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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH: Manhattan Mayhem IV

Michael Elgin and Mike Mondo w/Truth Martini vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly

This was the perfect opener. Elgin looked like a total monster and I was actually impressed with Mondo. I was glad that he actually botched something because you knew that the crowd really wanted to jump all over him for messing something up. Cole and O'Reilly were awesome as always. I liked how different it was when they were in the ring with Mondo when compared to Elgin. It was liked they were trying to survive with Elgin but had no fear of Mondo. Awesome match, Cole and O'Reilly are quickly becoming one of my favorite teams out there.

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy vs. Grizzly Redwood

From a booking standpoint this was terrible. Redwood looked way too strong and Cimpa looked weak. The match wasn't too bad though and the crowd really seemed to be into it at times. Nothing incredible but I actually thought it was a decent little match, my biggest complaint is that they booked it all wrong.

Mike Bennet w/Brutal Bob Evans vs. Steve Corino

Less than 3 months prior to this Corino was evil and working with Steen, in this match he couldn't have been a bigger babyface. The way he transformed his character has been incredible. Green Lantern Fan even forgave him! His one man "Let's go Steve!" chant was hilarious. What works so well with Corino's turn is that he has altered his in ring style. It's like he needs to fans to cheer for him to prevent him from reverting to his old self. He gives this desperate, "Please like me." look every time he tried to get the fans to support. Bennet played the role as the cocky heel well enough too. One of the few matches from him that I didn't hate. Much better than his match with Daniels from the night before.

The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express

I loved the double turn. Perfect place to do it as well as the Briscoes had been getting heat ever since they did a run in on the KOW/MCMG match. I liked how they went about it as well, the Briscoes just came across as really aggressive. Jay saying, "Oh shit!" a bunch of times after he busted Titus open was pretty badass. The way that they went about getting ANX over as faces was the perfecr idea. Titus is much less likable so they let the Briscoes bust him open and beat the shit out of him. King got a strong reaction once Titus made the hot tag. The ending was really cool too, good idea having Titus get the pin as well.

El Generico vs. TJ Perkins

Short but fun. Good back and forth match with a fast pace. They also did a bunch of cool moves. Nothing more to it though.

The Kings of Wrestling w/Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Rey vs. LAX

Hernandez and Claudio in the ring at the same time was awesome. Homicide was the best that I've seen him in a while and Hero was his usual self. Good pacing during the match as well, it didn't last long but they never slowed down. It was a awesome to see in person and almost as great on DVD.

Pure Rules:
Davey Richards vs. Christopher Daniels

I really wish they hadn't fucked up the finish. Things were going so well for the first 24 minutes of the match and it sucks that the only thing that went wrong was the very last move Davey went to hit. I still loved what they did in the ring though. Daniels hinting at a heel turn by making Davey waste a rope break early on and almost refusing the shake hands after were both really clever. The technical stuff these guys were able to do was really impressive and it was made even better by the Pure rules, especially when the ropes couldn't break a hold for either man near the end of the match. They also hit each other really hard a bunch of times, which is almost always a plus. I really wish they hadn't botched the end of the match though. Granted the finish they called on the fly was pretty clever with Daniels celebrating right after and getting caught with a roll up, which enraged Daniels, but they should have done something for another minute or two to put some space between the crowd killing botch and the end of the match. Still a great match though.

ROH World Championship Match:
Roderick Strong(c) vs. Eddie Edwards

I spotted someone in the crowd in the official "completely marking out" pose with both hands on his head and an excited look on his face. This was fought like a heavyweight battle and I think they were really trying to emulate some of the "epic battles" that we've seen in Japan. While it wasn't quite on that level I still thought the match incredible. It was hard hitting, Strong's chest was bleeding in the opening minutes, they wrestled at a more deliberate pace, and the crowd was awesome. It didn't come across quite as good on DVD as it did in person but I was expecting that. Being at the show live was one of my favorite moments at any wrestling show. The reaction to Eddie winning the title was just a great ROH moment, there fans jumping up and down, high fiving strangers, it was such an awesome moment. Eddie's reaction to it all was even better. It just seemed like everyone in the building was in disbelief. I was also totally fooled by two of the near falls that Strong had in the closing minutes, so bonus points for that.

This is one of the best ROH shows this year and the double shot that ROH did might be better than the Center Stage Shows, which is really saying something.
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