over the shoulder but Styles counters and hits the Styles Clash on Kidman! Crowd are applauding the great counter. Cover 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3!

Match Time: 13m 46s
WINNER: AJ Styles (Number 1 Contender for Lightweight Championship)

JR: Styles did it! Styles is gonna face CM Punk at Wrestlemania!

Kingamn damn damn, Kidman all you had to do was cover Psicosis, but no, he taunted instead! MORON!

The camera then shows CM Punk watching the match on a TV set backstage. He sees Styles celebrating in the crowd and kicks the TV off the stand, it falls and smashes on the floor.

JR: Looks like Punk isnt happy about his next opponent!

King: Well I dont blame him!

Now we are back in the locker room. Charlie Haas is there, healing his wounds from the Austin attack earlier with the crowbar. He looks paranoid. He hears a clatter.

Haas- Shelton?!?

Haas gets up cautiously, he has a pipe with him, he moves to the showers. He looks around but there isnt anyone there. Haas looks for a while but stops and turns to walk off, and turns right into a Shelton Benjamin cardboard stand up. He freaks out and swings the pipe, knocking the cardboard Sheltons head off.

Haas- Ahh, take that ratbag!

Haas then realizes he was fooled again. We cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break
Local Weather
Local Sports Report
Pepsi Advert
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Adult Channel

JR: Just before the break, Shelton again getting Haas' number by playing mind games with the psycho, and Haas took the cut outs head off!

King: This guy has gone crazy, but its all Sheltons fault!

JR: How do you figure that? Its Sheltons fault that Haas crashed him in an ambulance into a brick wall!

King: No its Sheltons fault that hes the better wrestler Ross!

JR: OK then, didnt expect that from you King.

King: Every dog has his day.

Match 2: Singles Match
Participants: Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle

*VIVA LA RAZA* hits and out comes Eddie in his lowrider to a good pop. He pumps the crowd and does the Latino Shake for a bit, then slides in the ring. *MEDAL* hits and the crowd boo as always and chant *YOU SUCK* loudly. Angle hops in the ring and does his spining dance, then he starts wailing on Eddie. Angle trips him down and goes for the Anglelock, but Eddie rolls out of it and clings on the ropes. Crowd gets a light *EDDIE* chant going. Eddie rolls around and locks up Angle from behind. Angle hits elbows to Eddie but Eddie hits a german suplex on Angle! Cover 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Angle just raises the shoulder off the mat.

He slides out the ring and looks at Eddie in disgust as he plays to the crowd. Angle rolls in the ring and chops Eddie's leg from behind and starts working on it. He stomps at it, then drops an elbow and then holds a lock in on it. Eddie swipes a right at Angle and it catches him right on the jaw. Angle falls back, he may be out. Eddie covers him but Angle was playing possum and rolls through into the Anglelock! Eddie writhes in pain and gets to the ropes, holding onto them for dear life. Angle releases, drags Eddie away and plants him with a belly to belly. Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Eddie kicks out. Angle drops a knee into Eddie's leg then goes for the Anglelock again but Eddie rolls through it and sends Angle head first into the lower turnbuckle! Angle starts to bleed bit.

Both men back to their feet, Eddie hammers away at Angle then whips him to the ropes, elevates him over the shoulder. Angle gets up, Eddie dropkicks him down. Then a clothesline, then a shoulder block, then Eddie hit the 3 Amigos on Angle. Eddie is all pumped up and the crowd love it. Eddie climbs up top and leaps but Angle gets the knees up! Angle holds onto Eddie and rolls through 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Eddie kicks out. Angle cant believe it. Angle hits a german on Eddie, then another, then he goes for a third and Eddie counters into a bulldog. *EDDIE* chants get going again. Eddie then hits a spinning DDT on Angle and then climbs high again. He plays to the crowd, they love it. He does it for a while and Angle leaps up, playing possum. He runs up and hits a belly to belly off the top rope on Eddie! Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Eddie kicks out!

Angle snaps, pulls down the straps and then locks the Anglelock in. Eddie again gets the ropes and holds on for dear life. Angle is yelling at Eddie to tap. Angle releases the hold and whips Eddie to the ropes, Eddie counters and hits a clothesline on Angle. Eddie goes for another, Angle ducks under and hits the Olympic Slam! Crowd boos as Angle hooks the leg. 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3!

