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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

k here's my raw review

first off, i'm really not a fan of Lawler being the GM lol but glad to hear bout the supershows every PPV week, and also very happy that u're doing qualifying matches unlike WWE. CM Punk's promo was good.

Kofi's in MITB obviously and we also get Kofi vs. Mason rematch for supershow next week, i say Mason retains

Miz losing to Ryder was just ***** lol, i mean seriously the man who beat John Cena at WrestleMania, loses to Zack Ryder. i hope u do sthg for Miz to give him back his pride,

Women's championship is back and yeah, it replaces Divas Championship a great way to bring the title back.
and i see ur shaking up the divas division, WWE's division is pretty much ****. hope u imporve it

Ziggler wins another match thnx to Vickie, hopefully he'll drop Vickie soon and Drew is face right??
a long haired man, who might that be?

R-Truth cut a great promo and squashed Masters easily, and man why did u retire Big Show & Kane??
Kane is beast, he fits in storyline with anybody and so does Big Show

Del Rio also cuts a promo insulting Swagger and Skip is back as Del Rio's bodyguard. Morrison stands up to Del Rio and Morrison enters MITB for next week 100% sure.

Punk vs. Rey with Punk winning is good as well, glad to see Punk vs. Cena. i was gonna do the same thing WWE did in my old BTB.

SES beat down Rey and faces come to the rescue, hoping for an 8 man tag soon.

overall good show, looking forward to what u do with Smackdown Good Luck
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