Match Time: 20m 56s
WINNER: Kurt Angle

JR: What a match, Angle gets the win, but that was a great match!

King: Sure was, good on you Kurt, see what a nice glass of milk can do to you everyday!

JR: Im sure thats not it.

Camera pans back and we see Shelton Benjamin arriving! The crowd errupts when they realize its him. Shelton then greets some of the officials and starts talking to them. Charlie Haas then comes into the picture, armed with a pipe. He attacks Shelton with it, but Shelton dodges it and T-Bones Haas on the concrete. Shelton then grabs the pipe and drops it on Haas' balls! Haas is gasping for air. Shelton walks off with a smile on his face.

Now we are back in the office of GM Paul Heyman. Randy Orton is there too. Crowd boos Orton.

Paul- I dont think you should have accepted that match against Austin, he could demolish you you know.

Orton- Hes just another guy to add to my long list of those fallen before Randy Orton.

Then the door thumps, both men jump out of their boots. It thumps again, then again, then crashes off its hinges and its Austin in another buggy! He drives the cart straight at Orton. Orton dives away and Austin goes crashing through Paul Heymans desk. Heyman looks in shock, before he can say anything, Austin gives him the finger! Then he hops out and chases Orton. Orton gets out into the parking lot and hops in someones car. He lies down on the backseat. Nothing happens for quite some time, then the car seems to be moving upwards! Orton looks out the back and there is Austin with a forklift, hoisting Ortons car up in the air! Orton panics and jumps out, runs away to his limo, which has been destroyed by Austin, its covered in more *WHAT?* signs and all the windows are smashed. Orton starts cussing then Austin shows up and hops out the forklift and chases Orton around again. Orton runs into his locker room where there are a ton of security.

Orton- Hes coming! Get ready!

All the guards spread out across the room.

Austin enters

Guard- Freeze, you are under arrest for criminal damage!

Austin- What the bloody hell?

The guards arrest him and take him away into a squad car. We see Orton smirking at Austin as they take shim away, we fade to a break.

Commercial Break
Mortein Spray
Blockbuster Video
NFL Scores

The camera comes back live and Randy orton and Heyman are all smiles and talking about how they got Austin busted.

JR: Those good for nothing bastards! Orton got Austin arrested so he wont have to face him at Wrestlemania!

King: Its a brilliant plan hatched by 2 masterminds! I love it.

JR: Here we go folks, strap yourselves in for triple threat hardcore title!

Match 3: Hardcore Championship Triple Threat Match
Participants: Cactus Jack vs Perry saturn (c) vs Raven

*BANG BANG* hits and the crowd goes nuts as out comes Cactus. He does the dishgun taunt a couple of times then rolls in the ring and does it again to get a good pop from the capacity crowd. *WHAT ABOUT RAVEN?* hits and the crowd boos loudly as Raven comes out pushing a shopping cart full of weapons. He starts throwing brooms, chairs, trash cans, lids, roadsigns, baking sheets and lots of other stuff into the ring. Cactus charges at raven and dives through the ropes, but Raven dodges and Cactus crashes hadfirst into the shopping cart. Raven then stomps away at a downed Cactus. Saturns music finally hits and he comes out with a mop. Raven goes for him and Saturn drives the mop into his gut, then snaps it over his back. Saturn covers 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------no! Raven kicks out.

Cactus gets up, grabs a trash can and whacks Saturn on the head with it. The can gets a dent in it. Cactus hoists Saturn up and motions for a piledriver on the floor. Saturn blocks it, then flips Cactus over his back and Cactus lands spine first on the ramp. Raven then clotheslines Saturn into the crowd. They fight through the crowd as Cactus follows them. They end up backstage. Raven whips saturn into the wall, then body splashes him then turns it into a bulldog. Cover 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Cactus breaks it up. Cactus hammers on Raven with rights then grabs him and drags him across the food tables. He stops near a coffee machine then drives Ravens head into it! You can hear the boiling hot coffee singing off Ravens skin. Raven screams in pain holding his face as the coffee continues to scoulder his face. Raven goes on his knees and hits a lowblow on Cactus, then suplexes Cactus through the tables. Cover 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Saturn drops an elbow to Raven to break it up. Saturn grabs Raven and helps him along the hallway. He stops at a cage like fence and slams Raven into it, he does this 3 times then Raven snaps and tackles Saturn into the fence which collapses under the 2 mens weight. Raven fires rights at Saturn.

Cactus gets up and goes over to Raven, grabs him by the hair and throws him into a wooden shelf! The shelf gets destroyed and it along with tons of equipemtn fall on Raven. Cactus lays ontop of the rubble. Cover 1-----------------------------------------------2 Saturn breaks it up. Saturn gets a garden hose and starts choking Cactus with it. Saturn climbs up on Cactus' back and locks it in a sleeper hold position. Cactus grabs Saturn and flips him off. Raven picks up a glass sheet and smashes it over Cactus' head! Crowd starts chanting *HOLT S**T* loudly. Raven puts an arm over Cactus 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Saturn breaks it up again. Saturn gets a hold of a broom and cracks it over Ravens back. Raven tries to crawl away, but Saturn kicks him hard in the gut a couple of times. Saturn then drops an elbow on Raven who stops crawling away and collapses to the floor. Cactus gets up and slams Saturn on the floor hard.

Cactus then starts to choke Raven, but Raven counters and hiplocks cactus Jack through the drywall! *HOLY S**T* chants again, then *ECW*. Raven covers Cactus 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Cactus kicks out! Raven cant believe it. Raven then gets Cactus up and motions for the EvenFlow DDT, but Cactus hits Raven in the ribs a couple of times, then gets him up on his shoulder and drives him headfirst into the door. Ravens head goes through the door, but the door dosnt collapse. Saturn runs into Cactus and knocks him over. Saturn then grabs Ravens kilt and rolls him up 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Cactus breaks it up. Satun goes crazy, beating down Cactus, telling him not to screw him out of the Hardcore title. Saturn and Cactus brawl down the hallways and into the dressing room. Cactus throws Saturn into the lockers then starts stomping away at him. Raven is bleeding badly and manages to get over to Cactus and hits him with something from a sportsbag. He then grabs a tub and opens it up. He throwd the contents in Cactus' face, it ends up being powder! Cactus is blinded. Raven pins Saturn 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Saturn kicks out. Saturn lowblows Raven then starts running away. Saturn all of a sudden stops when ahead of him he sees the other 5 men missing out on their Hardcore shot because of Saturns cowardice!

Hardcore Holly- Going somewhere Perry? Get out of here!

Saturn turns around and runs up the stairs with Cactus and Raven in hot pursuit. Cactus dives and tackles Saturn around the legs. Saturn kicks free and starts to walk towards the ring, but Raven grabs him from behind and throws him off the stage! Saturn splats onto the floor below. Raven then taunts to get a mixed reaction, the crowd starts chanting *HOLY S**T*. Raven turns around and Cactus plants him with a double arm DDT on the stage. Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3!
Cactus wins, finally we have a new Hardcore champ! The crowd gives Cactus a standing ovation, the same with Raven and Saturn.

Match Time: 29m 37s
WINNER: Cactus Jack (New Hardcore Champion)

JR: I dont believe it, finally a new Hardcore Champion! O yeah Mick Foley!

King: Nooooooooo, not Foley, this guy is sick, watch him, he cant lose that title, hes nuts!

JR: Im just happy that coward Saturn isnt champ anymore!

Commercial Break
WIWA Wrestlemania
UWEF Global Warming
JLA LiveWire
WWE One of a Kind No Way Out

JR: Welcome back folks, Roger Walker is standing by with the Rock!


Roger- Yes indeed JR I am standing by with The Peoples champ, the man who was the 28th man eliminated from the Rumble, the man who challenged the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania, Rock, why did you do this..........

Rock- Well its simple Roger you see the Rock was thinking, what can I do that I havent done before, what can I do to make sure that I am noticed at Wrestlemania, then I thought, challenge the legend, the muscle bound beefhead, the Utlimate Warrior! (crowd boos Warrior) and when its all set and done, all the smoke........................................nah nah nah.......all the smoke has cleared, the Rock is walking out of Wrestlemania, the winner! (crowd pops) IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK...............................IS.................................COOKING!

The Rock walks off.

Roger- Back to you JR.

JR: Thank you Roger, the Rock and Warrior at Wrestlemania, that will be a classic!

King: Huge match Ross, so is this next one between Edge and Jericho with Rhyno as the guest referee.

Match 4: Singles Match w/ Guest Referee
Participants: Chris Jericho vs Edge w/Rhyno as Referee

Huge Jericho contingent tonight, no support for Edge. While both men stare down, the crowd chant *YOU F***ED LITA!* loudly at Edge. Edge gets frustrated and starts pulling his hair out, before standing back up and yelling out really loudly *SHUTUP* He is almost on the verge of crying. Rhyno calls to ring the bell. They lock up and Jericho goes behind on Edge. Jericho trips Edge down and puts a facelock on Edge. Edge fights out and locks Jerichos arm behind his back. Jericho hits an elbow to Edges face then slams him face first into the mat. Jericho claps his hands together and poses to the crowd. Edge gets angry again and they lock up this time with Jericho going for the Walls of Jericho. Edge fights out and hits Jericho in the face, then rakes the eyes. The crowd start chanting *Y2J* to get on Edges nerves more. Edge rolls outside and takes a breather. He gets back in the ring and cautiously locks up with Jericho again. Edge boots Jericho in the gut to get some heat, then the 2 trade chops. Edge back Jericho to the corner and swings a right hand, Jericho ducks and then unloads with chops on Edge.

Edge whips Jericho off the ropes and is hit with a flying forearm. Cover 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Edge kicks out. Rhyno starts playing to the crowd. Jericho goes for the Walls but Edge rolls through into a cradle. He has Jericho done and beaten but Rhyno is playing to the crowd still. He eventually turns around and counts 1--Jericho kicks out. Edge dropkicks Jericho out of the ring then gets on Rhyno's case. Rhyno explains he was distracted, Edge shoves Rhyno, Rhyno looks at the crowd to get a huge pop, then shoves Edge down! Edge looks up at Rhyno in shock. Jericho rolls up Edge from behidn 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Edge gets the shoulder up just in time.

Edge counters Jerichos clothesline and slams his arm over the ropes, then locks in an armbar over the ropes! Rhyno gets Edge to break it. We cut to a break with Edge in control

Commercial Break
Peters Icecream
IGA Specials
GMC Motors

We come back live and Edge has been working on Jerichos arm relentlessly during the break. The crowd clap Jericho to his feet and Jericho fires some elbows to the ribs of Edge. Jericho goes to run to the ropes but Edge grabs Jerichos hair and tugs him down to the mat. Edge covers Jericho but Rhyno wont count it, Rhyno just wiggles his index finger left and right, telling Edge that wasnt in complience with the rules. Edge then wiggles his middle finger at Rhyno to get some heat. Rhyno smirks. Edge plants Jericho with an Edgeacution 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no!
Jericho kicks out. Edge cant believe. He starts to argue with Rhyno. Rhyno backs him off and Edge slaps Rhyno!

Rhyno looks away then turns to Edge and GORES! the hell out of Edge. Rhyno drags Jerichos arm over Edge and counts quickly 1-2-3!

Match Time: 12m 28s
WINNER: Chris Jericho

Rhyno raises Jerichos arm and the crowd love it. Then Edge hits Rhyno and Jericho with a steel chair, then stands over them with a mic in hand.

Edge- You see this? This is gonna be the seen but with 3 more bodies next to them at Wrestlemania, but I will be $100 000 richer and have a title shot contract with me! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Edge leaves Rhyno and Jericho down in the ring.

JR: What an evil SOB! That Edge sure has changed over the last 2 years.

King: And all for the better JR, he deserves a title shot, and at WM he will get it.

We cut backstage and find Shelton Benjamin talking with Hardcore Holly. They get a huge reaction from the crowd.

Shelton- So anyway, I stand this cardboard figure of me in his locker room, he flips out and knocks its head clean off!

Hardcore- Hahaha, your killin me man, Haas has gone insane, I remember when we were partners back in the WWE, he wasnt like this at all.

Shelton- Hes just jealous that we are both better then him

Haas then leaps out from no-where and mugs both Shelton and hardcore and leaves them battered and bruised. he then return for Shelton and locks the Haas of Pain in on Shelton. Finally some security gets back their and stops Haas, he is laughing wickedly.

JR: That Haas is a maniac!

King: Speaking of maniacs, hows Austin doing?

JR: O be quite King, Austin isnt crazy hes just getting some revenge!

King: So after what happened last week on High Voltage, that wasnt good enough for revenge to be extracted on?

JR: Yeah whatever King, its just Haas is an evil bastard!

We now see Benoit walking through the halls. He waves goodbye to Eddie Guerrero who is walking past. He gets to his car and Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Christian and Storm are all in it, mucking around.

Benoit- What the hell......get out of my car!

Bret- O no its Benoit, quickly everbody, run before he makes us tap!

The CC start laughing but Benoit then starts laughing too.

Storm- What the hell is so funny?

Benoit- This is!

Benoit reaches into his bag and pulls out a baseball bat.

Bret- S**T!

The CC scramble away from Benoits car and Benoit drives off. Benoit stops when he finds a tow truck. Benoit exits his car, gets in the truck and attatches it to bret harts car! The tower the comes out.

Benoit- Yo man, you need to take this car to the impound according to Heyman, theres something in there.

Tower- Hey thanks dude.

The tower drives off and so does Benoit. The caerma then shows Bret hart show up for his car but its gone. he then looks infront of him and sees it being towed away. Benoit then turns round the corner and smiles at Hart before driving off.

Hart looks pissed as we fade to our final commercial break

Commercial Break

WIWA Wrestlemania
UWEF Global Warming
JLA LiveWire
WWE One of a Kind
WWE 2005: Aftermath of Wrestlemania 21

JR: Welcome back just in time for our main event!

King: Im surprised the Outlaws didnt come down to the ring in a dumpster!

JR: O please King, lay off

Match 5: 8 Man Tag Match
Participants: Razor Ramon, Diesel, New Age Outlaws vs Mark Jindrak, Reno, Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak

Razor starts out with Reno. Razor overpowers him and whips him off the ropes, catching him with a reverse elbow. Razor holds Renos ribs open as he tags in Billy Gunn. Billy punches Reno in the gut, then backdrops him. Cover 1--------------------------- kick out by Reno. Billy takes Reno to the corner and drives the shoulders into his ribs. Billy then whips him off the ropes and catches him with a powerslam. Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------2---------------------------- broken up by Sanders. Billy tags in Road Dogg. The Outlaws double hiplock Reno down then drops tandem elbows for a bit. Road Dogg covers 1--------------------------------------------------------------2-----kick out by Reno. Road Dogg whips Reno to the ropes and elevates him over the shoulder, but Reno makes a blind tag to Sanders. As Road Dogg pins Reno, Sanders drops a leg on Road Dogg.

Road Dogg has been isolated for some time now. He is in a headlock from Jindrak. He fights out and tags in Diesel. Diesel cleans house and takes Stasiak to the buckle and drives the knees into his gut. Diesel then Jacknifes Reno 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Jindrak interferes. He hits Diesel with the Million Dollar Left but Diesel dosent go down.

All of a sudden the rest of the NBT make their way to the ring and start beating down on the Outsiders and Outlaws. Then the crowd errupt as HBK and Syxx Pac both make their way to the ring respectivley, and help out. They are still getting outgunned by the NBT but then *ALL ABOUT THE GAME* hits, and HHH runs towards the ring to a huge pop. He has a sledgehammer in hand, he swings and just misses Johnny Stamboli's head.

HHH helps everyone up. HBK, HHH and Diesel have a long convo, before they all shake hands. HHH grabs a mic.

HHH- We are sick of these young punks running their mouths and using the numbers game, well at Wrestlemania, for 1 more time, the KLIQ reunites! (crowd errupts) And the KLIQ challenges Mark Jindrak, Reno, Johnny Stamboli, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire to a 5 on 5 WAR GAMES MATCH! (crowd roars)

JR: O my god the KLIQ back together, one more time, 5 on 5 Wrestlemania, War Games, KLIQ vs NBT!

Your on, but this is the biggest mistake of your lives!

King: Another huge match to add to our already huge card!

JR: We gotta go, we gotta go, well see you on Friday!!!


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